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Centreville Academy Newsletter by galenbarbour


									          Centreville Academy Newsletter
             January – February 2007
Principal’s Message                                     well as the students who performed and helped
                                                        with the sound. Thanks to Melanie McGillvary
The year continues to pass quite quickly. Spring        and Joshua Collins for performing the duties of
is just around the corner and we are anticipating       MC and to the volunteer fire department for
that it will be a very busy one.                        helping with the parking. A special thank you is
                                                        extended to Martin Cutler who not only played,
                                                        but worked tirelessly to ensure the sound system
It is with sadness that I begin my newsletter. As
                                                        was ready. Jamie Wilkinson helped set up and
you are all aware, Luke Glen Parsons passed
                                                        played guitar for a number of pieces and his help
peacefully away on February 17, 2007. Although
                                                        was truly appreciated. I would also like to thank
his life was a short one, he touched the lives of
                                                        the Carnival Committee for providing us with ice
so many people and was certainly a large part of
                                                        time. We also appreciate everyone who came to
our family here at Centreville Academy. On
                                                        cheer us on during our Winter Olympics. It was a
behalf of the staff and students, I extend heartfelt
                                                        great week!
condolences and deepest sympathy to Vicki,
Randy and their families.
                                                        Education Week is almost here again and
                                                        throughout the week of March 5-9, activities will
On Wednesday, January 31, 2007,                         be ongoing within the school and individual
representatives from Centreville Academy School         classrooms. The theme this year is “Live Healthy!
Council, as well as representatives from the            Learn Well!”. This year, however, with the recent
school councils of William Mercer Academy and           conclusion to Carnival Week, we have decided to
Jane Collins Academy, met with the director of          plan fewer school activities and focus more on
the Nova Central School District, Cindy Fleet, to       class activities during the week. A memo of
discuss the restructuring plan within our school        planned activities has been sent home with the
system. In the plan, Centreville Academy would          students.
become a K-9 school in September 2008 and
William Mercer Academy would close and a new            It‟s almost time for parent teacher interviews so
K-12 school would be housed in Jane Collins             please mark your calendars. Interviews will be
Academy. However, due to budgetary                      held on Wednesday, March 7 beginning at
constraints at the provincial level, this change will
                                                        1:00 p.m. A scheduled interview time will be
not occur in 2008. The district still supports the
                                                        sent to you on Monday, March 5. Your support
proposed changes, but timelines have to be
                                                        and interest in your child‟s education is essential
adjusted since the provincial government is
                                                        and meeting with your child‟s teacher is one way
concentrating on preventative maintenance to
                                                        to foster this. If you were unable to attend during
existing schools. A definite time for the changes
                                                        the scheduled time, please feel free to contact
was not given, but information would be
                                                        your child‟s homeroom teacher to arrange
communicated as it becomes available.
                                                        another time.
I would like to welcome Ms. Jessica Anstey
temporarily to our staff and thank Mrs. Trudy           I would like to remind parents that if your
Rogers who was on a short term replacement              child is sick or absent from school for any
here until February 9, 2007. They have both             reason, it is important to make contact
been an asset to Centreville Academy and we             with your child’s teacher either by
look forward to working with them in the future.        telephone or sending a note upon your
                                                        child’s return.
The past two months have been filled with
activities and once again I have to thank the           If at any time you have a question, concern or
many volunteers who give their time and talent          issue you need to address, please contact the
unselfishly to the students and staff of Centreville    school at 678-2833.
Academy. The school activities planned,
especially during Carnival Week, would not have         I look forward to seeing you at the many
been possible without you. Thanks to all parents        functions that will be ongoing throughout the
who prepared desserts for the Dessert Café and          remainder of the school year.
to all those who showed their support by
attending. I would also like to thank the parents       Trina Rogers
and community members who helped set up as
Kindergarten-Grade 1                                  curriculum. Miss Butler visited our class on a
                                                      number of occasions to do a presentation on
WOW WINTER!                                           Aboriginal People and it was certainly a
                                                      worthwhile learning experience for the children.
The K/1 class has been exploring the wonders          The children had the opportunity to try on some
and excitement of the winter season over the          native clothing and have their pictures taken.
past two months. Celebrations for Valentine‟s         They thought that was wonderful! The Grade 2/3
Day and the Winter Carnival have just wrapped         children loved it and will indeed remember the
up. Our young learners had a busy week during         interesting things about the Innu, Inuit, Métis, and
the carnival with a skating party, performing at      Beothuk cultures. Thanks so much Miss Butler,
the Dessert Café and eagerly participating in the     we really enjoyed having you visit our classroom
Winter Olympics at school. The students have          and share so many interesting things about
just conquered a milestone in their schooling,        Aboriginal People!
attending the first 100 days of school. To
celebrate this special occasion students              On Valentine‟s Day the students enjoyed going to
displayed collections of 100 items, we created        the challenging needs room to watch the movie
keepsake necklaces, made from 100 fruit loops,        Happy Feet with the K/1 and challenging needs
brainstormed 100 words we could spell and             classes. Thanks to the challenging needs
played many fun games based around the                students, teacher and student assistant for
number 100.                                           having us visit their classroom! Congratulations
                                                      to Richard Cutler and Taya Matchim on being
With the days getting longer and spring just          crowned King and Queen! The Grade 2/3
around the corner, the class is preparing to go on    children were excited to open their valentines to
a “Bear Hunt!” March month is sure to be as           see who their secret admirers were.
exhilarating as we begin our Information Unit of
Bears. The students of Kindergarten/One will be       The Grade 2/3 students had a fun-filled day at
having picnics and parties as well as performing      the winter Olympics during winter carnival week.
in the March Assembly. Don‟t forget March 5-9 is      They earned lots of points for good behavior.
Education Week and will sure to be a great time.      Way To Go!

