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					                                                                   MARCH, 2009

   Troy                        A Letter From The Principal

Athens                     March 1, 2009

                           Dear Parents,

High School                The school year is moving quickly. With only 58 school days left for seniors and 70 days
                           remaining for our underclassmen, we want to help every student make the most of being
                           a Red Hawk. Spring is a fun but serious time. March alone has culminating events for
                           winter sports, the start of spring sports, the musical Oliver, charity week, MME…all this,
                           on top of classroom projects and extra-curricular activities.
 TROY, MI          48085
                           Typically seniors are already looking past March and are already planning what to wear
                           at prom and graduation as well as what to do next year. However, to ensure that all are
                           able to fulfill their plans, we need to encourage seniors to maintain their academic focus.
                           March is also a good time to remind students that many colleges compare third and fourth
                           quarter grades and attendance to the record that was submitted for acceptance. Should
  Ms. Lara Dixon           a student’s record diminish, colleges may rescind acceptance. These letters typically are
       Principal           sent in June, after graduation. We never want any of our seniors to experience this
   Marcia Decker           The best insurance is to avoid the deadly disease of “senioritis,” which has a misguiding
      Bob Dowd             name for it has been known to infect adolescents ages 14-18. Symptoms, such as having
                           no homework, arriving late to class or missing class altogether, daydreaming, failing
      Joe Duda             to use a planner and talking only about friends, spring break, summer and weekend
                           plans, may be mild in isolation but toxic when combined. Should your son or daughter
     Bettie Goss           experience these symptoms, please note the following known remedies:
    Asst. Principals
                                       Increased communication with the adolescent and his/her teachers
                                       Regular homework and planner checks
                                       Weekly monitoring of attendance
                                       Nine hours of sleep per night
                                       A good breakfast every school morning

                           Should, in rare occasions, the symptoms persist, please call a school administrator
                           immediately. We are happy to help. We offer tutoring during the school day as well as
                           before and after school. March 19 is the date of our spring conferences (12:30-3:30
                           p.m. and 5:30-8:30 p.m.) and is an excellent time to diagnose potential symptoms or to
                           celebrate continued successes.

                           Dates and information to keep in mind:
                              Spring Musical Oliver Feb.27th - March 1st and March 6th -8th
                              March 3rd is our next Parent Coffee in the staff lounge, beginning at 9:30 a.m.
                              Parent Teacher Conferences are March 19th from 12:30-3:30 p.m. and 5:30-8:30 p.m.
                              March 10th is our next PTO Meeting, which will be held in the Staff Lounge beginning
     Main Office               at 7:00 p.m.
   248-823-2900               M.M.E. is March 10th - 12th (see specifics regarding when your son or daughter
                               will be in attendance)
                              Testing-out requests due March 13th (see your counselor for details)
  Attendance Office           Charity Week March 16th -20th (17th Volleyball/Auction; 19th Jail-&-Bail; 20th Pep
    248-823-2901               Assembly & Dance)
                              M.M.E. make-ups are March 24th – 26th
                              Spring Break is April 6th – 10th
   Guidance Office
   248-823-2915            Wishing you a wonderful spring,

 FAX: 248-823-2913
                           Lara Dixon
 athens.troy.k12.mi.us     Principal

                                                       ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 1
       ATTENTION                                 Underclass Honors                         ATTENTION
      AP STUDENTS                                    Schedule                              SENIOR
         ** New this year**                                                                  If you are interested in placing a senior
                                                  Friday, May 8, 2009                      ad in this year's yearbook, The Odyssey,
                                                                                           please visit Athens' website. In order to
  Please be advised that ALL students taking                                               make this process easier and more "user
                                                                                           and environmentally friendly" we are,
an AP Test must attend a Pre-Administration
                                                                                           for the first time, placing all of the infor-
session tentatively scheduled for April 22                                                 mation for the senior ads on the website.
                                                8:00 AM - 11th Grade - Juniors
(8:15-9:30 AM or 1:00-2:15 PM). DO NOT                                                       Please read over all of the information.
BRING YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUM-                9:45 AM - 9th Grade - Freshman              If you still have any questions, please
BER. Students must bring a #2 pencil. Spe-                                                 email          Rachel       Webb           at
                                                     1:15 PM - 10th Grade -                rwebb2@troy.k12.mi.us.
cific session assignments will be made after                                                 The deadline for your senior message
AP sign-ups. See Mr. Clary or Mrs. Kosi in                                                 is FRIDAY, APRIL 3RD.
the Guidance Office if you have questions.
                                                                                           DATES FOR
   "The Adavanced Placement Advantage"                                                     SENIORS

                   AP Class – It’s Not Only About Tests

    Advanced Placement (AP) tests in various subjects are given annually at
Athens. We also offer AP classes, which are very challenging and help prepare              Thursday, May 21, 2009
students to be successful on the AP tests. However, students who take an AP class            Prom
do not have to take the AP test (there is a fee).
    There are several benefits to taking AP courses and/or AP tests:                       Wednesday, May 27, 2009
                                                                                            Last full day for Seniors
          Taking an AP class indicates that you have attempted the most demanding
          course in a specific subject.                                                    Thursday, May 28, 2009
                                                                                             Senior exams (Hours 4, 5 and 6)
          Earning AP credit enables you to move into upper level courses in your field
          of interest, or pursue a double major, or gain time to study or travel abroad.   Friday, May 29, 2009
                                                                                             Senior exams (Hours 1, 2 and 3)
          When you apply, universities that are selective (e.g. U of M, MSU) look
          favorably on the number of AP classes that you have successfully                 Friday, May 29, 2009
          attempted.                                                                         Senior Picnic

