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English Songs _K-Box_

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									Song Name                                Artist

BECAUSE OF YOU                           98
GIVE ME JUST ONE NIGHT                   98
I DO (CHERISH YOU)                       98
YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING                     98
A LITTLE BIT MORE                        911
PARTY PEOPLE FRIDAY NIGHT                911
PRIVATE NUMBER                           911
DREADLOCK HOLIDAY                        10 CC
I'M NOT IN LOVE                          10 CC
THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE                10 CC
SHINING FRIENDS                          2R
KRYPTONE                                 3 DOOR DOWN
CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE                     A1
LIKE A ROSE                              A1
TRY AGAIN                                Aaliyah
CHIQUITITA                               ABBA
DANCING QUEEN                            ABBA
DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW                    ABBA
EAGLE                                    ABBA
EAGLE                                    ABBA
FERNANDO                                 ABBA
GIMME GIMME GIMME                        ABBA
HAPPY NEW YEAR                           ABBA
HASTA MANANA                             ABBA
HONEY HONEY                              ABBA
I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO             ABBA
I HAVE A DREAM                           ABBA
MAMMA MIA                                ABBA
MONEY MONEY MONEY                        ABBA
ONE OF US                                ABBA
RING RING                                ABBA
S.O.S.                                   ABBA
SUPER TROUPER                            ABBA
TAKE A CHANCE                            ABBA
THE NAME OF THE GAME                     ABBA
UNDER ATTACK                             ABBA
VOULEZ VOUS                              ABBA
WATERLOO                                 ABBA
WINNER TAKES IT ALL                      ABBA
ALL THAT SHE WANTS                       Ace of Base
BEAUTIFUL LIFE                           Ace of Base
CRUEL SUMMER                             Ace of Base
DON'T TURN AROUND                        Ace of Base
EVERYTIME IT RAINS                       Ace of Base
HAPPY NATION                             Ace of Base
LIFE IS A FLOWER                         Ace of Base
THE SIGN                                 Ace of Base
WHENEVER YOU'RE NEAR ME                  Ace of Base
I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING               Aerosmith
JADED                                    Aerosmith
BECAUSE I GOT HIGH                       AFROMAN
TAKE ON ME                               A-HA
ALL OUT OF LOVE                          Air Supply
ALWAYS                                   Air Supply
CHANCES                                  Air Supply
COME WHAT MAY                            Air Supply
DON'T BE AFRAID                          Air Supply
EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER               Air Supply

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Song Name                                         Artist

EVERY WOMAN IN THE WORLD                          Air Supply
HERE I AM                                         Air Supply
I CAN WAIT FOREVER                                Air Supply
IT'S NEVER TOO LATE                               Air Supply
JUST BETWEEN THE LINES                            Air Supply
LONELY IS THE NIGHT                               Air Supply
LOST IN LOVE                                      Air Supply
MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL                 Air Supply
MY BEST FRIEND                                    Air Supply
ONE MORE TRY                                      Air Supply
SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES IN YOU                       Air Supply
STRONG, STRONG WIND                               Air Supply
SWEET DREAMS                                      Air Supply
THE ONE THAT YOU LOVE                             Air Supply
THE VANISHING RACE                                Air Supply
THE WAY I FEEL                                    Air Supply
UNCHAINED MELODY                                  Air Supply
WITHOUT YOU                                       Air Supply
FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY                         AL GREEN
LET'S STAY TOGETHER                               AL GREEN
ANNIVERSARY SONG                                  AL JOLSON
SPANISH EYES                                      AL MARTINO
THE YEAR OF THE CAT                               AL STEWART
EVERYTHING                                        Alanis Morissette
HANDS CLEAN                                       Alanis Morissette
PRECIOUS ILLUSIONS                                Alanis Morissette
THANK YOU                                         Alanis Morissette
THAT I WOULD BE GOOD                              Alanis Morissette
UNINVITED                                         Alanis Morissette
ROSE GARDEN                                       ALBERT HAMMOND
FALLIN'                                           ALICIA KEYES
IF I AIN'T GOT YOU                                ALICIA KEYES
WOMAN'S WORTH                                     ALICIA KEYES
SMOOTH CRIMINAL                                   ALIEN ANT FARM
I CAN LOVE YOU LIKE THAT                          All 4 one
I SWEAR                                           All 4 one
O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL                            All 4 one
SO MUCH IN LOVE                                   All 4 one
WITH ALL MY HEART                                 All 4 one
BOOTIE CALL                                       ALL SAINTS
I KNOW WHERE IT'S AT                              ALL SAINTS
NEVER EVER                                        ALL SAINTS
PURE SHORES                                       ALL SAINTS
MIDNIGHT RIDER                                    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND
MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS BY                           AMAZONS
FOR REAL                                          AMEL LARRIEUX
BABY BABY                                         Amy Grant
BIG YELLOW TAXI                                   Amy Grant
HOUSE OF LOVE                                     Amy Grant
LUCKY ONE                                         Amy Grant
RIVER LULLABY                                     Amy Grant
THAT'S WHAT LOVE IS FOR                           Amy Grant
WINTER WONDERLAND                                 Amy Grant
EVERYTHING BURNS                                  Anastacia
I'M OUTTA LOVE                                    Anastacia
LEFT OUTSIDE ALONE                                Anastacia
WHY'D YOU LIE TO ME                               Anastacia

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Song Name                                           Artist

A SONG FOR YOU                                      Andy Williams
ALMOST THERE                                        Andy Williams
BORN FREE                                           Andy Williams
CHARADE                                             Andy Williams
EL CONDOR PASA                                      Andy Williams
HE AIN'T HEAVY (HE'S MY BROTHER)                    Andy Williams
HOW WONDERFUL TO KNOW                               Andy Williams
I WILL WAIT FOR YOU                                 Andy Williams
MOON RIVER                                          Andy Williams
SEPTEMBER SONG                                      Andy Williams
SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE                                   Andy Williams
THE EXODUS SONG                                     Andy Williams
THE HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG                           Andy Williams
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM                                Andy Williams
UNCHAINED MELODY                                    Andy Williams
WHERE IS YOUR HEART                                 Andy Williams
SNOW ON THE SAHARA                                  Anggun
BABY CAN I TAKE YOU HOME                            Animals,The
HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN                             Animals,The
THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN                         Animals,The
VOICES                                              Ann
ALMOST PARADISE                                     Ann Wilson,Mike Reno
COULD I HAVE THIS DANCE                             Anne Murray
YOU NEEDED ME                                       Anne Murray
AROUND THE WORLD                                    AQUA
BARBIE GIRL                                         AQUA
CARTOON HEROES                                      AQUA
SUGAR SUGAR                                         Archies
I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER                               Aretha Franklin
WILLING TO FORGIVE                                  Aretha Franklin
I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING                             Aretha Franklin,George Michael
RAIN AND TEARS                                      Arhrodites Child
DON'T TAKE AWAY MY HEAVEN                           Arron Neville
A HEART IN NEW YORK                                 Art Garfunkel
A POEM ON THE UNDERGROUND WALL                      Art Garfunkel
ALL I KNOW                                          Art Garfunkel
APRIL COME SHE WILL                                 Art Garfunkel
BRIDGE OVER TROUBLE WATER                           Art Garfunkel
BRIGHT EYES                                         Art Garfunkel
CECILIA                                             Art Garfunkel
CRYING IN THE RAIN                                  Art Garfunkel
ELCONDOR PASA                                       Art Garfunkel
GRATEFUL                                            Art Garfunkel
HOMEWARD BOUND                                      Art Garfunkel
I WILL                                              Art Garfunkel
MRS. ROBINSON (THE GRADUATE)                        Art Garfunkel
SCARBOROUGH BOUND                                   Art Garfunkel
THE 59TH STREET BRIDGE SONG                         Art Garfunkel
THE SOUND OF SILENCE                                Art Garfunkel
FOOLISH                                             ASHANTI
PIECES OF ME                                        ASHLEY SIMPSON
CHERISH                                             Association, The
PORCELAIN (拉闊音樂)                                    At 17
ALWAYS                                              Atlantic Starr
MASTERPIECE                                         Atlantic Starr
ETERNAL FLAME                                       Atomic Kitten
IT'S OKAY                                           Atomic Kitten
LAST GOODBYE                                        Atomic Kitten
TIDE IS HIGH (GET THE FEELING)                      Atomic Kitten

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Song Name                                       Artist

COMPLICATED                                     AVRIL LAVIGNE
DON'T TELL ME                                   AVRIL LAVIGNE
I'M WITH YOU                                    AVRIL LAVIGNE
LOSING GRIP                                     AVRIL LAVIGNE
MY HAPPY ENDING                                 AVRIL LAVIGNE
SK8ER BOI                                       AVRIL LAVIGNE
FIXING MY BROKEN HEART                          Azn Dreamers
BLAME IT ON THE WEATHERMAN                      B Witched
C'EST LA VIE                                    B Witched
HOOKED ON A FEELING                             B. J. Thomas
(MEET)THE FLINTSTONES                           B52S
LOVE SHACK                                      B52S
AND OUR FEELINGS                                Babyface
BREATHE AGAIN                                   Babyface
KNOCKED OUT                                     Babyface
WHEN CAN I SEE YOU                              Babyface
ALL I HAVE TO GIVE                              BackStreet Boys
ANYWHERE FOR YOU                                BackStreet Boys
AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME                          BackStreet Boys
DROWNING                                        BackStreet Boys
EVERYBODY (BACKSTREET'S BACK)                   BackStreet Boys
GET DOWN (YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME)                BackStreet Boys
I WANT IT THAT WAY                              BackStreet Boys
IF I DON'T HAVE YOU                             BackStreet Boys
I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART                     BackStreet Boys
I'LL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN                        BackStreet Boys
LARGER THAN LIFE                                BackStreet Boys
MORE THAN THAT                                  BackStreet Boys
QUIT PLAYING GAMES                              BackStreet Boys
SHAPE OF MY HEART                               BackStreet Boys
THE CALL                                        BackStreet Boys
THE ONE                                         BackStreet Boys
WE'VE GOT IT GOIN' ON                           BackStreet Boys
READY FOR LOVE                                  Bad Company
WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE                            Bad English
TARZAN BOY                                      BALTIMORA
ETERNAL FLAME                                   Bangles
MANIC MONDAY                                    Bangles
DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS?                    BANK AID 2
ALL I ASK OF YOU                                Barbra Streisand
EVERGREEN                                       Barbra Streisand
FREE AGAIN                                      Barbra Streisand
HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN                       Barbra Streisand
I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE                         Barbra Streisand
KISS ME IN THE RAIN                             Barbra Streisand
MEMORY                                          Barbra Streisand
MY HEART BELONGS TO ME                          Barbra Streisand
PAPA CAN YOU HEAR ME?                           Barbra Streisand
PEOPLE                                          Barbra Streisand
SOME GOOD THINGS NEVER LAST                     Barbra Streisand
SOMEONE THAT I USED TO LOVE                     Barbra Streisand
SOMEWHERE                                       Barbra Streisand
THE WAY HE MAKES ME FEEL                        Barbra Streisand
THE WAY WE WERE                                 Barbra Streisand
TILL I LOVED YOU                                Barbra Streisand
WITH ONE LOOK                                   Barbra Streisand
WOMAN IN LOVE                                   Barbra Streisand
WHAT KIND OF FOOL                               Barbra Streisand,Barry Gibb

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Song Name                                   Artist

ONE WEEK                                    BARE NAKED LADIES
ALL THE TIME                                Barry Manilow
AS SURE AS I'M STANDING HERE                Barry Manilow
COPACABANA                                  Barry Manilow
DAYBREAK                                    Barry Manilow
EVEN NOW                                    Barry Manilow
I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN                  Barry Manilow
I WRITE THE SONGS                           Barry Manilow
IF I SHOULD LOVE AGAIN                      Barry Manilow
IF YOU REMEMBER ME                          Barry Manilow
LONELY TOGETHER                             Barry Manilow
LOOKS LIKE WE MAKE IT                       Barry Manilow
MANDY                                       Barry Manilow
MEMORY                                      Barry Manilow
NO OTHER LOVE                               Barry Manilow
ONE OF THESE DAYS                           Barry Manilow
ONE VOICE                                   Barry Manilow
READY TO TAKE A CHANCE AGAIN                Barry Manilow
SANDRA                                      Barry Manilow
SHIPS                                       Barry Manilow
SOME GOOD THINGS NEVER LAST                 Barry Manilow
SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD                     Barry Manilow
SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT                      Barry Manilow
THE OLD SONGS                               Barry Manilow
THIS ONE'S FOR YOU                          Barry Manilow
TRYING TO GET THE FEELING AGAIN             Barry Manilow
WEEKEND IN NEW ENGLAND                      Barry Manilow
JUST THE WAY YOU ARE                        Barry White
PLEASE STAY                                 Bay City Rollers
COTTON FIELDS                               Beach Boys
KOKOMO                                      Beach Boys
A HARD DAY'S NIGHT                          Beatles
ALL MY LOVING                               Beatles
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE                        Beatles
AND I LOVE HER                              Beatles
BACK IN THE USSR                            Beatles
CAN'T BUY ME LOVE                           Beatles
COME TOGETHER                               Beatles
DAY TRIPPER                                 Beatles
DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET                Beatles
DON'T LET ME DOWN                           Beatles
EIGHT DAYS A WEEK                           Beatles
FROM ME TO YOU                              Beatles
GET BACK                                    Beatles
GIRL                                        Beatles
GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE                 Beatles
HELLO GOODBYE                               Beatles
HELP                                        Beatles
HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE                   Beatles
HEY JUDE                                    Beatles
I FEEL FINE                                 Beatles
I SAW HER STANDING THERE                    Beatles
I WANNA HOLD YOUR HANDS                     Beatles
I WILL                                      Beatles
IF I FELL                                   Beatles
I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN                         Beatles
IN MY LIFE                                  Beatles
LET IT BE                                   Beatles
LONG AND WINDING ROAD                       Beatles
LOVE ME DO                                  Beatles

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Song Name                                         Artist

MICHELLE                                          Beatles
MR. MOONLIGHT                                     Beatles
NOWHERE MAN                                       Beatles
OB-LA-DI OB-LA-DA                                 Beatles
OH DARLING                                        Beatles
P.S. I LOVE YOU                                   Beatles
PENNY LANE                                        Beatles
PLEASE PLEASE ME                                  Beatles
REVOLUTION                                        Beatles
SHE LOVES YOU                                     Beatles
SOMETHING                                         Beatles
THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO                       Beatles
TICKET TO RIDE                                    Beatles
TILL THERE WAS YOU                                Beatles
TO LOVE SOMEBODY                                  Beatles
WE CAN WORK IT OUT                                Beatles
YELLOW SUBMARINE                                  Beatles
YESTERDAY                                         Beatles
YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE THAT GIRL                    Beatles
MOVIE AFFAIR                                      Be-B
ALONE                                             Bee Gees
AND THE SUN WILL SHINE                            Bee Gees
DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER                          Bee Gees
DON'T WANNA LIVE INSIDE MYSELF                    Bee Gees
EMOTIONS                                          Bee Gees
FIRST OF MAY                                      Bee Gees
HAPPY EVER AFTER                                  Bee Gees
HOLIDAY                                           Bee Gees
HOUSE OF SHAME                                    Bee Gees
HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART                   Bee Gees
I CAN'T SEE NOBODY                                Bee Gees
I COULD NOT LOVE YOU MORE                         Bee Gees
I STARTED A JOKE                                  Bee Gees
IN THE MORNING                                    Bee Gees
IOIO                                              Bee Gees
IT'S MY NEIGHBOURHOOD                             Bee Gees
I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YOU                   Bee Gees
JIVE TALKING                                      Bee Gees
LONELY DAYS                                       Bee Gees
LOVE SO RIGHT                                     Bee Gees
MASSACHUSETTS                                     Bee Gees
MELODY FAIR                                       Bee Gees
MORE THAN A WOMAN                                 Bee Gees
MR. NATURAL                                       Bee Gees
MY WORLD                                          Bee Gees
NEW YORK MINING DISASTER 1941                     Bee Gees
NIGHT FEVER                                       Bee Gees
NIGHTS ON BROADWAY                                Bee Gees
ORDINARY LIVES                                    Bee Gees
REST YOUR LOVE ON ME                              Bee Gees
RUN TO ME                                         Bee Gees
SAVED BY THE BELL                                 Bee Gees
STAYING ALIVE                                     Bee Gees
STILL WATERS RUN DEEP                             Bee Gees
THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN                           Bee Gees
TO LOVE SOMEBODY                                  Bee Gees
TOKYO NIGHTS                                      Bee Gees
TOO MUCH HEAVEN                                   Bee Gees

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Song Name                                      Artist

WORDS                                          Bee Gees
IMMORTALITY                                    Bee Gees,Celine Dion
CIRCLE IN THE SAND                             Belinda Carlisle
HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH                     Belinda Carlisle
I GET WEAK                                     Belinda Carlisle
GOODBYE GIRL                                   bellamy brothers
INSIDE OF MY GUITAR                            bellamy brothers
STAND BY ME                                    Ben E.King
TAKE MY BREATH AWAY                            Berlin
CASABLANCA                                     Bertie Higgins
GONE WITH THE WIND                             Bertie Higgins
JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE                   Bertie Higgins
BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY                        Bette Midler
FRAM A DISTANCE                                Bette Midler
GOD HELP THE OUTCASTS                          Bette Midler
LULLABY IN BLUE                                Bette Midler
MY ONE TRUE FRIEND                             Bette Midler
THE ROSE                                       Bette Midler
WIND BENEATH MY WINGS                          Bette Midler
THE ROSE                                       Betty Everett
BABY BOY                                       BEYONCE
CHECK ON IT                                    BEYONCE
CRAZY IN LOVE                                  BEYONCE
BABY I LOVE YOUR WAY                           Big Mountain
AS TEARS GO BY                                 Bill Medley
GIRLFRIEND                                     Bille
HONEY TO THE BEE                               Bille
NIGHT AND DAY                                  Bille
SHE WANTS YOU                                  Bille
MONY MONY                                      BILLY IDOL
WHITE WEDDING                                  BILLY IDOL
ALL SHOOK UP                                   Billy Joel
JUST THE WAY YOU ARE                           Billy Joel
ACHY BREAKY HEART                              Billy Ray Cyrus
SOME ENCHANTED EVENING                         Bing Crosby
WHITE CHRISTMAS                                Bing Crosby
HEY MAMA                                       BLACK EYED PEAS
LET'S GET IT STARTED                           BLACK EYED PEAS
MY HUMPS                                       BLACK EYED PEAS
PUMP IT                                        BLACK EYED PEAS
CHANGE                                         Black Sabbath
ALL THE SMALL THINGS                           BLINK 182
WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN                            BLINK 182
HARD TO HANDLE                                 Block Crowes, the
LA DAMBA                                       Block Crowes, the
CALL ME                                        Blondie
DREAMIN'                                       Blondie
HEART OF GLASS                                 Blondie
HEART OF GLASS                                 Blondie
MARIA                                          Blondie
PICTURE THIS                                   Blondie
BAD TOUCH                                      BLOODHOUND
ALL RISE                                       BLUE
BEST IN ME                                     BLUE
BREATHE                                        BLUE
FLY BY                                         BLUE
HIT EM' UP STYLE (OOPS!)                       BLUE
IF YOU COME BACK                               BLUE
ONE LOVE                                       BLUE

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Song Name                                       Artist

