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                                           Retail Growth and

ARA Action Plan 2007-2010


 Level 2, 104 Franklin St, Melbourne VIC 3000
 Phone 03 9321 5000 Fax 03 9321 5001

 Level 11, 45 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
 Phone 02 9290 3766 Fax 02 9290 7180  

                            PART 1: The ARA and Retail
1.1 The Retail Industry                                               3
1.2 ARA Members                                                       3
1.3 Governance                                                        3
1.4 Mission                                                           3

                       PART 2: ARA’s Core Objectives
2.1 ARA’s Core Objectives                                             4

                PART 3: Activities Aimed at Meeting Core Objectives
3.1 Participtation                                                    4
3.2 Research                                                          4
3.3 Education                                                         4
3.4 Support                                                           4

                       PART 4: Measuring and Reporting
4.1 Performance Indicators                                            5
4.2 Reporting                                                         6

                          PART 5: Contacts and Commitment
5.1 Contacts                                                          6
5.2 Commitment                                                        6
                           Appendix: Retail Tools
ARA Template Plan                                                     7
Summary of Monitoring and Reporting (Template Plan)                   9

   ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                          2
                           1. The ARA and Retail
The Australian Retailers’ Association (ARA) is the peak national retail association
representing the interests of the largest employing industry in Australia. We provide
leadership and solutions to improve the long-term viability, productivity and visibility
of the retail industry by proactively dealing with government, media and other
regulatory bodies on behalf of our members.

The ARA provide a range of comprehensive services, advice and representation
suited to both small and large retailers in the areas of employment relations,
occupational health and safety, tenancy, consumer law and retail business
solutions. This includes a range of retail specific training that supports best practice
in retail.

1.1 The Retail Industry

The retail industry contributes to more than 5 percent of Australia’s Gross Domestic
Product (GDP) and is the largest employer in Australia, providing 15% of all jobs.

There are currently just over 220, 000 retail businesses in Australia however a large
portion of those retailers are defined as ‘small’ retailers employing less than 20

1.2 ARA Members

ARA members comprise a diversity of sizes and types of retailers reflecting the
profile of the retail industry, ranging from large national chain retailers to one-person
operators throughout the nation.

ARA members are classified in nine categories;

                           Retail Group                      Membership
         Food & Liquor Stores                                    22.3%
         Hardware / Home Improvements / Manchester               18.2%
         Childrenswear / Ladieswear / Menswear                   16.9%
         Cards / Gifts / Newsagents                              14.9%
         Fashion Accessories                                      8.9%
         Auto Accessories / Sports Accessories                    5.9%
         Home Entertainment                                       5.5%
         Pharmacies / Opticians / Others                          5.0%
         Department Stores / Disc. Department Stores              2.6%

1.3 Governance

A transitional Council governs the ARA with ten members, five from NSW and five
from Victoria. A new ARA Council will be elected in 2007 that will reflect the
restructure of the Association.

ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                            3
1.4 Mission

To be the pre-eminent nationwide organisation to provide leadership in solutions
which improve the long-term viability, productivity and visibility of the retail industry,
and proactively and effectively deal with government, media and regulators.

For more information on the ARA please go to our website at or
            contact the ARA on (03) 9321 5000 or (02) 9290 3766.

                         2. ARA’s Core Objectives
As a leading industry association, the ARA’s core objectives are focused at
encouraging greater retail coverage under the National Packaging Covenant and
providing assistance to those signatories. The ARA’s core objectives are to;

2.1       Encourage members to become signatories to the Covenant.

2.2       Assist members in preparing their own Action Plan or tailoring the ARA
          template plan (see Appendix 1) to the members operational requirements.

2.3       Assist members in meeting their Action Plan.

2.4       Coordinate collaborative activities of members aimed at reducing
          packaging in Australia.

         3. Activities Aimed at Meeting Core Objectives

In order to meet the ARA’s objectives the ARA will undertake a range of activities
focused in four key areas. These are participation, research, education and support.

3.1 Participation

 3.1.1    Provide a central leadership role in assisting members and the retail
          industry to plan, develop and adopt the National Packaging Covenant.

 3.1.2   Seek opportunities to continually promote, develop and influence members
         and the retail industry to the National Packaging Covenant principles
         through member workshops, seminars and publications.

 3.1.3    Engage constructively with Commonwealth, State and local government
          authorities in examining all suggestions and proposals for improving the
          collection and disposal of post-consumer retail packaging.

