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					                                                                                                     Quick Guide
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 Get Started: Find Your Batch Codes
     Logging In:
         Step 1 - Go to
         Step 2 - Click on Administrators to log in to your
          Administrative Database Management System.
         Step 3 - Enter your access code and password supplied
          to you by Kuder, Inc.
          Access Code: ___________ Password: ______________
         Step 4 - Click on Batch Code Information. Batch codes
          allow individuals to begin each assessment.
         Step 5 - Print individual login instruction from the Quick
          Resources & Links menu on your database home page.

 Get Individuals Started
     Logging In:
         Step 1 - Go to
         Step 2 - Choose New Users.                                              
         Step 3 - Complete the registration page, and click on
          Register.                                                       Step 6 – Find Financial Aid
                                                                              Search available scholarships, learn about financial aid
To log in during the next visit to the system, select Returning Users
                                                                               options, and complete the online FAFSA.
and enter the appropriate user name and password.
                                                                         Access Database Resources:
 Develop a Kuder Career Portfolio:                                       Quick and Advanced Reports:
     Step 1 – Take an Assessment:                                             Create quick reports for both individuals and aggregate
         Enter specific batch codes to begin the Kuder® Career                information. Click Individuals or Aggregate next to the
          Search with Person Match, Kuder® Skills Assessment,                  assessment to review a report.
          and Super’s Work Values Inventory-revised. Note: All                Create highly customized, detailed reports to meet
          batch codes begin with a letter.                                     specific needs. Individual and aggregate reports can be
     Step 2 – Review Assessment Results:                                       created using Advanced Reports. Utilize the “+” signs to
         View results of one’s self-assessment of interests, skills,          expand categories and view additional options.
          and work values. Use these results to further educational
                                                                          Find a Student/Client:
          and career planning.
                                                                              Search for individuals using the School Access Code
     Step 3 – Plan for the Future:                                             and School ZIP Code. Reset a password for a one-time
         Lay out course work with the Education Planner, stay                 use or correct a student’s education level.
          on track with the Planning Timeline, create professional
          resumés using the Resumé Builder, document career               Download Directory Information:
          experiences and goals with the Note Taker, and prepare              Download individual information into a spreadsheet by
          for your first job with the Job Interview Planning tips.             cluster, age, assessment, and education level.

     Step 4 – Explore Careers:                                            Portfolio Customization:
         Search by Career Cluster, Occupation Search, or                     Post recommended links to individual portfolios, lay out
          Assessment Results to find out more about particular                 an education plan template, and access the Curriculum
          occupations.                                                         Manager to upload or enter course lists.

     Step 5 – Choose a Major and Select a College                         Develop Your Future®:
         Learn about college majors and postsecondary options                Access or learn about DYF Online, available in a
          available within one’s state and nationwide.                         convenient PDF format.
Features of the Kuder Career Portfolio
The Kuder Career Portfolio is where is all begins for system users! The portfolio contains all of the work completed within the Kuder
system, and also incorporates tools necessary to guide education and career exploration, planning, and development.

From the Portfolio Home Page review Top Favorites, finish To Do
List items, read Announcements, access recommended links,
and begin the college and career planning process. Also, watch
for special announcements, give-a-ways, and promotions on the
Portfolio Home Page.

My Profile
Favorites List – Click the gold stars        as you explore to save
interests, skills, work values, Person Matches, occupations, majors,
colleges, and scholarships to your personal list of favorites.

Account Information – Address and other contact information
entered here will also be used to create printable views of your
resumé(s) and pre-populate the online FAFSA. This section may
be updated as needed.

Take an Assessment
Research-based interest, skills, and work values assessments
provide individuals (and their parents, counselors, and teachers)
with value-added guidance for college and career exploration.                            Portfolio Home Page
Students use an assigned batch code to begin each assessment.

Assessment Results
Kuder Assessment Results – Kuder Career Search with Person Match (interest inventory), Kuder Skills Assessment, and Super’s Work
Values Inventory results, including the interest/skills composite report, are automatically saved to this area.