TOO CLOSE                                       BLUE
U MAKE ME WANNA                                 BLUE
MAKE IT WITH YOU (RUMBA)                        BLUES
THE EXODUS SONG (BLUES)                         BLUES
IRON LION ZION                                  Bob Marley
NO WOMAN NO CRY                                 Bob Marley
OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL                          Bob Sege
SENTIMENTAL LADY                                BOB WELCH
IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT                          BOBBY BARE
SUNNY                                           Bobby Hebb
JINGLE BELL ROCK                                Bobby Helms
COME BACK WHEN YOU GROW UP                      Bobby Vee
BLUE VELVET                                     Bobby Vinton
ROSES ARE RED                                   Bobby Vinton
SEALED WITH A KISS                              Bobby Vinton
ALWAYS                                          Bon Jovi
BAD MEDICINE                                    Bon Jovi
BLAZE OF GLORY                                  Bon Jovi
IN THESE ARMS                                   Bon Jovi
IT'S MY LIFE                                    Bon Jovi
KEEP THE FAITH                                  Bon Jovi
MISTER BIG TIME                                 Bon Jovi
NEVER SAY GOODBYE                               Bon Jovi
ONE WILD NIGHT                                  Bon Jovi
REAL LIFE                                       Bon Jovi
RED OF ROSES                                    Bon Jovi
SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT                  Bon Jovi
THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME                         Bon Jovi
THIS AIN'T A LOVE SONG                          Bon Jovi
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE                            Bon Jovi
YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME                        Bon Jovi
FILIZ NAVIDAD                                   Boney M
JOY TO THE WORLD                                Boney M
RIVERS OF BABYLON                               Boney M
SUNNY                                           Boney M
HAVE A HEART                                    Bonnie Raitt
I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME                        Bonnie Raitt
LOVE SNEAKIN' UP ON YOU                         Bonnie Raitt
SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT                         Bonnie Raitt
IT'S A HEARTACHE                                Bonnie Tyler
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART                      Bonnie Tyler
WAITING FOR A STAR TO FALL                      Boy Meets Girl
WHEN CAN I SEE YOU                              Boy Meets Girl
ALL THAT I NEED                                 Boy Zone
BABY CAN I HOLD YOU                             Boy Zone
EVERYDAY I LOVE YOU                             Boy Zone
I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE ME                      Boy Zone
LOVE ME FOR A REASON                            Boy Zone
NO MATTER WHAT                                  Boy Zone
PICTURE OF YOU                                  Boy Zone
WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH                       Boy Zone
YOU NEEDED ME                                   Boy Zone
END OF THE ROAD                                 Boys 2 Men
FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS                      Boys 2 Men
I WILL GET THERE                                Boys 2 Men
I WILL MAKE LOVE TO YOU                         Boys 2 Men
IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT                       Boys 2 Men

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Song Name                                           Artist

ON BENDED KNEE                                      Boys 2 Men
PASS YOU BY                                         Boys 2 Men
LITTLE MISS CAN'T BE WORNG                          BOYz
I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU                               Boyz II man
PASS ME BY                                          Boyz II man
ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT                                Brandy
BABY                                                Brandy
FULL MOON                                           Brandy
AUBREY                                              Bread
EVERYTHING I OWN                                    Bread
I'M SORRY                                           Brenda Lee
GINNY COME LATELY                                   Brian Hyland
SEALED WITH A KISS                                  Brian Hyland
BACK AT ONE                                         Brian McKnight
I'M SO INTO YOU                                     Brian McKnight
ONE LAST CRY                                        Brian McKnight
(I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION                       Britney Spears
BABY ONE MORE TIME                                  Britney Spears
BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY                              Britney Spears
BOYS                                                Britney Spears
CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME                              Britney Spears
DEAR DIARY                                          Britney Spears
DON'T GO KNOCKIN' ON MY DOOR                        Britney Spears
DON'T LET ME BE THE LAST TO KNOW                    Britney Spears
EVERYTIME                                           Britney Spears
FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BROKEN HEART                  Britney Spears
GIRL IN THE MIRROR                                  Britney Spears
I'M A SLAVE 4 U                                     Britney Spears
I'M NOT A GIRL NOT YET A WOMAN                      Britney Spears
LUCKY                                               Britney Spears
ONE KISS FROM YOU                                   Britney Spears
OOPS ... I DID IT AGAIN                             Britney Spears
OUTRAGEOUS                                          Britney Spears
SLAVE FOR U                                         Britney Spears
STRONGER                                            Britney Spears
WHAT U SEE                                          Britney Spears
WHEN YOUR EYES SAY IT                               Britney Spears
WHERE ARE YOU NOW                                   Britney Spears
BOOT SCOOTIN' BOOGIE                                Brooks And Dunn
LITTLE MISS HONKY TONK                              Brooks And Dunn
SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR ME                             Brotherhood of Man
UNITED WE STAND                                     Brotherhood of Man
GREENFIELDS                                         Brothers Four, The
TOM DOOLEY                                          Brothers Four, The
TRY TO REMEMBER                                     Brothers Four, The
YELLOW BIRD                                         Brothers Four, The
MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY                                Bruce Springsteen
(EVERYTHING I DO) I DO IT FOR YOU                   Bryan Adams
HAVE YOU EVER REALYY LOVED A WOMAN                  Bryan Adams
HEAVEN                                              Bryan Adams
HERE I AM                                           Bryan Adams
LET'S MAKE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER                      Bryan Adams
ON A DAY LIKE TODAY                                 Bryan Adams
PLEASE GIVE ME                                      Bryan Adams
WHEN YOU'RE GONE                                    Bryan Adams
SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHT ON                          BUSTED
HOT HOT HOT                                         BUSTER POINDEXTER
HEAR ME CRY                                         Cagnet
WHAT WILL I DO                                      Cagnet

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Song Name                                             Artist

DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME                           Captain & Tennille
LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER                            Captain & Tennille
BURING DOWN THE HOUSE                                 Cardigans, The ,Tom Jones
BEEN TO CANAAN                                        Carole King
I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE                                 Carole King
IT'S TOO LATE                                         Carole King
SO FAR AWAY                                           Carole King
SWEET SEASONS                                         Carole King
BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE                                Carpenters, The
CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU                               Carpenters, The
CLOSE TO YOU (THEY LONG TO BE)                        Carpenters, The
FOR ALL WE KNOW                                       Carpenters, The
GOODBYE TO LOVE                                       Carpenters, The
HURTING EACH OTHER                                    Carpenters, The
I HAVE YOU                                            Carpenters, The
I JUST FALL IN LOVE AGAIN                             Carpenters, The
I NEED TO BE IN LOVE                                  Carpenters, The
I WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU                        Carpenters, The
JAMBALAYA                                             Carpenters, The
LOVE IS SURRENDER                                     Carpenters, The
LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM                                 Carpenters, The
MAKE BELIEVE IT'S YOUR FIRST TIME                     Carpenters, The
ONLY YESTERDAY                                        Carpenters, The
PLEASE DON'T GO                                       Carpenters, The
PLEASE MR. POSTMAN                                    Carpenters, The
RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS                                Carpenters, The
REASON TO BELIEVE                                     Carpenters, The
SUPERSTAR                                             Carpenters, The
SWEET SWEET SMILE                                     Carpenters, The
THERE'S A KIND OF HUSH                                Carpenters, The
TICKET TO RIDE                                        Carpenters, The
TOP OF THE WORLD                                      Carpenters, The
TOUCH ME WHEN WE'RE DANCING                           Carpenters, The
WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN                                 Carpenters, The
WHEN I FALL IN LOVE                                   Carpenters, The
YESTERDAY ONCE MORE                                   Carpenters, The
YOU                                                   Carpenters, The
DRIVE                                                 CARS
WITCH DOCTOR                                          Cartoons
ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER                                  Cascades, The
I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER                                 Cascades, The
LUCKY GUY                                             Cascades, The
MY FIRST DAY ALONE                                    Cascades, The
PUNCH & JUDY                                          Cascades, The
RHYTHM OF THE RAIN                                    Cascades, The
SHY GIRL                                              Cascades, The
THE LAST LEAF                                         Cascades, The
THERE'S A REASON                                      Cascades, The
FATHER AND SON                                        Cat Stevens
MORNING HAS BROKEN                                    Cat Stevens
WILD WORLD                                            Cat Stevens
FINALLY                                               Ce Ce Peniston
(YOU MAKE ME FEEL, LIKE A) NATURAL WOMAN              Celine Dion
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST                                  Celine Dion
BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME                                  Celine Dion
DREAMING OF YOU                                       Celine Dion
FALLING INTO YOU                                      Celine Dion
I DROVE ALL NIGHT                                     Celine Dion
IF YOU ASKED ME TO                                    Celine Dion
IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW                        Celine Dion

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Song Name                                     Artist

LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE                         Celine Dion
LOVE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS                       Celine Dion
LOVE DOESN'T ASK WHY                          Celine Dion
MISLED                                        Celine Dion
MY HEART WILL GO ON                           Celine Dion
NEW DAY HAS COME                              Celine Dion
NOTHING BROKEN BUT MY HEART                   Celine Dion
ONLY ONE ROAD                                 Celine Dion
SEDUCES ME                                    Celine Dion
S'IL SUFFISAIT D'AIMER                        Celine Dion
TELL HIM                                      Celine Dion
THAT'S THE WAY IT IS                          Celine Dion
THE COLOR OF MY LIFE                          Celine Dion
THE COLOUR OF MY LOVE                         Celine Dion
THE POWER OF LOVE                             Celine Dion
THEN YOU LOOK AT ME                           Celine Dion
THINE TWICE                                   Celine Dion
WHEN I FALL IN LOVE                           Celine Dion
WHERE DOES MY HEART BEAT NOW                  Celine Dion
BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY                              CHACHA
CASABLANCA                                    CHACHA
DIANA                                         CHACHA
EVERGREEN                                     CHACHA
I WILL FOLLOW HIM                             CHACHA
IT'S NOW OR NEVER                             CHACHA
KNOCK THREE TIMES                             CHACHA
NO MORE                                       CHACHA
OH! CAROL                                     CHACHA
SUMMER WINE (CHA CHA)                         CHACHA
HERO                                          Chad Kroeger
CHEEKY SONG                                   Cheeky Girls, the
HOORAY HOORAY                                 Cheeky Girls, the
BELIEVE                                       Cher
IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME                     Cher
LOV AND UNDERSTANDING                         Cher
HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY                         Chicago
LOOK AWAY                                     Chicago
SON OF MY FATHER                              Chicory Tip
RIGHT THURR                                   CHINGY
LOLLIPOP                                      Chordettes
NEVER ON SUNDAY                               Chordettes
LADY IN RED                                   Chris de Burgh
THE LADY IN RED                               Chris de Burgh
BEAUTIFUL                                     CHRISTINA AGUILERA
CAN'T HOLD US DOWN                            CHRISTINA AGUILERA
DIRRTY                                        CHRISTINA AGUILERA
FIGHTER                                       CHRISTINA AGUILERA
GENIE IN A BOTTLE                             CHRISTINA AGUILERA
I TURN TO YOU                                 CHRISTINA AGUILERA
VOICE WITHIN                                  CHRISTINA AGUILERA
WHAT A GIRL WANTS                             CHRISTINA AGUILERA
AM TO PM                                      CHRISTINA MILIAN
DIP IT LOW                                    CHRISTINA MILIAN
WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME                           CHRISTINA MILIAN
ARTHUR'S THEME                                Christopher Cross
TUBTHUMPING                                   CHUMBAWAMBA
WITHIN YOU'LL REMAIN                          Chyna

                                   11 of 59
Song Name                                     Artist

TIME AFTER TIME                               CINDI LAUPER
I WANT YOU BACK                               Cleopatra
ALL MY LOVE                                   Cliff Richard
BACHELOR BOY                                  Cliff Richard
CONSTANTLY                                    Cliff Richard
DADDY'S HOME                                  Cliff Richard
DEVIL WOMAN                                   Cliff Richard
EVERGREEN TREE                                Cliff Richard
GOODBYE SAM HELLO SAMANTHA                    Cliff Richard
IN THE COUNTRY                                Cliff Richard
IT'S ALL IN THE GAME                          Cliff Richard
LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL                           Cliff Richard
MILLENNIUM PRAYER                             Cliff Richard
MISTLETOE AND WINE                            Cliff Richard
MOVE IT                                       Cliff Richard
ON THE BEACH                                  Cliff Richard
POWER TO ALL OUR FRIENDS                      Cliff Richard
SUMMER HOLIDAY                                Cliff Richard
THE MINUTE YOU'RE GONE                        Cliff Richard
THE YOUNG ONES                                Cliff Richard
THEME FOR A DREAM                             Cliff Richard
THIS DAY                                      Cliff Richard
THIS IS OUR SONG                              CODE RED
CLOCKS                                        Coldplay
IN MY PLACE                                   Coldplay
TALK                                          Coldplay
THE SCIENTIST                                 Coldplay
RUN                                           COLLECTIVE SOULS
EASY                                          Commodores, the
THREE TIMES A LADY                            Commodores, the
ALDILA                                        Connie Francis
LIPSTICK ON YOUR COLLAR                       Connie Francis
MY HAPPINESS                                  Connie Francis
WHEN THE BOY IN YOUR ARMS                     Connie Francis
WHERE THE BOYS ARE                            Connie Francis
WHO'S SORRY NOW                               Connie Francis
THE SOUND OF AN ANGEL WING                    Conway Twitty
C U WHEN U GET THERE                          Coolio
INTERLUDE                                     Coolio
ALL THE LOVE N THE WORLD                      Corrs, The
BREATHLESS                                    Corrs, The
I KNEW MY LOVE                                Corrs, The,Chieftains, The
FILL ME IN                                    CRAIG DAVID
RISE & FALL                                   CRAIG DAVID
SPANISH                                       CRAIG DAVID
WALKING AWAY                                  CRAIG DAVID
FREE TO DECIDE                                Cranberries
ODE TO MY FAMILY                              Cranberries
WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN                           CREED
DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE              Crystal Gayle
YOU AND I                                     Crystal Gayle,Eddie Rabbit
DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME                 Culture Club
KARMA CHAMELEON                               Culture Club
LOVE IS LOVE                                  Culture Club
I WONDER WHY                                  Curits Stigers
GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN                     Cyndi Lauper
TRUE COLORS                                   Cyndi Lauper
PURPLE HILLS                                  D12
SO WHAT IF I                                  Damage
LEADER OF THE BAND                            DAN FOGELBERG

                                   12 of 59
Song Name                                           Artist

I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU (STREET OF FIRE)              Dan Hartman
IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE                               DANIEL BEDINGFIELD
WHO DO YOU LOVE NOW                                 DANNI MINOGUE
WITHOUT LOVE                                        Danny Small
COLOURBLIND                                         DARIUS
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS                                  David Bowie
ASHES TO ASHES                                      David Bowie
CHANGES                                             David Bowie
CHINA GIRL                                          David Bowie
CHINA GIRL                                          David Bowie
DRIVE IN SATURDAY                                   David Bowie
FAME                                                David Bowie
GOLDEN YEARS                                        David Bowie
JUMP THEY SAY                                       David Bowie
LET'S DANCE                                         David Bowie
LIFE ON MARS                                        David Bowie
REBEL REBEL                                         David Bowie
ROCK N ROLL SUICIDE                                 David Bowie
SORROW                                              David Bowie
SPACE ODDITY                                        David Bowie
TONIGHT                                             David Bowie
UNDER PRESSURE                                      David Bowie
FALLIN' IN LOVE AGAIN                               David Hassellhoff
CALIFORNLA GIRLS                                    David Lee Roth
JUST A GIGOLO/I AIN'T GOT NOBODY                    David Lee Roth
CANDIDA                                             Dawn
KNOCK THREE TIMES                                   Dawn
TIE A YELLOW RIBBON                                 Dawn
WHAT ARE YOU DOING SUNDAY                           Dawn
MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS                           Dean Martin
FOOLISH BEAT                                        DEBBIE GIBSON
LOST IN YOUR EYES                                   DEBBIE GIBSON
AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET                            Debbie Reynolds
YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE                                Debby Boone
NOBODY'S SUPPOSE TO BE HERE                         Deborah Cox
BLACK NIGHT                                         Deep Pupple
SOLDIER OF FORTUNE                                  Deep Pupple
SEA OF LOVE                                         Del Shannon
LOST WITHOUT YOU                                    DELTA GOODRUM
HEALING                                             Deniece Williams
LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY                           Deniece Williams
YOU GOTTA BE                                        Des' Rec
BILL'S, BILL'S, BILL'S                              Destinys Child
BOOTYLICIOUS                                        Destinys Child
EMOTION                                             Destinys Child
HAPPY FACE                                          Destinys Child
INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART 1                            Destinys Child
SAY MY NAME                                         Destinys Child
SURVIVOR                                            Destinys Child
BUBBA HYDE                                          Diamonds, The
LITTLE DARLING                                      Diamonds, The
I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER                               Diana King
SHY GUY                                             Diana King
COME IN FROM THE RAIN                               Diana Ross
DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO                   Diana Ross
HOME                                                Diana Ross
IT'S MY TRUN                                        Diana Ross

                                         13 of 59
Song Name                                           Artist

MISSING YOU                                         Diana Ross
TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING                             Diana Ross
UPSIDE DOWN                                         Diana Ross
WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME                   Diana Ross
WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME                   Diana Ross
WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE                           Diana Ross
YOUR LOVE                                           Diana Ross
DON'T LEAVE HOME                                    Dido
HERE WITH ME                                        Dido
LIFE FOR RENT                                       Dido
THANK YOU                                           Dido
WHITE FLAG                                          Dido
THE WANDERER                                        Dion And The Belmonts
A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME                               Dionne Warwick
ALFIE                                               Dionne Warwick
I'LL NEVER LOVE THIS WAY AGAIN                      Dionne Warwick
THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR                         Dionne Warwick
THE GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU                          Dionne Warwick
BELLE                                               Diseny
BY THE BEATIFUL SEA                                 Diseny
CAMPTOWN RACES                                      Diseny
CIRCLE OF LIFE                                      Diseny
COMIN' ROUND THE MOOUNTAIN                          Diseny
COUNTRY ROARDS                                      Diseny
DON'T FENCE ME IN                                   Diseny
EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT                         Diseny
HAPPY WANDERER                                      Diseny
I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE KING                        Diseny
JEEPERS CREEPERS                                    Diseny
MOUNTAIN GREENERY                                   Diseny
OH SUSANNA                                          Diseny
PART OF YOUR WORLD                                  Diseny
PRINCE ALI                                          Diseny
TALENT ROUND-UP                                     Diseny
THE BARE NECESSITIES                                Diseny
THE CAISSONS GO ROLLING ALONE                       Diseny
TURKEY IN THE STRAW                                 Diseny
WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR                           Diseny
LATELY                                              DIVINE
COLD DAY IN JULY                                    DIXIE CHICKS
COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY                                 DIXIE CHICKS
DON'T WATE YOUR HEART                               DIXIE CHICKS
GOODBYE EARL                                        DIXIE CHICKS
HEARTBREAK TOWN                                     DIXIE CHICKS
HELLO MR. HEARTACHE                                 DIXIE CHICKS
HOLE IN MY HEAD                                     DIXIE CHICKS
LANDSLIDE                                           DIXIE CHICKS
LET HIM FLY                                         DIXIE CHICKS
READY TO RUN                                        DIXIE CHICKS
READY TO RUN                                        DIXIE CHICKS
SIN WAGON                                           DIXIE CHICKS
SOME DAYS YOU GOTTA DANCE                           DIXIE CHICKS
WITHOUT YOU                                         DIXIE CHICKS
YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE                                DIXIE CHICKS
HEY BABY                                            DJ OTZI
HEAVEN                                              DJ SAMMY
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU                              Dolly Parton
AMERICAN PIE                                        DON McLEAN