          If you score high on an AP test, most colleges will award you advanced           Wednesday, June 3, 2009
          credit (each college determines the amount of credit they award).                 (Commencement practice 9:00 AM/
                                                                                            Honors Convocation practice 12:30
          Earning college credit in advance can save you a significant amount of             PM)
          money (less classes to take in college).
                                                                                           Wednesday, June 3, 2009
          Earning advanced credits can also give you advantages in college (i.e.,           Senior Honors Convocation -
          many schools allow you to schedule based on the number of credits you             7:00 PM
          have earned).
                                                                                           Saturday, June 6, 2009
     If you are currently excelling in a particular subject you might want to consider       Graduation - 3:00 PM
enrolling in an AP class next year. Your current teacher can discuss this with you.          (Students Arrive - 2:00 PM)
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your counselor.
                                                                                           Saturday, June 6, 2009
                                                                                             All Night Party

                                                                                               SENIORS NEED
                                                                                                  to STAY
                                                                                                 All students are advised to continue
                                                                                            to work hard and avoid having their grades
                                                                                            drop second semester. Third quarter
                                                                                            grades are factored into the cumulative
                                                                                            grade point average (GPA) that is used for
            IMPORTANT FOR JUNIORS                                                           our Honors Assembly. Your honors level
                                                                                            can be affected by your third quarter
      Any junior who plans on attending college needs to take an ACT or an SAT test              In addition, colleges request eighth
this school year. These are tests given on selected national test dates. When seniors       semester grades at the end of the year for
send in applications, colleges and universities use the scores from these tests for         those students who have been accepted.
admissions decisions. This provides an additional way for admissions officers to            A student’s admission status can be jeop-
compare applicants.                                                                         ardized if there is a significant change in
      All juniors will be given an ACT test as part of the new Michigan Merit Exam          the student’s grades.
(MME). This ACT score does count for college admissions when applying next fall.
In the past, many of our college bound students took the ACT test more than once

                                                                                             Important “Testing
to try and improve their score.
      If you would like a second ACT score for college admissions, now is the time
to register for an additional exam. Colleges use your highest score for admissions
(there is no penalty if you happen to score lower the second time).                           Out” Information
      All schools in Michigan will accept a score from either an ACT or an SAT test.
Historically, Michigan has been predominately an ACT state (many east coast and
west coast schools require an SAT score). Most of our students take an ACT test                If a student is interested in testing out
only.                                                                                       of a course, the parents must complete the
      Test registration information is available in the counseling office or online. Only   “Waiving a Course Through Testing Out
the April ACT date is hosted by the Troy School District. It is held at Troy High           /Authorization and Notification Form."
School. However, there are other nearby test sites for all ACT exams.                       This form, as well as information regard-
                            UP-COMING TEST DATES                                            ing testing out, can be found in the
                                                                                            Assistant Principal’s Office, the Counsel-
                              ACT                    SAT                                    ing Office, or it can be downloaded from
                             April 4                 May 2
                             June 13                 June 6                                 the        Athens        website         at:
                             ON-LINE INFORMATION
                                                                                            Once in the website:
          ACT: www.actstudent.org            SAT: www.collegeboard.com
                                                                                             1) Select the "Schools" tab, then select
   Scholarship Reminder                           Scholarship Website                           "High School"
                                                                                             2) Select the "Athens logo"
       Please Be Aware Of                             Information                            3) Select the "Academics" tab
          All Deadlines                                                                      4) Select "Counseling/Career Center"
                                              Information about many scholar-                5) On the right-hand side select
   Most scholarship applications re- ships can be found on our website at:
quire an official transcript from the                                                           "Testing Out Information"
Counseling Office. Scholarship Applica-
tion Request Forms are available in the         www.troy.k12.mi.us/athens                      For Athens’ students, the completed
Counseling Office. A form must be com-                                                      form must be submitted to Mrs. Goss
pleted for each transcript (there is no       Once in the website, select the               by Friday, March 13, 2009.
charge for scholarship requests). Please following in the order listed below:
allow us at least five school days (one                                                       Parents and students will be contacted
week) to process these requests.                  1) High School                            in April regarding the test date for all
                                                  2) Select the Athens logo                 subjects (except math). The test date for
            HIGHSCHOOL                            3) Academics                              math is April 18, 2009, and will be given at
                                                  4) Counseling/Career Center               the Services Building.
         SUMMERSCHOOL                             5) Career Center Website
     Summer School Brochures are                  6) Select “ENTER” button
 available in the Guidance Office.                7) Scholarships
 Summer School Registration begins
 in March.

                                                                       ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 3
PTO News
      Athens PTO is now accepting Scholar-                           KKKK
ship Applications. Please go to our web page
at: athens.troy.k12.mi.us/parent/ to down-
                                                          Senior All Night Party
load the form, or pick one up in the Guidance
Office. You can also pick one up at our next
meeting, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 7:00                                  Saturday, June 6, 2009
PM. Please submit all completed applica-
tions to the Guidance Office by April 2, 2009.                                10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
Scholarship awards will be announced at the
Honors ceremonies.                                  Only three months remain before the 2009 Senior All Night Party gets underway!
   Here is the schedule for the remaining PTO      Purchase your tickets now at the bargain price of $65.00 (until 6/3/09) or you'll be
Meetings - all meeting will be held at 7:00 PM     paying $80.00 at the door! Two hundred twenty-nine tickets have sold year-to-date.
in the Teachers' Lounge:                           Tickets are all-inclusive: fun games, delicious food and amazing prizes!
             Tuesday, March 10
              Tuesday, April 14                      Ticket Sales: Assistant Principal's Office, on-line or call Lynn Deacon (evenings)
               Tuesday, May 12                     at 248-619-7325.
                    JOIN US!
                                                     Senior & Underclassmen Parents: To volunteer at this memorable event, contact
   VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Teacher                      Peggy Kmiec at 248-689-3273 or email peggykmiec@gmail.com. Need general
 Appreciation Week is coming up! If                information? Contact ANP Chairperson Linda Bolish at 248-689-3632 or email
 you'd like to help with a luncheon or other       fishbolish@yahoo.com.
 ideas to show our teachers how much we
 value them, please contact Sherry Price at         Looking Ahead: The General Chairperson position currently held by Linda Bolish
 248-528-2793 or priceparty@aol.com.               will be "open" in the 2009-2010 school year and needs to be filled - the sooner the
   We're looking to elect officers for next        better. Please call Linda for the opportunity to learn by shadowing her during the
 year's PTO. If you're interested in               coming months.
 helping us out, or if you have any
 questions about what we need, please              REMINDER: DROP OFF USED CARTRIDGES AT CARTRIDGE WORLD --
 contact Tammy Duszynski at 248-740-               MENTION TROY ATHENS ALL NIGHT PARTY AND WE GET REIMBURSED
 8595 or tsd@wideopenwest.com.                     -- 3620 ROCHESTER ROAD, BETWEEN WATTLES AND BIG BEAVER