Additional Assessment Results – Individuals can enter/save results from additional completed tests and assessments such as the
state mandated tests, PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

Plan for the Future
Education Planner – The education planning system aids planning future coursework and tracking progress toward specific application
and entry requirements for education and career goals. The planner helps lay out coursework in a four-, six-, or eight-year individual
plan, fulfilling any school, district, or state requirement.

Planning Timeline – Track important career planning events! The planning timeline includes suggested sequences of education and
career planning events to guide students, parents, counselors, teachers, and mentors.

Note Taker – The unique note taker feature provides an area to record career goals, career experiences, journal entries, and copy and
paste word documents.

Resumé Builder – Build multiple professional resumés! The resumé building tool guides individuals through the process of collecting,
organizing, and presenting data for a resumé. Individuals may choose between two organizational formats and several styles as well
as review information and suggestions on how to write and organize a resumé.

Planning for the Job Interview – Provides the student/client with tips on how to prepare for a job interview.
Explore Careers
Career Clusters – Choose a career cluster to review extensive
occupational information. The largest and most comprehensive
occupation database available includes state-specific and national
career information from O*NET™ classifications, Occupational
Outlook Handbook data, and other resources.

Occupation Search – Enter a key word, job title, or Holland Code
to explore occupations.

Career Comparison – Compare careers to evaluate future
options! Career comparison provides side-by-side view of up to
three occupations. View job description, education background,
wages, and job outlook for each occupation simultaneously.

Choose a Major
Select a college major that relates to your interest results
and immediately view a description of the major as well as                                 Career Exploration
postsecondary options within your state and others. By choosing
a specific program within the major you can also review related

Select a College
Search Colleges – Research thousands of postsecondary options.
The college database features nearly 7,000 postsecondary
colleges, universities, education training centers, and other

College Comparison – The college comparison function allows
side-by-side comparison of up to three postsecondary institutions.
Compare type of college, student body, admissions, and tuition
and fees.

Find Financial Aid
Learn how to pay for college! Review general information regarding
financial aid and the application process which includes
calculators and functions that assist evaluating student                                 College Exploration

Scholarship Search – Search over 10,000 scholarships! The comprehensive scholarship database is searchable by several criteria.
Individuals can search for available scholarships from across the nation.

FAFSA Application – FAFSA completed in less time! Students’ secure profile information is pre-populated into corresponding fields
on the FAFSA.

Get A Job
Allows students/clients to search jobs, update their resumé(s), and review job interview skills.

                      With lifelong access, the online Kuder Career Portfolio encourages on-going
                                     career exploration, planning, and development.
Features of the Administrative Database
The Kuder Administrative Database Management System is a secure collection of demographic data entered by individuals who
use the system and results of their work within the system.

From the Database Home Page access system tools, view
News and System Alerts, and retrieve helpful documents
from Quick Resources & Links such as Kuder User News, our
quarterly newsletter.

Batch Code Information
To begin an assessment, students need to receive an
appropriate batch code. Each assessment has a different
batch code and begins with a letter.

Quick Reports
Access the most popular reports quickly! Simply choose a
date range and select either the individual or aggregate option
or optimized interests, skills, work values, and gap analysis                       Database Home Page

Advanced Reports
Create highly customized, detailed reports to meet your specific needs by using several filter options. Information may be sorted
by organization site, demographic, assessment, and display options.

Find a Student/Client
Locate a specific individual to review system progress, reset a forgotten password, correct a grade level mistake, print a one-page
summary report, or reset an in-progress assessment. System administrators may also monitor progress by reviewing individual
resumés and education plans.

Post/Send a Message
Communicate with individuals and parents directly through message posting and e-mail. Messages appear directly on individual
portfolio home pages.

Download Directory Information
Download contact information as a text file for all users in a school or site database. Information may be merged for mailing,
e-mails, and spreadsheets.

