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                                     SPECIAL MESSAGE

                                     From the Desk of the Executive Director

                                     Nature-Deficit Disorder
                                     Of	all	the	building	blocks	necessary	for	the	best	urban	forest,	the	most	
                                     important	unexpectedly	became	the	last	to	be	identified.	We	called	
                                     ourselves	the	Design	Team.	Made	up	of	nine	program	leaders	and	
                                     supervisors	at	the	Tree	Foundation,	we	challenged	ourselves	to	consider	
                                     the	most	significant	activities	a	community	would	undertake	to	achieve	an	
                                     outstanding	urban	forest.	
                                       Winnowing	out	many	important	“must	do’s”	           Sacramento	officials,	our	board	members	found	
                                     such	as	“all	trees	will	be	selected	appropriately,	   strong	support	for	a	new	center	dedicated	to	
                                     planted	properly,	pruned	correctly	and	cared	for	     environmental	education	and	youth.	
                                     perpetually”,	four	major	areas	emerged.	                 In	this	same	time	period	I	received	a	copy	of	
                                                                                           Richard	Louv’s,	“Last	Child	in	the	Woods	–	Saving	
                                     Our strategy would focus on:                          Our	Children	from	Nature-Deficit	Disorder”	from	
                                     1) urban forest master plans for every                Angelo	Tsakopolous.	In	fact,	Mr.	Tsakopolous	
Ray Tretheway, Executive Director,     neighborhood and community                          has	mailed	00	copies	of	the	book	to	elected,	
Sacramento Tree Foundation           2) an informed and active community to                business	and	community	leaders	throughout	the	
                                       keep the urban forest agenda high on its            greater	Sacramento	area.	The	book	chronicles	our	
                                       priority list                                       youth’s	separation	from	the	natural	world.	This	
                                     3) a skilled work force implementing best             generation	is	wired	to	the	world	and	unstructured	
                                       practices; and                                      playtime	outdoors	has	become	a	thing	of	the	past.	
                                     4) a tree campaign to plant the most                     Louv	writes	of	disturbing	consequences:	the	
                                       extensive urban forest                              rise	in	obesity,	attention	disorders	and	depression.	
                                                                                           Louv	calls	for	educational	reforms	and	help	from	
                                       Parallel	in	time	to	the	staff ’s	endeavor,	our	     parents	to	reconnect	tomorrow’s	environmental	
                                     board	of	directors	was	actively	researching	the	      stewards	to	the	natural	world	that	is	right	outside	
                                     feasibility	of	building	an	education	center	–	an	     their	door.	Helping	children	grow	up	with	a	love	
                                     Urban	Forest	Ecology	Center.	They	felt	the	goal	      and	wonderment	of	the	canopy	above	and	ecology	
                                     of	the	Tree	Foundation	(to	provide	a	quality,	        of	their	neighborhood	as	part	of	who	they	are	is	
                                     sustainable	urban	forest	for	the	Sacramento	          one	of	the	promises	of	this	profound	book.
                                     region)	could	be	reflected	in	a	new	facility	            This	all	came	together	to	add	a	fifth	building	
                                     dedicated	principally	to	introducing	our	youth	       block	for	creating	the	best	urban	forest	-	
                                     to	their	urban	environment.	One	member	               reconnecting	our	youth	with	their	natural	world.
                                     of	the	board	captured	this	idea	in	a	letter	of	
                                     support:	“the	sustainable	urban	forest	not	only	      Ray Tretheway
                                     enhances	the	unique	character	of	the	
                                     Sacramento	region,	but	also	improves	
from the cover:                      the	quality	of	life,	our	region’s	long-term	  This all came together to add a fifth
                                     health	and	economic	vitality…these	
Seed to Seedling Poster
Contest Winner:                      same	values	can	be	achieved	in	a	new	         building block for creating the best
Student: Arielle Buchanan            facility	that	expresses	a	sustainable,	
                                     green	philosophy.”	In	interviews	with	
                                                                                   urban forest - reconnecting our
Grade: 2nd
School: Valley Oaks                  numerous	local	educators,	school	
                                     administrators,	the	Sacramento	Zoo,	
                                                                                   youth with their natural world.
Teacher: Susan Hugues                the	Discovery	Center	and	City	of	

                               	    Urban Forest Monitor	|	F A L L   2006
                                 P OW E R F U L PA RT N E R I N G

Rob Kerth (STF), Ray Tretheway (STF), Wayne Horiuchi (UP) and Eric Douglas (STF)

Empowering Neighborhoods
                         ThE Union PAciF ic FoUnDAT ion
                        S UPP or TS nEW r ESo Urc E cE nTE r