                                      14 of 59
Song Name                                              Artist

VINCENT                                                DON McLEAN
I LOVE YOU ALWAYS FOREVER                              Donna Lewis
LAST DANCE                                             Donna Summer
MACARTHUR PARK                                         Donna Summer
PUPPY LOVE                                             Donny Osmond
SOLDIER OF LOVE                                        Donny Osmond
BLACK WATER                                            Doobie Brothers
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC                                    Doobie Brothers
QUE SERA SERA                                          Doris Day
SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY                                    Doris Day
JUST ONE LOOK                                          DORIS TROY
CALCUTTA (TAXI, TAXI, TAXI)                            Dr.Bombay
FLAMING HOT CURRY                                      Dr.Bombay
RICE AND CURRY                                         Dr.Bombay
SOS                                                    Dr.Bombay
SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES                           Drifters
UNDER THE BOARDWALK                                    Drifters
STAY A WHILE                                           Dusty Springfield
DY-NA-MI-TEE                                           Dynamite
DESPERADO                                              Eagles
FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN                                  Eagles
GET OVER IT                                            Eagles
HEARTACHE TONIGHT                                      Eagles
HOTEL CALIFORNIA                                       Eagles
I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY                                   Eagles
LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE                                Eagles
LYIN' EYES                                             Eagles
SAVE TONIGHT                                           Eagles
THE HEAT IS ON                                         Eagles
THE LONG RUN                                           Eagles
WITCHY WOMAN                                           Eagles
SUMMER TIME BLUES                                      Eddie Cochran
I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT                                   Eddie Rabbit
I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW                            EDDY ARNOLD
GOOD TIMES                                             Edie Brickall
LOVE GROWS                                             Edison Lighthouse
HOW HIGH THE MOON                                      Ella Fitzgerald
NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT                            Ella Fitzgerald
ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE                                 Elton John
BELIEVE                                                Elton John
BLESSED                                                Elton John
CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT                          Elton John
CANDLE IN THE WIND                                     Elton John
CANDLE IN THE WIND 1997                                Elton John
CIRCLE OF LIFE                                         Elton John
CLUB AT THE END OF THE STREET                          Elton John
CROCODILE ROCK                                         Elton John
DANIEL                                                 Elton John
DON'T GO BREAKIN' MY HEART                             Elton John
DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME                        Elton John
FRIENDS NEVER SAY GOODBYE                              Elton John
GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD                              Elton John
HEALING HANDS                                          Elton John
I'M STILL STANDING                                     Elton John
ISLAND GIRL                                            Elton John
MADE IN ENGLAND                                        Elton John
NIKITA                                                 Elton John
ORIGINAL SIN                                           Elton John
PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM                                   Elton John

                                            15 of 59
Song Name                                       Artist

SACRIFICE                                       Elton John
SHE'S A RIVER                                   Elton John
SKYLINE PIGEON                                  Elton John
SOMETHING ABOUT THE WAY YOU LOOK                Elton John
TEAR DROPS                                      Elton John
WRITTEN IN THE STARS                            Elton John
YOU GOTTA LOVE SOMEONE                          Elton John
YOUR SONG                                       Elton John
LOVE LETTERS                                    Elton John,Bonnie Raitt
RUNAWAY TRAIN                                   Elton John,Eric Clapton
WRITTEN IN THE STARS                            Elton John,Leann Rimes
A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION                      Elvis Presley
ALL SHOOK UP                                    Elvis Presley
ALWAYS ON MY MIND                               Elvis Presley
AMERICAN TRILOGY                                Elvis Presley
ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT                        Elvis Presley
BEFORE THE NEXT TEARDROP FALLS                  Elvis Presley
BLUE CHRISTMAS                                  Elvis Presley
BLUE SUEDE SHOES                                Elvis Presley
BURNING LOVE                                    Elvis Presley
CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU              Elvis Presley
COME WHAT MAY                                   Elvis Presley
CRYING IN THE CHAPEL                            Elvis Presley
DON'T                                           Elvis Presley
DON'T CRY DADDY                                 Elvis Presley
FEVER                                           Elvis Presley
HEARTBREAK HOTEL                                Elvis Presley
HOUND DOG                                       Elvis Presley
I WANT YOU I NEED YOU I LOVE YOU                Elvis Presley
IN THE GHETTO                                   Elvis Presley
IT'S NOW OR NEVER                               Elvis Presley
JAILHOUSE ROCK                                  Elvis Presley
LET IT BE ME                                    Elvis Presley
LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION                        Elvis Presley
LOVE ME                                         Elvis Presley
LOVE ME TENDER                                  Elvis Presley
MOODY BLUE                                      Elvis Presley
RETURN TO SENDER                                Elvis Presley
RUBERNECKIN'                                    Elvis Presley
SILVER BELLS                                    Elvis Presley
STUCK ON YOU                                    Elvis Presley
SURRENDER                                       Elvis Presley
SUSPICIOUS MINDS                                Elvis Presley
TEDDY BEAR                                      Elvis Presley
TOO MUCH                                        Elvis Presley
WHEN WILL I BE LOVED                            Elvis Presley
WONDER OF YOU                                   Elvis Presley
WOODEN HEART                                    Elvis Presley
YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME               Elvis Presley
BIG BIG WORLD                                   Emilia
BUSINESS                                        Eminem
LOSE YOURSELF                                   Eminem
MY NAME IS                                      Eminem
STAN                                            Eminem
WAY I AM                                        Eminem
WITHOUT ME                                      Eminem
WHATEVER                                        EN Vouge
I'D REALLY LOVE TO SEE YOU TONIGHT              England Dan & John For Coley
A MAN WITHOUT LOVE                              Englebert Humperdinck

                                     16 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

AS TIME GOES BY                                   Englebert Humperdinck
EVERYBODY KNOWS (WE'RE THROUGH)                   Englebert Humperdinck
LOVE ME WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART                    Englebert Humperdinck
RELEASE ME                                        Englebert Humperdinck
THE LAST WALTZ                                    Englebert Humperdinck
THERE GOES MY EVERTHING                           Englebert Humperdinck
FUNNY FAMILIAR FORGOTTEN FEELINGS                 Englebert Humperdinck,Tom Jones
BAILAMOS                                          ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
BE WITH YOU                                       ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
ESCAPE                                            ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
HERO                                              ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
LOVE TO SEE YOU CRY                               ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
MAYBE                                             ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
NOT IN LOVE                                       ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
RHYTHM DIVINE                                     ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
ONLY TIME                                         Enya
ALL BY MYSELF                                     Eric Carmen
BLUE EYES BLUE                                    Eric Clapton
CHANGE THE WORLD                                  Eric Clapton
TEARS IN HEAVEN                                   Eric Clapton
WONDERFUL TONIGHT                                 Eric Clapton
ONE WAY TICKET                                    ERUPTION
I AM BLESSED                                      ETERNAL
I CRY REAL TEARS                                  ETERNAL
OH BABY, I                                        ETERNAL
STAY                                              ETERNAL
I SAVED THE WORLD TODAY                           EURYHMICS
('TIL) I KISSED YOU                               Everly Brothers
ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM                         Everly Brothers
BYE BYE LOVE                                      Everly Brothers
CATHY'S CLOWN                                     Everly Brothers
CRYING IN THE RAIN                                Everly Brothers
DEVOTED TO YOU                                    Everly Brothers
EBONY EYES                                        Everly Brothers
LET IT BE ME                                      Everly Brothers
LUCILLE                                           Everly Brothers
OH LONESOME ME                                    Everly Brothers
SEND ME THE PILLOW THAT YOU DREAM ON              Everly Brothers
SO SAD                                            Everly Brothers
WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE                              Everly Brothers
WALK RIGHT BACK                                   Everly Brothers
TELL HIM                                          Exciters, The
END OF THE WORLD                                  Expose
I'LL NEVER GET OVER YOU                           Expose
IN WALKED LOVE                                    Expose
LOVE LIKE THIS                                    Faith Evans
THERE YOU'LL BE                                   Faith Hill
THIS KISS                                         Faith Hill
WHERE YOU LEAD                                    Faith Hill
IT'S YOUR LOVE                                    Faith Hill,Tim mcgraw
BLUEBERRY HILL                                    Fats Domino
SWEET LOVE 2K                                     FIERCE
ONE THING                                         FINGER ELEVEN
I LIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU                            Firehouse
LOVE OF A LIFETIME                                Firehouse
EVERYBODY                                         Five
EVERYBODY GET UP                                  Five
IF YA GETTING DOWN                                Five
IT'S THE THINGS YOU DO                            Five
SLAM DUNK (DA FUNK)                               Five

                                       17 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

UNTIL THE TIME IS THROUGH                         Five
WE WILL ROCK YOU                                  Five
WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT                            Five
100 YEARS                                         FIVE FOR FIGHTING
SUPERMAN                                          FIVE FOR FIGHTING
WE WILL ROCK YOU                                  Five,Queen
DON'T STOP                                        Fleetwood Mac
LITTLE LIES                                       Fleetwood Mac
I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS                       Foreigner
ARRIVIDERCI ROMA                                  Four Aces
GRANADA                                           Four Aces
I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE                          Four Aces
LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING                   Four Aces
SOUTH OF THE BORDER                               Four Aces
THERE GOES MY HEART                               Four Aces
THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN                       Four Aces
TRUE LOVE                                         Four Aces
YELLOW BIRD                                       Four Aces
BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY                               Four Seasons, The
CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU                        Four Seasons, The
DECEMBER 1963 (OH WHAT A NIGHT)                   Four Seasons, The
LET'S HANG ON                                     Four Seasons, The
MY EYES ADORED YOU                                Four Seasons, The
SHERRY                                            Four Seasons, The
WALK LIKE A MAN                                   Four Seasons, The
A DEAR JOHN LETTER                                FOXTROT
A PLACE IN THE SUN                                FOXTROT
JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN                          FOXTROT
LOVE STORY                                        FOXTROT
RIVER OF NO RETURN                                FOXTROT
THE WAY WE WERE                                   FOXTROT
ALL OF ME                                         Frank Sinatra
ALL THE WAY                                       Frank Sinatra
CHICAGO                                           Frank Sinatra
CLOSE TO YOU                                      Frank Sinatra
COME FLY WITH ME                                  Frank Sinatra
DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES                            Frank Sinatra
FLY ME TO THE MOON                                Frank Sinatra
FOOLS RUSH IN                                     Frank Sinatra
GIRL FROM IPANEMA                                 Frank Sinatra
HIGH HOPES                                        Frank Sinatra
I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT                     Frank Sinatra
I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU                           Frank Sinatra
I LOVE PARIS                                      Frank Sinatra
IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR                           Frank Sinatra
I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU                           Frank Sinatra
I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN                        Frank Sinatra
LADY IS A TRAMP                                   Frank Sinatra
LET IT SNOW                                       Frank Sinatra
LET ME TRY AGAIN                                  Frank Sinatra
LETS FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE                     Frank Sinatra
LOVE AND MARRIAGE                                 Frank Sinatra
LOVE'S BEEN GOOD TO ME                            Frank Sinatra
MACK THE KNIFE                                    Frank Sinatra
MY KIND OF TOWN                                   Frank Sinatra
MY WAY                                            Frank Sinatra
NEW YORK NEW YORK                                 Frank Sinatra
NICE AND EASY                                     Frank Sinatra
SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY                               Frank Sinatra

                                       18 of 59
Song Name                                        Artist

SOMETHING STUPID                                 Frank Sinatra
STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT                           Frank Sinatra
THAT OLD BACK MAGIC                              Frank Sinatra
THAT'S LIFE                                      Frank Sinatra
THE LADY IS A TRAMP                              Frank Sinatra
THE NEARNESS OF YOU                              Frank Sinatra
THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN                      Frank Sinatra
WHEN SOMEBODY LOVES YOU                          Frank Sinatra
YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG                        Frank Sinatra
YOU WILL BE MY MUSIC                             Frank Sinatra
YOUNG AT HEART                                   Frank Sinatra
GREASE                                           Frankie Laine
ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU                             Frankie Laine
SUMMER NIGHTS                                    FRANKIE VALLI
LEMON TREE                                       Freddie Fender
WASTED DAYS AND WASTED NIGHT                     Freddie Fender
ALL RIGHT NOW                                    Free
ANY ONE OF US                                    Gareth Gates
RED STROKES                                      Garth Brooks
TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE                         Garth Brooks
FOREVER LOVE                                     Gary Barlow
SO HELP ME GIRL                                  Gary Barlow
I LIKE CHOPIN                                    Gasebo
RUDOLPH, THE RED NOSED RAINDEER                  Gene Autry
SINGING IN THE RAIN                              Gene Kelly
BE BOP A LULA                                    Gene Vincent
I'LL TAKE YOU THERE                              General Public
ON BROADWAY                                      George Benson
TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND                            George Benson
ROCK YOUR BABY                                   George McCrae
A DIFFERENT CORNER                               George Michael
AS                                               George Michael
BAD BOYS                                         George Michael
CARELESS WHISPER                                 George Michael
CLUB TROPICANA                                   George Michael
FAITH                                            George Michael
FAST LOVE                                        George Michael
FATHER FIGURE                                    George Michael
FREEDOM                                          George Michael
I WANT YOUR SEX                                  George Michael
I'M YOUR MAN                                     George Michael
KISSING A FOOL                                   George Michael
MONKEY                                           George Michael
ONE MORE TRY                                     George Michael
OUTSIDE                                          George Michael
ROXANNE                                          George Michael
SHOOT THE DOG                                    George Michael
SPINNING THE WHEEL                               George Michael
TOO FUNKY                                        George Michael
KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF                      Georgia Satellites, the
I'D GIVE ANYTHING                                Gerald Levert
THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT (WIMOWEH)                Gerald Levert
BAG IT UP                                        Geri Haliwell
IT'S RAINING MEN                                 Geri Haliwell
MI CHICO LATINO                                  Geri Haliwell
DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU CRYING               Gerry & the Pacemakers
FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY                           Gerry & the Pacemakers
ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY                            Gilbert Osullivan

                                      19 of 59
Song Name                                     Artist

NOTHIND RHYMED                                Gilbert Osullivan
FOUND OUT ABOUT YOU                           Gin Bloosoms
MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA                     Gladys Knigh,pips, the
RHINESTONE COWBOY                             Glen Campbell
YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS YOUNG                    Glen Campbell
THE ONE YOU LOVE                              GLEN RAY
I'VE GOT A GAL IN KALAMAZOO                   Glenn Miller
OH CHRISTMAS TREE                             Glenn Miller
123                                           Gloria Estefan
ANYTHING FOR YOU                              Gloria Estefan
BAD BOY                                       Gloria Estefan
CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM YOU                      Gloria Estefan
CONGA                                         Gloria Estefan
DON'T LET THIS MOMENT END                     Gloria Estefan
DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU                          Gloria Estefan
EVERLASTING LOVE                              Gloria Estefan
FALLING IN LOVE                               Gloria Estefan
HERE WE ARE                                   Gloria Estefan
HOLD ME THRILL ME KISS ME                     Gloria Estefan
I SEE YOUR SMILE                              Gloria Estefan
LIVE FOR LOVING YOU                           Gloria Estefan
OYE MI CANTO                                  Gloria Estefan
REACH                                         Gloria Estefan
TURN THE BEAT AROUND                          Gloria Estefan
YOU CAN'T WALK AWAY FROM LOVE                 Gloria Estefan
I WILL SURVIVE                                Gloria Gaynor
WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR LOVE                    Go West
THE ANTHEM                                    GOOD CHARLOTTE
SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL                        Grand Funk Railroad
THE LOCOMOTION                                Grand Funk Railroad
DON'T CRY                                     Guns N Roses
KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR                     Guns N Roses
SWEET CHILD O'MINE                            Guns N Roses
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE                         Guns N Roses
YOU COULD BE MINE                             Guns N Roses
HOLLABACK GIRL                                GWEN STEFANI
LET ME BLOW YA MIND                           GWEN STEFANI
I WILL COME TO YOU                            Hanson
MMM BOP                                       Hanson
BANANA BOAT SONG                              Harry Belafonte
DAY O (BANANA BOAT SONG)                      Harry Belafonte
EVERYBODY                                     HEARSAY
LOVIN' IS EASY                                HEARSAY
ALONE                                         Heart
DELTA DAWN                                    Helen Reddy
I AM WOMAN                                    Helen Reddy
I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD                       Herman s Hermits
THE WANDERER                                  Hightway
LITTLE DRUMMER BOY                            Holiday Standard
HE AIN'T HEAVY (HE'S MY BROTHER)              Hollies
JENNIFER ECCLES                               Hollies
DOWN BOY                                      HOLLY VALANCE
KISS KISS                                     HOLLY VALANCE
RUNAWAY TRAIN                                 HOLLY VALANCE
THE REASON                                    HOOBASTANK
ROCK THE BOAT                                 Hues Corporation
BUT IT'S ALRIGHT                              Huey Lewis & The News
DOING IT ALL FOR MY BABY                      Huey Lewis & The News
HEART AND SOUL                                Huey Lewis & The News
THE POWER OF LOVE                             Huey Lewis & The News

                                   20 of 59
Song Name                                    Artist

DON'T YOU WANT ME                            Human League
MUMAN                                        Human League
TELL ME WHEN                                 Human League
REASON                                       IAN VAN DAHI
POWER OF TWO                                 INDIGO
AWEAT (A LA LA LA LA LA LONG)                Inner Circle
GAMES PEOPLE PLAY                            Inner Circle
TIME AFTER TIME                              INOJ
FAME                                         Irene Cara
FLASH DANCE...WHAT A FEELINGS                Irene Cara
YOU'RE ONLY LONELY                           J.D.Souther
CHARADE                                      JACK JONES
FREE AGAIN                                   JACK JONES
I WISH YOU LOVE                              JACK JONES
IF YOU GO AWAY                               JACK JONES
SHE                                          JACK JONES
THE LOVE BOAT                                JACK JONES
WHAT I DID FOR LOVE                          JACK JONES
LET'S GET MARRIED                            JAGGED EDGE
WHERE THE PARTY AT                           JAGGED EDGE
SUPERSTAR                                    JAMELIA
THIS LOVE                                    JAMELIA
JUST ONCE                                    James Ingram
AGAIN                                        Janet Jackson
ALL FOR YOU                                  Janet Jackson
ANY TIME ANY PLACE                           Janet Jackson
BECAUSE OF LOVE                              Janet Jackson
COME BACK TO ME                              Janet Jackson
DOESN'T REALLY MATTER                        Janet Jackson
EVERYTIME                                    Janet Jackson
GIRLFRIEND/ BOYFRIEND                        Janet Jackson
IF                                           Janet Jackson
SOMEONE TO CALL MY LOVER                     Janet Jackson
THROB                                        Janet Jackson
TOGETHER AGAIN                               Janet Jackson
WHEN I THINNK OF YOU                         Janet Jackson
YOU WANT THIS                                Janet Jackson
ME AND BOBBY MCGEE                           Janis Joplin
AIN'T IT FUNNY                               Jennifer Lopez
ALL I HAVE                                   Jennifer Lopez
IF YOU HAD MY LOVE                           Jennifer Lopez
I'M GLAD                                     Jennifer Lopez
I'M GONNA BE ALRIGHT                         Jennifer Lopez
I'M REAL                                     Jennifer Lopez
LOVE DON'T COST A THING                      Jennifer Lopez
PLAY                                         Jennifer Lopez
WAITING FOR TONIGHT                          Jennifer Lopez
CRUSH                                        Jennifer Paige
RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT                      Jennifer Warnes
I'VE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE                 Jennifer Warnes,Bill Medley
UP WHERE WE BELONG                           Jennifer Warnes,Joe Cocker
THE RIGHT KIND OF LOVE                       Jeremy Jordon
GREAT BALLS OF FIRE                          Jerry Lee Lewis
HOW WILL I KNOW (WHO YOU ARE)                Jessica Folcker
A LITTLE BIT                                 Jessica Simpson
I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU                 Jessica Simpson
I WANNA LOVE YOU FOREVER                     Jessica Simpson

