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Minimum wage


									                                                                           Shwu-mei, Wei
                                     Minimum wage

        Minimum wage in American Samoa has been an issue the last few years. People
have been debating weather we should raise the minimum wage or to stop. American
Samoa is struggling because of job loss, and the high cost of life. People are beginning to
shop less and save more. I think that the minimum wage should be raised. There are a
few reasons why minimum wage should be raised. The cost of living is going up is one
reason. Another reason is the growing number of family members. I will explain the
impact it has on our daily lives. And why is it that we should raise the minimum wage.

        My opinion is yes because even if you stop the minimum wage form being raised.
The cost of living will still rise. The cost of everyday life is changing everyday, and it
will keep on going up even if the minimum wage dose not changes. A good example for
the raising cost of food is rice. Two years ago the price for rice was about $13.99, but
now it cost about $34.99. Another example is chicken; two years ago it cost $12.99 and
now is about $22.99. Shopping for clothing and accessories cost a lot more now then last
year. Two Years ago when you go shopping with a $100 dollars. You can buy maybe buy
two t-shirts, and two pants, but now one pants is almost a $100 dollars.

       Two families with the same salary, but one has 2 members and the other has 4
members. You have to buy more clothing and more food for the family. For example
compare a family with two and four family member. A person with two family member
need less food, but four need twice that amount. A family of two need clothing and
accessories, but the family of four needs twice the amount as compare to a family of two
members. On top of that you also need to pay the phone bill, electrics bill, rent, and
education. So after comparing the two different families you can see that a family with
two members needs less then the family of four.

         People need the money to support the growing number of their families. Some
parents today can’t say yes to their kids without checking their wallets. People now days
want to give their children everything they never had. And by during so they more money
as their families keeps growing. So after voicing my opinion and comparing different
lifestyles. I think American Samoa should increase the minimum wage. So that people
can keep up with the changing life style, and the demand of everyday life.

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