          	                                              Foundation’s	Signature	Giving	program	seeks	to	
         he	Union	Pacific	Foundation	recently	           strengthen	education’s	future	by	strengthening	
         donated	funds	to	develop	a Resource	            education’s	leaders.			The	Resource	Center	will	
Center.		This	exciting	new	endeavor	is	lead	             empower	community	leaders	and	citizens	to	
by	the	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	and	will	              develop	and	sustain	their	own	urban	forest.			
offer	technical,	scientific,	and	policy-making	          Empowering	the	communities	of	the	Sacramento	
information	and	resources	to	assist	Greenprint	          region,	ensures	that	we	leave	behind	a	legacy	of	
cities	and	counties	in	building	the	best	urban	          trees	as	worthy	as	the	ones	we	inherited.			
forest.		                                                   Once	community	leaders	and	citizens	
   These	funds	were	donated	to	the	Sacramento	           understand	the	many	benefits	and	values	of	trees	
Tree	Foundation	to	support	the	development	              (e.g.	air	and	water	quality,	energy	conservation,	
of	best	practices	and	models	of	urban	forest	            extended	roadway	life,	skin	cancer	prevention	
initiatives	using	reference	information,	guidance,	      and	temperature	reduction)	they	will	truly	“move	
and	workshops.	One	highlight	of	the	Resource	            beyond	trees”	and	see	the	urban	forest.	
Center	is	to	develop	model	policies	and	ordinances	         The	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	is	grateful	
that	may	be	used	throughout	the	region.		This	           to	have	received	a	generous	donation	toward	
approach	offers	some	regulatory	consistency,	            serving	our	region.		Thanks	to	the	Union	Pacific	
creating	a	community	approach	to	the	protection,	        Foundation,	the	Resource	Center	will	educate	and	
replacement	and	mitigation	of	trees.	                    empower	the	citizens	of	today	to	create	a	better	
   	The	Union	Pacific	Foundation	is	the	                 tomorrow!
philanthropic	arm	of	Union	Pacific	Corporation	
and	Union	Pacific	Railroad.		Union	Pacific	              Theresa Scherber

                                                                       F A L L 2 0 0 6 	|	Urban   Forest Monitor   
                          VO L U N T E E R N E W S

    SEEDSTEr                                        volunteer spotlight
Vo L U n T E E r S :
       Philip	Watson                                    brian gouw
        Jaime	Orozco

        Loren	Lewall                	
   Hagen	Hammons                   olunteer	organizations	typically	aim	           team	and	also	works	at	the	Habitat	for	Humanity	
                                   to	help	each	other,	but	sometimes	              warehouse.	Although	this	work	could	qualify	as	
       Adam	LeFevre
                          competition	for	these	hardworking,	dedicated	folks	      community	service,	Brian	says	“all	the	lifting	and	
           John	Eder      proves	inevitable.	Luckily,	this	time	it	was	in	our	     carrying	makes	it	more	action	than	service.”	He	
      Kristin	Ostrum      favor.	Brian	Gouw,	17	years	old,	volunteered	at	the	     enjoys	the	artistic	component	of	the	IB	program	
                          Arden-Dimick	library	five	years	ago	when	he	was	         as	well:	“I	didn’t	think	I’d	like	doing	the	project,	
     Marsh	Wildman
                          accidentally	recruited	to	work	at	the	Sacramento	        but	after	starting	the	mosaic	I	learned	that	I	really	
        Laurie	Walsh      Tree	Foundation:	“I	was	volunteering	there	in	6th	       enjoyed	it.”
           Linda	Lau      grade	and	discussing	volunteer	opportunities	when	         Gouw	recently	traveled	to	Jinan,	China,	with	
                          a	lady	overheard	us	and	told	me	about	
        See	See	Kwan      the	Tree	Foundation--soon	after	I	started	      “it was a fantastic opportunity:
     Loren	McIntyre       working	with	them.	It’s	very	interesting	
       Della	Gilleran
                          work.”	Interesting	enough	to	serve	over	50	    they came with a school band and
                          hours	with	us!
         Yusef	Abner         Brian	planted	trees	for	two	years,	and	      the students acted as guides for
     Kelley	Ferguson      now	maps	and	monitors	trees	for	their	
                          health	and	status,	and	pitches	in	for	other	
                                                                          each of us. It was neat.”
       Ilene	Shannon
                          projects.	When	asked	about	his	favorite	tree,	he	        groups	from	1	sister	cities	around	the	world.	
         Vicky	Valine     replies,	“I	like	the	crape	myrtle	because	I	can	         Students	toured	the	area	and	visited	a	middle	
     Andreana	Yribe       distinguish	it	easily	(laughter),	but	I	also	like	the	   school,	where	“it	was	a	fantastic	opportunity:	they	
                          ginkgo	biloba.”                                          came	with	a	school	band	and	the	students	acted	
        Diana	Garcia         Gouw	participates	in	the	International	               as	guides	for	each	of	us.	It	was	neat.”	Each	country	
                          Baccalaureate	(IB)	Program	at	Mira	Loma	High	            planted	a	tree.	Brian	put	his	expert	planting	skills	
                          School.	IB	works	with	schools	in	1	countries	          to	good	use,	remarking	“the	Australians	kept	piling	
 TreeLeader	Training	
                          and	encourages	students	to	be	active	learners,	well-     too	much	dirt	on	theirs,	it	really	didn’t	look	good.”	
 coming	on	October	
                          rounded	individuals	and	engaged	world	citizens	          Local	or	global,	there	are	no	bounds	to	what	a	
th	at	6pm.		Call	and	
                          through	three	components:	action,	community	             volunteer	can	do.	
         sign	up	now!
                          service	and	creativity.	Brian	fulfills	the	action	
                          component	through	playing	on	his	school’s	tennis	        Cara Smith