                                     SENIOR ALL NIGHT PARTY 2009
     Please use this form to order All Night Party tickets and provide the following:
          * Detach and send the form filled out completely, especially a phone number where parents can be
              reached the night of the party.
          * Make checks payable to: Athens All Night Party
          * If mailing, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and send to:
                        Lynn Deacon 4855 Pickford Dr., Troy, MI 48085
                                                               Please Print
     STUDENT NAME ______________________________________________________ Male/Female
     PARENTS' NAMES _______________________________________________________________
     ADDRESS            ______________________________________________________________________
     PARENTS' PHONE _______________________________________________________________
                                                              (Where you can be reached on night of party)

                          T-Shirt Size: Medium                 Large        X-Large         XX-Large (circle one)

                                                 TICKET COST: $65 through June 3, 2009

                           2009 WINTER SCHOLAR ATHLETES
                  The following list of scholar athletes is comprised of seniors, juniors, sophomores
                   and freshmen who had a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or above.
                     This list is based on their GPA as of January 2009 at Athens High School.
                  Gymnastics                           Dibartolomeo, Jaclyn                Mens' Swim
                  Guo, Karen                           Goodin-Smith, Oona                  Chander, Benjamin
                  Madzia, Brooke                       Hill, Colleen                       Gombos, William
                  Mather, Michelle                     Kozikowski, Marisa                  Jones, Bryan
                  Mediati, Antonette                   Lo, Tracey                          Kelly, Kevin
                  Yee, Emily                           Matthews, Katrina                   Kochenderfer, Eric
                                                       Obayashi, Kotomi                    Ridella, Ryan
                  Hockey                               Palmer, Melissa                     Sharp, Robert
                  Faw, Aaron                           Ruedisueli, Maria                   Sketch, Michael
                  Kreza, Daniel                        Russell, Sinclair                   Tawata, Shinya
                  Lining, Matthew                      Ruta, Kathy
                  Perkins, Steven                      Sabourin, Natalie                   Winter Cheerleading
                  Renn, Jordan                         Sanches, Mayara                     Baker, Kaitlyn
                  Vargo, Daniel                        Stevanovic, Sabrina                 Berard, Caitlyn
                                                       Svrcina, Haley                      Bielman, Marie
                  Wrestling                            Thakur, Monique                     Black, Hayley
                  Chinta, Vamsikrishna                                                     Black, Lauren
                  Defluri, Albert                      Boys' Basketball                    Bordo, Adrienne
                  Essak, Anthony                       Aurand, Andrew                      Durant, Brittany
                  Hussaini, Atif                       Bujarski, Adam                      Gillam, Makaela
                  Mohammad, Momin                      Catterall, Daniel                   Golke, La Ree
                  Robertson, Trevor                    Duzey, Jacob                        Ignasiak, Christina
                  Turner, Brian                        Fox, Aaron                          Michaels, Haley
                  Vincent, Bradley                     Freiman, Timothy                    Mutter, Elizabeth
                                                       Grewal, Jeewanjot                   Palcisko, Ariel
                  Girls' Basketball                    Koelzer, Jacob                      Rockensuess, Rachel
                  Bilinski, Lauren                     Koelzer, Samuel                     Soucek, Dana
                  Borowsky, Mary                       Kroppe, Nicholas                    Stagner, Natalie
                  Brannon, Olivia                      Weslosky, Kevin                     Stark-Norton, Alyssa
                  Carmona, Erin                        Weslosky, Kyle                      Varela, Veronica
                  Clippard, Rebecca
                  Demarco, Laura                                                           Synchronized Swim
                                                                                           Sheridan, Carrington

   All Sports Spring Parent/Athlete/Coach Meeting will be held on Monday, March 23, 2009 at 6:00 PM in the main gym.
      Spring sports practices will start on Monday, March 9th. In order to be eligible, a student must have passed five classes in the
first semester of 2008. The student must also have on file, a physical and emergency card signed by a physician and the student’s
parents. Any student who participated in the Fall or Winter athletics should already have a physical card on file.
      New students to the athletic program can pick up a physical card in the Assistant Principals’ Office, Main Office, or from your
coach. If a student needs a physical, try to schedule it prior to March 9th. His or her physical card must be turned in to coaches
before students can participate in try-outs or practice.
      Students should read and/or listen to the morning announcements, or look for signs posted in the building for specific team
meeting dates and times. The spring season athletic team’s and varsity coaches are:

           BASEBALL………………..Mike Morris                                  GIRLS' TENNIS ....................... Andrew Shipp
           BOYS' GOLF………………Dale Rahn                                    BOYS' TRACK ......................... John Epple
           BOYS' LACROSSE………...Nick Stenson                             GIRLS' TRACK ........................ Mike Stallsmith
           GIRLS' SOCCER…………..Tim Storch                                GIRLS' LACROSSE .................. Rob Holder
           GIRLS' SOFTBALL……….Dave Marr                                 GIRLS' WATER POLO ........... Dale Mills

                                                                     ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 5
            Advanced Placement Examination Information 2009
WHAT:         AP exams are college level exams in a variety of subject areas; students take AP exams during high school; colleges
              and universities may grant credit, placement, or both to students who earn appropriate scores.

