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					September 2006 - Issue 18

Redbridge Police Newsletter                                       Written and published by Redbridge Police in partnership
                                                                            with the Police Community Consultative Group

               New Suite Proves
                 Great IDea
                                                            the whole process and sends them the image
                                                            on CD and a statement after the ID parade.

                                                            Insp. Mark Kelly said,

          Gone are the days of victims worrying about
          facing suspects and feeling intimidated,
          now extreme caution is taken to ensure that He also warned that the unit was willing to
          victim and suspects paths never cross.      hold ID parades for all crimes, no matter
                                                      how minor, to catch the perpetrators.
          The Barkingside suite has five rooms, the
          capture room where the video image is
          recorded, two waiting rooms and two rooms
          where the ID’s take place.
          Identification parades appear on a computer
          screen and with a database of over 30,000
          faces it means that police no longer have to
          search the streets for people resembling the
          suspect to appear in a line up.

          In the last three months since the unit has
          been fully functional it has dealt with over
          300 ID parades. The system is much more
          efficient and takes pressure off the officer in
          charge of the case, as the suite takes care of
We are used to Redbridge police tack-
ling crime, but a Safer Neighbouthood
team went one step further to clean up
the streets literally !
In July Clementswood Ward SNT, in
partnership with London Borough Of
Redbridge, arranged a “Reclaim your
Street” day. The team identified areas for
the graffiti removal and the street
cleansing team. With their combined
efforts all the graffiti has been removed
and here are some pictures of the results.

The LBR street cleansing team also brought
road cleaners and they not only cleaned
the roads and pathways, they also cleared
                         the litter that had
   STOP PRESS been dumped in
  Clementswood SNT the bushes and
  arrested a gang        surrounding areas.
  of local graffiti
  artists after          It took two days in
  identifying them total the get
  from their tags. rid of all the “fine
  The gang called
                         art” that was
                         plastered over the
  Criminal Intent
  and used               walls of residential
  signatures of          properties.
  Chaos, Panic and
                                          PC Dave Chitty Burglary & Robbery
                                          Squad said, “ Van der Merwe was
                                          interviewed and claimed he was a
                                          landscape gardener and wanted to
                                          examine the rear gardens. It was here
                                          that he saw a milk bottle at the top floor
                                          flat, by the back door. He wanted it so
                                          he scaled the back stairway to get it. He
                                          noticed the door was open and went in
                                          to ask the occupier if he could have it.”

                                          At the time of his arrest he was in
                                          possession of a mobile phone that had
A prolific burglar has been stopped in
                                          been stolen from another house in
his tracks by Redbridge Police.
                                          Waltham Forest.
South African born Martin Van der
                                          Although he did not have a criminal
Merwe was sentenced to three years
                                          record his fingerprints were found to
after admitting a series of residential
                                          match those found at residential
burglaries across London.
                                          burglaries in Wimbledon, Kensington,
Police were called after reports that a   Wandsworth, Waltham Forest, Newham
male had been seen climbing the fire      and Ilford.
escape at the rear of Woodland Court,
                                          He was charged with four burglaries and
Wanstead. Van der Merwe was stopped
                                          sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court
by police in the communal hallway
                                          where he asked for fifty other offences
attempting to leave the premises.
                                          taken into consideration.

Never mind the “Blues and Twos”, Safer
Neighbourhood teams will be protecting the
streets of Redbridge in a “greener” way!

Three new environmentally friendly Honda vehicles
are being used by the Safer Neighbourhood teams in
Wanstead, Woodford Green and Chadwell Heath as
parts of the Mets programme to cut carbon emissions.
The vehicles switch to electric power when travelling
below 40mph or when stationary.