                                  21 of 59
Song Name                                          Artist

IRRESISTABLE                                       Jessica Simpson
TAKE MY BREATHE AWAY                               Jessica Simpson
WITH YOU                                           Jessica Simpson
COLD HARD BITCH                                    JETS
DOWN SO LONG                                       Jewel
FOOLISH GAMES                                      Jewel
HANDS                                              Jewel
STANDING STILL                                     Jewel
YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME                              Jewel
SKY HIGH                                           Jigsaw
THE GIFT                                           Jim Brickman
BAD BAD LEROY BROWN                                Jim Croce
I GOT A NAME                                       Jim Croce
I'LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVE YOU IN A SONG              Jim Croce
OPERATOR                                           Jim Croce
PHOTOGRAPHS AND MEMORIES                           Jim Croce
TIME IN A BOTTLE                                   Jim Croce
I LOVE YOU BECAUSE                                 JIM REEVES
WELCOME TO MY WORLD                                JIM REEVES
BUTTON AND BOWS                                    JIVE
COTTON FIELDS                                      JIVE
EL CONDOR PASA                                     JIVE
SUMMER HOLIDAY                                     JIVE
TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROAD                          JIVE
YOUR CHEATING HEART                                JIVE
TIPSY                                              J-KWON
DONNA DONNA                                        Joan Baez
HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT                  Joan Baez
I LOVE ROCK N ROLL                                 Joan Jett,Blackhearts, the
LOOKING FOR A NEW LOVE                             JODY WATLEY
I WANNA KNOW                                       Joe Cocker
YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL                               Joe Cocker
I WANNA KNOW                                       Joe Diffie
STUTTER                                            JOE FEAT MYSTIKAL
STAY THE SAME                                      JOEL MCENTRIE
ANNIE'S SONG                                       John Denver
BACK HOME AGAIN                                    John Denver
CALYPSO                                            John Denver
FLY AWAY                                           John Denver
FOR BABY                                           John Denver
FOR YOU                                            John Denver
GRANDMA'S FEATHER BED                              John Denver
I'M SORRY                                          John Denver
IN A FAR AWAY LAND                                 John Denver
IS IT LOVE                                         John Denver
LEAVING ON A JET PLANE                             John Denver
PERHAPS LOVE                                       John Denver
POEMS PRAYERS & PROMISES                           John Denver
RHYME & REASON                                     John Denver
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH                                John Denver
SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS                           John Denver
SWEET SURRENDER                                    John Denver
TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS                         John Denver
THIS OLD GUITAR                                    John Denver
(JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER                          John Lenon
COLD TURKEY                                        John Lenon
GIVE PEACE A CHANCE                                John Lenon
HAPPY X'MAS (WAR IS OVER)                          John Lenon
IMAGINE                                            John Lenon
INSTANT KARMA                                      John Lenon

                                        22 of 59
Song Name                                        Artist

JEALOUS GUY                                      John Lenon
JEALOUS GUY                                      John Lenon
LOVE                                             John Lenon
MIND GAMES                                       John Lenon
MOTHER                                           John Lenon
NO. 9 DREAM                                      John Lenon
NOBODY TOLD ME                                   John Lenon
POWER TO THE PEOPLE                              John Lenon
STAND BY ME                                      John Lenon
WATCHING THE WHEELS                              John Lenon
WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT                 John Lenon
WOMAN                                            John Lenon
WORKING CLASS HERO                               John Lenon
HAPPY X-MAS (WAR IS OVER)                        John Lenon,YOKO ONO
GREASED LIGHTNING                                JOHN TRAVOLTA
SANDY                                            JOHN TRAVOLTA
MISSING YOU                                      JOHN WAITE
JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN                         Johnnie Ray
NORTH TO ALASKA                                  Johnny Horton
A CERTAIN SMILE                                  Johnny Mathis
A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING                 Johnny Mathis
BALLERINA                                        Johnny Mathis
CHANCES ARE                                      Johnny Mathis
COME TO ME                                       Johnny Mathis
DIDN'T WE                                        Johnny Mathis
FRIENDS IN LOVE                                  Johnny Mathis
GINA                                             Johnny Mathis
IT'S NOT FOR ME TO SAY                           Johnny Mathis
LET THERE BE LOVE                                Johnny Mathis
SIXTEEN CANDLES                                  Johnny Mathis
SLEIGH RIDE                                      Johnny Mathis
SOMEONE                                          Johnny Mathis
STAIRWAY TO THE STARS                            Johnny Mathis
THE TWELFTH OF NEVER                             Johnny Mathis
TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE TOO LATE                     Johnny Mathis
WARM                                             Johnny Mathis
WHAT CHILD IS THIS?                              Johnny Mathis
WHAT WILL MY MARY SAY?                           Johnny Mathis
WHEN A CHILD IS BORN                             Johnny Mathis
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL                              Johnny Mathis
YOU NEVER STOP ME LOVING YOU                     Johnny Tillotson
LEAVE (GET OUT)                                  JOJO
REMEMBER ME THIS WAY                             Jordan Hill
BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES                             Joshua Kadison
JESSIE                                           Joshua Kadison
SEND IN THE CLOWNS                               Judy Collins
OVER THE RAINBOW                                 Judy Garland
ANGEL OF THE MORNING                             Juice Newton
QUEEN OF HEARTS                                  Juice Newton
EDELEWISS                                        Julie Andrews
I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT                    Julie Andrews
CRY ME A RIVER                                   Julie London
THE WEDDING                                      Julie Rogers
CRAZY                                            Julio Inglesias,Patsy Cline
TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE               Julio Inglesias,Willie Nelson
CRY ME A RIVER                                   JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
LAST NIGHT                                       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
LET'S TAKE A RIDE                                JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
LIKE I LOVE YOU                                  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

                                      23 of 59
Song Name                                      Artist

NEVER AGAIN                                    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
NOTHIN' ELSE                                   JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
RIGHT FOR ME                                   JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
ROCK YOUR BODY                                 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
SENORITA                                       JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
STILL ON MY BRAIN                              JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
TAKE IT FROM HERE                              JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
WHAT YOU GOT (OH NO)                           JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
CONSTANT CRAVING                               k.d. lang
GET HERE                                       k.d. lang
DUST IN THE WIND                               Kansas
HUNGAH                                         Karyn White
SUPERWOMAN                                     Karyn White
CALL OF THE SEARCH                             Kathy Mathea
THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT)                     KC And The Sunshine Band
CRAZY                                          K-CI /JOJO
THROUGH HEAVEN'S EYES                          K-CI /JOJO
I AM EASY                                      Keith Carradine
MY LOVE                                        Kele Le Roc
A MOMENT LIKE THIS                             Kelly Clarkson
BECAUSE OF YOU                                 Kelly Clarkson
BREAKAWAY                                      Kelly Clarkson
MISS INDEPENDENT                               Kelly Clarkson
SINCE U BEEN GONE                              Kelly Clarkson
TELL IT TO MY HEART                            Kelly Llorenna
PAPA DON'T PREACH                              KELLY OSBOURNE
STOLE                                          KELLY ROWLAND
FOOTLOOSE                                      Kenny Loggins
FOR THE FIRST TIME                             Kenny Loggins
MEET ME HALFWAY                                Kenny Loggins
WHENEVER I CALL YOU FRIEND                     Kenny Loggins,Stevie Nicks
A LOVE SONG                                    Kenny Rogers
I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU                          Kenny Rogers
ISLANDS IN THE STREAM                          Kenny Rogers
LADY                                           Kenny Rogers
SHE BELIEVES IN ME                             Kenny Rogers
THROUGHT THE YEARS                             Kenny Rogers
DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH A DREAMER              Kenny Rogers,Kim Carnes
TURN ME ON                                     KEVIN LYTTLE
LOLA                                           Kinks
YOU REALLY GOT ME                              Kinks
BETH                                           KISS
MY SHARONA                                     Knack, The
CELEBRATION                                    Kool & The Gang
CHERISH                                        Kool & The Gang
JOANNA                                         Kool & The Gang
SUDDENLY I SEE                                 KT TUNSTALL
BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW                      Kylie Minogue
CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD                   Kylie Minogue
COME INTO MY WORLD                             Kylie Minogue
CONFIDE IN ME                                  Kylie Minogue
FEVER                                          Kylie Minogue
HAND ON YOUR HEART                             Kylie Minogue
I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY                           Kylie Minogue
IN YOUR EYES                                   Kylie Minogue
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT                            Kylie Minogue
PLEASE STAY                                    Kylie Minogue
SPINNING AROUND                                Kylie Minogue
THE LOCOMOTION                                 Kylie Minogue
WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?                          Kylie Minogue

                                    24 of 59
Song Name                                    Artist

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU                           Kylie Minogue,Jason Donovan
LADY MARMALADE                               Labelle
KETCHUP SONG (ASEREJE)                       Las Ketchup
THE KETCHUP SONG                             Las Ketchup
STEEP                                        Lauren Christy
THE COLOUR OF THE NIGHT                      Lauren Christy
WISHES                                       Le Couple
BLUE                                         Leann Rimes
CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT                    Leann Rimes
FEELS LIKE HOME                              Leann Rimes
HOW DO I LIVE                                Leann Rimes
I NEED YOU                                   Leann Rimes
LOOKING THROUGH YOUR EYES                    Leann Rimes
LOTTA LOVE                                   LED ZAPPLIN
AGAIN                                        Lenny Kravitz
DIG IN                                       Lenny Kravitz
FLY AWAY                                     Lenny Kravitz
STROM                                        Lenny Kravitz
SWAY                                         Lenny Kravitz
MORE THAN I CAN SAY                          Leo Sayer
THUNDER IN MY HEART AGAIN                    Leo Sayer
YOU MAKR ME FEEL LIKE DANCING                Leo Sayer
GOT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE                        LIBERTY X
JUST A LITTLE                                LIBERTY X
NIGHT TO REMEMBER                            LIBERTY X
BEING NOBODY                                 LIBERTY X,RICHARD X
HANGING BY A MOMENT                          LIL' FLIP
SUNSHINE                                     LIL' FLIP
GET LOW                                      LIL JON,THE EAST SIDE BOYZ
ROLLIN'                                      LIMP BIZKIT
BLUE BAYOU                                   Linda Ronstadt
DON'T KNOW MUCH                              Linda Ronstadt
SOMEWHERE OUT THERE                          Linda Ronstadt
ALL MY LIVE                                  Linda Ronstadt,Arron Neville
ALL NIGHT LONG                               Lionel Richie
DANCING ON THE CEILING                       Lionel Richie
EASY                                         Lionel Richie
HELLO                                        Lionel Richie
I HEAR YOUR VOICE                            Lionel Richie
SAIL ON                                      Lionel Richie
THREE TIMES A LADY                           Lionel Richie
TRULY                                        Lionel Richie
ENDLESS LOVE                                 Lionel Richie,Diana Ross
WE ARE THE WORLD                             Lionel Richie,Michael Jackson
I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU              Lionel Richie,Stevie Wonder
HELLO IT'S ME                                Lionel Richie,Todd Rundgren
FUNKY TOWN                                   Lipps, Inc.
STAY                                         Lisa Loeb
STAY(I MISSED YOU)                           Lisa Loeb
CHANGE                                       Lisa Stansfield
DREAM AWAY                                   Lisa Stansfield,Babyface
I WILL FOLLOW HIM                            Little Peggy March
CABARET                                      Liza Minelli
HOW CAN I TELL HER                           Lobo
I'D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME                      Lobo
ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOO               Lobo
STONEY                                       Lobo
VIVA LA RADIO                                LOLLY
AMAZED                                       LONESTAR
MACARENA                                     Los Del Rio

                                  25 of 59
Song Name                                          Artist

LA BAMBA                                           Los Lobos
MAMBO NO.5 (A LITTLE BIT OF…)                      Lou Bega
HELLO DOLLY                                        Louis Armstrong
OH ME OH MY (I'M A FOOL FOR YOU BABY)              LuLu
TO SIR WITH LOVE                                   LuLu
THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE                   Luther Vandross,Janet Jackson
DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME                              M2M
EVERYTHING                                         M2M
WHAT YOU DO ABOUT ME                               M2M
DO SOMETHING                                       Macy Gray
I TRY                                              Macy Gray
SEXUAL REVOLUTION                                  Macy Gray
STILL                                              Macy Gray
WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME                             Macy Gray
AMAZING                                            Madonna
AMERICAN LIFE                                      Madonna
BEAUTIFUL STRANGER                                 Madonna
BEDTIME STORIES                                    Madonna
BORDERLINE                                         Madonna
BUENOS AIRES                                       Madonna
CHERISH                                            Madonna
CRAZY FOR YOU                                      Madonna
DEEPER & DEEPER                                    Madonna
DIE ANOTHER DAY                                    Madonna
DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA                         Madonna
DON'T STOP                                         Madonna
DON'T TELL ME                                      Madonna
DROWED WORLD/SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE                   Madonna
EXPRESS YOURSELF                                   Madonna
FROZEN                                             Madonna
HOLLYWOOD                                          Madonna
HUMAN NATURE                                       Madonna
HUNG UP                                            Madonna
I'LL REMEMBER                                      Madonna
LA ISLA BONITA                                     Madonna
LIKE A PRAYER                                      Madonna
LIKE A VIRGIN                                      Madonna
LIVE TO TELL                                       Madonna
LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE                       Madonna
LUCKY STAR                                         Madonna
MUSIC                                              Madonna
NOTHING FALLS                                      Madonna
NOTHING REALLY MATTERS                             Madonna
RAIN                                               Madonna
RAY OF LIGHT                                       Madonna
SECRET                                             Madonna
SOONER OR LATER                                    Madonna
SORRY                                              Madonna
SWIM                                               Madonna
TAKE A BOW                                         Madonna
THE POWER OF GOODBYE                               Madonna
THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND                      Madonna
TRUE BLUE                                          Madonna
VOGUE                                              Madonna
WHAT IT FEELS LIKE FOR A GIRL                      Madonna
WHO'S THAT GIRL                                    Madonna
YOU MUST LOVE ME                                   Madonna
YOU'LL SEE                                         Madonna
CALIFORNIA DREAMING                                Mamas & Papas, The
I WANNA BE WITH YOU                                Mandy Moore

                                        26 of 59
Song Name                                    Artist

DO WAH DIDDY                                 Manfred Mann
MOHAIR SAM                                   Manfred Mann
BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY                       Manhattan Transfer
KISS AND SAY GOODBYE                         Manhattans
I NEED TO KNOW                               Marc Anthony
MY BABY YOU                                  Marc Anthony
YOU SANG TO ME                               Marc Anthony
BLUE MOON                                    Marcels, the
I MISS YOU                                   Marcels, the
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU              Mariah Carey
ALWAYS BE MY BABY                            Mariah Carey
ANYTIME YOU NEED A FREIND                    Mariah Carey
BRINGIN' ON THE HEARTBREAK                   Mariah Carey
BUTTERFLY                                    Mariah Carey
FANTASY                                      Mariah Carey
FOREVER                                      Mariah Carey
HEARTBREAKER                                 Mariah Carey
HERO                                         Mariah Carey
HONEY                                        Mariah Carey
I DON'T WANNA CRY                            Mariah Carey
I STILL BELIEVE                              Mariah Carey
I'LL BE THERE                                Mariah Carey
LOVE TAKES TIME                              Mariah Carey
LOVERBOY                                     Mariah Carey
MY ALL                                       Mariah Carey
NEVER TOO FAR                                Mariah Carey
ONE SWEET DAY                                Mariah Carey
OPEN ARMS                                    Mariah Carey
SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN                Mariah Carey
SILENT NIGHT                                 Mariah Carey
SWEETHEART                                   Mariah Carey
THANK GOD I FOUND YOU                        Mariah Carey
VISION OF LOVE                               Mariah Carey
WE BELONG TOGETHER                           Mariah Carey
WITHOUT YOU                                  Mariah Carey
RIVER OF NO RETURN                           Marilyn Monro
I DON'T WANNA KNOW                           MARIO WINANS
OB-LA-DI OB-LA-DA                            Marmalade
REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE                       Marmalade
SHE WILL BE LOVED                            MAROON 5
I LOVE YOU                                   MARTINA McBRIDE
AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH                Marvin Gaye
SEXUAL HEALING                               Marvin Gaye
THOSE WERE THE DAYS                          Mary Hopkin
FAMILY AFFAIR                                Mary J Blige
LOVE IS ALL WE NEED                          Mary J Blige
RAINY DAYZ                                   Mary J Blige
BENT                                         Matchbox 20
IF YOU'RE GONE                               Matchbox 20
UNWELL                                       Matchbox 20
AS LONG AS SHE NEEDS ME                      Matt Monro
BEFORE YOU GO                                Matt Monro
BORN FREE                                    Matt Monro
EXODUS                                       Matt Monro
FRIENDLY PERSUASION                          Matt Monro
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE                        Matt Monro
IF I NEVER SING ANOTHER SONG                 Matt Monro
I'LL DREAM OF YOU                            Matt Monro
IMPOSSIBLE DREAM                             Matt Monro

                                  27 of 59
Song Name                                          Artist

MOMENT TO MOMENT                                   Matt Monro
SOFTLY AS I LEAVE YOU                              Matt Monro
TILL THE END OF TIME                               Matt Monro
WALK AWAY                                          Matt Monro
WHO CAN I TURN TO                                  Matt Monro
CAN YOU READ MY MIND                               Maureen Mcgovern
VERY SPECIAL LOVE                                  Maureen Mcgovern
LEAD ME ON                                         Maxine Nightingale
HANG ON SLOOPY                                     Mccoys
HERE IT COMES AGAIN                                Melanie C
NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN                            Melanie C
NORTHERN STAR                                      Melanie C
I'M THE ONLY ONE                                   Melissa Etheridge
LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE                   Melissa Manchester
COMPLETELY                                         Michael Bolton
HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU              Michael Bolton
LEAN ON ME                                         Michael Bolton
LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING                          Michael Bolton
MISSING YOU NOW                                    Michael Bolton
ONCE IN A LIFE TIME                                Michael Bolton
SAID I LOVED YOU BUT I LIED                        Michael Bolton
TIME LOVE AND TENDERNESS                           Michael Bolton
WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN                           Michael Bolton
WHEN I'M BACK ON MY FEET AGAIN                     Michael Bolton
HOME                                               MICHAEL BUBLE
MOONLIGHT FLOWER                                   Michael Cretu
BEAT IT                                            Michael Jackson
BEN                                                Michael Jackson
BILLIE JEAN                                        Michael Jackson
CRY                                                Michael Jackson
DIRTY DIANA                                        Michael Jackson
EARTH SONG                                         Michael Jackson
HEAL THE WORLD                                     Michael Jackson
ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE                               Michael Jackson
YOU ARE NOT ALONE                                  Michael Jackson
YOU ROCK MY WORLD                                  Michael Jackson
YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND                                Michael Jackson
SAY SAY SAY                                        Michael Jackson,Paul McCartney
25 MINUTES                                         Michael Learns to Rock
BREAKING MY HEART                                  Michael Learns to Rock
BREAKING THE RULES                                 Michael Learns to Rock
COMPLICATED HEART                                  Michael Learns to Rock
HOW MANY HOURS                                     Michael Learns to Rock
I STILL CARRY ON                                   Michael Learns to Rock
I'M GONNA BE AROUND                                Michael Learns to Rock
LOVE WILL NEVER LIE                                Michael Learns to Rock
NOTHING TO LOSE                                    Michael Learns to Rock
OUT OF THE BLUE                                    Michael Learns to Rock
PAINT MY LOVE                                      Michael Learns to Rock
SLEEPING CHILD                                     Michael Learns to Rock
SOMEDAY                                            Michael Learns to Rock
STRANGE FOREIGN BEAUTY                             Michael Learns to Rock
TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART                              Michael Learns to Rock
THE ACTOR                                          Michael Learns to Rock
WILD WOMAN                                         Michael Learns to Rock
ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?                                 Michelle Branch
EVERYWHERE                                         Michelle Branch
GAME OF LOVE                                       Michelle Branch

                                        28 of 59
Song Name                                       Artist

TILL I GET OVER YOU                             Michelle Branch
STAND BY ME                                     Mickey Gilley
SOLEY SOLEY                                     Midroad of the Road
SO IN LOVE WITH TWO                             MIKAILA
WORK IT                                         Missy' Misdemeanor' Elliot
YOU ARE NOT ALONE                               Modern Talking
FLOAT ON                                        MODEST MOUSE
ANGEL OF MINE                                   Monica
FOR YOU I WILL                                  Monica
THE FIRST NIGHT                                 Monica
U SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER                        Monica
THE BOY IS MINE                                 Monica,Brandy
NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN                           Moody Blues
FEELINGS                                        Morris Albert
HOW DO YOU DO                                   Mouth & McNEAL
TO BE WITH YOU                                  Mr.Big
BROKEN WINGS                                    Mr.Mister
LONELY THIS CHRISTMAS                           MUD
IN THE SUMMERTIME                               Mungo Jerry
A LITTLE BIT OF SOAP                            'N SYNC
A LITTLE MORE TIME ON YOU                       'N SYNC
A MAN WITHOUT LOVE                              'N SYNC
A SONG FOR MAMA                                 'N SYNC
AFTER THE LOVIN'                                'N SYNC
ALL FOR YOU                                     'N SYNC
ALL I HAVE TO GIVE                              'N SYNC
ALL MY LIFE                                     'N SYNC
AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET                        'N SYNC
ANGEL                                           'N SYNC
AS TIME GOES BY                                 'N SYNC
AT THE BEGINNING                                'N SYNC
BABY CAN I HOLD YOU                             'N SYNC
BACHELOR BOY                                    'N SYNC
BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY                                'N SYNC
BYE BYE BYE                                     'N SYNC
CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU                   'N SYNC
CELEBRITY                                       'N SYNC
CONGRATULATIONS                                 'N SYNC
COPACABANA (AT THE COPA)                        'N SYNC
DANNY'S SONG                                    'N SYNC
DELILAH                                         'N SYNC
DIAMOND AND RUST                                'N SYNC
DIANA                                           'N SYNC
DO YOU KNOW                                     'N SYNC
DO YOU REMEMBER                                 'N SYNC
DUST IN THE WIND                                'N SYNC
EDELWEISS                                       'N SYNC
ESPECIALLY FOR YOU                              'N SYNC
EVEN NOW                                        'N SYNC
FROZEN                                          'N SYNC
GINNY COME LATELY                               'N SYNC
GONE                                            'N SYNC
GONE TILL NOVEMBER                              'N SYNC
GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD                       'N SYNC
HAPPY EVER AFTER                                'N SYNC
HEAVEN                                          'N SYNC
HURTING EACH OTHER                              'N SYNC