 3.1.4    Attend and participate in Covenant meetings, seminars and forums.

3.2 Research

3.2.1     Be a major contributor to educating, researching and developing better
          effective post-consumer packaging methods for our members and the retail

3.2.2    Actively engage with our members by using telephone, mail-outs and on-
         line research activities to gather information, comments and feedback
         relating to consumer and retail packaging trends, actions and behaviours.
ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                       4
3.2.3   Support research in retailer and customer practices in the disposal of used
        packaging and paper products in order to better develop strategies to
        support their NPC activities.

3.2.4   In particular, conduct further research on consumer and retail used-
        packaging behaviours to establish better ways of re-using and re-cycling
        used packaging materials, especially in plastic bags.

3.2.5   Periodically review and evaluate all research, promotions and member
        action plans so as to continually help progress the National Packaging
        Covenant principles.

3.3 Education

3.3.1   Provide all ARA members and the retail industry with information, advice
        and assistance with the National Packaging Covenant standards and

3.3.2   Provide members with all relevant information made available from key
        stakeholders including Commonwealth, State and Local government, and
        industry bodies so that they are regularly informed of any new

3.3.3   Provide members with information on other retailers activities under their
        action plans.

3.3.4   Establish a section of the ARA website for Covenant information.

3.4 Support

3.4.1   Fully assist and support all members who sign up to the National
        Packaging Covenant and provide help with any action plans and reports.

3.4.2   Provide an ARA resource for assisting members with over the phone

3.4.3   Provide the opportunity to attend an ARA workshop or environment event.

3.4.4   Establish an Environmental Committee that will provide a forum for retailers
        to meet and discuss their progress and pitfalls under the National
        Packaging Covenant.

                    4. Measuring and Reporting
4.1 Performance Indicators

4.1.1   Secure the approval of our Action Plan by the National Packaging Council.

4.1.2   On approval of the ARA Action Plan, we will post our Action Plan on the
        ARA website.

4.1.3   Within four weeks of approval of the ARA Action Plan the ARA will forward
        to our members the ARA Action Plan and an overview of the Covenant
        process and why the ARA and its members must support and commit to it.

ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                        5
4.1.4    Within twelve weeks of approval of the ARA Action Plan, the ARA will invite
         members to a workshop to explain the ARA Action Plan and the ARA
         Template Action Plan.

4.1.5    Within 16 weeks of approval, we will have a dedicated section of the ARA
         website for the National Packaging Covenant.

4.1.6    The ARA as a collective national unit will work closely together in promoting
         Covenant membership and Action Plans to all national members under this
         Action Plan.

4.1.7    Pursue a strong commitment of our “brand owning” members to become
         signatories to the Covenant with the aim of continually increasing the
         numbers of members becoming signatories.

4.2     Reporting

4.2.1    The ARA will provide an Annual Report detailing their progress under this
         Action Plan.

4.2.2    Each report will be posted on the ARA website and members will be notified
         of the Associations progress.

                 5.     ARA Contacts & Commitment
5.1      Contacts

 David Edwards AM                            Julie Bradshaw
 Executive Director                          Policy Manager

 Level 1, 104 Frankling St                   Level 11, 45 Market St
 Melbourne VIC 3000                          Sydney NSW 2000

 Ph: 03 9321 5000                            Ph: 02 9290 3766
 Fax: 03 9321 5001                           Fax: 02 9290 7180
 Email:         Email:
 Web:                         Web:

5.2      Commitment

Signed by

David Edwards, Executive Director of the ARA: ……………………………..…………


ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                        6
              National Packaging Covenant
           ARA Template Action Plan

                       Name of Company adopting Action Plan

PART 1        Introduction
1.1   Outline of signatory company:
    • Sector
    • Size
    • Brands
    • Locations
    • Outlets
1.2   The company recognises the need to reduce packaging in our society.
1.3   The company recognises the need to manage packaging through its lifecycle.
1.4   The company recognises the important balance between the needs of our environment and our
      customers needs and requirements.
1.5   For these reasons the company has committed to the National Packaging Covenant and the
      packaging initiatives detailed in this Action Plan.