                          Including Volunteers with Disabilities
                          ThE Tr EE Fo UnDAT ion PAr Tn Er S UP
                            The	Tree	Foundation	has	           part	of	the	UCLA	Center	for	           assistance	and	training	to	
                          enjoyed	a	great	partnership	         Excellence.	The	local	partnership	     service	organizations.	For	more	
                          with	Hands	On	Sacramento,	a	         has	formed	to	encourage	               information	about	this	initiative,	
                          local	volunteer	agency	of	the	       the	inclusion	of	people	with	          call	Cara	at	(916)	9-87	ext	
                          Hands	On	Network.	Together,	         disabilities	in	service	and	           1	or	visit	the	Tarjan	Center	
                          we	are	once	again	teaming	up	        volunteerism,	turning	“receivers”	     website	at	http://tarjancenter.
                          with	other	local	organizations	      of	service	into	“givers”	in	the	       ucla.edu.
                          on	a	new	initiative:	The	Tarjan	     community.
                          Center	Service	Inclusion	Project,	     The	project	provides	technical	      Cara Smith

                     	   Urban Forest Monitor	|	F A L L   2006
                           COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

TIMBER!                                       ArboriSTS h ELP c LEA r Fir E
                                              hAzA rDS in LocAL PA rk
   Dozens	of	arborists	and	tree	                                                                                   T h A n k yo U F o r
workers	donated	a	whole	day’s	                                                                                     yo U r h E L P W i T h
work	to	this	year’s	Western	                                                                                       ThiS yEAr’S iSA
Chapter	International	Society	                                                                                     Wo r k D A y !
of	Arboriculture	(ISA)	Workday	                                                                                    Fallen	Leaf	Tree	Service,	Inc.
to	help	clear	out	dead	and	                                                                                        West	Coast	Arborists
dying	eucalyptus	trees	from	
a	local	park	in	Carmichael.	                                                                                       Bushwhackers
The	professional	organization	                                                                                     Cal	Line	Equipment	Co.
recruits	for	this	annual	workday	
                                                                                                                   Bud’s	Tri	County	Tree	
and	had	huge	success	this	year	
with	about	70	volunteer	workers	
from	many	local	companies.	                                                                                        Tree	Tech
Gabe	Beeler	of	Fallen	Leaf	                                                                                        Anderson’s	Tree	Care
Tree	Service	organized	the	day	
and	said	“These	companies	            never	worked	together	before.		       complete	the	fire	break	this	          Master	Tree	Care
volunteered	serious	time	and	         As	always	the	good	people	            year	because	of	the	work	done.	        SMUD
money	to	help	on	the	project	         of	this	chapter	set	a	safe	pace	      This	fall	the	Sacramento	Tree	
-	The	end	result	was	an	amazing	      and	worked	together	smiling	          Foundation	is	seeking	to	plant	
67	professional	workers,	two	         and	laughing	most	of	the	day.”	       new	oak	trees	in	the	open	areas	
675	horse	power	horizontal	           Over	the	course	of	the	day	they	      of	the	nature	area	to	recreate	the	
grinders,	a	0	ton	crane,	18”	        removed	about	80	eucalyptus	          native	oak	forest	that	predated	
remote	controlled	chipper	on	         trees	from	Schweitzer	Grove	          the	eucalyptus	plantation.	This	
tracks,	90’,	70’	and	60’	bucket	      Nature	Area	in	Carmichael.	           workday	is	a	great	example	of	
trucks,		loaders,	a	sea	of	          The	trees	were	either	dead	or	        the	private	sector	giving	back	to	
bandit	chippers	and	not	one	          frost	damaged	and	infested	           the	community	and	helping	to	
injury	or	fist	fight.	I	was	very	     with	red	gum	lerp	psyllid	that	       improve	the	health	and	safety	of	
concerned	about	getting	that	         cause	defoliation	and	dieback.	       the	urban	forest	we	live	in.
many	people	together	with	            The	park	district	will	be	able	
that	much	equipment	that	had	         to	remove	the	dead	trees	and	         Steve Schweigerdt
                                                                                                                   bUying A $10
                                                                                                                   TickET EnTiTLES
                                                                                                                   yo U T o :

Shop Till You Drop                                                                                                 •	 An	exclusive		
                                                                                                                      15-0%	discount	
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M Ac y’ S c o M MU ni T y ShoPP ing DAy | ocTobE r 26, 2006                                                           downtown	Macy’s	one	
                                                                                                                      week	before/after		
  Need	a	new	pair	of	shoes?		A	       in	the	Sacramento	community.		           To	buy	tickets,	contact	Laura	         October	6th	
new	shirt?		Would	you	like	to	        This	event	will	raise	money	for	      Eagles	at	(916)	9-87	ext	117,	     •	 Food	and	beverage	
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Foundation	is	participating	in	       both	ways:		Either	volunteer		        can	be	mailed	to	our	office	           •	 An	opportunity	to	win	a	
Macy’s	Community	Shopping	            the	day	of	the	event	or	simply	       at	01	Lathrop	Way,	Suite	F,	             $1,000	shopping	spree!	
Day	006,	an	in-store	shopping	       buy	a	ticket	to	participate!			       Sacramento	CA	95815.
event	and	fundraiser	for	charities	   It’s	that	easy.

