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                                LIFETIME ENSLAVEMENT
       Article 1.     Abstract, Intention, and Definitions
         This agreement is a contract between ______________________ (hereafter referred to as
“Master“) and __________________ (hereafter referred to as “Slave“). It is intended to set out,
in broad strokes, the terms and conditions under which Master and Slave enter into a relationship
that is purely and entirely consensual. This is a living document, the agreement remaining in full
force from the time of its inception until Master or Slave dies or Master determines its
termination. There is no duress understood, implied, or exerted upon Slave, and both Master and
Slave have had the opportunity to look over this agreement and agree on any changes necessary
prior to execution. Thus, both parties are actively participating in the shape and form of this
agreement, and by their signatures legally give full and unconditional consent to govern their
relationship within the boundaries outlined herein, with full understanding and acceptance of all
implications expressed and implied.
        Master does not intend to cause harm, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or in
any other manner, to Slave, by means of this agreement. Slave does not intend to cause harm, be
it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or in any other manner, to Master, by means of this
agreement. This agreement is entered into in recognition of the strong and abiding desire of
Slave to be wholly owned as property by Master, and is intended to provide a concrete set of
expectations and commitments between Master and Slave.
       Article 2.     Signature Validity
      For purposes of this agreement, an original signature (or copy of a fully executed
agreement) by each of Master and Slave shall be valid and binding for the contract and any
addendums hereto. This shall include powers of attorney on behalf of Slave.
       Article 3.     Agreement Term, Termination, Renewal
       This contract shall be in effect from the later date of the signatures of Master and Slave,
and shall continue for the remainder of the lives of Master and Slave.
       Article 4.     Intention of Form of Relationship
        Master and Slave, in recognition of the desire they share, in recognition of Master’s deep
and abiding needs, and in recognition of Slave’s deep and abiding need to have an owner and
authority figure within his life, choose to enter into a full-time, unequal Dominant/submissive
relationship with Master fully owning Slave as a piece of human property who has no
expectations of having any rights, freedom or ability to make decisions on his own for himself or
others unless commanded by the Master.
       Article 5.     Rights and Responsibilities Common to Master and Slave
       Master and Slave agree that within this relationship, each person has responsibilities to
themselves and to each other. Master will consider it a “right” to expect that that all of Slave’s
responsibilities are carried out. Slave will obey Master’s commands and follow Master’s
protocols as Master decrees.
               a.     Personal Responsibility for Actions, Reactions, and Emotional Reactions
              Master and Slave acknowledge that each brings into the relationship their past
experiences, their own values and personalities. Master and Slave agree that personal
responsibility is necessary and desirable within the relationship. Master and Slave agree to hold
responsibility for personal emotional reactions and if these issues cannot be resolved individually
then to discuss these issues with the other party. Slave will be given weekly communication
sessions with Master conducted in an open and honest manner with intent to address any issues.
Master and Slave agree that timeliness is of the essence in communicating distress. Master and
Slave acknowledge that it is difficult to immediately bring things up on occasion and a bit of
time is sometimes necessary to think through a situation logically to figure out where the stress
came from.
               b.      Honesty, Respect and Trust.
               Master and Slave acknowledge that a relationship must be based on honesty and
integrity, tempered with humor, warmth, and trust. Thus, all communication between Master and
Slave shall be open and honest. Slave agrees that the Master is worthy of respect, and that the
foundation of the relationship is based upon that. Master and Slave agree to trust that the other is
committed to the relationship.
               d.      Fulfillment of Needs
                Master and Slave acknowledge that the Master’s needs and desires in this
relationship are paramount. In the event of Master telling Slave that his needs are not being met,
Slave shall commit to cooperatively finding a resolution and implementing it immediately. In the
event this discussion does not accomplish the needed result, Master may request outside
assistance (such as a BDSM-related psychotherapist, fellow Master friend or a relationship
counselor), during which time Master and Slave agree to put forth maximum effort and do their
best towards finding a workable solution.
               e.      Personal Safety
