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Summer School - Summer Academy Brochure Directions for use


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									                            Encinitas Union School District
                             Summer Enrichment Academy

Dear Families,

Welcome to the Summer Enrichment Academy 2010 On-Line Brochure!
Please scroll down to view important registration information and class
descriptions. The brochure is in pdf format so it’s easy to print out
from your home computer.        Please print out the registration form,
complete the information, and mail with your check to:

                              Attn: Janet England
                     Summer Enrichment Academy 2010
                         101 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd.
                              Encinitas, CA 92024
      Make checks payable to : Encinitas Union School District
       Class sizes are limited, so it’s recommended that you register early!
       **Please review Refund/cancellation policy on page 13 of brochure.

If you have any questions please e-mail:

Thank you for your interest in EUSD’s First Annual Summer Enrichment

Lynda Holeva
Summer Enrichment Academy Coordinator
Encinitas Union School District’s First Annual

      June 28 – July 23, 2010
      8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
           Open to All
   Students Entering Grades K-6
      Hurry! Class Sizes are Limited!
               Enroll Now!

      El Camino Creek Elementary
           7885 Paseo Aliso
          Carlsbad, CA 92009
            (760) 943-2051

Classes taught by credentialed teachers
   Summer Enrichment Program                     Page
                                                         Fall 2010

Enrichment Program Information                    13
Registration Form                               Center
Map to El Camino Creek Elementary                Back

             Course Titles
A Time Travelin’ Summer                            3       1-3
Adventures of Digital Media Tech                   9       4-6
Amazing Journey Into the Human Body                7       3-6
Art Safari                                         9       4-6
Arts Around the World                              5       2-6
Blast Off Into Science                             5       2-4
Building the Human Body—From the Inside-Out        10      4-6
Explorers’ Club                                    10      4-6
Fabulous Art Explorers                             2       K-3
Fit ‘n Fun                                         8       4-6
Gardening, Nutrition & Getting Fit                 4       1-3
Globe-Trotting                                     6       3-6
Go Green Art and Science                           3       K-4
Gods & Goddesses: Greek Mythology 101              11      5-6
Happy, Healthy, Fit Kids                           4       1-3
Odyssey of the Mind                                6       2-6
Performing Arts With Miss Horn                     11      4-6
Ready, Set, Go                                     2        K
Student vs. Wild                                   7       3-6
Want To Be the Author AND the Illustrator?         8       3-6

                   Note: Staffing is subject to change
                                                 FOURTH GRADE
                                         Adventures of Digital Media Tech
                                       Amazing Journey Into the Human Body
                                                    Art & Ecology
                                                      Art Safari
                                               Arts Around the World
                                               Blast Off Into Science
                                       Building the Human Body – Inside-Out
                                                   Explorers’ Club
                                                      Fit ‘n Fun
                                                Odyssey of the Mind
       KINDERGARTEN                       Performing Arts With Miss Horn
                                                  Student vs. Wild
          Art & Ecology
                                        Want To Be the Author & Illustrator?
      Fabulous Art Explorers
         Ready, Set, Go!                          FIFTH GRADE
        FIRST GRADE                      Adventures of Digital Media Tech
    A Time Travelin’ Summer            Amazing Journey Into the Human Body
         Art & Ecology                                Art Safari
     Fabulous Art Explorers                    Arts Around the World
 Gardening, Nutrition & Getting Fit    Building the Human Body – Inside-Out
     Happy, Healthy, Fit Kids                      Explorers’ Club
                                                     Fit ‘n Fun
      SECOND GRADE                                 Globe-Trotting
    A Time Travelin’ Summer             Gods & Goddesses: Greek Myth. 101
           Art & Ecology                        Odyssey of the Mind
      Arts Around the World               Performing Arts With Miss Horn
      Blast Off Into Science                      Student vs. Wild
     Fabulous Art Explorers             Want To Be the Author & Illustrator?
 Gardening, Nutrition & Getting Fit
     Happy, Healthy, Fit Kids                     SIXTH GRADE
       Odyssey of the Mind               Adventures of Digital Media Tech
        THIRD GRADE                    Amazing Journey Into the Human Body
    A Time Travelin’ Summer                          Art Safari
 Amazing Journey Into the Human                Arts Around the World
               Body                    Building the Human Body – Inside-Out
          Art & Ecology                            Explorers’ Club
      Arts Around the World                          Fit ‘n Fun
      Blast Off Into Science                       Globe-Trotting
      Fabulous Art Explorers            Gods & Goddesses: Greek Myth. 101
 Gardening, Nutrition & Getting Fit             Odyssey of the Mind
          Globe-Trotting                  Performing Arts With Miss Horn
     Happy, Healthy, Fit Kids                     Student vs. Wild
       Odyssey of the Mind
         Student vs. Wild
Want To Be the Author & Illustrator?
    Ready, Set, Go!
    Preparation for Kindergarten

    Grade: Kindergarten
    Subject: Integrated Curriculum
                                   Art, colors, numbers, & letters,
                                   Summer fun can’t get any better!