                                                                       F A L L 2 0 0 6 	|	Urban   Forest Monitor   5

                                 Learning the Value
                                 of the Urban Forest
                                 Vo L U n T E E r S c o n D U c T E L k g r oV E ’ S
                                 TrEE cAnoPy ASSESSMEnT

TrEE orDinAncE                           he	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	and	             analysis	of	the	urban	forest.	The	analysis	is	done	
        UPDATE                           the	City	of	Elk	Grove	have	partnered	to	       by	calculating	the	value	of	the	urban	forest,	based	
                                 conduct	a	cutting-edge	study	on	the	value	of	the	      on	the	benefits	it	provides,	balanced	by	the	cost	of	
     The	City	of	Elk	Grove	
                                 street	tree	canopy	in	the	City	of	Elk	Grove.           management	and	maintenance.	It	also	calculates	
         is	updating	its	tree	
                                    Twenty-five	energetic	and	dedicated	                the	percent	of	streets	and	sidewalks	that	are	
  ordinance.		The	City	will	
                                 volunteers	assisted	with	data	collection	for	a	        covered	by	trees,	and	analyzes	the	diversity	of	tree	
  create	a	plan	to	preserve,	
                                 sample	tree	inventory.	Talk	about	dedication	to	the	   species,	age,	and	overall	health	of	the	urban	forest.	
   protect	and	increase	the	
                                 urban	forest	and	community	–	these	volunteers	           Preliminary	results	from	the	assessment	show	
    amount	of	trees	in	Elk	
                                 put	in	over	5	hours	of	their	own	time	this	spring	    that	the	urban	forest	is	fairly	young	and	diverse.	
 Grove.			For	information,	
                                 to	help	with	the	assessment!	A	total	of	,85	trees	   The	majority	of	the	street	trees	are	in	good	health,	
      please	visit	the	City’s	
                                 were	surveyed	along	a	random	selection	of	three	       and	they	are	providing	over	%	canopy	cover	for	
 Tree	Preservation	website	
                                 percent	of	the	City’s	streets.		We	had	a	lot	of	fun	   the	City’s	streets	and	sidewalks.	Best	of	all	-	they	
                                 outside	in	the	spring	air	learning	about	the	urban	    are	providing	over	$1	million	in	net	annual	
   org/trees/index.html,	or	
                                 forest	and	each	other!	                                benefits!		
contact	John	Smoley,	City	
                                    The	data	collected	by	volunteers	was	used	          For	more	information,	check	our	website		
  Planner	at	916-78-57	
                                 in	STRATUM.	STRATUM	is	a	newly-designed	               www.sactree.com/greenprint.	
                                 software	program	from	the	U.S.	Forest	Service	and	
                                 Davey	Resource	Group	conducts	a	cost-benefit	          Connie Gallippi

                           6	    Urban Forest Monitor	|	F A L L   2006

                                                                                                                       Andrea Ambrose (left)
                                                                                                                       shares a personal
                                                                                                                       data assistant (PDA)
                                                                                                                       with Marsh Wildman
                                                                                                                       during training.

                                                                                                                       Brad Satterwhite,
                                                                                                                       Joy Smathers and
                                                                                                                       Nancy Myers
                                                                                                                       practice their
                                                                                                                       new skills.

Opposite Page, from left: Travis Ambrose and friend, Andrea Ambrose,
Tony Carlson, Brad Satterwhite, Lizz Bippus, John Smoley, Connie
Gallippi, Eric Fredericks, Edwina Powell (in tree), and friend. Not pic-
tured: Ellen Carlson, John Downs, Andrew Fitzsimons, Sylvia Hernandez,
Marty Hughes, Bryan Klung, Luanne Leineke, Lori Murphy, Nancy
Myers, Jim Schubert, Kuldeep Singh, Joy Smathers, and Marsh Wildman.

                                                                                                                       For the most current
                                                                                                                       information about how you
                                                                                                                       can get involved with your
                                                                                                                       urban forest.

                              WHAT’S THE VALUE OF
                              ELk GROVE’S URBAN FOREST?*
                                number of Street Trees                     111,924

                                Amount of healthy trees                    76.7%

                                Amount of street/sidewalk
                                covered by trees                           22.88%

                                London plane tree annual value             $202.20

                                crape myrtle annual value                  $18.12

                                Total net annual benefits                  $ 12,332,292
                              * All numbers are approximate; based on survey of 3%
                              of City street trees.
                                                                           F A L L 2 0 0 6 	|	Urban   Forest Monitor   7
                                    TREE TIPS