               In any event where either Master or Slave is placed in a situation (or is about to be
placed in a situation) where there is a perception of real negative danger to him, Slave may
request a temporary halt to the activity to air his concerns (Master may possibly overlook
something important or dangerous). At that time, Master will make any or no changes to the
situation, and determine whether to continue the activity. Slave will always accept and trust
Master’s judgment on any issue.
               f.      Permanent Physical Changes
                Master and Slave acknowledge that Master may cause permanent changes or
damage to the physical body of Slave. In all cases where this may occur, Slave agrees to accept
these changes. (Permanent physical changes include tattoos, scars, brands, genital alterations,
permanent piercing, and anything else that will permanently change the shape, form, sight,
functionality, or other aspects of the Slave’s physical body.)
               g.      Monogamy
              Slave shall be monogamous in the relationship. Where sexual gratification is
sought, given, or received, the sexual contact shall be made only between Master and Slave
unless Master determines otherwise.
               h.      Legal Responsibilities
                Master and Slave acknowledge that they may be placed in physically taxing
situations, at Master’s whim, such that physical injury may occur. Master and Slave commit, in
the spirit of partnership, to taking care of each other when they are injured. To support this
commitment, Slave shall execute a medical power of attorney, living will and durable power of
attorney giving Master the right to make all decisions, medical or financial for Slave.
       Article 6.    Slave’s Responsibilities
        Within the global rights and responsibilities outlined in this agreement, none of which
shall be superseded by any of the following statements, Slave agrees to the following:
       a.     Slave knowingly, willingly, and willfully abdicates his freedom to Master, to be
              returned only in privileges per Master’s discretion. Slave does this while being
              sound of mind, body and spirit and is under no coercion whatsoever by Master or
              any other party. Slave wishes to be owned property by Master and to have no
              rights, no freedom and no escape from slavery and enslavement for life.
       b.     Slave accepts all decisions made for him by Master. Master shall be served by
              Slave to the best of Slave’s ability, with dispatch and without reservation.
       c.     Slave shall bear all marks and clothing as Master directs.
       d.     Slave shall not limit his actions or interactions with others in Master’s presence,
              nor shall Slave conceal anything from Master (from body to thoughts and
       e.     Slave shall never lie to Master and will always answer any question Master asks
              truthfully. Slave shall bring everything to Master’s attention that, in Slave’s best
              judgment, are important for Master to know.
       f.     Slave shall accept all dietary or fitness changes or restrictions that Master sees fit.
       g.     Slave’s personal habits shall be remade at any time, in any manner Master desires,
              for any reason that Master desires.
       h.     Slave shall accept all training measures and techniques that Master chooses to
              use, without question or reservation.
       i.     Slave shall address Master as “Master” or “Sir” unless specifically directed
              otherwise by Master.
       j.     Slave shall keep current patterns of speech intact unless and until Master retrains
              him. Slave’s address of Master for questions shall be prefaced with, “Sir?” or
              "Master?" Master may grant or deny Slave the ability to ask the question at that
              time. In the case of denied speech, Slave will remain silent until allowed speech
       k.     Slave is never permitted sexual exploration outside this relationship.
       l.     Slave shall never deny entrance of Master to the home.
       m.     Slave shall offer and give up all financial, domestic, and other resources to Master
              for Master’s control and decision making in the upholding of all responsibilities.
              Slave agrees to never question Master in these decisions or to try and control any
              finances. (Master may overlook something of monetary importance at which time
              Slave is allowed to alert Master’s attention to same.)
       n.     Slave shall never perform any action that, by its nature, would bring shame to his
              Master, demonstrate disrespect to Master, or disgrace Master. Slave shall be
              severely punished if he does, by accident or deliberately.
       o.     Slave acknowledges that Master does invest significant time, effort, and
              emotional stress into his training. Slave shall never make Master’s training of
              Slave more difficult than it is or needs to be. Slave shall never attempt to control
              any situation that Master is in control of, except at Master’s bidding.
       p.     Slave acknowledges that Master will not always be in a mindset to interact with