                                   Build self-confidence and stand up tall,
                                   Learn classroom routines to get a
                                   jumpstart for Fall.

                                   Share ideas, make new friends,
                                   Be ready for kindergarten before
                                   Summer ends.

    Your child will learn kindergarten classroom routines and make friends.
    Curriculum will include sorting, patterning, graphing, counting, story
    comprehension, name writing, letter recognition, sounds, and following

    Although it cannot be guaranteed, every effort will be made to place your
    child with students from the school he, or she, will be attending in the Fall.
    Please include the school that your child will attend in the Fall on the
    registration form.

                  Please send a snack with your student.

    Fabulous Art Explorers

    Grade: K - 3
    Subject: Visual Arts
    Instructor: Mrs. Stangeland
    Materials Fee: $20

    Your child will learn techniques for color mixing and drawing as they create
    scenes of nature, animals, and even themselves. They will explore the arts
    through creations of a seascape while learning about space, rhythm and
    movement in their imagination of the ocean. They will make comparisons
    and connections through art as they learn about famous artists and art
      Have fun creating new hands-on projects this summer with new friends!
Go Green Art and Science

Grade: K – 4th
Subjects: Visual & Performing Art and Science
Instructor: Ms. Jessica Greenspan
Materials Fee: $10

An exciting new adventure is about to begin! In this class you will
learn new ways of recycling and re-using materials that will continue
to keep our earth green. You will explore new and improved
alternatives to natural and existing materials in your home, school,
and local environments. Use your imagination and ingenuity to learn
creative problem-solving methods through hands-on activities that
include: scientific inventions, recyclable art, performances and class

             Discover new ways to create & invent with
                 sustainable objects and materials!

A Time Travelin’ Summer

Grade: 1st – 3rd
Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Writing, Cooking,
           and Visual & Performing Arts
Instructor: Mrs. Conn
Materials Fee: $10

Travel through time this summer with Jack and Annie as they explore
dinosaurs roaming the Earth, the first Olympics, and the sinking of
the Titanic! Our guide for our time traveling experience will be three
great books from the Magic Tree House series. Each week we will
focus and learn about three different time periods using an integrated
curriculum approach. Exciting activities include cooking food from
Greece and digging for fossils.          Bring your creativity and
imaginations as we travel back through time!
              Gardening, Nutrition & Getting Fit

    Grade: 1st – 3rd
    Subject: Science and Health
    Instructor: Mrs. Carruthers
    Materials Fee: $25

    Are you ready to have fun this summer enjoying the outdoors while
    learning about the basics of container gardening, eating right, and
    getting fit? Students will be planting their own mini gardens and
    learning to make healthy food choices at restaurants and grocery
    stores. We will take time every day to work on fitness goals by
    learning basic stretching, yoga, and other forms of exercising while
    having fun. Join me for a fun and fit summer.

    Happy, Healthy, Fit Kids
    Grade: 1st – 3rd
    Subjects: Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Literature
    Instructor: Ms. Sue Hockert
    Materials Fee: $25
    Do you want to promote a healthy lifestyle for your child through
    exercise and nutritionally balanced meals? Can the tools needed for
    health and wellness be instilled in children at an early age? YES!
    Your child will participate in skill exercises and gain knowledge in the
    most popular sports of our community: soccer, baseball, surfing,
    yoga, and general physical fitness. They will also be designing and
    creating nutritious recipes that are easy and fun to make. To support
    this program students will read and understand how successful
    athletes have continued to include health and wellness in their
    everyday life. Give your child the foundation needed to start a
    happy, healthy lifestyle.
Blast Off Into Science

Grade: 2nd – 4th
Subject: Science
Instructor: Ms. Sarah Ahlgren
Materials Fee: $25

Blast off into science and discover all about the world out there! In
this class you will explore astronomy, including learning all about
flight exploration, the sun, moon, stars, and all the planets in our
solar system. Research and create a model of a planet! Design and
launch your very own rocket to take home!