                                    New Planting Guidelines
                                    FE r TiLiz E r F or nEWLy PLA n TED T rEES
                                    no Long E r r EcoMME nDED
                                       When	current	supplies	of	
                                    fertilizer	tablets	are	exhausted,	
                                    the	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	
 AUTUMn TrEE TiPS                   will	no	longer	be	distributing	
      Autumn is the best time	 	    fertilizer.	Research	has	shown	
      to	plant	shade	trees	with	    that	newly	planted	trees	do	
  its	cooler	temperatures	and	      not	benefit	from	additional	
                  shorter	days.     fertilizer.	Typically,	young	trees	
                                    from	wholesale	nurseries	are	
    Cut back	on	frequency	of	       heavily	fertilized,	but	trees	do	
        lawn	watering,	but	do	      not	respond	to	fertilization	
    not	depend	on	sprinklers	       until	roots	have	grown	in	the	
      to	thoroughly	water	the	      surrounding	soil.	Trees	are	
   rootballs	of	young	trees	or	     known	to	be	adaptable	to	low	
   provide	deep	irrigation	for	     levels	of	nitrogen,	the	only	
       more	established	trees.      nutrient	to	which	trees	are	
        Compost	fallen	leaves.      known	to	respond.	Phosphorus,	
                                    adequate	in	Sacramento	area	
Break down	the	sides	of	water	
                                    soils,	does	not	stimulate	root	
        basins	or	berms	when	                                             Organic mulch/tree litter under trees can improve tree health.
                                    growth	as	popularly	believed.	
   significant	Fall	rains	begin.
                                    Applying	nutrients	that	are	not	         Heavy	compacted	and	                   from	watering	and	traffic,	and	
      Take a tree tour	of	your	     necessary	is	a	waste	of	time	and	     frequently	watered	soil	below-            suppressing	weeds	and	grass	
    neighborhood	to	view	fall	      money	and	can	lead	to	excessive	      ground-level	planting	depth	and	          encroachment	inhibiting	tree	
  color	and	seasonal	changes.	      soil	salts	and	water	pollution.       shallow,	inadequate	watering	             growth.	Mulch	needs	to	be	
  See	our	back	page	of	events.         More	established	trees	            are	some	of	the	most	common	              replenished	and	expanded	
      Wait	until	all	leaves	have	   planted	in	regularly	fertilized	      reasons	trees	fail	to	thrive,	rather	     periodically	as	organic	matter	
   fallen	before	pruning	trees.     lawns	usually	receive	adequate	       than	nutritional	deficiencies.	           decomposes	supplying	the	tree	
                                    nutrients.	Trees	may	not	always	      One	of	the	most	important	                with	nutrients	and	improving	
      Attend	a	pruning	clinic.	     benefit	by	the	fertilizer,	which	     ways	to	help	establish	newly	             the	soil	as	in	the	forest.	A	study	
   Learn	to	create	structurally	    may	increase	their	susceptibility	    planted	trees,	as	well	as	maintain	       reported	that	trees	with	organic	
    safe	trees,	with	a	focus	on	    to	some	insects,	reduce	tolerance	    older	trees,	is	by	applying	a	            mulch	grew	60%	more	than	
                   young	trees.	    to	environmental	stress	like	         -6-inch	layer	of	coarse	organic	         those	with	a	bermudagrass	sod	
      South natomas Library         high	temperatures	and	drought,	       mulch	of	wood	chips	or	similar	           treatment.
           2901 Truxel road         injure	roots,	burn	foliage	and	       materials	in	a	two	feet	wide	circle	         You	can	pick	up	wood	chips	
          Sacramento 95833          increase	maintenance	costs.	          increasingly	widening	circles	            from	SMUD	at	1708	59th	Street,	
                                    Lawn	fertilizer	containing	           around	trees	as	tree	canopies	            9am-:0pm.	Bring	your	own	
      December 9, Saturday:         broadleaf	killers	should	not	be	      expand.	(Mulch	should	be	kept	            tools	to	load	and	bags	or	a	tarp	
                                    used	in	the	vicinity	of	trees.	       at	least	a	few	inches	away	from	          to	fill	or	cover	a	load.	In	the	
        For more information,       Herbicides	are	then	translocated	     the	base	of	the	tree).	This	can	          future,	we	will	be	announcing	
  call Fran clarke or Luanne        to	the	growing	portions	of	           help	newly	planted	trees	survive	         other	locations	around	the	
     Leineke (916) 924-8733         the	tree	where	they	can	cause	        in	hot	weather	by	moderating	             county	to	pick	up	wood	chips.
                                    stunting,	distortion	and	             soil	temperatures,	reducing	
                                    discoloration	of	leaves               soil	compaction	and	erosion	              Fran Clarke