WHO:          AP exams are designed for students who are or have been enrolled in AP courses offered at the high school.
              **(other interested students are advised to get a recommendation from their teachers)

WHEN:         AP exams will be administered according to the national schedule from
              Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 15th. Students report for morning
              exams at 7:40 a.m. and for afternoon exams at 11:40 a.m.

WHERE:        AP exams will be administered at St. Anastasia Church.

WHY:          AP exams can:
              1. enable students to earn advanced status at the college level;
              2. allow students to enroll in other electives at the college level;
              3. allow students to finish the Bachelor’s Degree sooner;
              4. save students money.

ORDERS:       AP exams can be ordered during regular school hours from,
              Monday, February 23rd through Friday, March 13th from
              Mrs. Mollie DeBandt in the Guidance Office.

FEES:         1. AP exams cost $86.00 each.
              2. Fee reductions of $30.00 per exam (your cost would be $56.00 per exam) are available to students whose families
                 have financial need; appropriate documentation needed.
              3. Students should pay by check or money order when ordering exams. Checks and money orders should be
                 made payable to Athens High School.
              4. A cancellation fee of $13.00 will be charged for each test cancelled after orders have been sent.


                                         2009 AP Exam Schedule
             Week #1                     Morning 8:00 AM                    Afternoon 12:00 PM
             May 4                       U.S. Government and Politics       Comparative Government and Politics
                                                                            French Language
             May 5                       Computer Science A                 Statistics
                                         Computer Science AB
                                         Spanish Language
             May 6                       Calculus AB                         Chinese Language and Culture
                                         Calculus BC
             May 7                       English Literature & Comp.          French Literature
                                         German Language                     Japanese Language and Culture
             May 8                       United States History               European History
                                                                             Studio Art (portfolios due)

             Week #2                     Morning 8:00 AM                     Afternoon 12:00 PM              2:00 PM
             May 11                      Biology                             Physics B                       Physics C:
                                         Music Theory                        Physics C:                       Electricity &
                                                                              Mechanics                        Magnetism
             May 12                      Chemistry                           Psychology
                                         Environmental Science
             May 14                      English Language & Comp.            Art History
                                         Italian Language and Culture
             May 15                      Macroeconomics                      Microeconomics
                                         World History
             May 16                      Human Geography                     Latin Literature

                                                                 RED HAWK STARS
 News From
 The Bowling

                                                         Congratulations to New
                                                     National Honor Society Inductees!
The Athens’ Varsity bowling teams have                                    Class of 2009
completed an up and down regular sea-
son and now move into the tournament           GREEN, MYELE               RUMANO, FLAVIA         ULLAH, HASEEB
                                               PIOCH, LAURA               SCHMIDT, LAURA         VARELA, VERONICA
stretch.                                       PRUDENTE, LOUISE ANNE      TASSEN, KELSEY

The girls’ team finished third in the OAA                                Class of 2009
league regular season and third in the
league tournament. The boys’ team fin-         ALFONSO, ALEXANDRA         GOMBOS, WILLIAM        OSWALD, JOSHUA
ished ninth in the season and ninth in the     ANNAMALAI, SHIVAKUMARAN    GOWER, SHELBY          PATEL, RIKTA
tournament.                                    AZIM, TAMANNA              GUSTAFSSON, MEGAN      PATEL, VANDAN
                                               BALDERRAMA, CRISTA         HALLMAN, MEGAN         PAWLAK, DANIEL
The girls were lead all year by sophomore      BAZAREWSKI, CASEY          HAMPEL, ZACHARY        PENNYCOOK, PAIGE
Becca Boutieller and junior Mandy              BELTER, REBECCA            HUSSAINI, ZENAT        PERKINS, STEVEN
Morton. They were the second and third         BESWERCHIJ, ANDREW         JANNESS, LAUREN        POMEROY, ERIC
highest averages in the league with 182        BHATNAGAR, SHREYA          JENSEN, CHRISTOPHER    POMEROY, SHANNON
and 180 respectively. Mandy lead the           BILIMORIA, AARESH          JONES, BRYAN           PRIMEAU, LAUREN
league with a high game of 255 and Becca       BILINSKI, DAVID            JUDDO, KELSEY          RAGNONI, JENNIFER
was right behind her with 247. Seniors         BORLAGDAN, JARED PAUL      KARIM, MARCUS          RAINE, BRADLEY
Dana Kuntzler and Megan Neil were the          BOROWSKY, MARY             KARIM, MATTHEW         RAVANI, KAJAL
next highest averages on the team with         BRADSHAW, DEANNE           KENNY, KRISTEN         REYNOLDS, MELISSA
156 and 154. Sophomore Alyssa Benes            BREISH, LEAH               KINAYA, MARCELLA       RISHI, SUNNY
rounded out the team with a 131 average.       BRINKER, BRIAN             KOSS, MIKAL            RUEDISUELI, MARIA
                                               BURT, TYLER                KUBOTA, KEN            RUTA, KATHY
The boys were lead by senior Matt              CHALPE, MADHULIKA          KURTOVIC, MERIMA       SABOURIN, DAVID
Churay with a 205 average, good enough         CHOI, SORA                 KYE, JONATHAN          SARMA, MALLIKA
for 12th high in the league. He also won the   CHOU, KATHLEEN             LANZON, EMMA           SEGUIN-SKRABUCHA,REBECCA
Romeo Singles tournament in December.          CHRISTIANSEN, ALISON       LE, ANDREW             SHAH, DHAVAN
Seniors’ Dan Isley (187) Jon Gold (173),       CLANCEY, SCOTT             LEE, CICIA             SHARMA, ANUSHA
Walt Stoi (169), and Bill Attwood (160),       CLEGHORN, KRISTEN          LI, JARVIS             SKETCH, MICHAEL
along with junior Bob Kirkpatrick (174)        COLO, LOUISE               LI, YUPING             SLACK, TIA
and sophomore Drew Strzyzewski (174)           COVEN, JUSTINE             LINING, MATTHEW        SPREYER, VICTORIA
rounded out the team.                          DAKWALE, AKHILESH          LO, STELLA             SUCALDITO, JULIA
                                               D’AMORE-BRAVER, ALEXANDER MADEJ, RENEE            TALBOT, FRANK
                                               DE GALA, ADRIANE KAY       MADZIA, BROOKE         TOOFANNY, JAMEEL
                                               DERESKI, MICHELLE          MARTENS, ELISE         TOOTALIAN, MEGAN
   SPRING SPORTS                               DISCENNA, TARA             MARTUCCI, CHRISTOPHER VALICE, EMILY
     MEETING                                   DUHAIME, KYLE              MATTIE, RITA           VAN LUVEN, TAYLOR
                                               DUSZYNSKI, BRIAN           MCLAUGHLIN, KELLY      VAN NOORD, SARAH
  The Spring Sports Meeting for                ESSAK, ELARIA              MEREDITH, NATHANIEL    VANDEKERKHOVE, MEGAN
coaches, parents and athletes is               FADANELLI, MONICA          MOHAMMAD, MOMIN        VOIGHT, DREW
scheduled for Monday, March 23,                FAW, AARON                 MORI, AIMA             WESLOSKY, KEVIN
                                               FLEWELLING, BRIAN          MORLEY, JESSALYN       WESLOSKY, KYLE
2009, at 6:00 PM in the Main Gym.                                                                XHAFA, ENXHI
                                               FOLEY, KELLEY              MORTON, AMANDA
                                               FREIMAN, JOSEPH            MUTTER, PAUL           YANG, YEMEN
                                               GANDHI, NIKHIL             NAGY, MICHELLE         YIM, SUN HYE
                                               GEE, SHERRY                O’CONNELL, KAITLIN     ZHANG, DAVID
                                               GENG, BOWEN                ORRIN, COLIN           ZHU, BOYANG

