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									Competitive Program Newsletter                                          February 2008
Message from the President – Gisèle Larocque
It’s an exciting time for the swimmers now that the competitions have begun. The Tier 6 teams have
participated at the Provincial Trials in late January and Provincials in February with the teams and
individual swimmers bring home medals and ribbons. The Tiers 4 and 5 participated in Ontario Winter
Games trials in January winning first place to move on to Ontario Winter Games in early March. More
competitions are scheduled to take place shortly including East Regional Championships, Kingston
Invitational and Divisionals. Good luck to all swimmers! Remember to send your photos to Louise
Ogilvie at to be posted in the Pictures section of our website.

At the Executive table, we continue to make decisions, plan for upcoming competitions and handle the
Club’s operations responsibilities. Please feel free to communicate with us at any time to address your
concerns or to share some interesting ideas for this season or for next year.

We understand and appreciate that everyone is extremely busy but we do continue to need volunteers in
order for the club’s activities to be successful. In particular, volunteers are needed for the East Regional
Championships that we are hosting on February 29th thru to March 2nd at the Nepean Sportsplex. We are
counting on each of you to fill all available time slots. Aryn Dale, Meet Manager, is working with an
excellent team of volunteers to lead and coordinate the numerous activities but more help is needed. If you
have not done so, please contact Carolyn Courtney at to indicate your
availability and preferences.

Message from the Head Coach – Lianna Sottile
The competition season has begun!

Our Tier 6 athletes displayed strong performances at Provincial Trials and are off to Provincials. Our Tier
4 and 5 teams both qualified for the prestigious Ontario Winter Games. All of the Gloucester Synchro
routines have received very positive feedback from the judges thus far.

Unique this season, ALL of our competitive teams will be competing together in their respective tier levels
at the upcoming Eastern Regional Qualifier. Please plan to be at the pool to help cheer each other on!

Keep in mind, attendance is critical in our team sport! Sleep well, make healthy food choices and stay
healthy!!! This way – you will be able to give 100% in the pool.
Throughout the year, we are profiling some of our coaches so that we get to know them a bit better. In this
newsletter, we are profiling Courtney Luce (Tier 2 team). Here are some interesting facts about Courtney!

Hometown – Ottawa, Ontario

Coaching Experience – Coaching competitive teams for 2 years ( Tier 4 and Tier 2), Athletes with
disabilities (4 years), and Recreational program at Sawmill (4 seasons)

Swimming experience – Courtney started swimming at the Pre-competitive level at age 7 at Sawmill Creek
(with Chandra Costello). At the age of 10, she decided to move to the Competitive Program with her
friends and coach. She won gold in the team event at the 2007 Nationals Championships. She swam at the
competitive level until 2006 and then went on to join the Masters Team that competed at the US Master
Championships in Tucson Arizona last fall.

Cool Facts – Favorite Singer is Justin Timberlake. Also, as a swimmer she was often found on the ‘base’
of a highlight and when she was there – she could make them fly!

Favorite Food – Pasta

Favorite Movie – Grease

Favorite Color – Electric Purple

Favourite Synchro Experience – US Championships 2007

Registrations for Spring Recreational Program Underway
Registration is now being held for the 8 week recreational programs. Please pass along this information to
anyone you think might be interested. For further information or to register, please contact: Susan
Smallwood, Registrar, Tel: 613-824-2578 or email at

                               8 WEEK PROGRAMS
                               MARCH - MAY 2008

 LEVEL           POOL              DAY               TIME                      STARTING            FINISHING
 7 & under       Splash            Mondays           4:30 – 5:00 pm            March 31            May 26
 7 & under       Splash            Mondays           5:15 – 5:45 pm            March 31            May 26
 Open **         Sawmill           Thursdays         6:00 – 6:45 pm            April 10            May 15
 7 & Under       BMRC              Saturdays         1:00 – 1:30 pm            March 29            May 24
 Over 7          BMRC              Saturdays         1:00 – 2:00 pm            March 29            May 24
 Over 7          BMRC              Thursdays         5:00 – 6:00 pm            March 27            May 15

** this class is 45 minutes as there are only 6 classes due to pool closures

Fee Schedule:

 Program/level      At Registration
 7 & under          $60
 Over 7             $100
Pool Closure – Sawmill
Sawmill Pool will be shutting down between March 17 and April 7, 2008. Please check the calendar on the
Gloucester Synchro website for rescheduled practice times.