                                                  A total 117 hybrid vehicles have
                                                  been deployed across London
                                                  helping to make London a
                                                  cleaner, greener place to live
Police organised a driving frenzy - but don’t worry, it
was all part of an educational programme to teach
children the law surrounding mini motos.
Fairlop SNT in partnership with Frenford Clubs organised
a mini-moto event for about 50 youngsters at the Jack
Carter Pavillion.
The youngsters enjoyed riding round a 10,000 sq ft
inflatable track whilst parents learned about the risks of
being reported for motoring offences if their child was
found using their mini-moto on the road.
Sgt Pete Davis said " It was clear from speaking to the
people attending that there is a high demand for this
kind of facility in the borough which would prevent
these bikes being used unlawfully. This community
event gave us a chance to inform those present that
the use of mini motos outside of such an organised
setting may land them in court. While this was a fun
activity it's purpose was to set out our stall. The mes-
sage was to enjoy the day but, now the rules surrounding their use are known, don't be
surprised if you are reported if found using your bike inappropriately”

                                              This attack was linked to three other serious
                                              sex attacks on two young women and a
                                              girl. The attacks all took place on a foot-
                                              path between Oaks Lane and Chase Lane,
                                              Newbury Park, Ilford, IG2, between
                                              November 2004 and January 2005.
                                            Det. Sgt Steve Cremin said, “ Fabio de
A dangerous sex attacker has been           Oliveira is a dangerous man who sexually
jailed for seven and half years after       assaulted a number of lone young women.
pleading guilty a series of assaults in     He continued to commit several attacks in
Newbury Park and Leyton.                    the same location generating fear within
                                            the local community. I hope this sentence
The most recent attack was in February last goes some way to provide some closure to
year in Leyton, where the victim was        the victims and their families.”
sexually assaulted at her home address.       He urged other
The woman had just returned home when         women who feel
she heard a knock at the door, which she      they may have
answered , and De Oliveira pushed his way     been a victim of
in knocking her down. He then forced her      De Oliveira to
into the bedroom where he seriously           come forward.
sexually assaulted her. The man fled after
being disturbed by a neighbour who was        De Oliveira is due
alerted by the woman's screams.               to be deported
                                              on his release.
Fairlop Safer Neighbourhood Team went live on the 1st of April 2006 and currently operate from
Barkingside police station. A new community based office is due to open in early 2007. Inspector
Chris Mitchell has responsibility for all wards in the north cluster, including Fairlop. The team is
run by Sergeant Pete Davis and currently has one Constable, PC Adrian Towler, and one Police
community support officer, PCSO Lauren Cooper. Further staff are expected over the coming
months to bring the establishment up to agreed numbers of one sergeant, 2 PCs and 3 PCSOs.

Despite having limited staff, the team have already dealt with several issues raised by local
residents. These include a flat being used for prostitution having its occupants evicted and racist
graffiti being removed from garages with no reoccurrence. With the help of a local business
providing materials, a Church fence was repaired, which had been continually ripped down by
youths and was being used as a cut - through. Motor vehicle crime in Fairlop has also been
significantly reduced since the team’s inception.

In addition, part of the team’s strategy is to raise awareness surrounding local issues. This might
be as simple as leafleting some streets to notify residents of burglaries occurring in the area or
a larger project, such as one organised recently, where mini – motor bikes and a track were
provided to inform local youths about the issues of riding these machines on the road and in
public places.

While issues surrounding the community, and their quality of life, are at the heart of the team’s
work they are acutely aware of their policing responsibilities. They monitor recorded crime on
a daily basis and, using police intelligence systems, develop strategies for reducing it.

                                                The team work in conjunction with the local
                                                authority, local schools and local business to
                                                detect and reduce crime. Most importantly,local
                                                residents are at the core of intelligence gathering
                                                for Fairlop team. Very recently they executed a
                                                drugs warrant based on information passed on
                                                by local people.
   Chadwell Heath
We had a good result last
month, resolving a community
disorder issue.

