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CCY Youth Scholarship Info App


CCY Youth Scholarship Info App

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									Connecting Youth * Transforming Lives
March 22-24, 2009 * Sacramento, CA
The California Coalition for Youth is offering scholarships to youth (ages 12-24 and residents of CA) who are planning to attend the Taking Action 2009 Conference in Sacramento! Scholarship award recipients will have their conference registration fees waived, and be provided with a stipend to cover other related costs (including, but not limited to, travel, lodging and food). In years past, scholarship amounts given have averaged $250, but can be smaller or larger. Scholarships will be awarded based upon review of information submitted. Award preference will be given to CCY members, individuals affiliated with a CCY member agency, and/or conference presenters. Coalition staff and members of its Board of Directors will review submissions and make the final determination of scholarship recipients.

Taking Action 2009

Complete personal information on the application (the following page). On a separate piece of paper, answer the essay questions on the application. Sign the application to indicate you have read and understand the scholarship eligibility requirements and application instructions. Have an adult from your affiliated youth organization/agency sign the application to indicate that they support your application. Send all materials to CCY via fax to (916) 340-0510 or email to

The Fine Print: There is no limit to the number of youth scholarship applications each agency can submit; however, prior to giving additional scholarships to youth from the same agency, we will evaluate supporting youth from other agencies. Agencies must provide adequate adult support and supervision for all youth under 18 years old. CCY will not pay for chaperones’ costs and scholarships will not be awarded to youth under age 18 who do not have a chaperone attending the conference. CCY retains the right to make decisions based upon merit and available funding.

Applications and supporting materials must be received on or before Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking Action 2009
Connecting Youth * Transforming Lives

Youth Scholarship Application

Full Name:

Email Address:

Birth Date & Age:

Mailing Address:

City, State, Zip:

Youth Organization/Agency that you are affiliated with:

Adult Contact @ Above Organization:

Adult’s Phone Number & Email Address:

Essay Questions
This year’s conference theme “Connecting Youth/Transforming Lives” Keeping this in mind, please answer the questions below on a separate sheet of paper. Take care to answer thoughtfully and thoroughly. 1. Please describe a time when you have felt disconnected (from school, friends, family, etc.) and what you or someone else did that eventually made it change. 2. Please describe how you feel youth can make a difference on a local, statewide, or national level. 3. If you could talk to our new president, what would you tell him about youth in your community? 4. In what ways will your participation add to the value of the conference for others? 5. How will you take what you learned at the conference back to your local community and make a difference? My signature below indicates that I have read and understand all the rules and requirements outlined in this application.
Youth Name (printed) Youth Signature Date Agency-Affiliated Adult Name (printed) Adult Signature Date

All applications and supporting materials must be received on or before

Friday, February 27, 2009
Selected scholarship recipients will be notified by email on or before March 6, 2009.

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