                                     29 of 59
Song Name                                        Artist

I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOUR LOVE                   'N SYNC
I REMEMBER                                       'N SYNC
I STARTED A JOKE                                 'N SYNC
I WILL COME TO YOU                               'N SYNC
I'M EASY                                         'N SYNC
I'M NOT IN LOVE                                  'N SYNC
IT MAKES ME ILL                                  'N SYNC
IT'S GONNA BE ME                                 'N SYNC
I'VE TOLD EVERY LITTLE STAR                      'N SYNC
JUDY JUDY JUDY                                   'N SYNC
KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR                        'N SYNC
LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE                            'N SYNC
LOOK AWAY                                        'N SYNC
LOST IN LOVE                                     'N SYNC
LOVE IS LOVE                                     'N SYNC
LOVE SO RIGHT                                    'N SYNC
MAY BE                                           'N SYNC
MELODY FAIR                                      'N SYNC
MY BODY                                          'N SYNC
MY HEART WILL GO ON                              'N SYNC
NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP                          'N SYNC
NEVER ON SUNDAY                                  'N SYNC
NEW YORK MINING DISASTER                         'N SYNC
NICE & SLOW                                      'N SYNC
NIGHT FEVER                                      'N SYNC
NO NO NO                                         'N SYNC
NO STRINGS ATTACHED                              'N SYNC
ON THE WINGS OF A SILVER BIRD                    'N SYNC
ONE DAY                                          'N SYNC
ONLY YOU                                         'N SYNC
PICTURE OF YOU                                   'N SYNC
PLEASE PLEASE ME                                 'N SYNC
POP                                              'N SYNC
QUANDO QUANDO QUANDO                             'N SYNC
RADIATE                                          'N SYNC
RELEASE ME                                       'N SYNC
RIVERS OF BABYLON                                'N SYNC
ROSES ARE RED                                    'N SYNC
SACRIFICE                                        'N SYNC
SHALALALA                                        'N SYNC
SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN                       'N SYNC
SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES                          'N SYNC
SPANISH EYES                                     'N SYNC
STAY                                             'N SYNC
SUDDENLY                                         'N SYNC
SUMMER BREEZE                                    'N SYNC
SUMMER HOLIDAY                                   'N SYNC
SUMMER KISSES WINTER TEARS                       'N SYNC
SWING MY WAY                                     'N SYNC
TELL HIM                                         'N SYNC
THE EXODUS SONG                                  'N SYNC
THE FIRST NOEL                                   'N SYNC
THE GIRL WILL NEVER BE MINE                      'N SYNC
THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN                      'N SYNC
THE LAST WALTZ                                   'N SYNC
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL                          'N SYNC
THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED                           'N SYNC

                                      30 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

THE WAY IT USED TO BE                             'N SYNC
THE WEDDING                                       'N SYNC
THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING                          'N SYNC
THERE'S A KIND OF HUSH                            'N SYNC
THIS I PROMISE YOU                                'N SYNC
TOGETHER AGAIN                                    'N SYNC
TOGETHER FOREVER                                  'N SYNC
TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS                           'N SYNC
TOUCH ME WHEN WE'RE DANCING                       'N SYNC
TUBTH UMPIN                                       'N SYNC
UNDER THE BROADWALK                               'N SYNC
VALENTINE                                         'N SYNC
VIVA FOREVER                                      'N SYNC
WHAT KIND OF FOOL                                 'N SYNC
WHEN I FALL IN LOVE                               'N SYNC
WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY                        'N SYNC
WHERE THE BOYS ARE                                'N SYNC
WIND BENEATH MY WINGS                             'N SYNC
WIND OF CHANGE                                    'N SYNC
WONDERFUL LIFE                                    'N SYNC
WORDS                                             'N SYNC
YOU GOTTA BE                                      'N SYNC
YOU MAKE ME WANNA                                 'N SYNC
MUSIC OF MY HEART                                 'N SYNC,Gloria Estefan
THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING                  Nancy Sinatra
A BLOSSOM FELL                                    Nat King Cole
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER                             Nat King Cole
ANSWER ME MY LOVE                                 Nat King Cole
BLOSSOM                                           Nat King Cole
FROSTY THE SNOWMAN                                Nat King Cole
HE'LL HAVE TO GO                                  Nat King Cole
IMPOSSIBLE                                        Nat King Cole
LOVE IS HERE TO STAY                              Nat King Cole
MAKING BELIEVE YOU'RE HERE                        Nat King Cole
MONALISA                                          Nat King Cole
MORE I SEE                                        Nat King Cole
PRETEND                                           Nat King Cole
RAMBLIN' ROSE                                     Nat King Cole
SMILE                                             Nat King Cole
SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY                           Nat King Cole
STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE                          Nat King Cole
STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT                       Nat King Cole
TENDERLY                                          Nat King Cole
THE CHRISTMAS SONG (CHESTNUTS)                    Nat King Cole
THE MORE I SEE YOU                                Nat King Cole
THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU                           Nat King Cole
THREE LITTLE WORDS                                Nat King Cole
TOO YOUNG                                         Nat King Cole
WHEN I FALL IN LOVE                               Nat King Cole
YOU BELONG TO MY HEART                            Nat King Cole
MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY                               Natalie Cole
UNFORGETTABLE                                     Natalie Cole
UNFORGETTABLE                                     Natalie Cole,Nat King Cole
SMOKE                                             Natalie Imbrnglia
THAT DAY                                          Natalie Imbrnglia
TORN                                              Natalie Imbrnglia

                                       31 of 59
Song Name                                 Artist

LOVE HURTS                                Nazareth
FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS                     Neil Diamond
GIRL YOU'LL BE A WOMAN SOON               Neil Diamond
HEARTLIGHT                                Neil Diamond
HELLO AGAIN                               Neil Diamond
HOLLY HOLLY                               Neil Diamond
HOOKED ON THE MEMORY OF YOU               Neil Diamond
I AM I SAID                               Neil Diamond
I GOT THE FEELIN'                         Neil Diamond
IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN                   Neil Diamond
KENTUCKY WOMAN                            Neil Diamond
LOVE ON THE ROCK                          Neil Diamond
PLAY ME                                   Neil Diamond
RED RED WINE                              Neil Diamond
SONG SUNG BLUE                            Neil Diamond
SWEET CAROLINE                            Neil Diamond
YOU DON'T BRING ME FLOWERS                Neil Diamond,Barbra Streisand
BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO                 Neil Sedaka
CALENDAR GIRLS                            Neil Sedaka
LAUGTHER IN THE RAIN                      Neil Sedaka
OH CAROL                                  Neil Sedaka
ONE WAY TICKET                            Neil Sedaka
SOLITAIRE                                 Neil Sedaka
STUPID CUPID                              Neil Sedaka
YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME                 Neil Sedaka
FOUR STRONG WINDS                         Neil Young
HEART OF GOLD                             Neil Young
PHILANDELPHIA                             Neil Young
SCARBOROUGH FAIR                          Neil Young
DILEMMA                                   NELLY
MY PLACE                                  NELLY
DILEMMA                                   Nelly Feat kelly Rowland
TRY                                       NELLY FURTADO
TODAY                                     New Christy Minstrels, The
STEP BY STEP                              New Kids on The Block
HOT CHILD IN THE CITY                     NICK GILDA
HOW YOU REMIND ME                         Nickleback
DON'T BREAK MY HEART                      Nicola
MOVE YA BODY                              NINA SKY
ABSOLUTELY                                NINE DAYS
DON'T SPEAK                               NO DOUBT
HELLA GOOD                                NO DOUBT
HEY BABY                                  NO DOUBT
IT'S MY LIFE                              NO DOUBT
ROCK STEADY                               NO DOUBT
UNDERNEATH IT ALL                         NO DOUBT
COME AWAY WITH ME                         Norah Jones
DON'T KNOW WHY                            Norah Jones
SUNRISE                                   Norah Jones
LIQUID DREAM                              O TOWN
GO LET IT OUT                             Oasis
LET THERE BE LOVE                         Oasis
LITTLE BY LITTLE                          Oasis
LYLA                                      Oasis
SONGBIRD                                  Oasis
STOP CRYING YOUR HEART OUT                Oasis
PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY)              Offspring, The
YOU'RE NOT ALONE                          Oliver

                               32 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

A LITTLE MORE LOVE                                Olivia Newton-John
DON'T STOP BELIEVING                              Olivia Newton-John
HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW                        Olivia Newton-John
HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT                 Olivia Newton-John
HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU                         Olivia Newton-John
I HONESTLY LOVE YOU                               Olivia Newton-John
IF YOU LOVE ME (LET ME KNOW)                      Olivia Newton-John
LET ME BE THERE                                   Olivia Newton-John
MAGIC                                             Olivia Newton-John
PHYSICAL                                          Olivia Newton-John
PLEASE MR. PLEASE                                 Olivia Newton-John
SAM                                               Olivia Newton-John
SUDDENLY                                          Olivia Newton-John
SUMMER NIGHTS                                     Olivia Newton-John
TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS                        Olivia Newton-John
WE GO TOGETHER                                    Olivia Newton-John,JOHN TRAVOLTA
YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT                        Olivia Newton-John,JOHN TRAVOLTA
HEAVEN IS HALFPIPE                                OPM
I NEED A GIRL                                     P.Diddy Feat & Loon
LOVE WILL FIND A WAY                              Pabro Cruise
SHE LOVES ME NOT                                  Papa Roach
SPEEDY GONZALES                                   Pat Boone
CRAZY                                             Patsy Cline
SEVEN LONELY DAYS                                 Patsy Cline
ON MY OWN                                         Patti Labelle
CHANGING PARTNERS                                 PATTI PAGE
I LOVE TO DANCE WITH YOU                          PATTI PAGE
TENNESSEE WALTZ                                   PATTI PAGE
FIRST QUARREL                                     Paul & Paula
HEY PAULA                                         Paul & Paula
CRAZY LOVE                                        Paul Anka
DANCE ON LITTLE GIRL                              Paul Anka
DIANA                                             Paul Anka
I DON'T LIKE TO SLEEP ALONE                       Paul Anka
IT'S TIME TO CRY                                  Paul Anka
LONELY BOY                                        Paul Anka
PAPA                                              Paul Anka
PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER                      Paul Anka
THE LONGEST DAYS                                  Paul Anka
YOU ARE MY DESTINY                                Paul Anka
IT'S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE                          Paul Anka,Celine Dion
I DON'T LIKE TO SLEEP ALONE                       Paul Anka,ODIA COATES
I GO CRAZY                                        Paul Davis
TIME OF YOUR LIFE                                 Paul Oakenfold
COME BACK AND STAY                                Paul Young
EVERY TIME YOU GO AWAY                            Paul Young
OH GIRL                                           Paul Young
MY FOOLISH HEART                                  Paula Abdul
REUNITED                                          Peaches & Herb
JOHNNY GUITAR                                     Peggy Lee
AND I LOVE YOU SO                                 Perry Como
CATCH A FALLING STAR                              Perry Como
DON'T LET THE STARS GET IN YOUR EYES              Perry Como
HOT DIGGITY                                       Perry Como
I WANNA GIVE                                      Perry Como
IF                                                Perry Como
IT'S IMPOSSIBLE                                   Perry Como
LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND                     Perry Como

                                       33 of 59
Song Name                                       Artist

MAGIC MOMENTS                                   Perry Como
MY LOVE AND DEVOTION                            Perry Como
PRISONER OF LOVE                                Perry Como
ROSE TATTO                                      Perry Como
ROUND AND ROUND                                 Perry Como
SOMETHING                                       Perry Como
SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW                      Perry Como
TONIGHT I CELEBRATE MY LOVE                     Perry Como,Roberta Flack
A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE                            Peter & Gorden
500 MILES                                       Peter, Paul & Mary
BLOWING IN THE WIND                             Peter, Paul & Mary
LEAVING ON A JET PLANE                          Peter, Paul & Mary
PUFF, THE MAGIC DRAGON                          Peter, Paul & Mary
DOWNTOWN                                        Petula Clark
KISS ME GOODBYE                                 Petula Clark
THIS IS MY SONG                                 Petula Clark
A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE                           Phil Collins
AGAINST ALL ODDS                                Phil Collins
AGAINST ALL ODDS                                Phil Collins
ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE                         Phil Collins
DANCE INTO THE LIGHT                            Phil Collins
DO YOU REMEMBER                                 Phil Collins
DON'T LOSE MY NUMBER                            Phil Collins
EASY LOVER                                      Phil Collins
I WISH IT COULD RAIN DOWN                       Phil Collins
IN THE AIR TONIGHT                              Phil Collins
IT'S IN YOUR EYES                               Phil Collins
ONE MORE NIGHT                                  Phil Collins
SEPARATE LIVES                                  Phil Collins
TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW                           Phil Collins
TRUE COLORS                                     Phil Collins
TWO HEARTS                                      Phil Collins
YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE                            Phil Collins
YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART                           Phil Collins
DON'T LET ME GET ME                             PINK
FAMILY PORTRAIT                                 PINK
FEEL GOOD TIME                                  PINK
JUST LIKE A PILL                                PINK
MOST GIRLS                                      PINK
EBB TIDE                                        Platters, the
ENCHANTED                                       Platters, the
GREAT PRETENDER                                 Platters, the
HARBOUR LIGHTS                                  Platters, the
I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN                          Platters, the
IT'S MAGIC                                      Platters, the
MY PRAYER                                       Platters, the
MY SERENADE                                     Platters, the
ONLY YOU                                        Platters, the
REMEMBER WHEN                                   Platters, the
SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES                         Platters, the
TWILIGHT TIME                                   Platters, the
BABY COME BACK                                  Player
YOU BETTER THINK TWICE                          POCO
I'M SO EXCITED                                  Pointer Sisters
NEUTRON DANCE                                   Pointer Sisters
SLOW HAND                                       Pointer Sisters
PLEASE DON'T GO                                 PPVH
HAPPY DAYS                                      Pratt & McClain

                                     34 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

LOVING YOU IS ALL I KNOW                          Pretenders
1999                                              Prince
DIAMONDS AND PEARLS                               Prince
LETITGO                                           Prince
MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD                  Prince
PURPLE RAIN                                       Prince
PURPLE RAIN                                       Prince
LOVE THY WILL BE DONE                             Prince,MARTIKA
A WHITER SHADE OF PALE                            Procol Harum
BLURRY                                            Puddle of Mudd
SATISFY YOU                                       Puff Daddy
BEEP                                              PUSSYCAT DOLLS
DON'T CHA                                         PUSSYCAT DOLLS
STICKWITU                                         PUSSYCAT DOLLS
CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE                    Queen
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS                              Queen
JAMBALAYA                                         QUICK STEP
BABY I'M YOURS                                    R.E.M.
EVERYBODY HURTS                                   R.E.M.
GREAT BEYOND                                      R.E.M.
LOSING MY RELIGION                                R.E.M.
MEM ON THE MOON                                   R.E.M.
STAND                                             R.E.M.
STRANGE CURRENCIES                                R.E.M.
FIESTA                                            R.Kelly
I WISH                                            R.Kelly
IGNITION                                          R.Kelly
WHEN A WOMAN'S FED UP                             R.Kelly
I'M YOUR ANGEL                                    R.Kelly,Celine Dion
SO GOOD                                           RACHEL STEVENS
SWEET DREAMS                                      RACHEL STEVENS
TEMPLE OF THE KING                                Rainbow
STREETS OF LONDON                                 Ralph Mctell
STREET LIFE                                       Ran Crawford and the Crusaders
PINK CADILLAC                                     Randy Travis
JUST WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST                       Randy Vanwarmer
GEORGIA ON MY MIND                                Ray Charles
I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU                           Ray Charles
MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU                            Ray Charles
THAT LUCKY OLD SUN                                Ray Charles
WHAT'D I SAY                                      Ray Charles
TELL LAURA I LOVE HER                             Ray Peterson
BY THE WAY                                        Red Hot Chilli Peppers
CALIFORNICATION                                   Red Hot Chilli Peppers
UNDER THE BRIDGE                                  Red Hot Chilli Peppers
ZEPHYR SONG                                       Red Hot Chilli Peppers
FOLLOW THE SUN                                    Regine
HAZARD                                            Richard Marx
HOLD ON TO THE NIGHTS                             Richard Marx
KEEP COMING BACK                                  Richard Marx
NOW AND FOREVER                                   Richard Marx
NOW AND FOREVER                                   Richard Marx
RIGHT HERE WAITING                                Richard Marx
SATISFIED                                         Richard Marx
TAKE THIS HEART                                   Richard Marx
THE WAY SHE LOVES ME                              Richard Marx
UNTIL I FIND YOU AGAIN                            Richard Marx
AT THE BEGINNING                                  Richard Marx,Donna Lewis

                                       35 of 59
Song Name                                              Artist

REALITY                                                Richard Sanderson
SUN                                                    Richard Sanderson
CRY FOR HALP                                           Rick Astley
NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP                                Rick Astley
TOGETHER FOREVER                                       Rick Astley
JESSIE'S GIRL                                          Rick Springfield
LA BOMBA                                               Ricky Martin
LA COPA DE LA VIDA                                     Ricky Martin
LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA                                    Ricky Martin
LOADED                                                 Ricky Martin
MARIA                                                  Ricky Martin
PRIVATE EMOTION                                        Ricky Martin
SHAKE YOUR BON BON                                     Ricky Martin
SHE BANGS                                              Ricky Martin
SHE'S ALL I EVER HAD                                   Ricky Martin
BE CAREFUL                                             Ricky Martin,Madonna
HELLO MARY LOU                                         RICKY NELSON
UNCHAINED MELODY                                       Righteous Brothers
ALL TIME HIGH                                          Rita Coolidge
HIGHER & HIGHER (YOUR LOVE IS LIFTING ME)              Rita Coolidge
WE'RE ALL ALONE                                        Rita Coolidge
YOUR LOVE HAS LIFTED ME HIGHER                         Rita Coolidge
AIN'T NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY                           Rita Coolidge,LOU RAWL
ADVERTISING SPACE                                      Robbie Williams
ANGELS                                                 Robbie Williams
BETTER MAN                                             Robbie Williams
COME UNDONE                                            Robbie Williams
EGO A GO GO                                            Robbie Williams
ETERNITY                                               Robbie Williams
FEEL                                                   Robbie Williams
HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES?                               Robbie Williams
KIDS                                                   Robbie Williams
LAZY DAYS                                              Robbie Williams
LET LOVE BE YOUR ENERGY                                Robbie Williams
LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU                                   Robbie Williams
MILLENIUM                                              Robbie Williams
NAN'S SONG                                             Robbie Williams
NO REGRETS                                             Robbie Williams
OLD BEFORE I DIE                                       Robbie Williams
ROCK DJ                                                Robbie Williams
SEXED UP                                               Robbie Williams
SHE'S THE ONE                                          Robbie Williams
SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL                                    Robbie Williams
STRONG                                                 Robbie Williams
SUPREME                                                Robbie Williams
THINGS                                                 Robbie Williams
TRIPPING                                               Robbie Williams
KIDS                                                   Robbie Williams,Kylie Minogue
SOMETHING STUPID                                       Robbie Williams,NICOLE KIDMAN
ADDICTED TO LOVE                                       Robert Palmer
EVERY KINDA PEOPLE                                     Robert Palmer
SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE                                    Robert Palmer
BOYS                                                   Robert Ultlmann
KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG                        Roberta Flack
SET THE NIGHT TO MUSIC                                 Roberta Flack
THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE                    Roberta Flack
THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU                                Roberta Flack,Donny Hathaway
I BELIEVE                                              ROBSON,JEROME
STUPID CUPID                                           ROCK & ROLL
HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY                                 Rod Stewart