Portfolio Customization
Post recommended links to individuals’ portfolios; create local, regional, and/or state-required education plan templates; and
upload or enter a master course list for school-, district-, or state-specific education plans using the Curriculum Manager.

Develop Your Future®
Access the comprehensive online curriculum series for classroom use or find out how to purchase DYF Online, now in a convenient,
easy-to-use PDF format.

Review system components, access sample letters and publicity information, and more.

                   Need additional training? Contact us at 800.314.8972 to schedule an online training.
Classroom Application: 7th or 8th Grade
 Classroom Application: 7th or 8th Grade
 How to Use Components                                Start a Kuder Career Portfolio by registering with the Kuder system.
 of the Kuder System                                  Administer the Kuder Career Search with Person Match and Kuder
                                                       Skills Assessment.
                                                      View Assessment Results – encourage classroom discussion.
                                                      Adopt a career curriculum such as Develop Your Future Online.
                                                      Begin online occupational exploration using the Explore Careers
                                                      Have students create a personal career plan using the Plan for the
                                                       Future feature of the Kuder system.

 Suggested Classroom                                  Divide students into career cluster groups based on their results.
 Activities                                           Have students research the following using the Kuder Career Portfolio
                                                        Description of top career cluster(s).
                                                        Five different careers of interest.
                                                        Wage trends comparing individual’s home state vs. United States
                                                        Discuss career plans and high school courses using the Planning
                                                          Timeline and Education Planner.
                                                        Document career activities in the Note Taker.

 Ways to Use the                                      Use Quick Reports to view students’ interests and skills assessment
 Administrative Database
                                                      Share results with parents/guardians at parent/teacher conferences.
 Management System
                                                      Under Quick Reports, use the Aggregate Results to learn about
                                                       students’ interests to help plan appropriate classroom activities
                                                       and extracurricular activities, and to provide information for future

                                  Develop Your Future I - Middle School
Develop Your Future is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum series which guides secondary students through the career
planning process. Develop Your Future I is a nine-module course for middle school and junior high school students. Authored
by JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, Ed.D. and Nancy S. Perry, MSEd., the curriculum is designed to complement the Kuder system. The
curriculum is now available to you online, in a convenient, easy-to-use downloadable PDF format. For questions on DYF, contact
Kuder customer support at 877.999.6227 or
  Classroom Application: 9th or 10th Grade
 How to Use Components                                   Continue working on the Kuder Career Portfolio: (work experiences,
                                                          accomplishments, awards).
 of the Kuder System
                                                         Continue career development using the Develop Your Future II
                                                         Have students create a resumé.
                                                         Review and revise students’ high school curriculum for classes that
                                                          match interests.
                                                         Search colleges/universities in your area.
                                                         Use the Compare Careers feature of the Kuder system.

 Suggested Classroom                                     Encourage students to talk to their parents, friends, and family about
                                                          their occupations.
                                                         Using Wages/Trends information, students create a budget based on
                                                          the amount of income they would earn.
                                                         Using the Education Plan Templates students create a four-year plan
                                                          using the school’s requirements.
                                                         Have students select a specific career and create a resumé based on
                                                          the requirements.

 Ways to Use the                                         Using the Portfolio Customization feature in the Database, create a
                                                          school graduation template for students to use throughout the next
 Administrative Database                                  four years.
 Management System                                       Use the Advanced Reports feature to find students interested in
                                                          a particular area for special school or extracurricular projects or
                                                         Print students’ One-Page Summaries to share during parent/teacher

                                     Develop Your Future II - High School
Next in the series, Develop Your Future II is a twelve-module course for high school students. Develop Your Future allows students to
explore their interests, skills, and work values and discover how these characteristics relate to their education and career planning
in the 21st century world of work. The curriculum is now available to you online, in a convenient, easy-to-use downloadable PDF
format. For questions on DYF, contact Kuder customer support at 877.999.6227 or
  Classroom Application: 11th or 12th Grade
 How to Use Components                                   Re-assess with the Kuder Career Search with Person Match and the
                                                          Kuder Skills Assessment.
 of the Kuder System
                                                         Administer the Super’s Work Values Inventory.
                                                         Begin to search different majors using the Choose a Major feature in
                                                          the portfolio.
                                                         Update a resumé under Plan for the Future.
                                                         Include a cover letter in the Note Taker.
                                                         Apply for scholarships and grants using the Find Financial Aid

