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Elderly Dependency by fionan

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									Elderly Dependency
What sort of countries does a high
 elderly dependency happen?
    Mainly in MEDC’s
     – For example
         Japan
         England
         USA
         France
         Australia
    China is a NIC – the one child policy
     may result in them having a high
     elderly dependency in the future.
      What causes a high elderly
 Low birth rate
  – This happens as a             Low death rate
    result of                      – This happens as a
      Having a high status of       result of
       women                           Having good medical
      Having good education            care
      Having a good family            Having sufficient water
       planning                         and food
      Allowing women to               Having good housing
       work                            Having a high standard
                                        of living
                                       Having a government
                                        that cares for the less
  How will this effect the Health care
 There will be a higher demand for health care for
  things like operations and medicine

 There will also be a higher demand for nursing
  homes, and residential care.

 There will be a reduction in funding for the child
  health care, that funding will be redirected to pay
  for health care for the elderly.
     How will this effect education
 There will be a lower demand for basic
  education because there are less children
  and young people
 However there may be an increased
  demand for further education as the elderly
  many want something to do in their
  increasing longer retirement.
  How will this effect resources?
 There might be a higher demand for smaller
  cheaper housing, but a smaller demand for larger
  family housing

 In the short term there may be a higher demand for
  food and water as the elderly use more resources
  than the young. However, having a high elderly
  dependency may result in there being there being
  less people. As a result of this in the long term, the
  demand for resource may will drop.
 How will this effect Jobs
 There will be a reduction in the working
  population this will create many vaccines:
  – This may cause the governments to encourage
    migrant workers.
  – It may also cause governments to increase the
    retirement age.
  – It may also result in the government encouraging
    people to work in their retirement.
  – This will cause less people to be producing the
    necessities, such as food and clothes , therefore cost
    of living will increase. As a result of this people will
    have less money to spend on luxury items, and there
    will be more people who live in poverty
 There will be more people in caring profession
  such as nurses, carers.
      How will this effect Taxes?
 The tax burden on the working population will
  increase because:

  – The working population is getting smaller but the
    government still needs the same if not more money,
    to provide for those dependent on them.

  – There are more people, (more elderly), who require
    the state to provide for them financially.

 However the government may try to reduce the
  number who are dependent on them may
  making pensions means tested. This will mean
  that the increase will be smaller than it might
  have been.
    How will this effect families?
 Children will grow up knowing more of their elderly
 Many grandparents will be working rather than
  caring for the grandchildren.
 Children will grow up respecting the old as wealth
  producing people rather than them being
  dependent on the state
 Parents will be able to turn to their parents or even
  grand parents when they need advice.
 Children will become more precious.
     How will this effect society as a
 The country as a whole will get poorer as there are fewer people
 In a democracy the government will focus their attention on the elderly
  generation rather than the young, or parents in order to gain votes at
  election time.
 The population will drop.
 The population will become more vulnerable to infectious disease,
  colds and flu.
 The country will be wiser and have more stability as older people tend
  not to migrate as regularly as the young.
 The country as a whole will be less ready to accept change as older
  people, generally like to have things as they always where.
 Children and young people will become more precious.
Most countries that have a high
 elderly dependency see it a a
 huge problem. What are they
         doing about it?

 Lets focus on Japan and see what
       they are doing about it!
        How is Japan dealing with having
          a high elderly dependency

 In the Short term                 In the long term
– There is major labour              – Persuading women to have
 shortages in all area of              more children
     employment .                        To encourage more people
                                          to have children the
    Answer: to encourage
                                          government has made
      immigration form the
     surrounding countries.
                                            – Increasing child benefit
       – For the next 40 years
         Japan needs 500,000                – Providing tax allowances for
          immigrants per year                 families
     – However the Japanese a               – Making childcare more
       sceptical about having so              accessible
       many immigrant because            Unless the government is
         they want to keep the            able to change the society
         purity of the Japanese           and the cutler view on
                 culture.                 children there will be no
                                          change to the birth rate
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   By Emma-Jane Behrens

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