                               8	   Urban Forest Monitor	|	F A L L   2006
                                                        MEET THE TEAM

Mistletoe                                          John C. Webre, AIA
  For	almost	10	years,	Joni	Ramirez	has	           President • Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects
donned	several	hats	at	the	Tree	Foundation.	
“One	of	my	most	satisfying	jobs,”	she	             What do you hope to accomplish as
says,	“has	been	working	with	the	City	of	          president of the board of directors at the Tree
Sacramento	to	deliver	a	low-cost	mistletoe	        Foundation?
removal	program.”		“I	get	a	real	sense	of	           We	are	at	a	strategically	important	moment	for	
satisfaction	knowing	that	people	are	working	      the	Tree	Foundation.		Global	warming	is	now	a	
for	the	best	health	of	their	tree	when	they	       household	word.		Greenhouse	gas	reduction	is	now	
remove	this	parasite.	I	enjoy	educating	them-	     being	mandated	in	California.		Our	community	is	
because	you	know,	mistletoe	may	be	great	for	      becoming	aware	of	the	benefits	trees	bring	to	the	
kissing,	but	it’s	horrible	for	trees!”             environment.		During	my	time	as	president	of	the	
residents living within the city limits            Tree	Foundation,	I	hope	to	help	us	leverage	this	
have had two options.                              awareness	in	order	to	amp	up	the	number	of	trees	we	
                                                   are	engaged	in	planting.
1.	Your	front	yard	street	tree(s)	can	be	          Did anything about the Tree Foundation or the
   evaluated	and	measured	by	Sacramento	           staff surprise you?
   Tree	Foundation	staff.	Once	a	tree	qualifies	
   for	low	cost	pruning,	services	can	be	            I’ve	been	very	impressed	with	the	professionalism	
   provided	by	a	professional	contractor	          of	the	staff	and	collegial	nature	of	the	board.		I’m	
   through	the	City	of	Sacramento,	Urban	          confident	that	it	is	the	result	of	clear	and	open	
   Forest	Services.	                               communication.		The	leadership	and	credibility	Ray	
	 -or-                                             Tretheway	brings	creates	an	environment	where	
.	Borrow	a	pole	saw.	Saws	are	available	          everyone	can	do	their	best.
   for	residents	to	self	prune	their	trees.	       What would our members be surprised to
   Residents	requesting	a	pole	saw	will	receive	   know about you?
   instruction	for	its	use	and	literature	about	     One	surprising	fact	about	me	is	that	I	was	born	and	
   mistletoe.	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	          raised	in	Cuba	and	escaped	during	the	revolution.              sactree.com
   staff	will	be	happy	to	conduct	a	class	with	
   information	on	mistletoe	and	proper	            is there anything in particular you’d like to say              For the most current
   use	of	this	tool	in	your	neighborhood.		        to our members?                                                information about how you
   Presently	there	is	no	low	cost	program	for	        The	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	plays	a	vital	role	          can get involved with your
   county	residents,	but	the	Sacramento	Tree	      in	defining	the	day	to	day	experience	here.		Our	city	         urban forest.
   Foundation	can	loan	a	limited	number	of	        of	trees	is	a	model	for	other	cities	as	they	create	their	
   pole	saws	to	residents	interested	if	you	are	   urban	forests.		We	are	blessed	with	a	mature	tree	
   willing	to	pick	up	and	return	the	tool	to	      canopy	and	as	Sacramento	grows	from	town	to	city,	
   our	office.                                     we	need	to	make	sure	that	the	tree	canopy	grows	also.			
   For	further	information	or	questions,	          We	are	at	a	unique	moment	that	is	ripe	with	
please	contact	Joni	Ramirez	at	(916)	9-          opportunity	as	the	global	warming	discussion	takes	
87	ext	116	or		joni@sactree.com.                 place.		The	scientific	evidence	of	the	benefit	of	trees	to	
                                                   the	environment	will	help	us	get	trees	planted	in	our	
Constance Crawford                                 communities.		It	is	healthy	for	us	and	for	this	earth.

                                                   Constance Crawford

                                                                    F A L L 2 0 0 6 	|	Urban   Forest Monitor     9

                                 Join Us                                     our members are the lifelines of our mission.
                                                                             Thank you for your continued support.

