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       NOVEMBER 2007                                                                   EDITION II
           Principal’s Message                                 Counselor’s Corner
                   Rebecca Gensel                           Stacey Weiss, Guidance Counselor
Despite what felt like evidence                              Thank you for your contributions to the
to the contrary, fall is arriving                   Save-A-Tab program for the Ronald McDonald
and the cooler days are                             House! We’ve had a great start and the tabs are
beginning to arrive. It has been                    coming in quickly. Please continue saving pull-
a great start to a new school                       tabs for this worthwhile service project. To
year, and your children have                        check out the school’s progress, go online to
settled into the routines of                        Whiton’s Guidance page.
school quite well. We are                                    Character Counts Week kicked off
approaching the end of the first                    successfully and the kids did an amazing job on
marking period, and you will soon have the          all their activities. When you visit the school, be
opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher       sure to check out the main hallways to see your
and learn of their progress. Please be sure to      child’s work. We are looking forward to a great
check your district calendar for conference         year filled with good character!
dates, as we have one early release day and one              The “Newcomer’s Group” has come to
day where students do not report to school. As      an end and it was fun for all those involved.
many of you with older children are aware,          Upcoming guidance groups beginning this
November can be a choppy month for school           month include: Character Matters, Celebrating
days, so a quick check of the calendar is highly    Myself and Band of Friends. Teachers have
recommended!                                        nominated students, but if any parent/guardian
                                                    would like to make a referral, please contact me
As you begin to think about the conference that     at x3101. Permission letters for your child to
you will have with your child’s teacher, I          attend will be sent home soon.
encourage you to jot down any questions you
might have so that you can be sure to have them                    Happy November!
answered. Think not so much about how they
compare to other students, or to your other
children, rather ask questions that will help you
gauge how they compare now in contrast to
where they were at the close of school last year.
The teachers at Whiton are looking forward to
learning more about your son or daughter from
your perspective, as well as sharing with you
who your child is as a learner at school.

November gives a pause to think about the
things in our life for which we are thankful.
From my perspective, I am acutely aware of the
joy that working with your children brings to
me. They are funny, energetic, enthusiastic, and
poignantly insightful! Thank you for sharing              “We must teach our children to dream
them with us!                                                   with their eyes open.”
                                                                   ~Harry Edwards
           News from the Nurse                                  Special Specialists
        D. Warren RN & L. DeFouw RN                  Glenn Gottshalk & Tara Kolbe – PE Teachers
            Keeping Healthy                                 The P.E. Department has been busy
                                                    explaining the proper playground and
        During Cold & Flu Season                    gymnasium rules to the kindergarten, first, and
        October or November is the best time to     second grade students.
get vaccinated against the flu. The CDC (Center             Mrs. Kolbe and Mr.
for Disease Control) recommends vaccinations        Gottshalk have been playing
for those at risk for complications of the flu      “introduction” games such as
including children aged 6 months until their        the Name Game, Meet Your
5th birthday, as well as anyone with certain        Neighbor, Go Home Charlie,
chronic medical conditions. Others at high risk     and Duck, Duck, Goose.
who should consider the flu vaccine include                 Parents, please remind your child to
pregnant women, people age 50 and over, and         wear proper clothing and footwear on the days
household contacts or caregivers of children less   that they have Physical Education class.
than 6 months of age (children too young to be
vaccinated).                                        Thank You,
        How can one tell the difference between     Mrs. Kolbe and Mr. Gottshalk
a cold and the flu? Take a look and compare the
differences in the chart below!
Symptoms         COLD           FLU
Fever          Rare           Usual;                       Re-Takes & Make-Ups
                              High (100-102)

Headache       Rare           Common                         November 13, 2007
                                                     Ask your child’s teacher for a new picture form if
Gen. Aches     Slight         Usual;                                     necessary.
                              often severe

Fatigue        Sometimes      Usual
                              (lasts 2-3 weeks)

Exhaustion     Never          Usual at begin.

Stuffy Nose    Common         Sometimes

Sneezing       Usual          Sometimes

Sore Throat Common            Sometimes

Chest          Hacking        Common &
Discomfort     coughs         can be severe

        And remember that the best way to
prevent the spread of colds and flu includes
proper hand washing, and covering our mouths
when we sneeze and cough!
    - cdc.gov/flu/protect/keyfacts.htm (2007)
   Whiton Family School Council
           Anna Nierenberg, Facilitator
         The FSC had a very successful first
meeting! We welcomed nine new members and
discussed exciting ideas for future family and
student events.
         One part of our discussion was focused
on the people a parent might need to call if they
were looking for specific information about a
program, policy, or procedure that relates to
Whiton Elementary. What the
members of the FSC discovered
is that the first call is always to
our child’s teacher. If we still
need help, the second call is to
Ms. Gensel or to Mr. McCartney. If we still
need help, Ms. Gensel or Mr. McCartney might
direct us to one of the district employees with
specific knowledge about the question we have
         Whiton has a wide variety of support
staff in place to assist students and their
families. Parents are encouraged to access any
of these staff members when issues arise that
require specific areas of expertise. Some
important Whiton contacts include Stacey Weiss
as our school guidance counselor, Alice Willard
as our teacher of Gifted and Talented students,
and Beverly, as our cafeteria manager!
         We have begun a discussion to plan a
family curriculum night to familiarize parents
with the components of the grade level
curriculum. Be sure to watch for updates!
         As always, meeting minutes can be
found on the Whiton/FSC webpage. Thank you          Just a reminder to send a note in with your child
to all of you who responded to our request for      if there is any change in his/her dismissal.
volunteers at our future events-you’ll be hearing   Without a note, your child will be dismissed as
from us shortly!                                    usual. If your child typically attends Jointure but
                                                    will not be there on a particular day, please
                                                    notify Jointure and the Main Office. Thank you!
                                 November 2007
                          Whiton Elementary School
     Monday             Tuesday            Wednesday          Thursday               Friday
                                                         1                   2

                                                         Day 3               Day 4
5                 6                    7                 8                  9
                                           PTO Meeting              NJEA Convention
                                                                       No School
                  Election Day
Day 5             Day 6                Day 1                                 Veteran’s Day
12                13                   14               15                   16
    End of 1st                           Snuggle Up &
 Marking Period         SCHOOL           Read: Family   Board of Education   First Grade Feast
                       PICTURES        Literacy Night @   Meeting @ 8:00
                       Re-Takes &            6:00

Day 2             Day 3                Day 4             Day 5               Day 6
19                20                   21                22                  23
                      Whiton Family
                      School Council
                         Meeting                                 Thanksgiving Recess
                       7:00 – WES                                    No School
                    Report Cards        Single Session
Day 1                Sent Home         Day 3
                  Day 2
26                27                   28                29                  30
                                       NO SCHOOL –       Parent/Teacher
                                       Parent/Teacher    Conferences
                                       (1:00pm-8:00pm)   Single Session
                                       PTO Book Fair
Day 4             Day 5                                  Day 6               Day 1
DECEMBER          4                    5                 6                   7
3                                          PTO Meeting

Day 2             Day 3                Day 4


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