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Aegis Mini                 MSRP
                           Aegis Mini 30GB
                                                      USB 2.0
Date of first retail       Aegis Mini 60GB            $199              $209
availability June, 2006    Aegis Mini 80GB            $249              $259
The Aegis Mini ultra-portable 1.8" hard drive instantly adds up to 80GB of
capacity which is ideal for storing, sharing or backing up your valuable
data. Compatible with both PC and Mac, Apricorn’s Aegis Mini gives you
the option of a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 or FireWire interface. The integrated cable
wraps neatly around the Mini when not in use and draws all its power from
the laptop, so an AC adapter is never needed. The Aegis Mini is protected
                                                                                                             USB model shown
by a 16-point omnidirectional shockmounting system. Pair this with Apricorn’s
Data Protection Software Suite and tiny footprint and you have the most
comprehensive mobile backup and storage system available.

Who cares?
The Aegis Mini is ideal for the road warrior or just those with a mobile lifestyle needing a secure. reliable and ultra-portable
method of carrying around or backing up their data.

Why bother?
The Aegis Mini’s ultra-portable design with tiny size, integrated cable, extensive shockmounting and comprehensive backup,
synchronization and encryption software, makes this external hard drive the ideal choice for the road warrior.

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