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Sales and Use Tax Spreadsheets Calculator


Sales and Use Tax Spreadsheets Calculator document sample

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Acknowledgments                                                    vii
Introduction                                                        ix
About the Author                                                  xvii

The Basics                                                          1

Rows, Columns, Cells, and Ranges                                    2
Moving Around Your Spreadsheet                                      3
Moving Between Spreadsheets                                         4

Entering Data                                                       7

Adding Words and Numbers                                            8
Formatting Your Data                                               10
    Character Formatting                                           10
    Boldfacing, Italicizing, and Font Size                         11
    Merging Cells                                                  13
    Adjusting Column Width                                         13
    Text Alignment                                                 15
    Number Formatting                                              16
    Cell Formatting                                                17

Adding Simple Formulas                                             21

The Basics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division    21
    Using Excel as a Simple Calculator                             22


          Using Relative Cell References                             22
          An Easier Way to Enter Cell References                     23
          More Simple Formulas                                       24
     Grouping and Ordering Formulas                                  25
     Linking and Copying Formulas to Other Cells                     26
     A Slick Method for Copying the Rest of the Formulas             29
     The Final Step: Formatting Your Results                         30

     LESSON 4
     Advanced Formulas and Other Tricks                              35

     The SUM Function                                                35
     Using the Formula Bar                                           38
     Using Other Advanced Functions                                  39
         Calculating Averages                                        40
         Excel’s Average Function                                    40
         Present Value (PV) Calculations                             41
         Future Value (FV) Calculator                                44
     Using Cell References from Different Spreadsheets               46
         Step One: Setting Up Our Data for 2004                      46
         Step Two: Entering Formulas                                 47
         Step Three: Making the Other Sheets                         47
         Step Four: Making a Summary Spreadsheet                     48

     LESSON 5
     Business Spreadsheets                                           53

     Calculating Sales and Use Taxes                                 53
     A Property Tax Calculator                                       58
     You Have More Income!                                           61
     Stock Ownership Disclosure                                      65

     LESSON 6
     Sorting and Filtering Your Data                                 71

     The Case of the Not-so Buggy Software                           71
     Sorting Data                                                    74
          A Trick for Viewing Your Data—Freezing the Panes           76
          One More Sorting Trick: Returning to Your Original Order   76
          Another Gotcha: Sorting the Column Header                  77
          Advanced Sorting                                           77
     Filtering Your Data                                             78
     Advanced Filtering                                              80
     Epitaph                                                         82
                                                         Contents    v

Charting Your Results                                           83

The Not-so Buggy Software Case Revisited                        83
Using the Chart Wizard                                          84
Formatting Your Chart                                           88
Annotating Your Chart                                           94
Creating Line Charts                                            96
Making a Column Chart                                          100

Printing Your Work                                             101

Step One: What Do You Want to Print?                           101
     Setting a Print Area                                      102
     Making Your Spreadsheet Fit on a Page                     104
Step Two: Page Setup                                           105
     Headers and Footers                                       106
     Page and Sheet Commands                                   108
     Margins                                                   109
Step Three: Print Away                                         110
Placing a Chart or Spreadsheet into Word or PowerPoint         111
     Word                                                      111
     PowerPoint                                                113

Index                                                          115

About the CD                                                   125

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