                                                                    ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 7
Attention Juniors:
The Michigan Merit Exam is Coming!

Dear Parents and Students,

    The State of Michigan passed new legislation which replaced the MEAP (Michigan Education Assessment Program) with
the MME (Michigan Merit Exam). This new exam will be given to all juniors for the 2008-2009 school year. The test will be
administered starting March 10 through March 12, 2009.

     Juniors will take the Michigan Merit Exam (MME). The MME includes the following components:

                  ACT plus Writing
                  ACT WorkKeys – Applied Math
                  ACT WorkKeys – Reading for Information
                  Michigan Math assessment
                  Michigan Science assessment
                  Michigan Social Studies assessment

     The ACT plus Writing test that will be administered is the same ACT plus Writing test that students have traditionally signed
up to take during their junior and senior year in high school. As part of the MME, the test will be paid for and administered as
part of the MME. This administration of the ACT plus Writing will generate a college reportable score that can be used for college
admissions, NCAA athletic eligibility, and military school admissions.

     The MME exam is part of the state’s commitment to increasing high school standards to make sure that students are prepared
for their future. If students are to be successful after high school they need a variety of skills. The MME exam assesses these
skills and provides information on a student’s readiness for work or education beyond high school.

    The MME has a variety of benefits for both students, parents, and the school district.

    Benefits for Students:

                  A free ACT plus Writing test.
                  A college reportable ACT plus Writing score that can be used for college admission, NCAA athletic eligibility,
                    and military school admissions.
                  A qualifying score that would make you eligible for the Michigan Promise Scholarship (the new Michigan Merit
                     Award scholarship).

    Benefits for Parents:

                  A free ACT plus Writing test for your son or daughter.
                  Eligibility for your son or daughter for the Michigan Promise Scholarship.

    Benefits for the Schools:

                  Schools will receive data on curriculum quality
                  Schools No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Education YES! Report Card, and School Accreditation will be
                    determined, in part, by student performance on the MME.

                    Michigan Merit Exam (MME) Testing Schedule / (Spring 2009)
March 10:      ACT Plus Writing Assessment – Juniors ONLY
               Juniors ONLY between 7:25 AM and 12:25 PM

ACT Plus             English                                                     45 minutes
Writing Test         Mathematics                                                 60 minutes
                     Reading                                                     35 minutes
                     Science                                                     35 minutes
                     Writing                                                     30 minutes
                     Total test time (including giving instructions & breaks)    Approx. 5 hours

There will be no school for high school students EXCEPT juniors.
Lunch will not be served to any of the students on this day.
Dismissal time for juniors is at 12:20 PM.

March 11:      WorkKeys
               Juniors ONLY between 7:25 AM and 11:25 AM

WorkKeys             Reading for Information                                     45 minutes
                     Applied Mathematics                                         45 minutes
                     Locating Information                                        45 minutes
                     Total test time (including giving instructions & breaks)    Approx. 3.5 hours

Late start for 9th 10th and 12th grades at 11:35 AM – 2:14 PM (no lunch served for these students)
Cafeteria will serve lunches to juniors ONLY at 10:59 AM - 11:29 AM (juniors may bring their own lunch)
All students, including juniors, begin classes at 11:35 AM – 2:14 PM (hours 4, 5 & 6)

March 12:      Michigan Mathematics, Michigan Science, Michigan Social Studies
               Juniors ONLY between 7:25 AM and 11:25 AM

Michigan             Mathematics                                                 40 minutes
Components           Science                                                     40 minutes
                     Social Studies                                              40 minutes
                     Total test time (including giving instructions & breaks)    Approx. 3 hours

Late start for 9th 10th and 12th grades at 11:35 AM – 2:14 PM (no lunch served for these students)
Cafeteria will serve lunches to juniors ONLY at 10:59 AM - 11:29 AM (juniors may bring their own lunch)
All students, including juniors, begin classes at 11:35 AM – 2:14 PM (hours 1, 2 & 3)