          This class is sure to be out of this world!

Arts Around the World!
Grade: 2nd – 6th
Subjects: Visual & Performing Arts, Music,
Language Arts, Geography, History, Nutrition
Instructor: Ms. Ali Lyon
Materials Fee: $25
Travel around the world through art! During our four week journey
we will visit Italy, Spain, France, and a “surprise” country. Each
week we will focus on one famous artist and their country & culture.
This rich and diverse course will have you creating art, tasting native
cuisine, enjoying music, learning native dances, studying geography
& a variety of cultures. You will be “introduced” to some of the
world’s greatest artists through literature, and interact with a unique
guest speaker. The class will culminate with a mural showcasing the
students’ work presented as a Gallery Walk for their parents and
other enrichment students.
           Odyssey of the Mind

    Grade: 2nd – 6th
    Subjects: Physical Science, Performing Arts,
              Creative Writing, and Art
    Instructor: Ms. Dietor & Mrs. Shinnefield
    Materials Fee: $20

    Everyday will be an exciting new adventure as you get a taste of
    “Odyssey of the Mind”. Odyssey of the mind is a nationally
    recognized program. This class challenges students through hands
    on activities, which guide them to apply their imaginations and
    ingenuity to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun
    in the process. By tapping into their creativity, children will develop
    work through challenges. They will also build respect for one
    another in an environment where cooperation, caring and team-
    building is more important than winning. Creative and problem-
    solving activities include: yoga, cooking, gardening, building, script
    writing, brainstorming, role-playing, video making, and much, much
    more! Students of all ability levels will find something that will appeal
    to them. Sign up and begin the journey!


                                   Grade: 3rd – 6th
                                   Subjects: Soc. Studies, Art, and P.E.
                                   Instructor: Ms. McLaughlin-Slade

    Do you want to travel this summer? Well, then join me and we will
    venture to Brazil to see the rainforest, play soccer and learn to speak
    a little Portuguese. Then it’s on to Greece where we will play in the
    Olympics, study mythology and taste delicious food. Next, we will
    travel to China to learn about martial arts and the Chinese alphabet.
    And finally, we come back home to visit our United States National
    Parks, play baseball & make some instruments.
                       Student vs. Wild                               7

                             Grade: 3rd – 6th
                             Subjects: Earth Science, Geography,
                                        Biology, Language Arts
                             Instructor: Mr. Joyce
                             Materials Fee: $20

 From the blazing Sahara to the icy Arctic we’ll learn and practice
 techniques for surviving in the most remote environments on
 Earth. We will also have daily challenges to put each survivor’s
 determination and discipline to the test. We’ll also take on the
 elements together as we complete teambuilding exercises on a
 regular schedule. This course will also take the time to
 understand our human impact on the wild and the ways we can
 reduce that impact.

   The Amazing Journey into the Human Body!

Grade: 3rd – 6th
Subjects: Life Science, Health,
Technology & Creative Writing
Instructor: Dr. Uta Fischer
Materials Fee: $15

Buckle up & prepare yourself for a magic trip into the human body.
Create your own digestive system, lungs, & other organs, pump up
your heart rate through fun games to explore your circulatory system,
& learn about a healthy lifestyle. We will examine the building blocks
of life. What does a cell look like; how does it function? Be a
researcher and learn how to extract DNA from vegetables and your
own saliva.
Discover the wonders of how we function through many hands-on
experiments. Produce a movie, podcasts, & create art projects to
enhance your understanding. Bring your imagination & write a
journal of your adventures.

             Hop on the bus & embark on a fun voyage!

    Want To Be the Author AND the Illustrator??

    Grade: 3rd – 6th
    Subjects: Writing and Art
    Instructors: Ms. Alexis Bittar and
                  Ms. Susan McEachern
    Materials Fee: $10

    Learn how to make your very own books! This unique course offers
    children the opportunity to create their very own hard cover books
    with art-work, poems and stories. These exercises are designed to
    awaken their creative passions and instill confidence in their ability to
    generate new ideas and forms of self expression. Students will
    explore the world around them through multiple forms of written word
    and showcase their talent through various forms of art-work such as
    card making that matches their writings. By the end of this course,
    students will leave with their very own books written and illustrated
    by them, the author.

