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Colorado Information Technology Employment Opportunities document sample

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									Meeting Summary
April 9, 2009
Page 1
                             Colorado Economic Recovery Accountability Board
                                                Meeting Summary
                                                   April 9, 2009
                                               2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

April 9, 2009
Office of Information Technology
601 E. 18th Ave, 2nd floor
Denver, CO 80203

   A. Board Members:
       Don Elliman (chair), André Pettigrew, State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, Taryn Edwards, Sandy Gutierrez,
       Tony Hernandez, Secretary of State Bernie Buescher, Reeves Brown (by phone), Admiral Richard Truly,
       Bob Gibson
   B. Guests:
       Kent Glassman, John Fleck, Melanie Keene, Jamie Grim, Becca Montgomery, Chris McCurdy, Mark Radike,
       John Olenberger, Mike Floyd, Jeff Leib, Julia Miller, Mickey Ferrell, Cathy Proctor, Christian Everist, Tom
       Stockburger, Elena Nunez, Molly Beyer, Matt Tyburski, Gini Pingenot, Helga Grunerud, Tim Gallagher,
       Chris Bentley, Erik Cummings, Nancy Howe, Jody Berger, Scott Prestidge, Gary Dixon, Corky Kyle, Jim Blair,
       Mary Welch, Denise Peck, Wade Kloos, John Utterback, Adrienne Benavedez, Steven Palmor
   C. Governor’s Office/OEDIT Staff, other State Agencies:
       Ken Weil, Mike Locatis, John Conley, Mark Cavanaugh, Kyle Miller, Chris Smith, Herman Stockinger, Gary
       Estenson, Linda Gallegos

   A. Introduction
       Don Elliman called the meeting to order.
       Mr. Elliman opened with the new Master Priority List with 101 separate funding pools. The list describes
       the intent and characteristics of those pools. It is a work in progress and will increase in number of pools
       and depth of information. This information is available on Colorado.Gov/recovery.

         There have been numerous speaking requests for the CERAB staff. The staff will try to honor those
         requests as time and schedules permit. The staff feels strongly that those requests present a good
         opportunity to address the public on the subject of ARRA funds.

         Both volunteer and for hire groups have offered their assistance to the Board and staff. While the offers
         are appreciated, the staff is currently only pursuing assistance on an as-needed basis.

    B.   Presentation by Gary Estenson from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
         Mr. Estenson presented a PowerPoint presentation of CDLE distribution plans for the stimulus funds. This
         presentation can be found at
Meeting Summary
April 9, 2009
Page 2

   C.   Update of Governor’s Office Recovery Efforts (GAO Meetings, Agency Meetings/Questions)
        Mark Cavanaugh, from the Governor’s office and a CERAB staff person presented. The CERAB staff has
        conducted 12 formal meetings with the Government Accountability Office.

        Simultaneously, they are meeting with departments from the state. At those meetings they are asking
        department personnel to answer a list of 22 questions that address the stimulus funds and how they will
        be spent and tracked. This is an opportunity for program managers to provide input on how they plan to
        develop, track and summarize their plans. There will be a contact/program person in each department for
        ARRA funds.

        CERAB staff is meeting via phone with a group of states that include Washington State, Iowa, Colorado
        and Tennessee, to share ideas and plans regarding ARRA funds. The group meets weekly. CERAB staff is
        coordinating similar meetings within Colorado that include federal, state, and local entities.

        The staff has been reviewing and using as a resource, the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB)
        federal guidelines for ARRA funds.

   D. Presentation by Herman Stockinger from the Colorado Department of Transportation
      Mr. Stockinger presented a draft of CDOT’s ARRA Budget Tracker. Mr. Stockinger stated that most of the
      funds had been earmarked with some approved, and the rest waiting for approval. A copy of this draft can
      be found at

   E.   Presentation by State Treasurer Kennedy on Bonding Issues
        State Treasurer Kennedy presented financial aspects created specifically for ARRA that will allow state and
        local government to borrow funds at a reduced cost. This is designed to stimulate projects particularly in
        the areas of school construction, conservation, clean energy and recovery zones (areas with poverty,
        unemployment and high rates of home foreclosures).

        This will allow state and local government to finance projects through taxable tax credit bonds and other
        measures, at significantly reduced interest rates and costs. The State will introduce legislation to make
        changes to the current statutes to allow state and local government to participate in this financing.

   F.   Website update from Chris Smith
        There are new additions to the website. Included on the front page is a breakout of pools of funding.
        Under News, the news center link is updated as news is announced.

        The Accountability Board tab has some new information that includes links to department websites.
        There is a Documents and Certifications tab which will be collecting all official documents and
        certifications that are sent to the federal government

        Under Resources, there is a list of frequently asked questions. There is also a Grant Opportunity link
        where specific grant opportunities are highlighted. It includes a link to; a website that lists
        available state and federal grants.
Meeting Summary
April 9, 2009
Page 3

        Maps allow a user to click on a county and see the amount of ARRA funds that are being allocated,
        and how they are being spent. Currently CDOT’s information is available. Other departments’
        information will be posted as soon as it becomes available

   G. Staffing Updates/Announcements
      Myung Oak Kim was hired for the position of Public Information Officer. Her start date is April 20 .

   H.   Next Steps
        CERAB staff will be moving into the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

        They will be looking to hire a grant coordinator and an outreach coordinator.

        They will continue to meet with each department, and will use the list of 22 questions as a template. That
        will be translated into a spreadsheet and made available to the Board and the public.

   I.   Public Input
        Representatives from Senator Udall’s office asked a question regarding available federal discretionary
        spending and grant dollars. They wanted to coordinate with the State in their efforts to obtain them.

        The response was that the State’s intent was to have a unified effort with delegations as well as with local
        entities in applying for those funds.

        Jim Blair from Integrated Risk Management Solutions suggested the Board place their expertise in terms
        of thinking about projects that might not perform as well as they would like them too. He suggested the
        board try to proactively predict and prevent negative outcomes.

        John Fleck with the Denver Area Labor Federation asked how the Davis-Bacon Act would be enforced with
        respect to construction projects.

        The response was that there are uniformed stipulations in the Act. For the financing, there are some areas
        where Davis-Bacon applies, and some where it doesn’t. The enforcement is left to the local issuer. Each
        agency has a compliance partner who has to certify that the project is in compliance. Additionally the
        Board would like to hear from anyone, sooner rather than later, about projects that fall under the Act and
        may not be in compliance.

    J. Next Meeting
       The next meeting date will be posted on the website as soon as it has been determined.
       With no other business the meeting was adjourned.

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