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									Guelph Community Health Centre Funds Established The Guelph CHC and Early Years Centre are continuing to grow to meet the ever increasing needs in our community. With the establishment of the satellite centres in Stone Road Mall and Shelldale and the growing demand for our ongoing programmes, the demands on Centre staff, facilities and funding continues to increase. Strong financial management has always been important to keeping the Guelph CHC healthy. The Guelph CHC has very recently added an important set of financial tools to help support the current and planned growth of the Centre. The Guelph CHC has established two funds in partnership with the Guelph Community Foundation. The Guelph Community Foundation is a public, charitable foundation that was created by and for the people of Guelph and surrounding communities to connect donors in the community with charities that provide important value to the community. Since its inception in 2000, the Guelph Community Foundation has provided $225,000 in support to local causes, and holds more than $3.7million in permanent endowments. Why does the Guelph CHC need a Foundation? A foundation has charitable funds that donors can contribute to in order to help support the Centre. The Guelph CHC has established two funds in conjunction with the Guelph Community Foundation. The Managed Fund provides a fund that the Centre can build and grow through charitable donations and that can be accessed by the Centre when needed. Money donated to the Endowment Fund is held in perpetuity by the Guelph Community Foundation on behalf of the Guelph CHC and Guelph CHC receives the returns from the investment every year to help support the Centre. In both cases, the donations are invested with the balance of the Guelph Community Foundation’s almost $4 million in endowed funds so the Guelph CHC benefits from the significantly higher returns of a much larger investment base. The Board thinks that the new Guelph CHC Funds will prove to be an important part of both generating and managing charitable funds to support our programmes and the growth of the Centre. We also look forward to the support for our Funds from our community and our clients.

Submitted by David Fisk Guelph CHC Board Treasurer

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