    Fit ‘n Fun
                           Grade: 4th – 6th
                           Subjects: Nutrition & Sports
                           Instructors: Brace Hartwell and
                                         Justin Reynolds
    Join Justin and Brace on an active and new healthy lifestyle. We are
    going to share both tips and knowledge on how to eat and maintain a
    healthy life while maintaining your busy schedule. You are going to
    learn about how your body works and what it needs to be strong and
    active. An active and strong body allows you to be strong flexible,
    and have endurance and stamina to create a healthy active future.
     Along with learning great ways to be healthy we are going to play
    many different sports and work on their basic elements. We will stay
    active most of the day playing your favorite sports like soccer,
    basketball, baseball, and football. Come join the fun and stay active
    and healthy this summer with Brace and Justin.
Adventures of Digital Tech

Grade: 4th – 6th
Subjects: Technology and Writing
Instructor: Ms. Whitney Ebert
Materials Fee: $10

Ever think about making your own movie? Want to learn the ins and
outs of Podcasting? Interested in creating your own computer
animation? Then this is the course for you! You will learn essential
21st century skills during the course of this project-based class.
Students will be brainstorming, writing scripts, working cooperatively,
and getting hands-on experience using laptop computers. At the end
of this class you will take home a DVD showcasing your hard work.

   Ideal class for movie buffs, aspiring filmmakers & creative kids!

                            Art Safari

Grade: 4th – 6th
Subject: Visual Arts
Instructor: Mrs. Stangeland
Materials Fee: $20

Come and explore the Visual Arts with Mrs. S’s Art Safari class as
we journey through learning new principles of design and find new
ways to create works of art using a variety of materials and tools.
Students will be learning new skills such as shading, using patterns,
creating space, and blending color. Also, students will learn features
for showing emphasis and rhythm within representational and
abstract art pieces while having fun creating jungle scenes, tribal
masks, and sculpture! This Art Safari class will make connections as
we will discover the art of the past and the art we can see around us
               Color up your summer with Art Safari!
                     Building the Human Body:
                        From the inside-out

                                 Grade: 4th – 6th
                                 Subjects: Science, Health, Nutrition,
                                            Art & Spanish Language Art
                                 Instructor: Ms. Guadalupe Martin
                                 Materials Fee: $25
                                 Other: Spanish Immersion

     Are you fascinated by the human body? Come and discover what
     lies beneath our skin. By building a model of the human body, you
     will learn how it moves; what it takes to nourish it; and how to
     properly care for it. Because this class will be taught entirely in a
     Spanish Immersion setting, you will also enrich your Spanish
     vocabulary and learn to use the Latin roots of many words used in
     the areas of anatomy, nutrition, health, and science. Get ready for
     the next school year. Preparedness & prevention are the keys to
     success & wellness!

     Explorers’ Club

     Grade: 4th – 6th
     Subjects: History and Technology
     Instructor: Mr. Hopkins
     Materials Fee: $10
     Explore history in a brand new way!
     Research history, and then re-live it
     by creating a Virtual Tour of history’s
     greatest journeys.         See how
     explorers of old would see the world
     today.     Become a 21st century
     explorer with Mr. Hopkins and
     classmates as we make history come
     alive and learn in a whole new light!
Performing Arts with Miss Horn

                                       Grade: 4 - 6
                                       Subject: Performing Arts
                                       Instructor: Miss Horn

           Jump into the world of theater this summer
           with director extraordinaire, Miss Horn! In this
           program students will be introduced to creative
           drama and acting through: voice techniques,
           readers’ theatre, improvisation games and at
           the end of the summer we will perform a short
           play to pull together everything we have
           learned about drama and performing arts.

Gods and Goddesses: Greek Mythology 101
Grade: 5th and 6th
Subject: Creative Writing, Literature, and Art
Instructor: Ms. Veronica Wenn
Materials Fee: $10
Other: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

In this exciting workshop students will have the opportunity to read
about Percy Jackson’s adventures in the Lightning Thief, as well as
learn about a variety of Greek Gods that show up in this myth-
inspired story. Along with reading this engaging story, students will
act out well-known Greek myths, and use their knowledge of the
gods and mythology to write their own Greek myth. Participants will
also create a mask that will represent a character in their story.
Students will gain reading fluency, creative writing skills, learn how to
collaborate and communicate with others, think creatively, and most
of all have fun.

Please bring a copy of The Lightning Thief to the first day of class.

             Enrichment Program Information
             All classes are taught by credentialed teachers

Dates & Times:
• June 28 – July 23, 2010
• 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Classes will not be held on July 5, in observance of Independence Day.

• $400 per course
• Some courses have a materials fee. Please check the course
  description for the specific amount.

