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									                          Antrim & Ballymena LHSCG

                      NEWSLETTER Autumn 2005 Issue 4

            Welcome …
    the fourth     Ethnic Minorities living in the   Finally, we have the regular
             edition of our       Ballymena area. Also within       update on our work in
             newsletter which     this edition, you will find       developing services for older
contains a range of articles      information on how Arthritis      people as well as a feature
for your information. In          Care N.I. has been raising        on Stephen and Roisin, the
particular we are delighted to    awareness of Arthritis with       two Social Work
report the recent launch of       health and social care            representatives on our
‘Welcome to Ballymena’ a          professionals throughout          Management Board.
local services guide for          Northern Ireland.                 Liz McNabney

Welcome to Ballymena!
A comprehensive                   and Ballymena LHSCG,
information guide of local        Ballymena Borough Council
services has been                 and O’Kane’s Poultry. It is
developed for Ethnic              produced in English, Polish,
Minorities in the Ballymena       Romanian, Czech and
area.                             Russian. Versions are
                                  available in Ballymena
‘Welcome to Ballymena’            Community Forum,
includes information to help      Ballymena Jobcentre,
ethnic minorities and local       Ballymena Borough Council,
communities feel                  Ballymena Central Library         services for minority ethnic
‘welcomed’, ease the              and Citizens Advice Bureau.       and local communities.”
difficulties they face in
settling in an unknown area       Eileen Chan-Hu, Ethnic            ‘Welcome to Ballymena’ will
and become involved in the        Minorities Co-ordinator for       be a resource to help
life and spirit of Ballymena.     Ballymena Community               communities find their way
                                  Forum explained the need to       around the services and
Ballymena Inter-Agency
                                  develop the publication for       systems and give
Ethnic Support, facilitated by
                                  the Ballymena area:               individuals independence
Ballymena Community
                                  “The launch of ‘Welcome to        and confidence.
Forum’s Ethnic Minorities
                                  Ballymena’ marks a very
Project, has developed the
                                  significant and exciting time     For further details contact
                                  in raising awareness and          Ballymena Inter-Agency
‘Welcome to Ballymena’ has        promoting equality of             Ethnic Support on
been funded by the Antrim         opportunity to accessing          (028) 2565 1032
Are you Arthritis Aware?
                  Arthritis      people who live with the         ‘Challenging Arthritis’ self-
                   Care NI is    condition - including pain,      management programme.
                    offering     immobility, fear and             At the recent Arthritis Care
                    local        unpredictability.                NI Conference, Jim
                   ‘Arthritis    These local courses are          Livingstone, Director of
                  Awareness’     funded by DHSSPS and             Primary Care, DHSSPS,
                seminars for     Arthritis Care will tailor a     said, “Better self-managed
health and social care           seminar to meet the needs        care is the way of the
professionals who work           of your team.                    future. Arthritis Care
regularly with people with                                        recognised this before the
arthritis. The seminars are      In addition, Arthritis Care      Department. I congratulate
designed to help staff           also offers practical help to    Arthritis Care for its
understand the day-to-day        people living with the pain      Challenging Arthritis
issues of what it means for      of arthritis through their       programme”.

         “Being told to treat arthritis as more than just a 'pain disease', and
         to consider the depression, lifestyle limitation, fear, frustration, etc.
          that accompanies it, was most useful. I feel I can offer more help
           to people with arthritis after this course” Community Pharmacist

          “I am gaining more confidence and learning to accept the pain,
          inflammation and discomfort of arthritis. The course has made
             me think more positively and to know that I am not alone”
                         Challenging Arthritis participant

      For further information on Arthritis Awareness or Challenging Arthritis please
             contact Yvonne at Arthritis Care NI on 028 9448 1380 or email;

      Please feel free to       Message Board
     use our Newsletter         Women’s Aid has recently         Women’s Aid will be
      Message Board to          launched “The Bigger             providing further courses on
     highlight upcoming         Picture” handbook. This          Domestic Violence over the
       events, research,        handbook provides a              Autumn 2005.
            launches, job       directory for services and
         information and        referrals on Domestic            For further information
   projects in the Health       Violence.                        contact Ballymena Women’s
  and Social Care fields.                                        Aid on 028 2563 2136.
Commissioning Team for Older People
                     The Commissioning          and identifying the gaps which exist. The
                     Team for Older People      findings will be considered when making
                     (CTOP) over the last       future commissioning decisions. To obtain
                     number of months has       a copy of this document, please contact
                     focused significantly on   Martina Stirling at the NHSSB on 028
                     the development of         2531 1052.
                     services which will
                     prevent admission to       In addition, following the LHSCG workshop
hospital or facilitate the discharge of         on services for older people, the group is
people earlier from hospital. These             currently establishing a Reference Group
services would provide intensive                for Older People, bringing together users
rehabilitation and promote independence,        and carers, representatives from local
allowing people to be at home as long as        community and voluntary organisations,
possible.                                       elected representatives and the NHSSC.
                                                This will continue to ensure that local
A significant work programme has been
                                                people from Antrim & Ballymena are
identified for 2005-06. Part of this will
                                                involved in the commissioning and
focus on the current draft Equity Review,
                                                securing of services to meet local needs.
mapping current services for older people

  Summer Packs
  Health and well-being habits
  established in childhood can have a
  major impact on a person’s health
  as an adult. With statistics indicating
  that one in six 10 year olds is
  obese, developing healthy behaviour
  and lifestyles in childhood couldn’t
  be more important.

                                                  In order to increase awareness of
                                                  health issues in children, Antrim &
                                                  Ballymena LHSCG has provided a
                                                  range of summer schemes in the
                                                  area with ‘Summer Packs’. Included
                                                  were items such as baseball caps,
                                                  frisbies and wrist bands, highlighting
                                                  the health promotion messages on
                                                  physical activity, healthy eating and
                                                  safety in the sun.
Management Board Profile
- Social Workers                                                         Stephen Sheerin         Roisin Doyle

Stephen Sheerin                                              community representatives to ensure that
                                                             local needs are being met.
Stephen began his Career as a Social
Worker in 1978 when he was appointed as                      Roisin Doyle
a trainee Social Worker by the NHSSB.
His entire career to date has been spent                     Roisin Doyle has been a Social Work
working with children and families.                          representative for Antrim and Ballymena
                                                             LHSCG since September 2002. She has
Stephen has had the opportunity to work                      been a qualified social worker for 20 years
with children and families in the community,                 and has, during this time, worked with a
residential sector and in assisting young                    broad range of client groups. Roisin’s
people plan for their future after leaving                   earlier experience was with families and
care. He is currently engaged in a project                   children, before moving into hospital social
which will ensure that families and children                 work.
receive the necessary support services
when they present to local Social Work                       Roisin is an advocate of multidisciplinary
Offices, thereby ensuring that there is a                    team working. Her current employment, as
greater possibility of families remaining                    a Manager for Homefirst Community Trust,
together in their local community.                           is in supporting multidisciplinary teams
                                                             providing home-based rehabilitation to
Stephen joined the Antrim & Ballymena                        either prevent an admission to hospital or
LHSCG in 2003. Stephen continues to be                       facilitate a timely hospital discharge.
committed to consulting with local

 Antrim & Ballymena Local Health and Social Care Group is a committee of the Northern Health and Social Services Board

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