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Henrico County Schools ASD Newsletter September Volume Issue Written by robertbell


									Henrico County Schools: ASD Newsletter
  September 2008                                                              Written & Edited by: Selena M. Joy
  Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                    & Brooke Bottari

                                   ASD in the News
                                  A recent study from the Missouri             methodology for a determination of
                                  University has shed light on a possible      whether a child has an ASD.
                                  way to diagnose autism at an even
                                  earlier age.      The researchers are
                                  studying the use of 3-D imaging to           This study is going to compare the
                                  reveal correlations between facial           brain structure of children with ASD
                                  features and brain structures. From          to children who do not show signs of
                                  gathering this data, researchers hope to     ASD using the 3-D imaging device.
                                  develop a formula for earlier detection      The study has received $300,000 in
Contents                          of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).          grant money from the Department of
                                                                               Defense, the NARSAD Foundation,
ASD in the News            1
                                                                               other contributions from Missouri
For Parents…               1      Currently, the diagnosis of ASD is based     University, and a Research Scholars
                                  on behavioral observations and the           Fund.
Resource Corner            2
                                  elimination of other possibilities. This
Parent to Parent           2      study suggests a more quantitative
                                                                               This research study is at the heart of
Autism Interventions       2
                                                                               a new group called The Autism
Henrico Happenings         2                                                   Neuroscience Research Group (ANRG)
                                                                               which will bring researchers from
New Autism Coordinator     3                                                   many areas to continue to study ASD.
New Autism Classrooms      3
                                                                               Facial structures, brain abnormalities studied to
Resource Review            3                                                   reveal formula for detection of autism (2008).
                                                                               Medical    News    Today.      Retrieved     from:
Celebrations!              4                                         
Autism: Genetic Link?      4
                                For Parents…
Upcoming Events            4
                               Welcome back to school! We are excited                 information about changes that
How to Submit              4
                               for our students returning to us here in               have occurred for your child
                               HCPS and excited about our newest                      over the summer
                               students! We hope that this year can be                Ask teachers how you can help
      Events that              a year of collaboration and partnership                Make    sure   to   look    for
      others take for          between parents and teachers. Below                    information coming home to
                               are some things you can do to support                  you
                               your student and their classroom which
      require a                makes for a more successful year for          If you have any questions about the
                               everyone:                                     beginning of the school year or the tips
                                                                             above, please feel free to contact your
      amount of                       Talk with your child’s teachers –      child’s case manager.
      preplanning for                 they want to know about your
                                      child                                  We hope you have a wonderful start to
      the parent of a                 Mark your calendar with school               a successful school year!
      child with autism.              dates such as school open houses
                                      or back to school nights
      ~ Gena P.                       Make sure to share important
 Barnh ill
 Page 2 of 4             Resources, Parent to Parent, Spotlight                          ASD Newsletter

                                                                                       Resource Corner
                             Educating Children with Autism (Online Book):
                             Tulare County Special Education Plan Area – Autism Resources:
                             Teacher Vision:

                             Parent to Parent…
                             With each newsletter, we would like to            Contact Info:
                             have a section for parents to speak to other
                             parents about matters relating to ASD. If
                             you would like to submit, please e-mail or        Brooke:
                             mail your submissions to Selena Joy or
                             Brooke Bottari.
      “Thirty years of
              research      Spotlight on Autism Interventions: RTI
    demonstrated the         Response to Intervention (RTI) is a             interventions. These interventions are
   efficacy of applied       multi-tiered system used to improve             the most intense and the most focused.
                             student achievement and behavior. RTI
behavioral methods in                                                        RTI uses evidence-based interventions
                             is not specific to students with ASD.
                                                                             and relies on data collection to
              reducing       However, it is an important part of the
                                                                             determine the most appropriate ways to
                             interventions occurring in HCPS.
                                                                             support students. Students with ASD
                             In Henrico County, RTI is a three-tiered        are supported through all three tiers in
      behavior and in        approach to working with all students.          Henrico County. RTI is very exciting for
                             The first tier includes the general             students with ASD as it assists in
            increasing       approaches available to all students.           promoting inclusion into the general
      communication,         Approximately 80% of students respond           education setting.
                             to these interventions. The second tier
         learning, and       has    more    focused    and     intense
                                                                             If you would like more information
                                                                             about RTI go to:
    appropriate social       interventions that target students who
                             do not respond as well as intended.   
            behavior.”       This tier supports another 15% of
       ~ David Satcher       students. The final 5% of students are
                             supported     by    the     third     tier
 U.S. Surgeon General
                             Henrico Happenings: Henrico Autism Network
                             The Henrico Autism Network (HAN) is          Speech/Language Pathologist.
                             getting together again. HAN is a
                                                                          This year, HAN is focusing on
                             priority project sponsored by T/TAC
                                                                          professional development opportunities
                             through the Virginia Department of
                                                                          for new teachers who support students
                                                                          with ASD, paraprofessionals who support
                             HAN was created to assist in the task        students with ASD, and related service
                             of training HCPS personnel in working        providers.    Professional development
                             with students with ASD. The HAN              opportunities will focus on instruction,
                             team consists of a parent, the two           data collection, and visual supports
                             HCPS Autism Coordinators, a HCPS             differentiated for students in pre-K
                             Special Education Coordinator, a             through 12th grade.
                             Special Education Teacher, and a
ASD Newsletter                         New Classrooms & Resource Review                          Page 3 of 4