                                            36 of 59
Song Name                                      Artist

I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT                  Rod Stewart
MY HEART CAN'T TELL YOU NO                     Rod Stewart
SAILING                                        Rod Stewart
THE MOTOWN SONG                                Rod Stewart
TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT                            Rod Stewart
WHEN I NEED YOU                                Rod Stewart
KING OF THE ROAD                               Roger Miller
(I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION                  Rolling Stones
ANGIE                                          Rolling Stones
BEAST OF BURDEN                                Rolling Stones
BROWN SUGAR                                    Rolling Stones
EMOTIONAL RESCUE                               Rolling Stones
GET OFF OF MY CLOUD                            Rolling Stones
HARLEM SHUFFLE                                 Rolling Stones
HONKY TONK WOMAN                               Rolling Stones
IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL                        Rolling Stones
JUMPIN' JACK FLASH                             Rolling Stones
MISS YOU                                       Rolling Stones
MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER                          Rolling Stones
PAINT IT BLACK                                 Rolling Stones
RUDY TUESDAY                                   Rolling Stones
START ME UP                                    Rolling Stones
TIME IS ON MY SIDE                             Rolling Stones
WILD HORSES                                    Rolling Stones
IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES                        Ronan Keating
LIFE IS ROLLER COASTER                         Ronan Keating
THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL                       Ronan Keating
WE'VE GOT TONIGHT                              Ronan Keating
WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL                    Ronan Keating
ANYONE                                         Roxette
CRASH! BOOM! BANG!                             Roxette
IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE                         Roxette
LISTEN TO YOUR HEART                           Roxette
CALIFORNIA BLUE                                Roy Orbsion
CRYING                                         Roy Orbsion
FALLING                                        Roy Orbsion
I DROVE ALL NIGHT                              Roy Orbsion
IN DREAMS                                      Roy Orbsion
IT'S OVER                                      Roy Orbsion
OH PRETTY WOMAN                                Roy Orbsion
ONLY THE LONELY                                Roy Orbsion
SUGAR BABY LOVE                                Rubettes
NO MORE                                        RUFF ENDZ
500 MILES                                      RUMBA
A WHITE SHADE OF PALE                          RUMBA
ALL FOR THE LOVE OF GIRL                       RUMBA
AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET                       RUMBA
AND I LOVE YOU SO                              RUMBA
BORN FREE                                      RUMBA
CHOTTO MATTE KUDASAI                           RUMBA
DONNA DONNA                                    RUMBA
GUANTANAMERA                                   RUMBA
I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU                        RUMBA
I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM                   RUMBA
LET IT BE                                      RUMBA
LET IT BE ME                                   RUMBA
LOVE IS BLUE                                   RUMBA
LOVE ME TENDER                                 RUMBA

                                    37 of 59
Song Name                                        Artist

MORE THAN I CAN SAY                              RUMBA
MY WAY                                           RUMBA
PUPPY LOVE                                       RUMBA
RAIN AND TEARS                                   RUMBA
RELEASE ME                                       RUMBA
SAD MOVIES (RUMBA)                               RUMBA
SEAL WITH A KISS                                 RUMBA
SOUND OF SILENCE                                 RUMBA
SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE                                RUMBA
STAY AWHILE                                      RUMBA
STRANGER IN THE NIGHT                            RUMBA
SUPER STAR                                       RUMBA
TELL LAURA I LOVE HER                            RUMBA
THE END OF THE WORLD                             RUMBA
THE EXODUS SONG                                  RUMBA
THE GREAT PRETENDER                              RUMBA
THE WEDDING                                      RUMBA
TO SIR WITH LOVE                                 RUMBA
TONIGHT                                          RUMBA
TOO YOUNG                                        RUMBA
WHISPERING PINES                                 RUMBA
WITHOUT YOU                                      RUMBA
YESTERDAY                                        RUMBA
YESTERDAY ONCE MORE                              RUMBA
ESCAPE (PINA COLADA SONG)                        Rupert Holmes
TERMINAL                                         Rupert Holmes
BRING IT ALL BACK                                S Club Juniors
ONE STEP CLOSER                                  S Club Juniors
CENTERFOLD                                       S. Justman
WONMAN IN LOVE                                   S.H.E
FEELINGS                                         SALSA
ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOUR LOVE                    Samantha Mumba
BABY COME OVER                                   Samantha Mumba
GOTTA TELL YOU                                   Samantha Mumba
I'M RIGHT HERE                                   Samantha Mumba
BLACK MAGIC WOMAN                                Santana
LOVE OF MY LIFE                                  Santana
MARIA MARIA                                      Santana
SMOOTH                                           Santana
ANGEL                                            Sarah McLachlan
I'LL REMEMBER YOU                                Sarah McLachlan
WHEN SHE LOVED ME                                Sarah McLachlan
WORLD ON FIRE                                    Sarah McLachlan
WHEN I LOST YOU                                  Sarah Whatmore8
ANIMAL SONG                                      Savage Garden
CRASH AND BURN                                   Savage Garden
I KNEW I LOVED YOU                               Savage Garden
THE ANIMAL SONG                                  Savage Garden
TRULY MADLY DEEPLY                               Savage Garden
BRING IT ALL BACK                                SClub7
DON'T STOP MOVING                                SClub7
NEVER HAD A DREAM COME TURE                      SClub7
REACH                                            SClub7
YOU                                              SClub7
WIND OF CHANGE                                   Scorpions
SAN FRANCISCO                                    Scott Mckenzie
CRAZY                                            SEAL

                                      38 of 59
Song Name                                          Artist

GET BUSY                                           SEAL
KISS FROM A ROSE                                   SEAL
LOVE'S DIVINE                                      SEAL
SUMMER BREEZE                                      Seals & Crofts
LOVE POTION NO. 9                                  Searchers, The
NEEDLES AND PINS                                   Searchers, The
SUGAR & SPICE                                      Searchers, The
GEORGY GIRL                                        Seekers, The
I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING                Seekers, The
I COULD FALL IN LOVE                               Selena
WHERE DID THE FEELING GO?                          Selena
NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO                             Sergio Mendes
SCARBOROUGH FAIR                                   Sergio Mendes
BORN TO HAND JIVE                                  SHA NA NA
TEARS ON MY PILLOW                                 SHA NA NA
ANGEL                                              SHAGGY
IT WASN'T ME                                       SHAGGY
IF I EVER FALL IN LOVE                             Shai
UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES                            SHAKIRA
WHENEVER WHENEVER                                  SHAKIRA
ANY MAN OF MINE                                    Shania Twain
BLACK EYES, BLUE TEARS                             Shania Twain
DON'T BE STUPID (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU)              Shania Twain
FOREVER AND FOR ALWAYS                             Shania Twain
FROM THIS MOMENT ON                                Shania Twain
I WON'T LEAVE YOU LONELY                           Shania Twain
IF YOU WANNA TOUCH HER, ASK!                       Shania Twain
I'M GONNA GETCHA GOOD                              Shania Twain
I'M HOLDIN' ON TO LOVE                             Shania Twain
KA-CHING!                                          Shania Twain
LOVE GETS ME EVERY TIME                            Shania Twain
MAN! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!                          Shania Twain
ROCK THIS COUNTRY!                                 Shania Twain
THANK YOU BABY                                     Shania Twain
THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH                         Shania Twain
WHATEVER YOU DO! DON'T!                            Shania Twain
WHEN                                               Shania Twain
YOU'RE STILL THE ONE                               Shania Twain
YOU'VE GOT A WAY                                   Shania Twain
LOVING YOU                                         Shanice
SWEET LIKE CHOCOLATE                               Shanks & Bigfoot
WHEN THE RAINBOW COMES                             SHAWN BAHARIN
IT'S MY TURN                                       Shawn Lane
PURPLE PEOPLE EATER                                Sheb Wooley
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY                                 Sheena Easton
MORNING TRAIN (9 TO 5)                             Sheena Easton
ALL I WANNA DO                                     Sheryl Crow
ANYTHING BUT DOWN                                  Sheryl Crow
PICTURE                                            Sheryl Crow
STEVE McQUEEN                                      Sheryl Crow
STRONG ENOUGH                                      Sheryl Crow
THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST                       Sheryl Crow
THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD                        Sheryl Crow
TOMORROW NEVER DIES                                Sheryl Crow
WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW                    Shirelles, The
YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW                         Shirelles, The
KISS ME HONEY HONEY KISS ME                        Shirley Bassey
LOVE ON THE ROCKS                                  Shirley Bassey
THE GREATEST PERFORMANCE OF MY LIFE                Shirley Bassey
BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER                         Simon & Garfunkel

                                        39 of 59
Song Name                                      Artist

SOUND OF SILENCE                               Simon & Garfunkel
THE BOXER                                      Simon & Garfunkel
WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD                         Simon & Garfunkel
ALIVE & KICKING                                Simple Minds
DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME                      Simple Minds
AT THIS MOMENT                                 Sinead O''Connor
NOTHING COMPARES 2 U                           Sinead O''Connor
Song Name                                      Singer
SONG NAME                                      SINGER
KISS ME                                        Sixpence none the Richer
THERE SHE GOES                                 Sixpence none the richer
THE END OF THE WORLD                           Skeeter Davis
ITCHYCOO PARK                                  Small Faces
ALL STAR                                       Smash Mouth
I'M A BELIEVER                                 Smash Mouth
BUTTERFLY                                      Smile
LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE                      Smokie Robinson
Family Man (夜色無邊)                              SOLER
IT FEELS SO GOOD                               SONIA
I GOT YOU BABE                                 Sonny & Cher
WHAT NOW MY LOVE                               Sonny & Cher
GET OVER YOU                                   Sophie Ellis-Bextor
TRUE                                           Spandou Ballett
2 BECOME 1                                     Spice Girl
GOODBYE                                        Spice Girl
HOLLER                                         Spice Girl
LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY                          Spice Girl
MAMA                                           Spice Girl
MY STRONGEST SUIT                              Spice Girl
SAY YOU'LL BE THERE                            Spice Girl
SPICE UP YOUR LIFE                             Spice Girl
TOO MUCH                                       Spice Girl
VIVA FOREVER                                   Spice Girl
WANNABE                                        Spice Girl
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE                       Spice Girl
IT'S BEEN AWHILE                               STAIND
JINGLE BELLS                                   Standard
WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS                  Standard
WINTER WONDERLAND                              Standard
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE                            Standard
AFTERNOON DELIGHT                              STARLAND VOCAL BAND
NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW                    Starship
I BELIEVE                                      Stephen Gately
BORN TO BE WILD                                Steppenwolf
BETTER BEST FORGOTTEN                          Steps
THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL                       Steps
WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH                           Steps
ROLL WITH IT                                   Steve Winwood
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU                             Stevie B
IF YOU EVER DID BELIEVE                        Stevie Nicks
LEATHER & LACE                                 Stevie Nicks,Don Henley
STOP DRAGGIN' MY HEART AROUND                  Stevie Nicks,Tom Petty
A WHITER SHADE OF PALE                         Stevie Wonder
EBONY AND IVORY                                Stevie Wonder
FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE                            Stevie Wonder
HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                 Stevie Wonder
LATELY                                         Stevie Wonder
PART-TIME LOVER                                Stevie Wonder

                                    40 of 59
Song Name                                        Artist

SAY YOU SAY ME                                   Stevie Wonder
SUPERSTITION                                     Stevie Wonder
YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE                  Stevie Wonder
AFTER THE RAIN HAS FALLEN                        Sting
BRAND NEW DAY                                    Sting
DE DO DO DO, DE DA DA DA                         Sting
CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT MY LOVE              Stylistics, The
YOU ARE EVERYTHING                               Stylistics, The
YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW                       Stylistics, The
BABE                                             STYX
SAD MOVIES                                       Sue Thompson
HOLE IN THE HEAD                                 SUGABABES
PUSH THE BUTTON                                  SUGABABES
RED DRESS                                        SUGABABES
ROUND ROUND                                      SUGABABES
SOUL SOUND                                       SUGABABES
STRONGER                                         SUGABABES
UGLY                                             SUGABABES
EVERY MORNING                                    Sugar Ray
WHEN IT'S OVER                                   Sugar Ray
GIVE A LITTLE BIT                                Supertramp
SANDA CLAUS BOOGIE                               Supertramp
THE LOGICAL SONG                                 Supertramp
LOVE IS LIKE A (HEAT WAVE)                       Supremes
STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE                        Supremes
WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO                            Supremes
YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON                           Supremes
EYE OF THE TIGER                                 Survivor
DEVILGATE DRIVE                                  Suzi Quatro
SAD SWEET DREAMER                                Sweet Sensation
BREAKOUT                                         Swing Out Sister
LA LA LA (MEANS I LOVE YOU)                      Swing Out Sister
RIGHT HERE                                       SWV
WEAK                                             SWV
RUBBER BAND MAN                                  T.I.
MICKEY                                           Tai Band
BIGGEST PART OF ME                               Take 6
BABE                                             Take That
BACK FOR GOOD                                    Take That
HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE                            Take That
LOVE AIN'T HERE ANYMORE                          Take That
APARTMENT NO.9                                   Tammy Wynette
AS TEARS GO BY                                   TANGO
CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU                       TANGO
GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME                        TANGO
HEART OF GOLD                                    TANGO
HOW CAN I TELL HER                               TANGO
IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW (TANGO)                      TANGO
KISS ME GOODBYE                                  TANGO
MORE                                             TANGO
RHYTHM OF THE RAIN                               TANGO
SAN FRANCISCO                                    TANGO
ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID                          TATU
DAYDREAMIN'                                      TATYANA ALI
I'LL BE YOUR SHELTER                             Taylor Dayne
LOVE WILL LEAD YOU BACK                          Taylor Dayne

                                      41 of 59
Song Name                                      Artist

SEND ME A LOVER                                Taylor Dayne
EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD              Tears For Fears
ALL I NEED                                     Temptations / Supremes
CLOUD NINE                                     Temptations / Supremes
GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL                            Temptations / Supremes
I WISH IT WOULD RAIN                           Temptations / Supremes
JUST MY IMAGINATION                            Temptations / Supremes
MY GIRL                                        Temptations / Supremes
PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE                       Temptations / Supremes
LEAN BACK                                      TERROR SQUAD
ALWAYS IN MY HEART                             Tevin Camplbell
CAN WE TALK                                    Tevin Camplbell
I'M READY                                      Tevin Camplbell
IN OUR LIFE TIME                               Texas
SAY WHAT YOU WANT                              Texas
WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER                           Texas
CLOSER TO YOU                                  THALIA
BYE BYE BABY                                   THE COMMITMENTS
HARD TO HANDLE                                 THE COMMITMENTS
I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN                         THE COMMITMENTS
IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR                           THE COMMITMENTS
MR. PITIFUL                                    THE COMMITMENTS
MUSTANG SALLY                                  THE COMMITMENTS
NEVER LOVED A MAN                              THE COMMITMENTS
SLIP AWAY                                      THE COMMITMENTS
TAKE ME TO THE RIVER                           THE COMMITMENTS
TREAT HER RIGHT                                THE COMMITMENTS
BREATHLESS                                     THE CORRS
DREAMS                                         THE CORRS
SUMMER SUNSHINE                                THE CORRS
WHERE WILL YOU GO                              THE DARKNESS
JUMP                                           THE FADERS
MONDAY, MONDAY                                 THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS
FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK                          THE POGUES
ROCK YOU UP                                    THE ROMANTICS
WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU                          THE ROMANTICS
IT'S RAINING MEN                               THE WEATHER GIRLS
WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN                      Three Degrees, The
BAD MOON RISING                                Three Dog Night
BLACK AND WHITE                                Three Dog Night
DOWN ON THE CORNER                             Three Dog Night
ELI'S COMING                                   Three Dog Night
FORTUNATE SON                                  Three Dog Night
I HEARD IT THROUGH                             Three Dog Night
JOY TO THE WORLD                               Three Dog Night
JUST AN OLD FASHION LOVE SONG                  Three Dog Night
MAMA TOLD ME (NOT TO COME)                     Three Dog Night
ONE                                            Three Dog Night
SUZIE Q                                        Three Dog Night
THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL                           Three Dog Night
KRYPTONITE                                     Three Doors Down
IT JUST WON'T DO                               Tim Deluxe Feat Sam Obernik
PLEASE REMEMBER ME                             Tim mcgraw
HURT                                           TIMI YURO
I APOLOGIZE                                    TIMI YURO
JUST SAY I LOVE HIM                            TIMI YURO

                                    42 of 59
Song Name                                      Artist

SMILE                                          TIMI YURO
BURN                                           TINA ARENA
IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU                           TINA ARENA
MYSTERIOUS TIME                                TINA COUSINS
BETTER BE GOOD TO ME                           TINA TURNER
I DON'T WANNA FIGHT                            TINA TURNER
I DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU                         TINA TURNER
LET'S STAY TOGETHER                            TINA TURNER
NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS                            TINA TURNER
STEAMY WINDOWS                                 TINA TURNER
THE BEST                                       TINA TURNER
TYPICAL MALE                                   TINA TURNER
CREEP                                          TLC
DEAR LIE                                       TLC
NO SCRUBS                                      TLC
UNPRETTY                                       TLC
WATERFALLS                                     TLC
YESTERDAY'S SONG                               Toby Keith
CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU                          Tom Jones
DELILAH                                        Tom Jones
DETROIT CITY                                   Tom Jones
GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME                      Tom Jones
HELP YOURSELF                                  Tom Jones
I WHO HAVE NOTHING                             Tom Jones
IF I ONLY KNEW                                 Tom Jones
I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN                  Tom Jones
I'M COMING HOME                                Tom Jones
IT'S NOT UNUSUAL                               Tom Jones
KISS                                           Tom Jones
LOVE ME TONIGHT                                Tom Jones
ONE DAY SOON                                   Tom Jones
SHE'S A LADY                                   Tom Jones
WHAT'S NEW PUSSY CAT                           Tom Jones
WITH THESE HANDS                               Tom Jones
YOU'RE MY WORLD                                Tom Jones
DON'T DO ME LIKE THAT                          Tom Petty
MARY JANE'S LAST DANCE                         Tom Petty
A SHOULDER TO CRY ON                           Tommy Page
ANOTHER SAD LOVE SONG                          Toni Braxton
BREATHE AGAIN                                  Toni Braxton
HE WASN'T MAN ENOUGH                           Toni Braxton
HOW COULD AN ANGEL BREAK MY HEART              Toni Braxton
I DON’T WANT TO                                Toni Braxton
JUST BE A MAN ABOUT IT                         Toni Braxton
SPANISH GUITAR                                 Toni Braxton
UN-BREAK MY HEART                              Toni Braxton
YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME                       Toni Braxton
YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME                       Toni Braxton
I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO               Tony Bennett
AULD LANG SYNE                                 Traditional
STAR SPANGLED BANNER                           Traditional
THE FRIST NOEL                                 Traditional
I'LL BE THE ONE                                Tradmark
MISS YOU FINALLY                               Tradmark