2008 Summer Camps
This summer, Gloucester Synchro will be holding a competitive conditioning camp as well as a week long
synchro camp for beginner to novice swimmers. Stay tuned for more info!

Tips and Advice for Competitions
Black and Yellow practice suits should only be worn at competitions or when your team coach indicates.
They need to stay new and fresh looking.

Good trick for making gel – mix the packages with hot water – once mixed reheat using a microwave for
10 – 15 secs.

Benefits of Core Body Strength
Synchronized swimming requires not only endurance and flexibility, but also core body strength. The
benefits of having a strong body core include the following:
     Improved performance in sports
     Reduction in the risk of injury
     Better ability to function in regular daily tasks
     Stability and body awareness.

Where Are They Now?
Have you ever wondered what happens to former Gloucester Synchro swimmers? Well, a number of them
continue to compete at the university level – here our some of our former club swimmers and where they
are competing:

University of Guelph: Laura Clark

McGill University: Amy Morrow & Ellen Wakarchuk

University of Ottawa: Sarah Simoneau, Katie Cornish, Kiera Bloom, Christina Lamontagne, Pascale

Western University: Monique Potvin

University of San Antonio, Texas: Liza Walker-Byron

Congratulations to Allison (MacKinnon) Mosgrove!
Allison gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Olivia Amy Mosgrove, on February 11 th. Allison has been a
long-standing competitive swimmer and coach with Gloucester Synchro. Many of you know Olivia’s
proud aunt, Amy Jo MacKinnon. Congratulations Allison!
                                       Upcoming Events
                                       Season at a Glance

February 2008
What:           Eastern Regionals
When:           February 29-March 2
Where:          Ottawa, Nepean Sportsplex
Who:            Tiers 2-6 Teams, Combo, Duets & Solos

March 2008
What:           Ontario Winter Games (must qualify)
When:           March 6-9
Where:          Base Borden
Who:            Qualifying Tiers 4-5 Teams

What:           Eastern Divisionals
When:           March 12-16
Where:          Montreal
Who:            Tier 6 Teams and Combo, Qualifying Duets and Solos

What:           Executive Meeting
When:           March 26, 6:30-8:30 pm
Where:          Bob MacQuarrie Rec Complex, Hall B

April 2008
What:           Kingston Invitational
When:           April 5
Where:          Queen’s University, Kingston
Who:            Tiers 2-5 Teams and Duets

What:           Ontario-Quebec Cup
When:           April 19-20
Where:          London, Ontario
Who:            Qualifying Teams/Duets from Tier 3-5

What:           Executive Meeting
When:           April 30, 6:30-8:30 pm
Where:          Bob MacQuarrie Rec Complex, Meeting Room

May 2008
What:           Gloucester Watershow
When:           May 3, 6:30-8:00 pm
Where:          Nepean Sportsplex
Who:            Tiers 2-6 & Recreational

What:           Executive Meeting
When:           May 28, 6:30-8:30 pm
Where:          Bob MacQuarrie Rec Complex, Meeting Room
May 2008 (cont’d)
What:          Tier Championships
When:          May 29-June 1
Where:         Olympium, Etobicoke
Who:           Tiers 2-5, Qualifying Duets Tiers 3-5

June 2008
What:           Espoir National Championships
When:           June 4-8
Where:          Edmonton, AB
Who:            Tier 6 Teams and Combo, Qualifying Tier 6 Duets & Solos

What:           Trillium Championships
When:           June 14-15
Where:          Burlington
Who:            10 & Under Preset Solo, 12 & Under Solo

What:           Executive Meeting
When:           June 25, 6:30-8:30 pm
Where:          Bob MacQuarrie Rec Complex, Meeting Room

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