*Makeup Dates: March 24 - ACT Plus Writing Assessment
               March 25 - WorkKeys (Reading for Infomation, Applied Mathematics, Locating Information)
               March 26 - Michigan Mathematics, Michigan Science, Michigan Social Studies

                                                                  ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 9
                   STAFF MEMBER                                             Charity Week
                   OF THE MONTH
The February Staff Member of the Month is Ms. Robin MacLeish. Ms.
MacLeish was nominated by an AHS parent and by a fellow staff member.      Charity Week this year will be held
                                                                        March 16-20th. There are a variety of
She was described in the following way:                                 ways for students to become involved
                                                                        during the week and contribute to the
 “Ms. MacLeish takes the time to find out exactly what each student
                                                                        charity selected by Student Congress.
                                                                        One activity is the Charity Auction.
needs for his or her classes. She is an outstanding educator who has    Students will be auctioned for a lunch
               helped to bring out the best in my son.”                 date. Unfortunately, in the past some
“Ms. MacLeish works extremely hard with her students, often staying
                                                                        students who have pledged to pay for a
                                                                        lunch date with a particular student have
 after school to help them succeed. She is also amazing at communi-     not followed through with their
                 cating with parents and teachers.”                     donation. Therefore, please talk with your
                                                                        son or daughter about the amount of
                                                                        money he or she can bid in the charity
                                                                        auction. Do not bid if the donation will
                                                                        not be given; the selected charity appre-
                                                                        ciates the efforts of Athens students and
                                                                        depends on our contributions.

                                                                        Thank you,

                                                                        Mr. Shawn DuFresne
                                                                        Student Congress Advisor

                                                                        Mr. Joe Duda
                                                                        Assistant Principal, Activities

                             2nd Quarter, 2008-2009

             Any student that has improved his/her GPA by more than one point
        Class of '09                               Class of '10                      Class of '11

      La'Ray Anderson                               Tiffany Cobb                   Yasmeen Abbass
      Jona Fjolla                                   Emily Laurinec                 AirelleArrington
      Mary Jabou                                    Valan Raffo                    Charli Milliron
      Robert Kilgore                                Jeremy Stoian                  Hayley Mulvenna
      Lucy Romagnoli                                                               Connor Williams
      Zachary Waggener                                                             Jaylen Williams

February 20, 2009

Troy Athens High School
4333 John R. Road
Troy, MI 48098

Dear Parents, Staff, and Athens Community Members,

My name is Josh Heppner, and I have recently been selected as the new Head Football Coach at Troy Athens High School. On
behalf of my wife, Nicole, and children, Drew and Nadia, I would like to extend our gratitude for becoming a part of the Troy Athens
academic/athletic family. It has been a long and rewarding journey enriched with both academic and athletic successes, along
with every day trials and tribulations, which have prepared me for the tasks that lie ahead. I am confident that my strong belief
in creating a family atmosphere will only strengthen the pride already displayed by this great Athens community.

As a 1996 graduate of Marshall High School, I continued my education at Ferris State University where I majored in English, and
minored in Physical Education/Coaching. While at Ferris, I was also a member of the football team. After arriving at Ferris I played
divided time my sophomore year, until sealing a starting position at Tight End for the next three years. In 1999 our team was ranked
number one in the nation in terms of offense, averaging 42 points per game. I was honored to be named an offensive captain and
all-conference Tight End my last year playing for the Bulldogs.

In 2001 I found a new home teaching at Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, where after being an assistant football coach
for one year, I then was privileged to be named the Head Varsity Football Coach in 2002. While at Lakeview High School, my time
was divided between teaching Freshman and Sophomore English, different Physical Education courses, and running a weight
training and conditioning program geared for all student athletes. Through a huge joint effort, I am very confident that I am leaving
Lakeview in a much better place than when I first entered the halls early in my career. There is now a much greater sense of school
pride, academic/athletic success, and unity in which all of my colleagues are proud of.

My teaching and coaching philosophies are similar in many ways:

        Teaching: To utilize effective leadership skills, structured planning skills, and appropriate facilitation of programs in
         order for excellence in education to be achieved. By incorporating these elements with flexibility, both in the classroom
         and on the athletic field, students will achieve a well-rounded education by developing academically, socially, and

        Coaching: To develop a family-like atmosphere within the football program where every student/athlete realizes that
         education is the greatest reward they can receive. Each member will also understand that true success in football is more
         easily achieved by becoming a student of the game. Most importantly, qualities such as pride, sacrifice, trust, loyalty,
         and respect for others will become natural characteristics portrayed by all. To truly be successful, it is a priority to
         represent Troy Athens High School with the highest regard and manner at all times.

It is extremely important for me to make sure that the ideals taught by the members of the football staff reflect the mission and vision
of Troy Athens High School. I am already starting to build great relationships with many members of this outstanding community,
and look forward to meeting all of you. I will use the traditions from my past to not only enrich the current traditions of Troy Athens
High School, but also to set new and higher standards for them. I am extremely excited, honored, and humbled to be a part of this
great community. All I ask is that you help me, along with these great young men, embark on a new sense of pride and expectations
displayed by Troy Athens Football. I am extremely confident that our Athens Family will make the dream of becoming the state's
most dominant football program a much-deserved reality. Go Red Hawks!


Joshua M. Heppner

                                                                     ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 11
                                                           DUAL ENROLLMENT
  Effective April 1, 1996, Public Act 160 created the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, commonly referred to as dual enrollment. This law

  directs school districts to assist students in paying tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities, if

  all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Students are in grade 11 or grade 12.