                                 New and Recurring             Kenneth	and	Muriel	          Mike	and	Mary	Handel          c o r P o rATE LEVEL 3
                                 Members 2/01/2006 thru         Wemmer	                     Mary	and	Burnett	Miller       Dunmore	Homes		 	
                                 4/30/06. Please let us know   Linda	K.	Whitney             Kris	Steward	                 JB	Management	L.P.	
                                 if we fail to mention your                                                               Parker	Development	
                                 name.                         TrEE                         S U P Po r T i n g             Company
                                                               John	S.	Alvernaz	            Pyllis	Lee	and	Chris	         Livingston’s	Concrete	
                                 S E E D Li n g M E Mb Er S    Mark	Beach                    Phinney	                      Service	Inc
                                 David	and	Lisa	Burke	         Peter	Christensen	                                         River	City	Bank	
                                 Richard	and	Barbara	          Dudley	Family		              c o r P o rAT E L E V E L 1
                                                                                                                          Richland	Planned	
                                  Brautigam	                   Gary	Graening	               Granite	Land	Company
                                                                                                                           Communities,	Inc		
                                 Renee	Edwards                 Jack	Harrison,	City	of	      Sacramento	County	
                                                                                                                          Remy,	Thomas,	Moose	and	
                                 M.E.	Fish                      Sacramento	Tree	Services	    Airport	System
                                                                                                                           Manley,	LLP
          STF Purpose:           Mark	Frizzell	                Katy	Heyde		        	
                                                                                            c o r P o rAT E L E V E L 2
                                 Elizabeth	Friend	             Dorothy	M.	Hurley	
      To	build	the	best	                                                                    Granite	Regional	Park	
                                 Fred	L.	Galliani	             Mike	and	Yvonne	Manley
                                                                                            Harbison	Mahony	Higgins	
                                 Millie	Young	and	Eric	        Melva	L.	Mills	
                                                                                             Builders	Inc	
   urban	forest	for	the	          Gerstung	                    Judith	Lamare	and	Jim	
                                                                                            California	Farm	Bureau	
                                 Michael	and	Katherine	         Pachl	
                                                                                            Robert	J.	Slobe	and	
   Sacramento	region.             Gillogley	                   Michael	and	Lorna	Shea	
                                                                                             Kimberly	Mueller	 	
                                 Deniz	Griffith                Stanley	Waechter	
                                                                                            Charles	A.	Sumner	 	
                                 Al	Gutowsky
                                 Renner	and	Julia	Johnston	    ForEST
                                 Dixie	Laws                    Aaron	Cook	
                                 Martha	Maskall	               Richard	Fischer,	U.S.	
                                 Shannon	and	Mark	              National	Leasing,	LLC
                                  McLoughlin	                  Andrew	Hudnut	and	Sara	
                                 Marlene	Mirassou               Dougherty	
                                 John	K.	Moore                 Sandy	and	Steve	Mays	
                                 Virginia	and	Paul	Mueller	    John	McNamee,	Echo	
                                 Christopher	Myers,	City	of	    Shirts	
                                  Citrus	Heights	              Margaret	Teichert	
                                 Lynn	Orion                    Charles	Trainor,	Trainor-
                                 Clare	Payne	                   Robertson
                                 Ronald	and	Jeannie	Reafs	
                                                               PAT ro n
                                 Jean	Shaw
                                                               Jacob	and	Beth	Appelsmith
                                 Roger	Stoughton	and	Carol	
                                                               Gabe	Beeler,	Fallen	Leaf	
                                                                Tree	Service,	Inc
                                 Vernon	and	Anna	Tisdale

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 Make all checks payable to:	      Become a Member of                          Yes!	I	want	to	become	a	member	of	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	and	
Sacramento	Tree	Foundation         Sacramento Tree Foundation                  receive	the	Urban	Forest	Monitor.	My	tax-deductible	membership	dues		
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         Please	contact	us	at	
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            (916)	9-87.                                                    ❍	 Sustaining	 $1,000	 ❍	 Corporate		____________________________
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                                   (916)	9-87	|	www.sactree.com            Signature	____________________________________________________

                          10	    Urban Forest Monitor	|	F A L L     2006
                                          PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                                                                            Trident maple planted
                                                                                                                            in 2003

              Tree Care Case Study
                           SU z AnnE An D PAUL roSS ArE grEAT                                                               Red maple planted in 1996
                             ExAMPLES o F A job WELL DonE!

           rom	1996	to	00	Suzanne	and	Paul	Ross	             and	spindly.	They	routinely	dig	a	6-foot-wide	hole	
           received	7	shade	trees	from	Sacramento	             and	build	a	doughnut	(not	a	volcano)	around	the	             “They	feed	the	
    Shade	Program	offered	in	partnership	with	                 tree	with	mulch.	They	feed	the	trees	and	plants	
    SMUD.	First	it	was	a	red	maple	in	1996,	then		red	        on	their	property	with	fish	emulsion	and	seaweed	            trees	and	plants	on	
    maples,	a	tupelo	and	a	crape	myrtle	in	001	and	           extract	about	every	three	weeks.	They	deep	water	
    a	goldenrain	tree	and	a	trident	maple	in	00.	All	        trees	with	a	circular	drip	hose.                             their	property	with	
    trees	are	in	great	shape,	and	they	have	grown	at	an	          Suzanne	and	Paul	Ross	most	definitely	win	
    incredibly	fast	rate.                                      the	“Best	Hole	Award”	for	tree	planting	and	                 fish	emulsion	and	
       They	removed	the	grass	in	the	front	yard	in	            maximizing	the	growth	of	their	trees.	The	trees	
    001	and	took	down	a	large,	invasive	mulberry	             grow	abnormally	fast	with	this	great	attention.		            seaweed	extract	
    tree.	Their	yard	was	bare	and	hot.	They	knew	              The	red	maple	planted	in	1996	is	now	about	0	feet	
    their	neighbor,	Glorian	Martinelli,	was	one	of	the	        tall	and	about	5	feet	wide.	Stunning!	                      about	every	three	
    Community	Foresters	from	the	Sacramento	Tree	                 They	love	the	Sacramento	Shade	Program	and	
    Foundation	and	they	invited	her	to	assess	their	           they	tell	all	their	friends	to	call	for	trees	and	advice.	   weeks.”
    shading	situation.	They	were	tired	of	making	              To	get	your	shade	trees	call	Ryan	at		
    mistakes	and	wanted	to	do	it	right.                        (916)	9-87	ext.	11.
       Their	secrets?	They	like	young	trees	that	are	
    shorter	and	stockier.	In	fact,	they	prefer	planting	       Glorian Martinelli

    smaller,	younger	trees	to	those	that	are	larger,	taller	

                                                                              F A L L 2 0 0 6 	|	Urban   Forest Monitor     11
                              URBAN FOREST MONITOR