                                    43 of 59
Song Name                                    Artist

HOW DO I LIVE                                Trisha Yearwood
TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE                     Trisha Yearwood
LOVE IS ALL AROUND                           Troggs, The
DANCING BABY                                 Trubble
SNAKE CHARMER                                TV CARPIO
OOPS OH MY                                   Tweet
BEAUTIFUL DAY                                U2
ELECTRICAL STORM                             U2
IF GOD WILL SEND HIS ANGELS                  U2
LEMON                                        U2
STAY FARAWAY SO CLOSE                        U2
UNFORGETTABLE FIRE                           U2
WALK ON                                      U2
DRIFT AWAY                                   UNCLE KRACKER
FOLLOW ME                                    UNCLE KRACKER
BURN                                         USHER
CONFESSIONS PART 2                           USHER
NICE & SLOW                                  USHER
U DON'T HAVE TO CALL                         USHER
U REMIND ME                                  USHER
YEAH!                                        USHER
BROWN EYED GIRL                              Van Morrison
A THOUSAND MILES                             VANESSA CARLTON
ORDINARY DAY                                 VANESSA CARLTON
COLORS OF THE WIND                           Vanessa Williams
JUST FOR TONIGHT                             Vanessa Williams
SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST                       Vanessa Williams
THE SWEETEST DAYS                            Vanessa Williams
THE WAY THAT YOU LOVE ME                     Vanessa Williams
WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE                     Vanessa Williams
LOVE IS                                      Vanessa Williams,Brian McKnight
BOOM BOOM BOOM                               Vengaboys
EVERYTHING YOU WANT                          Vertical Horizon
YOU'RE A GOD                                 Vertical Horizon
EDELWEISS                                    VIENNESE WALTZ
MORNING HAS BROKEN                           VIENNESE WALTZ
QUE SERA SERA                                VIENNESE WALTZ
YMCA                                         Village People
A TIME FOR US                                WALTZ
CHANGING PARTNERS                            WALTZ
EDELWEISS (WALTZ)                            WALTZ
FASCINATION                                  WALTZ
GOODBYE JIMMY GOODBYE                        WALTZ
I REALLY DON'T WNT TO KNOW                   WALTZ
I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING                       WALTZ
LAST WALTZ                                   WALTZ
THE TENNESSE WALTZ                           WALTZ
TODAY                                        WALTZ
YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE                         WALTZ
(I WANNA BE)BOBYS GIRL                       Western Band
(LOVE IS LIKE A)HEATWAVE                     Western Band
(SITTIN' ON)THE DOCK OF THE BAY              Western Band
A HUNDRED POUNDS OF CLAY                     Western Band
A LITTLE BIT OF SOAP                         Western Band
A VIEW TO A KILL                             Western Band
ABSOLUTELY (STORY OF A GIRL)                 Western Band
AFTER THE LOVIN'                             Western Band
AIN'T THAT A SHAME                           Western Band
ALWAYS AND FOREVER                           Western Band

                                  44 of 59
Song Name                                       Artist

ALWAYS YOURS                                    Western Band
AMERICAN WOMAN                                  Western Band
AN EVERLASTING LOVE                             Western Band
ANALOGUE (ALL I WANT)                           Western Band
AROUND THE WORLD                                Western Band
AT THE HOP                                      Western Band
AXEL F                                          Western Band
BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP                             Western Band
BACK DOOR MAN                                   Western Band
BACK IN THE SADDLE                              Western Band
BANANA SPLITS (THE TRA-LA-LA SONG)              Western Band
BE GOOD TO YOURSELF                             Western Band
BEGIN IN BEGUIME                                Western Band
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS                             Western Band
BEST OF MY LOVE                                 Western Band
BIG GUN                                         Western Band
BIG SPENDER                                     Western Band
BIOLOGY                                         Western Band
BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE                           Western Band
BLACK                                           Western Band
BLACK IS BLACK                                  Western Band
BORN TO BE MY BABY                              Western Band
BOYS WILL BE BOYS                               Western Band
BREAK IT TO ME GENTLY                           Western Band
BUST A MOVE                                     Western Band
CALIFORNIA GIRLS                                Western Band
CARRY ON TILL TOMORROW                          Western Band
CHRISTMAS ALPHABET                              Western Band
COME SOFTLY TO ME                               Western Band
COMING HOME                                     Western Band
COMING OUT OF THE DARK                          Western Band
CONGRATULATIONS                                 Western Band
CRYING                                          Western Band
DANCING IN THE STREET                           Western Band
DAUGHTER                                        Western Band
DEAD RINGER                                     Western Band
DEEP IN MY SOUL                                 Western Band
DEEP INSIDE OF YOU                              Western Band
DIRTY LITTLE SECRET                             Western Band
DISCO NONSTOP 1                                 Western Band
DISCO NONSTOP 2                                 Western Band
DO IT AGAIN                                     Western Band
DO IT OR DIE                                    Western Band
DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS                     Western Band
DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE?                Western Band
DOMINO                                          Western Band
DONKEY RIDING                                   Western Band
DON'T BOTHER                                    Western Band
DON'T FADE AWAY                                 Western Band
DON'T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE                   Western Band
DRAW THE LINE                                   Western Band
DREAM ON                                        Western Band
DREAMS                                          Western Band
DRIVIN' MY LIFE AWAY                            Western Band
EAT THE RICH                                    Western Band
EDDIE SONG                                      Western Band
ELOISE                                          Western Band
ELVIRA                                          Western Band
ESPECIALLY FOR YOU                              Western Band
EVEN GOD CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST                  Western Band

                                     45 of 59
Song Name                                        Artist

EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY                         Western Band
EVIL WAYS                                        Western Band
FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK                            Western Band
FALLING                                          Western Band
FATTIE BUM BUM                                   Western Band
FIVE FAT SAUSAGES                                Western Band
FOR ALL OF MY LIFE                               Western Band
FOREVER YOUNG                                    Western Band
GETAWAY                                          Western Band
GIRL CAN'T HELP IT                               Western Band
GRANDPA                                          Western Band
GROOVY KIND OF LOVE                              Western Band
GROW                                             Western Band
GUANTANAMERA                                     Western Band
HANDY MAN                                        Western Band
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU                            Western Band
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY                        Western Band
HAPPY TOGETHER                                   Western Band
HAVAH NAGILAH                                    Western Band
HEADS SHOULDERS KNEES & TOES                     Western Band
HELP ME RHONDA                                   Western Band
HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE                                Western Band
HOLDING BACK THE YEARS                           Western Band
HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN                              Western Band
HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE                            Western Band
HOW DO YOU TALK TO AN ANGEL                      Western Band
HOW SWEET IT IS (TO BE LOVED BY YOU)             Western Band
HUMPTY DUMPTY                                    Western Band
HURT SO BAD                                      Western Band
I AM THE MUSIC MAN                               Western Band
I CAN DREAM CAN'T I                              Western Band
I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW                            Western Band
I CAN'T HELP FALLING LOVE WITH YOU               Western Band
I CAN'T QUIT YOU BABY                            Western Band
I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS                             Western Band
I HEAR YOU KNOCKING                              Western Band
I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE                 Western Band
I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT                             Western Band
I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE                             Western Band
I MISS YOUR LOVE                                 Western Band
I ONLY HAVE EYES YOUR YOU                        Western Band
I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER                       Western Band
I THINK I LOVE YOU                               Western Band
I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW                          Western Band
I WANNA HOLD YOU                                 Western Band
I WANT A NEW DRUG                                Western Band
IF THIS IS IT                                    Western Band
IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW                      Western Band
IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT                    Western Band
I'LL BE OK                                       Western Band
I'LL BE YOUR SHELTER                             Western Band
I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY                      Western Band
I'M TELLING YOU NOW                              Western Band
IMAGINE                                          Western Band
IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT                         Western Band
INCY WINCY SPIDER                                Western Band

                                      46 of 59
Song Name                                             Artist

INVISIBLE TOUCH                                       Western Band
IT WASN'T ME                                          Western Band
IT'S CHICO TIME                                       Western Band
IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE                                Western Band
IT'S YOUR THING                                       Western Band
JACK & JILL                                           Western Band
JAMBALAYA                                             Western Band
JEREMY                                                Western Band
JOY TO THE WORLD~DECK THE HALL                        Western Band
KISS YOU ALL OVER                                     Western Band
KISSIN' IN THE BACK ROW OF THE MOVIES                 Western Band
KNIFE                                                 Western Band
LADY RAIN                                             Western Band
LAND OF CONFUSION                                     Western Band
LET 'EM IN                                            Western Band
LET HER CRY                                           Western Band
LET ME BE THERE                                       Western Band
LET YOUR LOVE FLOW                                    Western Band
LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY                             Western Band
LET'S LIVE FOR TODAY                                  Western Band
LIFE GOT COLD                                         Western Band
LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS                     Western Band
LIL' RED RIDNG HOOD                                   Western Band
LILAC WINE                                            Western Band
LITTLE BO-PEEP                                        Western Band
LITTLE JACK HORNOR                                    Western Band
LITTLE STAR                                           Western Band
LONELY WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE                           Western Band
LONG TALL SALLY                                       Western Band
LOOKIN' FOR LOVE                                      Western Band
LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND                              Western Band
LOVE ME TONIGHT                                       Western Band
MACK THE KNIFE                                        Western Band
MAD ABOUT YOU                                         Western Band
MAGIC CARPET RICE                                     Western Band
MAMA HE'S CRAZY                                       Western Band
MICHAEL FINNEGAN                                      Western Band
MISTLETOE & WINE                                      Western Band
MISTY                                                 Western Band
MONY MONY                                             Western Band
MOONDANCE                                             Western Band
MR VAIN                                               Western Band
MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK                                   Western Band
MY FUNNY VALENTINE                                    Western Band
MY PROMISE TO YOU                                     Western Band
NASTY GIRL                                            Western Band
NEW ATTITUDE                                          Western Band
NEXT TIME I FALL                                      Western Band
NO MORE LIES                                          Western Band
NO TOMORROW                                           Western Band
NOBODY BUT ME                                         Western Band
NOBODY KNOWS                                          Western Band
NOTHING COMPARES 2 U                                  Western Band
OH DEAR WHAT CAN THE MATTER BE                        Western Band
OLD MACDONALD                                         Western Band
ON THE ROAD AGAIN                                     Western Band
ONE MAN WENT TO MOW                                   Western Band
ONLY THE LONELY                                       Western Band

                                      47 of 59
Song Name                                  Artist

ORANGES & LEMONS                           Western Band
PEGGY SUE                                  Western Band
PLAY THAT FUNNY MUSIC                      Western Band
PON DE REPLAY                              Western Band
POP GOES THE WEASEL                        Western Band
POWER OF LOVE                              Western Band
QUEEN OF HEARTS                            Western Band
REMEMBER YOU'RE MINE                       Western Band
RESPECT                                    Western Band
RIKKI DON'T LOST THAT NUMBER               Western Band
ROCK AND ROLL                              Western Band
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK                      Western Band
ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT                      Western Band
RUNNING IN THE FAMILY                      Western Band
SCARLET RIBBONS                            Western Band
SEARCHING                                  Western Band
SEE SAW MARGERY DAW                        Western Band
SEE THE DAY                                Western Band
SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER                       Western Band
SEWN                                       Western Band
SHA LA LA                                  Western Band
SHAKING ALL OVER                           Western Band
SHOW AND TELL                              Western Band
SHOWER ME WITH YOUR LOVE                   Western Band
SILENCE IS GOLDEN                          Western Band
SILLY LOVE SONGS                           Western Band
SIMPLE SIMON                               Western Band
SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE                    Western Band
SING ME AN OLD-FASHIONED SONG              Western Band
SINGIN' IN THE RAIN                        Western Band
SISTER GOLDEN HAIR                         Western Band
SMILE A LITTLE SMILE FOR ME                Western Band
SOLD                                       Western Band
SOLDIER SOLDIER                            Western Band
SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH                    Western Band
SOS (RESCUE ME)                            Western Band
STEP INTO CHRISTMAS                        Western Band
STIP IT UP                                 Western Band
STUMBLING IN                               Western Band
SUDDENLY I SEE                             Western Band
SUGAR WE'RE GOING DOWN                     Western Band
SUKIYAKI                                   Western Band
SURF CITY                                  Western Band
SURFIN' USA                                Western Band
SUSSUDIO                                   Western Band
SWEET BMOTION                              Western Band
SWEET REUNION                              Western Band
SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT                    Western Band
TAKIN' CARE OF BUSNESS                     Western Band
TAMMY                                      Western Band
TEA FOR TWO                                Western Band
TEACH YOUR CHILDREN                        Western Band
TEN GREEN BOTTLES                          Western Band
THAT'S ALL                                 Western Band
THAT'S MY GOAL                             Western Band
THE EARTH THE SUN THE RAIN                 Western Band
THE GIFT OF LOVE                           Western Band
THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA                      Western Band
THE GRAND OLD DUKE OF YORK                 Western Band
THE GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME              Western Band

                                48 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

THE HARDER THEY COME                              Western Band
THE HEART OF ROCK'N ROLL                          Western Band
THE JCB SONG                                      Western Band
THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE                          Western Band
THE SOUND OF MUSIC                                Western Band
THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS                            Western Band
THE WHEELS ON THE BUS                             Western Band
THE WONDER OF YOU                                 Western Band
THE WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER                      Western Band
THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING                  Western Band
THIS OLD MAN                                      Western Band
THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL                    Western Band
THREE BLIND MICE                                  Western Band
THREE BLIND MICE                                  Western Band
TICKET OUTTA LOSERVILLE                           Western Band
TOO MANY WALLS                                    Western Band
TOYS IN THE ATTIC                                 Western Band
TRAPPED                                           Western Band
TRAVELIN' LIGHT                                   Western Band
TWELFTH OF NEVER                                  Western Band
TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR                       Western Band
TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR                       Western Band
TWIST AND SHOUT                                   Western Band
TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME                            Western Band
TWO PRINCES                                       Western Band
UNDER THE WEATHER                                 Western Band
VENUS                                             Western Band
VOICE THAT CARE                                   Western Band
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE                              Western Band
WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND                            Western Band
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY                  Western Band
WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHIN' IN                    Western Band
WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN                            Western Band
WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY                        Western Band
WHERE IS THE LOVE                                 Western Band
WHIP IT!                                          Western Band
WHISPERS IN THE DARK                              Western Band
WILD THING                                        Western Band
WISH I                                            Western Band
WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN                               Western Band
WITH YOU I'M BORN AGAIN                           Western Band
WONDERFUL CHRISTMASTIME                           Western Band
WONDERFUL LIFE                                    Western Band
YELLOW RIVER                                      Western Band
YOU ARE MY MAN                                    Western Band
YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE                             Western Band
YOU'RE SO VAIN                                    Western Band
YOU'RE THE INSPIRATION                            Western Band
YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH                              Western Band
SYLVIA'S MOTHER                                   Western Band,DR. Hook
9 TO 5                                            Western Female
A THOUSAND MILES                                  Western Female
A TIME FOR US                                     Western Female
A TISKET A TASKET                                 Western Female
ALL I ASK OF YOU                                  Western Female
ALL KINDS OF EVERYTHING                           Western Female
ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE                            Western Female
ALMOST PERSUADED                                  Western Female

                                       49 of 59
Song Name                                          Artist

AMAZING GRACE                                      Western Female
ANGEL QUEEN                                        Western Female
AS IF WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE                        Western Female
AT SUNDOWN                                         Western Female
AULD LANG SYNE                                     Western Female
BRING ME TO LIFE                                   Western Female
BROKEN HEARTED MELODY                              Western Female
CALL MY NAME                                       Western Female
CAN'T THKE MY EYES OFF YOU                         Western Female
CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE                             Western Female
CIRCLE GAME                                        Western Female
CITY STREETS                                       Western Female
COME IN OUT OF THE RAIN                            Western Female
CRAZY (YOU DRIVE ME)                               Western Female
CRAZY CHICK                                        Western Female
CRUSH                                              Western Female
DANNY'S SONG                                       Western Female
DAY IT RAINED FOREVER                              Western Female
DAYDREAM BELIEVER                                  Western Female
DING!DONG!THE WITCH IS DEAD                        Western Female
DISCO MEDLEY                                       Western Female
DO DO DO                                           Western Female
DO NOTHING TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME                   Western Female
DO RE ME DO RE ME                                  Western Female
DO RE MI                                           Western Female
DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA                         Western Female
DON'T CRY OUT LOUD                                 Western Female
DON'T GIVE ME YOUR LIFE                            Western Female
DON'T LET ME GET ME                                Western Female
DREAMER                                            Western Female
DREAMS                                             Western Female
EASTER PARADE                                      Western Female
ELECTRIC DREAMS                                    Western Female
ELECTRIC SLIDE                                     Western Female
ETERNAL FLAME                                      Western Female
EVENTUALLY                                         Western Female
EVERYDAY                                           Western Female
FALLEN                                             Western Female
FLASHDANCE                                         Western Female
FOLLOW THE BOYS                                    Western Female
FOR MAMA                                           Western Female
FOREVER AND EVER                                   Western Female
FOREVER YOUR GIRL                                  Western Female
FOREVER YOURS                                      Western Female
GETTING TO KNOW YOU                                Western Female
GOODBYE JIMMY GOODBYE                              Western Female
HAND IN HAND                                       Western Female
HAVE YOU EVER                                      Western Female
HE LOVES AND SHE LOVES                             Western Female
HEARTACHE                                          Western Female
HERE I AM                                          Western Female
HEY BABY                                           Western Female
HEY, IT'S ME                                       Western Female
HOT FRENCH (ON A COLD SATURDAY NIGHT)              Western Female
HOW CAN I TELL HER                                 Western Female
I CAN'T HELP IT                                    Western Female
I CAN'T TELL A WALTZ FROM A TANGO                  Western Female
I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM                       Western Female
I DREAMED A DREAM                                  Western Female
I GOT RHYTHM                                       Western Female

                                        50 of 59
Song Name                                         Artist

I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU                      Western Female
I LOVE YOU                                        Western Female
I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU                        Western Female
I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS                   Western Female
I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC                          Western Female
I WANNA BE BAD                                    Western Female
I WANT TO LOVE YOU FOREVER                        Western Female
I WANT YOU TO NEED ME                             Western Female
I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING                            Western Female
I'D RATHER GO BLIND                               Western Female
IF LOVE IS BLIND                                  Western Female
IF YOU ASK ME TO                                  Western Female
IF YOU LOVE ME                                    Western Female
I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN                     Western Female
I'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU                       Western Female
I'M ALIVE                                         Western Female
I'M GONNA KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR                      Western Female
I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME                             Western Female
I'VE TOLD EVERY LITTLE STAR                       Western Female
JUST LIKE A PILL                                  Western Female
JUST OUT OF REACH                                 Western Female
LABELLED WITH LOVE                                Western Female
LAST NIGHT OF THE WORLD                           Western Female
LATE NIGHT GRAND HOTEL                            Western Female
LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF                    Western Female
LITTLE DRUMMER BOY                                Western Female
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT                               Western Female
LOVE SONG                                         Western Female
LOVE WALKED IN                                    Western Female
MAY BE                                            Western Female
MEMBERS ONLY                                      Western Female
MEMORIES OF OUR DREAMS                            Western Female
MEMORY                                            Western Female
MOCKIN' BIRD HILL                                 Western Female
MOMENT BY MOMENT                                  Western Female
MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT                              Western Female
MR. LOVE                                          Western Female
MY FAVORITE THINGS                                Western Female
MY GUY                                            Western Female
NO BODY'S SUPPOSE                                 Western Female
NO MORE I LOVE YOUS                               Western Female
NO ONE TO CRY TO                                  Western Female
NO PROMISES                                       Western Female
NO PROMISES                                       Western Female
NOTHING COMPARES 2 U                              Western Female
ON MY OWN                                         Western Female
ONE DAY                                           Western Female
ONE MOMENT IN TIME                                Western Female
ORDINARY DAY                                      Western Female
OUT HERE ON MY OWN (FAME)                         Western Female
OVER AND OVER                                     Western Female
PALOMA BLANCA                                     Western Female
PAPA DON'T PREACH                                 Western Female
PRETEND                                           Western Female
PROMISE ME                                        Western Female
QUEEN OF MEMPHIS                                  Western Female
RADIATE                                           Western Female
RAINBOWS                                          Western Female
ROUND ROUND                                       Western Female