Having received numerous
                                                 Fulwell & Fairlop
complaints from residents          Our SN Teams teamed up to work in partnership
re Anti Social Behaviour in        with Sainsbury's Barkingside. We used a special
Essex Road, we liaised with        technique using mastic supplied by Sainsbury's to
the local council and stepped
                                   secure front and back number plates to 115 vehicles.
up our monitoring of the area.
                                   This followed recent increases in number plate thefts.
We executed a search warrant
of a house and a male was          The event received pre publicity through flyers
arrested for possession with       distributed at local tube stations and at Sainsbury's by
intent to supply drugs.            the officers. We also publicised the scheme with the
                                   local Neighbourhood Watch.
The male has since pleaded
guilty and the residents are       Our analysis of postcodes shows the vast majority of
very pleased that the              participants were from the ward areas, and only 15 of
disturbances in their neigh-       the remainder from off the borough.
bourhood have decreased.
                                   In light of this success the operation will be repeated
                                   in future.

                               Roding & Wanstead
           The two Safer Neighbourhood teams from Roding and
           Wanstead joined forces to tackle the problems of over-
           night burglaries and motor vehicle crime in the wards.

           Three officers worked in plain clothes between 10pm and
           6am on selected nights during the month of July.
           'Operation Crayon' was a great success, as one male was
           arrested and invaluable intelligence was obtained.

           Also, both Wanstead and Roding wards achieved a
           dramatic reduction in overnight burglaries compared with
           the same period last month.
 We have been working with Chingford’s
 Hatch End SNT on Operation Elegance in
 and around the golf course at Woodford.
 The aim was to reduce car crime and Anti
 Social behaviour. Over the four day
 operation there was no ASB or car crime
 reported.                                       Aldborough SNT had a crack down on
                                              It anti-social behaviour at Memorial
 Jointly the teams carried out numerous          Heights, Newbury Park. One youth,
 stops and which resulted in three cannabis
 seizures and three arrested for taking and
                                                 who was well known to loiter in the
 driving away.                                   area with a group of friends intimi-
                                                 dating residents and causing damage,
                                                 was arrested for a Public Order

                                                He appeared at Redbridge Youth
                                                Court where he was sentenced to £100
Residents from the Orchard Estate had
been complaining about Anti-Social              fine, £100 costs and had an ASBO
Behaviour at the address in Coopersale          served on him with conditions that he
Close. After gathering intelligence the         should not enter the Memorial Way
team raided the address and found a quan-       Estate and Abbey Road.
tity of drugs paraphernalia indicating a
crack house.                                    PC Declan Malony said, “ As a result
                                                of the conditions of the ASBO, the
We applied to the Magistrates court for a       group of youths that used to loiter in
closure order, only the second one to be        the area no longer do so. It has sent
granted in Redbridge. The tenant was            a strong warning that we will not
given 24 hours to vacate the premises by        tolerate anti-social behaviour.”
the court The team visited the address the
following day to find it boarded up. The
premises will be closed for three months
and anyone attempting to enter it will be
subject to arrest.