                                UPCOM I NG
                              For MorE inForMATion PLEASE cALL cArA 916.924.8733x122
                              Seedster Volunteer Training                Bufferlands Planting                     Tree Tour
                              October 10th, Tuesday: 6 pm - 8 pm         October 28th, Saturday: 9 am - 12 pm     November 12, Sunday: 10 am
                              Join	us	for	this	introductory	             Help	make	a	difference	on	October	       Fall	color	tour	of	River	Park	trees.	
  To	register	or	for	more	    volunteer	training.	Receive	a	well-        8th:	celebrate	Make	a	Difference	       Meet	at	the	north	end	of	the	
      information	about	      rounded	understanding	of	urban	            Day	by	planting	hundreds	of	new	         shopping	center	on	Carlson	Drive.
     volunteer	trainings,	    forest	issues	and	master	the	basics	       oak	and	native	tree	seedlings	in	the	
      please	call	or	email	   of	tree	care	to	better	care	for	your	      Bufferlands	of	South	Sacramento.
                                                                                                                  Macy’s Community Shopping
  Cara	Smith,	Volunteer	      trees	at	home.	You’ll	see	the	urban	                                                Day
   Coordinator,	at	(916)	     forest	of	Sacramento	in	a	whole,	new	
                                                                         Arden Tree Day                           October 26, 2006
    9-87	ext.	1	or	                                                October 29th, Sunday, (rain date         Need	a	new	pair	of	shoes?	A	new	
                              light--sign	up	and	get	educated	and	
      cara@sactree.com.                                                  November 5th): 9 am - 1 pm               shirt?	Would	you	like	to	support	
                              involved!	This	training	will	take	place	
                                                                         Join	NeighborWoods	groups	as	they	       a	good	cause?	Now	you	can	plan	
                              at	the	Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	
                                                                         plant	trees	to	shade	and	beautify	       to	do	both	at	the	same	time!	The	
                                                                         their	neighborhoods.	We	need	            Sacramento	Tree	Foundation	is	
                              01	Lathrop	Way,	Ste.	F
                                                                         motivated	volunteers	who	will	help	      participating	in	Macy’s	Community	
                              Sacramento,	CA	95815
                                                                         with	this	great	project.                 Shopping	Day	006,	an	in-store	
                              TreeLeader Volunteer Training                                                       shopping	event	and	fundraiser	
                              October 24th, Tuesday: 6 pm - 8 pm
                                                                         Stone Lakes Native Tree
                                                                                                                  for	charities	in	the	Sacramento	
                              Prerequisite:		Seedster	Training           Planting                                 community.	This	event	will	
                              Take	your	knowledge	to	the	                December 9th Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm
                                                                                                                  raise	money	for	local	non-profit	
                              next	level:		Sign	up	for	our	              Help	plant	a	new	forest	as	we	plant	
                                                                                                                  organizations	through	the	sale	of	$10	
                              TreeLeader	Volunteer	Training!		           thousands	of	new	acorns	and	
                                                                                                                  tickets.	Volunteers	can	help	in	one	or	
                              This	session	will	offer	the	skills	        seedlings	to	restore	a	native	oak	and	
                                                                                                                  both	ways:	Either	volunteer	the	day	
                              and	knowledge	necessary	to	lead	           walnut	woodland	at	Stone	Lakes.	
                                                                                                                  of	the	event	or	simply	buy	a	ticket	to	
                              and/or	assist	program	staff	at	tree	       This	is	a	great	activity	for	families	
                                                                                                                  participate!	It’s	that	easy.
                              plantings,	tree	care	days,	and	other	      and	small	children!
                              activities.		Elements	of	project	                                                   Pruning Clinic
                                                                         Tree Tour                                December 9, Saturday:
                              management	and	leadership	skills	          October 21, Saturday: 10 am
                              will	be	included	along	with	urban	                                                  11am - 12pm
                                                                         William	Land	Park                        South	Natomas	Library	
                              forestry	concepts	and	information	         The	tour	will	begin	at	the	WPA	
                              about	tree	species	of	Sacramento.	                                                  901	Truxel	Road	
                                                                         Garden	sign	on	15th	Avenue.	             Sacramento	958
                              Where:	Coloma	Community	Center,	
                              Jamestown	Room,	6	T	Street,	                                                     For	more	information,		
                              95819                                                                               call	Fran	Clarke	or	Luanne	Leineke	
                                                                                                                  (916)	9-87

The Sacramento
   Urban Forest
                                                Sacramento	Tree	Foundation                                                                 Non-Profit	Org.
       Monitor                                  01	Lathrop	Way,	Suite	F                                                                    U. S .	 Po s t a g e
    a publication of the                                                                                                                   P A I D
                                                Sacramento,	CA	95815                                                                       Permit	No.	179
       Sacramento Tree                                                                                                                     Sacramento,	CA

 Managing Editor

  Constance	Crawford

  Technical Editor
        Fran	Clarke
   Stewardship Coordinator

       Phil	Tretheway
     Tretheway Design

                       1	    Urban Forest Monitor	|	F A L L       2006

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