The exciting days of winter are drawing to an end,    We would also like to extend a big WELCOME to
so the K/1 class would like everyone to get out       Noah Oxford to the Grade 2/3 class. We hope
with your loved ones, play in the snow, and enjoy     you enjoy your stay at Centreville Academy!
the WOW and Wonder of Winter!
                                                      Birthday Greetings go out to Paige Gibbons who
Birthday Greetings are extended to Nathan             celebrated on Jan. 2nd, Adrian Ackerman who
Parsons and Maud Hunt who both celebrated             celebrated on Feb. 24th and Kaylee Collins who
their 7th Birthday on January 10, Happy 6th           celebrated on Feb. 27th.
Birthday to Lucas Parsons celebrating on
February 23 and Cody Rogers who celebrated on         Mrs. D. Stokes
February 9th. Monica Pickett and Shannon Hunt
share a birthday on February 8th. A Very Happy        Grade 4/5
Birthday to all students!
                                                      It is hard to believe that it is the end of February
Miss Kimberley Rideout                                already! The second term is just flying by. I would
                                                      like to start by thanking everyone for making the
Grade 2/3                                             dessert café a complete success. The generous
                                                      donation of all the wonderful desserts was greatly
The Grade 2/3 class has been really enjoying          appreciated. It was fantastic to see so much
their Mem Fox author study. They have been            community support.
reading lots of great books, doing book
responses, and a research paper on possums.           The grade 4/5 classroom is just a flurry of activity.
They did a great job performing at their              We have recently begun learning about the
„Australian Assembly‟! The students would like to     interesting world of fractions. Everyone seems to
say a big THANK YOU to Miss Pittman for               be moving along quite well with this topic. In
sharing her teaching experience in Australia          Language Arts we have recently started studying
through the many interesting pictures of Australia.   the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. The
We know that the students really enjoyed it when      students are expected to write journal entries on
we heard all the „Wows‟ during the assembly.          topics from this novel on a daily basis. I will be
                                                      expecting the students to be doing some reading
The Grade 2/3 has been studying Aboriginal            of this novel at home. It is very important that any
people as a part of their Social Studies              reading assigned for homework be completed
because the class work for the following day will        Currently in Language Arts we are exploring a
be based on this reading. In Religion class we           unit about Mystery and Wonder. The class is
are finishing studying the Buddhist religion, and        working on a crime solving assignment for
have just completed an in-class assignment on            Language Arts. They will have to come up with a
the Four Noble Truths.                                   scenario and develop clues for another group in
                                                         the class to solve. They are very exited about it.
In the music room we are doing many different            In Science we will be designing our own
things. The Grade Eight class is studying                thermometer and actually testing it.
musicals, and are in the middle of doing an
assignment where they do an in-depth study of a          Outside of our class work, the Grade 7‟s enjoyed
musical, which will be presented to the rest of the      watching Open Season at our Valentine‟s party
class. The Grade Seven class is wailing away on          and of course there was lots of fun during the
their buckets and laundry detergent bottles with         Olympics and lots of terrific behavior. Tons of
their paint stir sticks. Yes, I am still talking about   points were given out. Great work!!!
music class. They are exploring musical
concepts using household items as their                  Just a few reminders…Math tutorials take place
instruments. They have learned about                     every Friday. Group work is an essential part of
improvisation, dynamics and are currently doing          the curriculum and oftentimes your child will be
some composition. The grade 4/5/6 classes are            involved in a group, either picked by them or me.
doing a popular music assignment, where they             If at any time you have concerns about the
have to design a CD cover, or do a pretend               group‟s effort please contact me prior to a project
interview with a pop singer. We are all starting to      due date. Homework is also an essential part in
prepare for the annual spring concert. Many of           meeting the curriculum outcomes. There is
the selections that you will hear will be from well      always review or reading to be done so if your
known movies. I think this will be as exciting for       son or daughter is coming home consistently with
the listeners as it is for the students. I look          no homework please check with me. If there are
forward to working with the choirs and the               any other concerns or questions my door is
classes on this very exciting project over the next      always open.
few months.
                                                         We only had a single birthday this time. Birthday
Miss Amanda Yetman                                       wishes are extended to Lyndon Rogers who
                                                         turned 13 on January 4th.
Grade 6
                                                         Miss Tina Knee
                                                         Grade 8
Grade 7