  2. Students can qualify for dual enrollment by taking one of the following assessments: PSAT, ACTPLAN, ACT, or MME. The following table

  shows the complete list of scores that qualify students for dual enrollment:

      As s e s s m e n t   Test Section          Content Area          Minimum Dual Enrollment Qualifying Score
                           Critical Reading      Reading                                   44
        PSAT               Writing Skills        Writing                                   49
                           Mathematics           Mathematics                               45
                           Mathematics           Mathematics                               18
        PLAN               Reading               Reading                                   17
                           Science               Science                                   19
                           English               English                                   21
                           Mathematics           Mathematics                               18
        ACT                Reading               Reading                                   17
                           Science               Science                                   19
                           English               English                                   21
                           Reading               Reading                                  1100
        MME                Writing               Writing                                  1100
                           Mathematics           Mathematics                              1100
                           Science               Science                                  1100
                           Social Studies        Social Studies                           1100

  Additionally, according to P.A. 160, eligible students may take courses for which there are no endorsements, such as computer science,

  foreign language, history, political science, or psychology, as long as they have taken all sections of the MME, ACTPLAN, ACT or College Board

  PSAT. State endorsement is not required in any specific area for this participation.

  3. Students must be enrolled in both the school district and postsecondary institution

  during the local school district’s regular academic year and must be enrolled in at

  least one high school class.

  4. The district must not offer the college courses. An exception to this could occur if the local board of education determines that a scheduling

  conflict exists, which is beyond the student’s control.

  5. The college courses cannot be a hobby, craft, or recreation course, or in the subject areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or

  religious education.

  6. School districts are required to pay the lesser of:

  a. The actual charge for tuition, mandatory course fees, materials fees and registration fees; or

  b. that state portion of the students’ foundation allowance, adjusted to the proportion of the school year they attend the postsecondary


  Please review the contents of this letter. If you are eligible for dual enrollment, qualify for tuition and fee support, and wish to participate,


  Marcia Decker


           Athens Theater Co.

The Musical version of Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist”

               Tickets on SALE now!

        CALL 248-823-2914 for tickets
      Adults $10 Students $7 Seniors $5
               All seats reserved


              March 6 & 7 @ 8:01
               March 8 @ 3:00

                           ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 13
                       WITH D R . A RTHUR W EAVER
                   M ARCH 19 , 2 3-2 7 AND 30 , 2 0 09
                                                                                                                         You CAN
                                                                                                                      stop smoking!

     Dr. Arthur Weaver presents “Breathe Free”, an effective 7 day Smoking Cessation Workshop to help men
     and women of all ages Stop Smoking and have healthier lives! Sponsored by The Troy Community
     Coalition for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.
     Successful Treatment
     The Breathe Free Smoking Cessation program has been successful in helping more people discard their
     smoking habit than any other program. It has been used nationally to help millions quit smoking. Dr.
     Weaver has used this program in the Detroit metropolitan area since 1966 and has helped an estimated
     100,000 people become smoke free.

     The Breathe Free program is a group interaction, behavioral change seminar with an introductory
     session explaining the program and preparing the individuals for the withdrawal process. There are
     five successive sessions, and a graduation program the following week.

     Participants are instructed how to handle the smoking urges and what to expect in withdrawal
     symptoms. They also learn how to handle the much longer lasting psychological association that can
     engender return to the smoking habit.

Space is Limited. Sign up today!                 Registration Form           2009 Breathe Free Smoking Cessation Program
Call the office or mail this form to:    M arch 19, 23-27 and M arch 30 at 7:30 p.m   Troy Community Center, 3179 Livernois
Troy Community Coalition                 You are encouraged to attend all 7 nights     FREE, although Donations Are Appreciated!
4420 Livernois Rd.
Troy, MI 48098                          Nam e
Phone: 248-823-5210
Fax: 248-823-5051
E-mail: lpodsiadlik2@troy.k12.mi.us     Address

                                        City                                      State MI            Zip Code

                                        E-Mail                                                        Phone

 1:00-3:00 PM - Easter Egg Painting at the Library FREE!
 Come paint eggs with intricate designs using a stylus and colored dye at this Teen and Youth event. Register online
 at www.libcoop.net/troy or call 248-524-3542, ages 14 and under for this event (510 W. Big Beaver).
 3:30-5:30 PM - Library’s Super Smash & Guitar Hero Tournaments FREE!
 It’s time to play Guitar Hero and Super Smash Brawl! Come test your gaming skills in one or both tournaments.
 Feel free to bring your own controller. Tournaments will begin promptly. Register online at www.libcoop.net/troy or
 by calling 248-524-3542, space is limited (510 W. Big Beaver).
 11:30 PM - 6 AM - Fourth Annual Laser Quest Overnighter
 For the last three years students came out for six hours of heart-pounding Laser Quest fun for only $30. Bring your
 friends or just yourself. Snacks and continental breakfast provided. Register in advance at Laser Quest (31401 John
 R in Madison Heights) and receive a free game. For more information, please call Larry Hills at 248-616-9292.
 *Form with parent signature required, available at www.troymi.gov/SpringBreak.

 Check out All Day Everyday for fun activities and discounts!

 1:00-4:00 PM - Open Dodgeball
 Come play this fast-growing sport at the Troy Community Center - $3 per person payable at the Control Desk, 248-
 524-3484 (3179 Livernois).
 12:00-1:00 PM - Karate at the Library FREE!
 Come see an exciting live karate demonstration. 8th degree black belt Larry Jose of TDS Martial Arts gives the
 presentation. Register at www.libcoop.net/troy or call 248-524-3542 (510 W. Big Beaver).
 2:00-4:00 PM - Library’s DDR and Wii Tournaments FREE!
 Got Moves? Show them off in one or both tournaments. Tournaments will begin promptly. Register at www.libcoop.net/
 troy or by calling 248-524-3542, registration is limited (510 W. Big Beaver).
 1:00-3:00 PM - Golf Camp
 Junior golfers of all levels will enjoy this camp at Sanctuary Lake (1450 E. South Blvd.). Clubs and balls are provided.
 Camp meets Mon. and Tues. from 1-3 PM. Register for $50, 248-524-3484.

