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									                                                      Consignor Agreement
                           2008 Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale • MSU Pavilion, Lansing, MI • Aug. 30, 2008
                                        FOR CONSIDERATION YOU MUST INCLUDE:
A completed entry form and at least 2 current photographs (taken within last 3 months): full body profile shot and front
shot including face & legs. Photos must be high quality and must be printed on photo paper. Photos printed on any other
medium WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please NOTE: Animals will be selected PRIMARILY from their photos – high quality
photos are to your advantage. Please include a separate check for each animal with application, and two copies of your
llama’s ILR certificate, as well as that of any cria at side. Entry fee includes one $50.00 stall for your sale entry. Shared
tack stalls will be provided. There WILL BE a selection committee deciding on applicant’s acceptance. If animal is not
chosen, fee will be returned. NO SUBSTITUTIONS will be accepted once catalog is at the printer. The consignment fee
will be forfeited. An exception will be made for any animal pulled for a reason certified by veterinary certificate, in which
case a substitution can be made. Please check if applicable - I would be willing to share stalling ______ I want my sale
animal(s) stalled with my show animals (sale flag & stall sign will be supplied – consignment fee remains the same) _____
DEADLINE for Sale Consignments May 30, 2008

Make separate checks for each consignment payable to MLA Sliding scale consignment fees are as follows: (Please
circle your category) $500 - $1000 category is $75.00; $1000 - $2000 category is $115.00; $2000+ category is $150.00.

         CONSIGNMENT INFORMATION                                                  CONSIGNOR INFORMATION

Entry’s name _______________________________________                NAME__________________________________________
___________         ___________        ____________
     SEX              DOB              ILR#                         FARM__________________________________________

SIRE’S SIRE name ________________________________                   ADDRESS______________________________________
ILR #______________________
SIRE name _______________________________________                   _______________________________________________
ILR #______________________
SIRE’S DAM name ________________________________
ILR #______________________                                         PHONE___________________ CELL_______________
DAM’S SIRE name ________________________________
ILR# ______________________
DAM name ________________________________
                                                                     I HEREBY AGREE TO THE TERMS STATED HERE AND
ILR #______________________
                                                                           ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PAGE.
DAM’S DAM name ________________________________
ILR #______________________

Service Sire: ______________________________________                SIGNATURE                                   DATE
Breeding Date: ______________

     BRIEF CATALOG STATEMENT 20 words or less. Print or attach here, plus email this same catalog
                                         statement to

DISCLOSURES Please indicate any known surgeries, noted abnormalities or irregularities present or past:

   Lamafest in conjunction with Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale sells all consignments “as is” at the time of the sale.
                              If you make any further guarantees, please inform the buyer.

                                 Return form, photos, ILR copies, and fees to:
                          Judith Brook • 58338 W. Clear Lake Rd • Three Rivers, MI 49093
                         Email a copy of catalog description to:
                            Questions? Email above or call Judi Brook at 269.244.5758
                                                BUYERS AND SELLERS AGREE.

                                                      TERMS & CONDITIONS
* I hereby enter the above llama in the Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale. All Consignments must be at least 7 mos. old.
* Only llamas which are registered or listed will be accepted to this sale. These animals will go through a screening process for
acceptance. Enclosed is a separate consignment fee check for each consignment. Make all checks payable to MLA. This fee is
non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason once confirmation is made.
* Once accepted, this entry will be reserved for the sale. In the event it is sold prior to the sale, I will forfeit my entry fee. A substitution
will not be accepted without approval of the committee.
* Males consigned will ONLY be considered if accompanied by quality female consignments. Males MUST HAVE a show record. A
copy of shows entered, won and/or placements MUST accompany consignment form.
* This sale will be limited to 50 animals. There will be accepted a limited amount of geldings and breeding quality males with show
records. The remaining will be quality females.
* Once the animal has been confirmed accepted into this sale, and catalog is at press, no substitution will be allowed. Consignment fee
will NOT be returned. An exception will be made for any animal pulled for a reason certified by veterinary certificate.
* Any blemishes, unsoundness, defects or irregularities of any kind must be declared on the consignment form and must be reported to
* All llamas in the sale must have a veterinarian signed health certificate certifying the animal to be free from infection and contagious
disease within 30 days of sale. All breeding males must be checked and certified by a DVM to have both testicles present. All females
selling as pregnant must be pregnancy checked by a DVM not more than 30 days before the sale and proof of pregnancy must be
turned over to buyer. Copies of cria at side registrations must accompany consignment. Blank ILR registration forms will be available at
Lamafest for unborn cria whose dams are sold.
* All Sales constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal sold. Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale assumes no
responsibility, legal or otherwise, in regard to the sale contract.
* Consignors are completely responsible for selling their own consignments.
* The consignor agrees to hold MLA, The Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale, or any of it’s committee members and their families
harmless from damages in the event that unusual or unforeseen circumstances result in the change of location, change of time or date,
or cancellation of similar modification to this sale.
* All registration certificates must be signed by the legal owner or legal agent. Registration/listing applications are required for
unregistered cria selling with their Dams and in the case of bred females for the unborn cria.
* It is the consignor’s responsibility to feed/water and care for their own llamas at the sale site and make sure that their llamas are
brought to, and shown in the sale preview and then returned to their stalls. The consignor is to furnish the buyer with a halter. Sale
llamas will be stalled separately from the show llamas unless requested on consignment form.
* Consignor may post their lowest acceptable offer on their stall if they so choose.
* I hereby authorize Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale to accept payment for my entries at the sale and understand that Lamafest
Square Deal Llama Sale is under no responsibility to assist in the sale of my animals in any way. All sales are agreed upon between
seller and buyer only.
* All liability for statements made in the sale catalog rest with the consignor. Please check accuracy of statements with regards to
winning, training, and ability of animal.
* The sale management, Lamafest Square Deal Sale, Lamafest, MLA or any of its members assumes no liability for loss or injury due to
theft, mysterious disappearance, sickness, improper handling or an act of God.
* Any animals not consigned to this sale that are at the Lamafest event, and as a result of being there sell, the owners are required to
pay Lamafest 10% of their sale fee of that animal. No animal, other than sale animals, shall be advertised as being for sale during this
event. All llamas at Lamafest are under the Green River Ordinance.
* I have read and understand and agree to all conditions of this sale as set forth on all pages of this contract.
• I do further swear that all information furnished regarding these entries is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that the
Lamafest Square Deal Llama Sale or any of its committee members are not responsible for errors.
* Any dispute shall be resolved according to Michigan law.

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