New Autism Coordinator in Henrico County Public Schools
We would like to spotlight our new addition   of the T/TAC priority project in
to the Henrico County Public Schools Autism   Hanover County. Brooke joins Henrico
programs. Brooke Bottari joins us as the      County Public Schools as our second
second Autism Coordinator for HCPS.           Autism Coordinator as well as joining
                                              the Henrico County T/TAC priority
Brooke comes to us from Hanover County        project, HAN.
Public    Schools   where     she   was   a
Speech/Language Therapist. Brooke brings      We are confident that Brooke will help
many varied experiences with students with    to better serve all of our students.
ASD to us.      She worked directly with      We are very excited she has come on
students     providing     Speech/Language    board. Please join us in welcoming
services. Brooke has worked with teachers     our newest addition!
of students with autism and other teachers
to support students in their educational
settings. Brooke has also sat as a member

New Henrico Autism Classrooms and Teachers
We would love to welcome out newest HCPS          As with all of our classrooms in HCPS, our newest
autism classroom addition at Rolfe Middle         additions are based on the principles of ABA and
School. We would also like to welcome one of      focus on data collection, environmental structure,
our K-2 classes and one of our PEDD/Autism        visual supports, language and communication, and
classes which have moved this year from Harvie    individualization of supports.
Elementary School.     Rolfe Middle School
                                                  All of our teachers have been busy preparing for
welcomes Scott Thomas. Harvie Elementary
                                                  their students and we are confident that our
School welcomes Kristina Craig and Victoria
                                                  newest classrooms will provide wonderful support
                                                  to our students at those schools.

Resource Review – Inclusive Programming for Middle School
Students with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome
Inclusive Programming for Middle School    students with ASD. This book provides
Students with Autism/Asperger’s            an in depth discussion of inclusion and
Syndrome                                   collaboration for students with ASD.
Sheila Wagner, M.Ed.                       Characteristics of typical middle school
                                           students are highlighted and also a
This book was written by popular           discussion of the challenges of middle
demand after the popularity of Inclusive   school students with ASD.          IEP’s,
Programming for Elementary School          academic issues, and social and
Students with Autism (Winner of the        behavioral programming are all areas
Autism Society of America’s “Book of       included in this valuable resource.
the year”). With Sheila Wagner's           Finally, there are profiles of middle
extensive knowledge and classroom          school students with ASD and focus on
experience,     this    book    is    an   their successes. Shelia Wagner covers
indispensable resource for teachers and    everything from academic requirements
parents of students with ASD.              and homework issues to social conflicts,
                                           such as dress codes and raging
This reference provides a list of          hormones. Her book illustrates methods
acronyms, abbreviations and short forms    and techniques to comfortably blend
that are discussed with services for       middle school students with autism and
                                           their classmates.
                             We would like to welcome our newest
                             additions to the Exceptional Education
                             Department as well as some of those who
                             have transferred within the county. The                    Megan Chertoff – 3-5 Longan
                             following are the new teachers to the
                             autism classrooms here in Henrico.                         Grace Martin – 3-5 Nuckol’s Farm
      Central Office
    3820 Nine Mile Rd                                                                   David Sizemore – 3-5 River’s Edge
                             Elementary Schools:
   Richmond, VA 23223
                             Lavonya Dabney – 3-5 Glen Allen                   Middle Schools:
     (804) 652-3876                                                            Michele Mancil – Byrd
                             Tori Carter – PEDD/Autism Harvie
          Fax:               Kristina Craig – Moving from K-2 Greenwood        Kim Zimmerman – Byrd
     (804) 652-3400          to K-2 Harvie                                     Ginger Guthrie – Hungary Creek
        E-mail:              Jennifer Maddox – 3-5 Holladay                    Joanne Butler – Pocahontas
                             Catherine Green – K-2 Longan                      Scott Thomas - Rolfe

 Parents & Schools            Siblings of Students with ASD
 can work together
  to help children              Typically developing siblings of children with ASD experience a number of
                                challenges because of their brother or sister’s disability. There are issues that
       learn!                   parents need to keep in mind. There are many valuable resources available to

We’re on the Web!               For more information on this topic, please visit 



Upcoming Events
October 9 & 10, 2008: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Impact on Individuals and Family Life: Roanoke, VA
October 21, 2008: Insight 2008: Topics in Autism: Richmond, VA
November 19-21, 2008: Network of Autism Training & Technical Assistance Programs Conference: Columbus, OH

                                Interested in Submitting?
                                   Interested in submitting an article,     Selena Joy:
                                 event, or other information about ASD?
                                                                            Brooke Bottari:
                                       We want to hear from you!
                                  All submissions will be reviewed and                             Or
                                considered. Please send all submissions
                                 to Selena Joy or Brooke Bottari by e-                   Exceptional Education
                                              mail or mail.                                3820 Nine Mile Rd
                                                                                          Richmond, VA 23223

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