 Troy Parks and Recreation – Community Center Special - $10 Spring Break Pass for all Troy students
 Mon.-Fri., 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM, Sat., 8 AM - 9 PM
 Open Basketball 1-5 PM, Mon.-Fri.
 Open gym, fitness room, $5 per person, per day or $10 for the week; must be a Troy resident with a student ID card.
 Open swim times are 11:30-9 PM on Mon., Wed., Fri.; 11:30-6:50 PM on Tues. Thurs.; and 11 AM-6 PM on Sat.
 (3179 Livernois, north of Big Beaver).

 Troy Lanes & Bowl One
 12:00-5:00 PM
 $1.25 per game and 99 cents for shoe rental.

 Student Fun-Pack: Bowl 2 games, shoe rental, hot dog and pop for $6.95 (1950 E. Square Lake,
 248-879-8700 & 1639 E. 14 Mile, 248-588-4850).

 Boys & Girls Club of Troy FREE!
 2:00-6:00 PM - Monday-Thursday
 One Day Free Pass: Computers, pool table, air hockey, foosball, video games, movies, and gym time
 (3670 John R).

Life Time Fitness – 12:00-4:00 PM - Monday-Friday
$10 Admission Fee

Rock Wall – 12:00-2:00 PM
Open climbing, rock wall twister, demos and more. Beginning climbing instruction will be provided. *Rock wall waiver
must be signed by parent, available at www.troymi.gov/ SpringBreak.
Open Swim, 2:00-4:00 PM
Head over to Life Time Fitness for open swim. Have fun with friends and play in the pool (4700 Investment Dr.).
*Group event waiver must be signed by parent, available at www.troymi.gov/ SpringBreak.

Skate World 1:00-4:00 PM
Special Afternoon Skating for $5 (skate rental is extra). Go to www.skateworldtroy.com and print out a $1 off coupon
good towards admission (2825 E. Maple).

8:00 pm - Dodgeball Tournament FREE!
Join in a Dodgeball competition. At Big Beaver United Methodist Church (3753 John R between Big Beaver and

12:00-2:00 PM - International Cooking Class
Learn how to make Filipino and Arabic recipes. $5 fee for cooking supplies. Register by calling Cynthia at 248-404-
6234, space is limited to 20 students, parents are welcome to attend. Class held at Faith Lutheran Church (37635
1:00-3:00 PM - Golf Camp
Junior golfers of all levels will enjoy this camp at Sanctuary Lake (1450 E. South Blvd.). Clubs and balls are provided.
Camp meets Wed. and Thurs. from 1-3 pm. Register for $50, 248-524-3484.

6:30-8:30 PM - Library’s Battle of Rock Band FREE!
It’s time to unleash your inner rock star and live out your dreams. Contestants will compete in head to head battles
as they try to gain rock star notoriety. Come with a team or make one here. Registration is required for all band
members. Register at www. libcoop.net/troy or by calling 248-524-3542 (510 W. Big Beaver).
8:00-10:00 PM - Euchre Tournament FREE!
Prizes awarded to winners!
At Big Beaver United Methodist Church, 248-689-1932(3753 John R between Big Beaver and Wattles).

1:00-4:00 PM - Open Dodgeball
Come play this fast growing sport at the Troy Community Center, $3 per person payable at the Control Desk, 248-
524-3484 (3179 Livernois).

Noon-2:00 PM 7-Eleven at Long Lake & John R
FREE 12 oz. Slurpee! (5020 John R at Long Lake).

*Registration forms are available at www.troymi.gov/SpringBreak. Easy to print off and bring with you!

                                                             ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 17
                   Athens High School
        Staff Member of the Month Nomination Form
         A committee of Athens staff members invites parents, former students, and fellow
  staff members to recognize the wonderful contributions of those who work each day to
  make Athens a special place for kids. Nominations with accompanying rationale should
  be submitted to Mr. Duda in the Athens AP office.


   Please write a description detailing why the staff member should be

  Submitted By:
                 Staff Member                        Parent

                 Former Student                      Other

                                                                       Spring Parent/Teacher
                                                                          Thursday, March 19, 2009
                                                                             12:30 – 3:30 PM &
                                                                               5:30 – 8:30 PM
1,6,7 & 8.................Spring Musical Oliver
03........................Parent Coffee - 9:30 AM
                                                                         Students will have a half day
16-20....................................Charity Week
                                                                              (Hours 4, 5 and 6)
19..............................Half Day - Hrs. 4,5,6
                               Parent-Teacher Conf.          Helpful hints for productive, successful conferences
               12:30-3:30 PM & 5:30-8:30 PM
10.........................PTO Meeting - 7:00 PM               Make sure your child understands that you and the teacher
                                                                are working together.
                                                               Ask if your child has any particular problems with any
10,11 & 12..................MME/ACT Testing

                                                               Find out which are your child’s favorite classes.
                                                               Make a list of questions you want to ask and information
                                                                you want to share with the teacher.
                                                               Feel free to take notes during the conference.
 01.....................NHS Inductions - 7:30 PM               Discuss any change in behavior that might help the teacher
 03.............No School - End of 3rd quarter                  better understand your child.
 06-10.............No School - Spring Recess                   Tell the teacher if you think your child needs additional
14........................PTO Meeting - 7:00 PM                 help.
 14 &15........Middle School Lunch at AHS                      Share insights about your child’s interests and talents.
 24.................Class of the Year Breakfast                Ask the teacher to clarify anything you don’t understand.
 29............................................Ethnic Fair
 30...............................Spring Blood Drive

                                                                                                     NON-PROFIT ORG.
               Troy Athens High School                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                                4333 JOHN R ROAD, TROY, MI 48085                                            PAID
                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 3
                                                                                                     TROY, MICH. 48085

 Board of Education
 Carol Pochodylo, President
 Wendy Underwood, Vice-President
 Todd Miletti, Secretary
 Ida Edmunds, Trustee
 Paula Fleming, Trustee
 Gary Hauff, Trustee
 Nancy Philippart, Trustee

 Dr. Barbara A. Fowler,
     Superintendent of Schools

 Dr. Richard M. Machesky,
     Assistant Superintendent

                                                                        ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MARCH 2009 • PAGE 21

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