As usual, we have been busy these past couple            Challenging Needs
of months. We finished up units in Language Arts,
Science, Math, and Social Studies. The Grade             I am very excited to be a part of the
7‟s built some wonderful replicas of the slave           Challenging Needs class this month
quarters from Underground to Canada and also             while Mrs. Oxford is away.
turned out some professional structures for
Science. I am extremely proud of their effort. In        We have been quite busy decorating our
Math we have started a unit on Integers. We are          classroom for winter. Hilary and
continuing with Empowerment in Social Studies,           Delavan love a bright, colorful
specifically political empowerment and in                environment, so Ms. Greta and I have
Technology the class will be developing their own        been doing our best to make them happy.
web site over the next couple of months.
                                                         Besides decorating, the children have
Mr. Mifflen spent a few classes with us helping          been doing lots of work. Delavan and
the class learn how to use “Choices”. This is a          Hilary put in a great deal of effort every
web site that allows students to narrow in on a          day, with their exercises and chart
future career by examining their academics and           activities. They also continue to enjoy
interests. Everyone picked a career and                  music classes and library visits.
researched it for Social Studies. It‟s never too
early to start preparing for your future and this        As a special gift to their parents, Hilary
ties in with the Social Studies theme of                 and Delavan made picture frames with a
Empowerment .                                            photo of themselves inside for
                                                         Valentine’s Day.
                                                         We really enjoyed participating in the
                                                         Winter Carnival and all of the fun
activities that were planned. We made         Adrian had 9 boys at his birthday party
Powerful Penguin hats to wear as part of      and 12 girls. How many children were at
team spirit. Hilary and Delavan had lots      his birthday party?
of fun and would like to thank their          ___________________________
team for a super day. We certainly hope       _____
that Mrs. Oxford is back with us soon;
it’s not the same without her cheery          Grade 3
smile every morning!                          Carly’s and Sarah’s mom took them
                                              shopping to buy new sneakers. Each
We would like to thank Mrs. Paulette          pair of sneakers cost $ 21.95. How
Gibbons and the preschoolers for the          much did their mom pay for the
homemade chocolate chip cookies they          sneakers?
brought to our classroom.
Mmm…mmm…..they were delicious!!!              ___________________________
Mrs. Trudy Rogers                             Grade 4
                                              Change the number from expanded
Resource Room                                 form to standard form.
                                              200 000 + 50 000 + 3 000 + 700 + 90
Mathematical Problems from                    ___________________________
the Resource Room                             _____
Congratulations to last months’
Christmas Riddle Winners.                     Grade 5
                                              Find the mystery number using the
Here are the mathematical problems for        following clues:
this month. Remember to put your
name on the page with your answer and         •      There is a 1 in the thousands
return it to miss Butler to be entered in a   place.
draw. Good Luck to everyone and Happy         •      The digit in the tens place is 9
Calculating!!!!!!!!!!!                        times the digit in the thousands place.
                                              •      Multiply the digit in the
Kindergarten                                  thousands place by 2.
                                              •      The digit in the ones place is a
■   ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■                             hand without a thumb.
■   ■                                         •      The digit in the hundreds is 2 less
                                              than the number in the tens.
■   ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
                                              ___ ___ ___ ___?
■   ■
                                              Grade 6
How many black squares altogether?            Solve the Magic Square.
___________________________                   Put the remaining numbers from 0 to 15
____                                          in the 16 small squares. The sum of the
                                              four numbers in each row, column and
Grade 1                                       two diagonals must be 30.
Name the shapes below:

∆                                               15                             12

____________                                               10         9

                                              Grade 7
                                              A boy ate 100 cookies in five days. Each
                                              day he ate 6 more than the day before.
____________                                  How many cookies did he eat on the first
                                              On the first day he ate
Grade 2
                                              _____________ cookies.
Grade 8
Claire’s Jewelry store in Gander bought
earrings, six for$10, and sold them 4 for
$10. They made a $60 profit. How
many earrings did they sell?

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