PART 2         Measurable Performance Objectives
2.1   The company acknowledges that accurate measuring of packaging used by us is the best method
      of commencing the process towards reducing our packaging use.
      For this reason the company will:
      • Collect data on the amount of packaging supplied to us by our suppliers on a supplier by
         supplier basis
      • Collect data on the materials used in packaging supplied to us by our suppliers on a supplier
         by supplier basis
      • Collect data on the amount of packaging that we supply to our customers
      • Collect data on the materials used in our customer packaging
2.2   The company will collate this data on each anniversary of our signing the Covenant into an
      Annual Report. This Annual Report will detail our packaging use using the criteria set out above
      during each year of their Action Plan.
2.3   The company’s packaging performance objective will be to reduce our overall packaging use in
      each of these Annual Reports by 10% annually, at all time allowing the company to factor in our
      sales growth between each Annual Report.
2.4   Performance on undertakings will be monitored and reported as per Appendix 1.

PART 3         Employee Training to Reduce Packaging
3.1   The company will train employees to ask customers purchasing items that do not require
      packaging to ask the customer whether packaging is required.

          ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                        7
3.2.1    The company will train employees to minimise packaging supplied to customers by balancing
         customer convenience and product safety with the need to reduce customer packaging.

PART 4           Develop Use of Recycled Products
4.1     The company will enter discussions with our suppliers with the aim of ensuring that, where
        possible, goods supplied to us are in recyclable or reusable packaging or made from recycled
4.2     The company will enter discussions with our suppliers of consumer packaging with the aim of
        ensuring that these products are either recyclable or reusable and made from recycled material.
4.3     The company will set out a summary of these discussions and actions that flow in each of our
        Annual Reports, including our increased use of recycled materials.

PART 5           Contribute to Research and Development into Packaging Design
5.1     The company will review the design of all packaging used within the company.
5.2     The aim of the review will be to redesign packaging to ensure that the design process balances
        the needs of our customers at the point of sale with the need to utilise environmentally friendly
        materials by reducing the weight and volume of packaging used.
5.3     The company will set out a summary of this review and initiatives that flow, in each of our Annual

PART 6           Accurate Labelling of Customer Packaging
6.1     The company recognises that customer package labelling is an important method of informing the
        customer on the type of materials used in the packaging and how the packaging can be recycled
        or reused.
6.2     To assist this information process the company will, within two years, ensure that all customer
        packaging contains accurate information on the type of materials used in the packaging and how
        the packaging can be recycled or reused.
6.3     When a ‘National Packaging Covenant Friendly’ logo becomes available the company will
        promote the Covenant by using it on brand labelling
6.4     The company will set out a summary of our labelling progress in each of their Annual Reports.

PART 7           Education and community awareness programs
7.1     The company will provide assistance to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) to assist, at a
        practical level, its work with all levels of government in developing key indicators to measure the
        source and generation of packaging materials.
7.2     The company will also provide assistance to the ARA on education programs it commences on
        the role of packaging, the Covenant, and the best way to handle packaging waste consistent with
        the specific requirements of local conditions.
7.3     The company will encourage other retail businesses to become Covenant signatories.

Signed by:                                           Name of Chief Executive:
………………………………………………………                                ………………………………………………………
Name of Retail Company:                              Date:
………………………………………………………                                ………………………………………………………

            ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                          8
                                                       Template Action Plan - Appendix 1
                                Summary of Monitoring methods, performance indicators and reporting for
                                             < NAME> National Packaging Covenant Action Plan

Action                Monitoring                              Performance indicator /             Responsibility   Notes

Packaging Data        Collection of data on packaging To be summarised in Annual
Collection            volume and materials from suppliers Report
                      and to customers
(Part 2 (b) & (c))

Reduced Packaging     Annual reduction in packaging           Reduced packaging volume
                      allowing for sales (x%)                 /sales volume. To be
(Part 2 (d))
                                                              summarised annually.

Employee Training     Number and %staff trained annually      Percentage of employees
                      in packaging reduction techniques       trained annually (include %) will
(Part 3 (a) & (b))
                                                              be provided annually.

Use of Recycled       Progress of discussions with suppliers Discussions with all suppliers of
Products                                                     goods and packaging within
                      (Insert Date and % packaging
(Part 4 (a) to (c))   recycled)
                                                             Target (include %) packaging
                                                             using recycled material.

Research &            Packaging reviewed by:                  Design of each package is
Development into                                              reviewed within two years.
                      (Insert Date and each new brand
design packaging
                      developed)                              Summarised annually
(Part 5 (a) to (c))

Accurate Labelling    All packaging carries information on Annual Report
                      packaging recycling and Covenant
(Part 6 (b))

Education             The Company supports ARA in:            Summarised annually
(Part 7)                 • Developing indicators on
                            source and generation of
                            packaging materials
                         • Educational programs
                         • Promoting the Covenant

                               ARA Action Plan 2007-2010                                                       9

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