• Registration Deadline: April 30, 2010
• Registrations received after April 30th will be placed on a waiting list.
• Mail in registrations will be processed the following business day.
  Summer program classes are open to children from all districts. You
  will receive registration confirmation by e-mail (if provided) or U.S.

Cancellation Policy: Encinitas Union School District reserves the right
to cancel classes due to low enrollment. If it is necessary to cancel a
class a full refund is guaranteed and we would like to invite you to
choose another “open” class.

Refund Policy:
• There will be a $25 processing fee for all refunds.
• Refunds will not be granted after the first day of class. A full refund will
  only be given if the class is cancelled.
• To receive a refund (minus the cancellation fee of $25) you must
  request class enrollment cancellation in writing 14 days prior to the first
  day of class. Requests may be e-mailed to:
• Absolutely no refunds, credits or transfers of payment made for the
  class will be given once the classes start regardless if your child
  attends or not.

Class Changes:
• A $10 fee will be charged for class changes.
• Deadline: by end of first week
                                            (continued on back cover)
Lunch: Lunch will NOT be served at the school site.

Childcare: Childcare will be available through the EUSD - ASPIRE
Program at an additional fee. Please call (760) 944-4300 ext. 1143 for
further information or to register your child. Extended Day Childcare
Registration Forms are available at EUSD District Office or on-line at the
EUSD Website.

 Summer Enrichment Program Questions

 Summer School Hotline: 760-419-4353
 Email: eusdsummeracademy@gmail.com

                                                                 El Camino Creek
                                                                   Elem. School
                                                                 7885 Paseo Aliso
                                                                 Carlsbad, 92009
                                                                  (760) 943-2051
                                                   Paseo Aliso

     I-5             Calle Barcelona

           Leucadia Blvd                    Olivenhain Road
                           El Camino Real
                                                                                                                          For Office Use Only

                     Enrichment Program Registration Form                                                                 Date Proc’d_______

                           Child 1                                                              Child 2
                                                                                                                          Amt Rec’d $______

                                                                                                                          Check #
                           F M                                                                F M

 Name _________________________________                               Name _________________________________
 Birth Date ______________Grade in Fall ’10 ______                    Birth Date ______________Grade in Fall ’10 _____
 1st Choice _______________________________                           1st Choice ______________________________
 2nd Choice _______________________________                           2nd Choice ______________________________
 3rd Choice (optional) ________________________                       3rd Choice (optional) ________________________
 School in Fall 2010 _________________________                        School in Fall 2010 _________________________
 Currently enrolled in ASPIRE?  Yes  No                             Currently enrolled in ASPIRE?  Yes  No
 Need Summer ASPIRE?  Yes  No                                       Need Summer ASPIRE?  Yes  No
                 Medical Information                                                  Medical Information
 Student’s Doctor: __________________________                         Student’s Doctor: __________________________

 Doctor’s Phone: (      ) _______________________                     Doctor’s Phone: (      ) _______________________
 List any physical or medical conditions, or special needs,           List any physical or medical conditions, or special needs,
 including allergies: _________________________                       including allergies: _________________________
 ______________________________________                               ______________________________________
 If your child will require any medication during school hours,       If your child will require any medication during school hours,
 please explain below: _______________________                        please explain below: _______________________
 ______________________________________                               ______________________________________
 Indicate special needs or assistance that your child regularly       Indicate special needs or assistance that your child regularly
 receives during the school year and will receive during enrichment   receives during the school year and will receive during enrichment
 or list additional comments here:                                    or list additional comments here:
 _______________________________________                              _______________________________________
 _______________________________________                               _______________________________________

                                         Emergency Contact Information
    Student’s Home Address: _________________________________________________________________________________


            Home Phone: (             ) _____________________________ E-Mail: ________________________________________


            Work Number: (            ) _____________________________ Cell Phone: (             ) ______________________________

    Father/Stepfather/Guardian: _____________________________________________________________________________

            Work Number: (            ) _____________________________ Cell Phone: (              ) ______________________________

                                                   Payment Information
                                                                              Child 1 Tuition                         $ 400
MAIL: Attn: Janet England                                                     Materials Fees (if applicable)
       Encinitas Union School District
101 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Encinitas, CA 92024                               Child 2 Tuition                         $ 400
Mail-in registration will be processed the following business day.            Materials Fees (if applicable)
            Encinitas Union School District                                        TOTAL REGISTRATION                 $
CONFIRMATION: You will receive confirmation of registration by
e-mail (if provided) or U.S. Post.                                               See Page 13 for Cancellation/Refund Policy

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