              Slave on the level that Slave may desire and thus will perform his required duties
              (as set forth herein and through Protocols) with a minimum of fuss, and shall offer
              emotional or other support to Master as necessary.
       q.     Slave acknowledges that there may be relationships with others that may be
              damaged through inadvertent slips regarding the ownership of Slave by Master.
       r.     Slave realizes that he exists for Master’s edification, amusement, alteration,
              modification, training and fulfillment, and shall do everything within his power to
              ensure Master’s happiness. Slave hereby relinquishes his need for basic human
              rights to Master (as society determines them) and will cease using them
              immediately, willingly and freely.
       s.     Slave agrees to do everything to his utmost and within his ability to get along well
              with Master’s other slaves current and in the future in no way allowing jealousy
              or envy to become part of the Slave’s life. Slave will strive whole-heartedly to be
              a slave brother to any and all slaves the Master may choose to bring into the
       Article 7.    Master’s Responsibilities
       Within the global rights and responsibilities of this agreement, none of which shall be
superseded by any of the following statements, Master agrees to the following:
       a.     Because Master, and service to Master, is so important to Slave’s mental and
              emotional well-being, Master acknowledges that Slave’s loss of Master would
              cause significant emotional, mental, and spiritual harm to Slave.
       b.     Master shall train Slave to proper, full-time service to Master, in all facets of what
              Master desires. Master may, at his discretion, train Slave on any or all mental,
              emotional, physical, spiritual and other planes as he knows and is capable.
       c.     Master shall refer to and address Slave in any manner he sees fit, at any time, in
              any context. Master shall temper this with knowledge of social stigmas, and shall
              strive to keep knowledge of Master and Slave’s relationship from those who
              would be hostile towards it. Master shall endeavor to be sensitive of relationships
              with Slave’s loved ones where Slave might be adversely affected upon knowledge
              of the M/s relationship, until Slave informs such members.
       d.     Master shall bear in mind Slave’s physical limitations of age, body condition,
              injuries or psychological impositions during devising of Slave’s training. Master
              will continue to own Slave until Slave’s natural expiration. Master shall provide
              for Slave’s emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance for life.
       e.     Master may, at his discretion, declare "free time" for Slave. These times being
              used for physical, emotional, spiritual, and other healing, as needed. Each free
              time shall have a time of termination which will be strictly observed by Slave. In
              the event Master feels the need to extend the free time, he may do so.
       f.      Master agrees to see that Slave is taken care of if Slave is physically incapacitated
               and ensure that Slave gets all necessary medical attention necessary.
       Article 8.      Order of succession
         Once this agreement is signed, it shall supersede any and all other agreements Master and
Slave have in place as of the date the agreement is signed, within the topic of commitment to
each other and the relationship. Any modifications to this basic agreement (after signing) must
be made in the form of addendums, which shall be signed by both Master and Slave, and
attached to this agreement. Master and Slave agree, to the best of their abilities, to abide by the
letter and spirit of this agreement for the duration of the contract.

I, _____________________________, do understand the responsibilities as defined in this
agreement, and affirm the intention of this agreement as an attempt to forge understanding of
rights and responsibilities in a new relationship. I enter into this relationship of my own free will,
with no coercion expressed or implied, and agree that the aforementioned responsibilities are
what I choose to be bound to within this relationship. By my signature, I affirm my intent to
enter into this agreement.

Signed _______________________________ Date _________________________

I, ______________________________, do understand the responsibilities as defined in this
agreement, and affirm the intention of this agreement as an attempt to forge understanding of
rights and responsibilities in a new Master/slave relationship. I enter into this agreement of my
own free will, with no coercion expressed or implied, and agree that the aforementioned
responsibilities are what I choose to be bound to within this relationship. By my signature, I
affirm my intent to enter into this agreement.

Signed _______________________________ Date _________________________

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