 Suggested Classroom                                     Remind students to begin their college search by choosing a major.
 Activities                                              Once they find an area of interest they want to study, help them find a
                                                          college that fits all their needs using the Select a College feature of
                                                          the Kuder system.
                                                         Have students interview a career professional:
                                                           How did the individual begin working there?
                                                           What type of education is needed for this occupation?
                                                           What does the individual value most about his or her job?

 Ways to Use the                                         Use the Advanced Reports to identify specific students for applicable
 Administrative Database
                                                         Use information from Advanced Reports to help students find
 Management System                                        internships or School-to-Work opportunities.
                                                         Use aggregate results from the Gap Analysis Report to help determine
                                                          what classes to introduce for students next fall and in subsequent
                                                          academic years.

                                    Develop Your Future II - High School
Next in the series, Develop Your Future II is a 12-module course for high school students. Develop Your Future allows students to
explore their interests, skills, and work values and discover how these characteristics relate to their education and career planning
in the 21st century world of work. The curriculum is now available to you online, in a convenient, easy-to-use downloadable PDF
format. For questions on DYF, contact Kuder customer support at 877.999.6227 or
  Classroom Application: Postsecondary
 How to Use the Kuder                                Administer the assessments during orientation to guide students
                                                      into possible majors and classes. The Choose a Major feature allows
 System in Academic                                   students to explore college majors and related occupations.
 Advising                                            Use the Education Planner to help students create two-year and four-
                                                      year plans.
                                                     Help students finance their educations by using the Find Financial
                                                      Aid feature to search for scholarships and pre-populate the FAFSA
                                                      with data from their Kuder Career Portfolio.
                                                     Enhance individual counseling by reviewing an individual’s One-Page
                                                      Summary, easily accessible through the Database’s Find a Student/
                                                      Client feature.

 How to Use the Kuder                                Help undecided students find a career path and major by taking the
                                                      assessments and using the career and education databases that link
 System in a Career Center                            directly to their assessment results.
 and/or Classroom                                    Encourage students to use the Note Taker to document education and
                                                      career planning.
                                                     Help students prepare for the job market by using the Resumé Builder
                                                      to update and create multiple resumés.
                                                     Use the Get a Job section to help students find jobs during the summer
                                                      months and/or after graduation.
                                                     Consider adopting the Take Hold of Your Future textbook for a
                                                      comprehensive career planning course that assists students in making
                                                      planful education and career decisions now and throughout their lives.

 How to Use the Kuder                                Review interests and skills of individual students with the Quick or
                                                      Advanced Reports to recruit students from secondary schools in the
 System in Administration                             district who are best suited to your programs based on their interests
                                                      and skills.
                                                     Use the Download Directory Information feature for easy direct mail
                                                      and e-mail marketing campaigns to targeted audiences.
                                                     Study trends in interests and skills for incoming and current students
                                                      using the Aggregate Reports to determine course and program needs.
                                                     Support funding requests, create data-driven grant proposals, and
                                                      enhance reporting with aggregate demographic data.

                              Take Hold of Your Future - Postsecondary
Take Hold of Your Future by renowned career development expert JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, Ed.D., is a practical career planning
guide featuring the Kuder system for postsecondary students and adults in career transition. With its accompanying CD and
supporting web site, the guide helps readers know how to make satisfying career choices. For more information, contact Kuder
customer support at 877.999.6227 or

     kuder                              ®
                                                      Customer Support • Monday - Friday • 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST
                                             • 877.999.6227 •
                                                                                                                      FORM 0002 rev 7/08

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