Sergeant Matthew Babington said
“ We were very pleased because it will
improve the quality of life for the
residents in Coopersale Close.
We believe we have resolved a situation
of anti-social behaviour and the message
is that we will take action against anyone
who takes drugs or behaves anti-socially.”
                 Got the latest mobile phone?
                     Want to keep it?
REHI - DID U NO A                                                           Avoid using the mobile
FONE IZ STLN N HF V                                                         phone in crowded areas or
                                                                            where you feel unsafe.
                                                                            When using your mobile
                                                                            phone, remain aware of
From two tin cans tied                                                      you surroundings.
together with a piece of
                                                                            Always use your phones
string to the latest mobile
                                                                            security lock code or PIN
technology, keeping in
touch with your mates has
                                                                            Security mark the battery
never been easier.
                                                                            and phone with your post-
However, by taking a few
                                                                            code and street number or
precautions, you can make
                                                                            first two letters of your
it more difficult for thieves      Many young people now                    house name
to steal your phone.               possess mobile phones and                  Record the 15 digit IMEI
Crime Prevention Officers          after the school holidays some                number by keying
                                   young people may be inclined
are requesting that
                                   to openly display their new
parents/guardians discuss                                              Register your phone
personal safety issues with        mobile or MP3 player.
                                                                       details on
their child around the use of                                 it’s
mobile phones in public           The advice is simple - ' Out of
                                  Sight is Safer'.                     free, quick and easy
places. Young people are
especially vulnerable to mobile Consider the following:            Please discuss this issue with
phone theft.                                                      your child and above all remind
                                     Is it essential that your    them that their personal safety
Often when young people              child takes a mobile phone
return to school in September                                                   comes first
                                     to school?
there is rise in street robberies    Are you aware of the           If you would further
where clearly the mobile             schools policy on the
phone is the target.                                              crime prevention advice
                                     taking mobile phones to
                                                                   then please contact the
Nearly 50% of the victims of         school?
                                     Make essential calls from a
                                                                   Crime Prevention Office
street robbery are in their teen-
age years. Often the offences        safe environment, perhaps          on 0208 345 3406.
occurred after school hours as       before leaving the school                Confused or :-/ ?
children are travelling home         premises.                    *Hi again, Did you know a mobile phone
                                                                    is stolen in half of all Street Crimes
from school.
Meet               the
Name:                                                     Name:

Age:                                                      Age:

From:                                                     From:

                                        How long have you worked for the Met?
How long have you worked for the Met?

                                        What did you do before you joined?
What did you do before you joined?

What do you do?
                                        What do you do?

What do you like about your job?

                                        What do you like about your job?

What’s special about you ward?
                                        What’s special about your ward?

What do you do on your time off?        What do you do on your time off?

                                        Plans for the future?
Plans for the future?

                                        Any ‘Words of Wisdom’?
Any ‘Words of Wisdom’?
                                                 The watch have successfully raised
                                        the money to have gates installed around
The following wards will be launching   their properties. A special thankyou goes to
watches soon- Look out for a new        Tasleem for all her hard work as Coordina-
watch near you and contact the NHW      tor of this watch, who is currently on leave
office for further info.                and is due to have her second baby.

             Rose Avenue
          Thornwood Close
             Essex Road
                                               Now up and running, the watch are
            Scotters Close
                                        arranging their first meeting in October.
           Mallards Road
                                        The local Councillor is very much involved
          Onslow Gardens
                                        with the watch,whose aim is to work with
          Cadogan Gardens
                                        the Council to improve this area.
          Southview Drive
           Trinity Gardens
                                        Several agencies have been consulted with
                                        regards to the advantages of cutting back
           Carriage Mews                the bushes and installing gates.

                                        The watch have also had interest from
           Peregrine Road               surrounding streets and may expand.

          Yokley Approach
           Yokley Drive
                                               The residents of Peregrine Road
                                              are looking at ways to improve the
           Check with Lisa              brook which runs in their area. There is an
                                        abundance of wildlife living near the brook.
   ...... And its not just homes,
                                        However the area has been affected by fly
                   will be launching
                                        tipping, and the watch will be seeking
                                        expert advice from environmental
                                        departments and conservationists to help
                                        encourage more animals into the area.
 We’re asking all coordinators to identify their elderly
 neighbours, especially those that live alone and see
 whether the Help the Aged scheme “HandyVan”
 would be beneficial to them.
 In the home support service, trained fitters can
 install security equipment, change locks and check
 windows, helping them feel safer in their home.
 And the best bit is the service is FREE to those who meet the criteria.
 Lets not lose this service, but use it !

                                     - Ilford Police Station
                                Barkingside Police Station
                                       Venue TBA

Please contact the NHW office if you wish to attend any of
these meetings.

Finally I am looking at an annual event for all Redbridge
coordinators - if anyone has any ideas, from a QUIZ NIGHT
to a BUFFET & DANCE, please let me know - the choice will
be yours.