                                       51 of 59
Song Name                                               Artist

SACRAMENTO                                            Western Female
SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU                            Western Female
SAY WONDERFUL THINGS                                  Western Female
SHALL WE DANCE? (THE KING & I)                        Western Female
SHUT YOUR MOUTH                                       Western Female
SING                                                  Western Female
SINGING IN THE RAIN                                   Western Female
SINGLE GIRL                                           Western Female
SLOW HAND                                             Western Female
SOAK UP THE SUN                                       Western Female
SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME                              Western Female
SOMEWHERE THAT'S GREEN                                Western Female
STAY ANOTHER DAY                                      Western Female
STOLE                                                 Western Female
STORIES                                               Western Female
SUN AND MOON                                          Western Female
TEARDROPS                                             Western Female
THAT DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW (HOW MUCH IS)               Western Female
THE END OF THE WORLD                                  Western Female
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM                                  Western Female
THE LONG & WINDING ROAD                               Western Female
THE MORNING AFTER                                     Western Female
THE MUSIC PLAYED                                      Western Female
THE POWER OF LOVE                                     Western Female
THE WAYWARD WIND                                      Western Female
THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL                               Western Female
THINK OF ME                                           Western Female
THIS MASQUERADE                                       Western Female
THROUGH THE FIRE                                      Western Female
TILL MY HEARTACHES END                                Western Female
TO SEE MY ANGEL CRY                                   Western Female
TOMORROW                                              Western Female
TONIGHT                                               Western Female
TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS                               Western Female
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART                            Western Female
TOY SOLDIERS                                          Western Female
TRACES                                                Western Female
TRY A LITTLE LOVE                                     Western Female
VACATION                                              Western Female
WE CAN MAKE IT TOGETHER(DO YOU WANT ME?)              Western Female
WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD                           Western Female
WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE                              Western Female
WHAT'S UP                                             Western Female
WHY                                                   Western Female
WISH I DIDN'T MISS YOU                                Western Female
YOU'LL NEVER KNOW                                     Western Female
YOU'RE IN LOVE                                        Western Female
LET ME BE YOUR WINGS                                  Western Female,Barry Manilow
I'LL GIVE MY BEST FOR YOU                             Western Female,George Benson
DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME                                 Western Female,Mac Davis
USED TO BE                                            Western Female,Stevie Wonder
10,000 PROMIESE                                       Western Female,Western Female
HARDS                                                 Western Female,Western Female
I DON'T WANNA LIVE WITHOUT YOU                        Western Female,Western Female
WE COULD BE IN LOVE                                   Western Female,Western Female
04:55                                                 Western Male
(DYING INSIDE) TO HOLD YOU                            Western Male
500 MILES                                             Western Male
A GIRL LIKE YOU                                       Western Male

                                          52 of 59
Song Name                                   Artist

A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION                  Western Male
A SPACEMAN CAME TRAVELLING                  Western Male
A SUMMER PLACE                              Western Male
A WHOLE NEW WORLD                           Western Male
ALL I ASK OF YOU                            Western Male
ALL I ASK OF YOU                            Western Male
ALL OF SUDDEN                               Western Male
ALL OR NOTHING                              Western Male
ALMOST PERSUADED                            Western Male
ANSWER ME                                   Western Male
ANY DREAM WILL DO                           Western Male
ARMY OF LOVERS                              Western Male
AROUND THE WORLD                            Western Male
AUTUMN LEAVES                               Western Male
BABE                                        Western Male
BABY FACE                                   Western Male
BAD DAY                                     Western Male
BE A ROVER (THE FRUIT IS RIPE)              Western Male
BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY                            Western Male
BED OF ROSES                                Western Male
BETTER TOGETHER                             Western Male
BIRD DOG                                    Western Male
BLUE BALLOON                                Western Male
BREAK THE NIGHT WITH COLOUR                 Western Male
BUTTERFLY                                   Western Male
BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX                Western Male
CAN YOU STOP THE RAIN                       Western Male
CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE                  Western Male
CARAVAN                                     Western Male
CASABLANCE                                  Western Male
CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP                   Western Male
CINDY OH CINDY                              Western Male
COME FLY WITH ME                            Western Male
CORNER OF THE SKY                           Western Male
COTTON EYE JOE                              Western Male
CRAZY                                       Western Male
CRAZY FOR YOU                               Western Male
CRAZY IN LOVE                               Western Male
CRYING                                      Western Male
DANCING SHOES                               Western Male
DANGER ZONE (TOP GUN)                       Western Male
DANNY BOY                                   Western Male
DEBORAH                                     Western Male
DEEP PURPLE                                 Western Male
DIARY                                       Western Male
DO IT TO ME                                 Western Male
DO YOU WANT TO                              Western Male
DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER                       Western Male
DON'T LET ME CRY AGAIN                      Western Male
DON'T TALK TO HIM                           Western Male
DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY                        Western Male
DREAM                                       Western Male
DREAM LOVER                                 Western Male
E1 CONDOR PASA                              Western Male
EVERGREEN                                   Western Male
EVERGREEN TREE                              Western Male
EVERYTIME YOU GO AWAY                       Western Male
FALLING AWAY FROM ME                        Western Male
FASCINATION                                 Western Male
FEELING'S SO GOOD                           Western Male

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Song Name                                           Artist

FIRST QUARREL                                       Western Male
FOR THE GOOD TIMES                                  Western Male
FRAULEIN                                            Western Male
FREE AS THE WIND                                    Western Male
FRIENDS NEVER SAY GOODBYE                           Western Male
FROM THE HEART                                      Western Male
GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME                        Western Male
GET THE PARTY STARTED                               Western Male
GHOSTBUSTERS                                        Western Male
GIRLS & BOYS                                        Western Male
GIVE ME MORE TIME                                   Western Male
GO THE DISTANCE                                     Western Male
GOD BLESS THE USA                                   Western Male
GOODBYE AGAIN                                       Western Male
GOODBYE GIRL                                        Western Male
GOODBYE MY LOVER                                    Western Male
GOODNIGHT GIRL                                      Western Male
GREASE                                              Western Male
GREEN LEAVES OF SUMMER                              Western Male
GROW OLD WITH YOU                                   Western Male
HASN'T THE LOARD BLESSED US                         Western Male
HELL HAVE TO GO                                     Western Male
HELLO DARING                                        Western Male
HELLO DOLLY                                         Western Male
HELLO SUMMERTIME                                    Western Male
HERE IT IS MERRY X'MAS (SWING VERSION)              Western Male
HEY PAULA                                           Western Male
HI LI LI HI LO                                      Western Male
HIGH HOPES                                          Western Male
HIT 'EM UP STYLE                                    Western Male
HOLD ME NOW                                         Western Male
HONEY COME BACK                                     Western Male
HOT IN HERRE                                        Western Male
HOW SOON                                            Western Male
HUSH NOT A WORD TO MARY                             Western Male
I BELONG TO YOU                                     Western Male
I 'D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME                            Western Male
I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT                         Western Male
I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU                             Western Male
I GOT IT BAD                                        Western Male
I JUST DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT                    Western Male
I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU                       Western Male
I KNOW (YOU'LL NEVER BE MINE)                       Western Male
I LIKE IT, I LOVE IT                                Western Male
I MISS YUOR LOVE                                    Western Male
I REALLY LOVE TO SEE YOU TONIGHT                    Western Male
I WANT YOU TO WANT ME                               Western Male
I'D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE                            Western Male
IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU                           Western Male
IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN                               Western Male
IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES                             Western Male
IF YOU GO AWAY                                      Western Male
IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW                                 Western Male
IF YOU NEED ME NOW                                  Western Male
I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER TODAY                         Western Male
I'M SORRY MY LOVE                                   Western Male
I'M TOO SEXY                                        Western Male
IN THE HOUSE OF STONE AND LIGHT                     Western Male
IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR                                Western Male
INNAMORATA                                          Western Male

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Song Name                                           Artist

IS IT OKAY IF I CALL YOU MINE?                      Western Male
IT MIGHT BE YOU                                     Western Male
IT'S NOW OR NEVER                                   Western Male
JAMAICA FAREWELL                                    Western Male
JUDY JUDY JUDY                                      Western Male
JUST A FEELING                                      Western Male
JUST ANOTHER DREAM                                  Western Male
JUST FOR YOU                                        Western Male
KNOCK ON WOOD                                       Western Male
LADY OF ICE                                         Western Male
LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN                                Western Male
LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW               Western Male
LET'S TWIST AGAIN                                   Western Male
LIGHT MY FIRE                                       Western Male
LIMBO ROCK                                          Western Male
LITTLE RED ROOSTER                                  Western Male
LIVE AND LEARN                                      Western Male
LIVIN' OF THE EDGE                                  Western Male
LONELY STREET                                       Western Male
LONGER                                              Western Male
LOVE CHANGE EVERTHING                               Western Male
LOVE GENERATION                                     Western Male
LOVE IS ALL AROUND                                  Western Male
LOVE STORY                                          Western Male
LOVE'S NOT FOR ME                                   Western Male
LUCKY LIPS                                          Western Male
MAGIC TOUCH                                         Western Male
MANDY MY DEAR                                       Western Male
MAYBE YOU SHOULD KNOW                               Western Male
MOONLIGHT LADY                                      Western Male
MORE TO LOVE                                        Western Male
MY ELUSIVE DREAM                                    Western Male
MY FAIR SHARE (ONE ON ONE)                          Western Male
MY LAST DATE                                        Western Male
MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE                                Western Male
MY SENIMENTAL FRIEND                                Western Male
MY SPECIAL PRAYER                                   Western Male
MY SWEET LADY                                       Western Male
NEVER ENDING SONG OF LOVE                           Western Male
NEVER EVER SAY GOODBYE                              Western Male
NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS                               Western Male
NO MORE MR. NICE GUY                                Western Male
NO WORRIES                                          Western Male
OCEAN DEEP                                          Western Male
OH PRETTY WOMAN                                     Western Male
OL' MAN RIVER                                       Western Male
ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE                        Western Male
ONLY REMINDS ME OF YOU                              Western Male
OPEN ARMS                                           Western Male
OUT OF RHYTHM                                       Western Male
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA                                Western Male
PLEASE FORGIVE ME                                   Western Male
PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE                                 Western Male
PRETTY BLUE EYES                                    Western Male
PRETTY WOMAN                                        Western Male
PUSSYWILLIOWS CATTAILS                              Western Male
PUT YOUR RECORDS ON                                 Western Male
QUANDO, QUANDO, QUANDO                              Western Male
RAIN                                                Western Male

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Song Name                                         Artist

RED RED WINE                                      Western Male
REFLECTION                                        Western Male
RELAX                                             Western Male
RHINESTONE COWBOY                                 Western Male
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK                             Western Male
RUN IT                                            Western Male
SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR ME                           Western Male
SEASONS IN THE SUN                                Western Male
SECRET LOVE                                       Western Male
SENORITA                                          Western Male
SEPTEMBER                                         Western Male
SHE WEARS MY RING                                 Western Male
SIMON DAYS                                        Western Male
SINCE I MET YOU BABY                              Western Male
SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE                            Western Male
SING A SONG OF FREEDOM                            Western Male
SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN                        Western Male
SLIP AND SLIDE                                    Western Male
SMILE LIKE MONALISA                               Western Male
SOFTLY AS YOU LEAVE                               Western Male
SOME ENCHANTED EVENING                            Western Male
SOMEDAY                                           Western Male
SOMEWHERE                                         Western Male
SOUR GIRL                                         Western Male
STILL                                             Western Male
STRANGER IN PARADISE                              Western Male
STUCK IN A MOMENT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF            Western Male
SUDDENLY                                          Western Male
SUGAR SHACK                                       Western Male
SUMMER WIND                                       Western Male
SUNDOWN                                           Western Male
SUNRISE SUNSET                                    Western Male
SUPER FREAK                                       Western Male
SWEET BABY JAMES                                  Western Male
SWEETHEART TREE                                   Western Male
TAINTED LOVE                                      Western Male
TEDDY BEAR (LET ME BE YOUR)                       Western Male
TELL ME WHY                                       Western Male
THAT'S LIFE                                       Western Male
THE FIRST MAN YOU REMEMBER                        Western Male
THE GAMBLER                                       Western Male
THE GREAT PRETENDER                               Western Male
THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD                         Western Male
THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT                            Western Male
THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED                            Western Male
THE REASON WHY                                    Western Male
THE SOUND OF AN ANGEL WING                        Western Male
THE SOUND OF SILENCE                              Western Male
THE SPACE BETWEEN                                 Western Male
THE SUMMER KNOWS (SUMMER OF 42)                   Western Male
THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS                      Western Male
THEME FROM A SUMMER PALACE                        Western Male
THERE'LL BE SAD SONGS (TO MAKE YOU CRY)           Western Male
THIS IS THE MOMENT                                Western Male
TILL WE MEET AGAIN                                Western Male
TIMES OF YOUR LIFE                                Western Male
TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE                Western Male

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Song Name                                         Artist

TO BE NO. 1                                       Western Male
TOKYO JOE                                         Western Male
TONIGHT                                           Western Male
TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LAST                             Western Male
TOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU                       Western Male
TOO YOUNG                                         Western Male
TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS                           Western Male
TUNNEL OF LOVE                                    Western Male
UNBELIEVABLE                                      Western Male
UNCHAINED MELODY                                  Western Male
WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO                       Western Male
WALK AWAY                                         Western Male
WARM AND TENDER LOVE                              Western Male
WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE                             Western Male
WEST SIDE STORY                                   Western Male
WHAT ABOUT ME                                     Western Male
WHAT'S UP                                         Western Male
WHEN SHE CRIES                                    Western Male
WHEN THE GIRL IN YOUR ARMS                        Western Male
WHEN YOU LOVE A WOMAN                             Western Male
WHERE DID YOUR HEART GO                           Western Male
WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE                   Western Male
WHY GOOD BYE                                      Western Male
WILD WILD WEST                                    Western Male
WILL YOU WANT FOR ME                              Western Male
WIND FLOWERS                                      Western Male
WISH YOU WERE HERE                                Western Male
WITCHCRAFT                                        Western Male
YOU ARE                                           Western Male
YOU ARE MY HOME                                   Western Male
YOU GOT IT BACK                                   Western Male
YOU RAISE ME UP                                   Western Male
YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE                           Western Male
YOUR CHEATING HEART                               Western Male
YOUR EYES                                         Western Male
YOUR SMILLING FACE                                Western Male
YOURBODY IS A WONDERLAND                          Western Male
YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL                                  Western Male
YOU'RE CLOSED TO ME                               Western Male
YOU'RE SIXTEEN                                    Western Male
YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVING FEELING                   Western Male
DON'T CRY JONI                                    Western Male,Conway Twitty
STAY (I MISSED YOU)                               Western Male,Lisa Loeb
DREAM LOVER                                       Western Male,Mariah Carey
COME WHAT WAY                                     Western Male,NICOLE KIDMAN
EBONY AND IVORY                                   Western Male,Stevie Wonder
I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU                            Western Male,Vince Gill
(I WANNE TAKE) FOREVER TONIGHT                    Western Male,Western Female
AFTER ALL                                         Western Male,Western Female
ARMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE                              Western Male,Western Female
AULD LANG SYNE                                    Western Male,Western Female
HOW DO YOU HEAL A BROKEN HEART                    Western Male,Western Female
HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO LOVE                        Western Male,Western Female
I DON'T HAVE A HEART                              Western Male,Western Female
IF YOU REALLY LOVE ME                             Western Male,Western Female
I'M ALWAYS DREAMING OF YOU                        Western Male,Western Female
IT'S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE                          Western Male,Western Female
LIKE STRANGERS                                    Western Male,Western Female

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Song Name                                   Artist

MERRY OLD LAND OF OZ                        Western Male,Western Female
ONE TIN SOLDIER (BILLY JACK)                Western Male,Western Female
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA                        Western Male,Western Female
SEVEN LONELY DAY                            Western Male,Western Female
STARDUST                                    Western Male,Western Female
SUMMER WINE                                 Western Male,Western Female
TEARS OF THE DRAGON                         Western Male,Western Female
THANK TO YOU                                Western Male,Western Female
GOT THE FEELING                             Western Male,Western Male
JUST LOOKING                                Western Male,Western Male
NATIONAL EXPRESS                            Western Male,Western Male
PRAYER FOR THE DYING                        Western Male,Western Male
TUMBLING DOWN                               Western Male,Western Male
AMAZING                                     Westlife
ANYMORE OF US(STUPID MISTAKE)               Westlife
BOP BOP BABY                                Westlife
CAN'T LOSE WHAT YOU NEVER HAD               Westlife
CHANGE THE WORLD                            Westlife
FLYING WITHOUT WINGS                        Westlife
FOOL AGAIN                                  Westlife
HEY WHATEVER                                Westlife
I DON'T WANNA FIGHT                         Westlife
I HAVE A DREAM                              Westlife
I NEED YOU                                  Westlife
IF I LET YOU GO                             Westlife
IF YOU GO                                   Westlife
MISS YOU                                    Westlife
MISS YOU NIGHTS                             Westlife
MOMENTS                                     Westlife
MORE THAN WORDS                             Westlife
MY LOVE                                     Westlife
NO NO                                       Westlife
OPEN YOUR HREAT                             Westlife
QUEEN OF MY HEART                           Westlife
SEASONS IN THE SUN                          Westlife
SWEAR IT AGAIN                              Westlife
TONIGHT                                     Westlife
TRY AGAIN                                   Westlife
UNBREAKABLE                                 Westlife
UPTOWN GIRL                                 Westlife
WE ARE ONE                                  Westlife
WHAT I WANT IS WHAT I'VE GOT                Westlife
WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING LIKE THAT               Westlife
WORLD OF OUR OWN                            Westlife
YOU RAISE ME UP                             Westlife
JULIA'S SAYS                                WET WET WET
CARELESS WHISPER                            Wham
LAST CHIRSTMAS                              Wham
WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO                 Wham
EVERYTHING SHE WANTS                        Wham,George Michael
TEENAGE DIRTBAG                             WHEATUS
ANOTHER DAY                                 Whigfield
SATURDAY NIGHT                              Whigfield
YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET                  Whigfield
FELL IN LOVE                                WHITE STRIPES
COULD I HAVE THIS KISS FOREVER              Whitney Houston
DIDN'T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL                Whitney Houston
EXHALE (SHOOP SHOOP SONG)                   Whitney Houston
GREATEST LOVE OF ALL                        Whitney Houston

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Song Name                                        Artist

HEARTBREAK HOTEL                                 Whitney Houston
I BELIEVE IN YOU AND ME                          Whitney Houston
I HAVE NOTHING                                   Whitney Houston
I LEARNED FROM THE BEST                          Whitney Houston
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU                           Whitney Houston
I'M EVERY WOMAN                                  Whitney Houston
I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT                            Whitney Houston
IT'S NOT RIGHT BUT IT'S OKAY                     Whitney Houston
MIRACLE                                          Whitney Houston
MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE                             Whitney Houston
ONE MOMENT IN TIME                               Whitney Houston
RUN TO YOU                                       Whitney Houston
SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU                       Whitney Houston
SO EMOTIONAL                                     Whitney Houston
THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL                         Whitney Houston
TRY IT ON MY OWN                                 Whitney Houston
UNTIL YOU COME BACK                              Whitney Houston
WHATCHULOOKINAT?                                 Whitney Houston
WHEN YOU BELIEVE                                 Whitney Houston
WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO                        Whitney Houston
WHY DOES IT FURT SO BAD                          Whitney Houston
YOU'LL NEVER STAND ALONE                         Whitney Houston
NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE YOU DO                      Whitney Houston,Jermaine Kackson
WHEN YOU BELIEVE                                 Whitney Houston,Mariah Carey
FREAKIN' IT                                      Will Smith
MEN IN BLACK                                     Will Smith
WILL 2K                                          Will Smith
ALL TIME LOVE                                    WILL YOUNG
LIGHT MY FIRE                                    WILL YOUNG
SWITCH IT ON                                     WILL YOUNG
ALWAYS ON MY MIND                                Willie Nelson
BLUE SKIES                                       Willie Nelson
DECK THE HALLS                                   Willie Nelson
MUSTANG SALLY                                    Wilson Pickett
FLY ON THE WINGS OF LOVE                         XTM & DJ CHUCKY
GET TOGETHER                                     Young Bloods, The
I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM                     Yvonne Elliman
I WOULD DIE FOR YOU                              YYHU

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