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									                                                                                           CCH Accountants’ Suite®

                                                                                                      CCH Engagement

   CCH Practice®

                       Experience the latest innovations in paperless
CCH Practice Driver®
  CCH Document®
CCH Engagement®
 CCH Profit Driver®    engagements and workflow integration.
 CCH Site Builder®
 ProSystem fx Tax®

                       CCH Engagement® is a powerful trial balance and engagement workflow tool that not only
                       allows you to automate financial statements, work papers, and tax return preparation, but
                       also provides the tools to manage and perform your engagements in a completely paperless
                       environment. ProSystem fx Engagement®, the U.S. version of the CCH Engagement, was
                       named as one of the “Top 100 Software Products” for 2006 by Accounting Today, CCH
                       Engagement leverages Microsoft Word® and Excel® to provide unprecedented efficiency
                       and integration in the move towards true paperless engagements. It maximizes your staff
                       efficiency by facilitating collaboration among professionals working out of multiple office

                       This document is the US ProSystem fx Engagement brochure. The Canadian version of the
                       brochure will be available soon. Meanwhile, please call 1-866-426-6216 or your local
                       CCH Account Manager to register for a FREE product demo.
                                                                                                     T h e P ro S y s t e m f x ® O ff i c e > P ro S y s t e m f x ® E n g a g e m e n t


> Engagement
  Profit Driver
  Fixed Assets
 Practice Driver
                                  Experience the latest innovations in paperless
   Site Builder                   engagements and workflow integration.
  Trial Balance

                                                                                    ProSystem fx® Engagement lets your firm move towards true
                                                                                    paperless engagements and offers powerful workflow tools that
                                                                                    allow you to:
                                                                                    > Enjoy the convenience of instantly accessible workpapers!
                                                                                      Share every document simultaneously and avoid paper binders,
                                                                                      synchronize work from any location with the Central File
                                                                                      Room and powerful Synchronization Queue, ensure total file
                                                                                      integrity, and e-mail an entire binder with one click.
                                                                                    > Let an expert lead you step-by-step through your next
                                                                                      engagement! Industry-standard practice aids and checklists
                                                                                      deliver real-world strategies, cost-saving ideas, client letters,
                                                                                      spreadsheets, and reports.
                                                                                    > Store tax, assurance and consulting engagement binders in an
                                                                                      intuitive Windows® Explorer-style file room.
                                                                                    > Scan documents directly to the binder using enhanced
                                                                                      scanning functionality.
                                                                                    > Automatically create PDF files from any application and
                                                                                      seamlessly store them in the binder.
                                                                                    > Efficiently review engagements with dual monitors, allowing
                                                                                      you to look at workpapers side by side.

                                                                                    > Automate first year engagements with customized
                                                                                      binder templates.
                                                                                    > Securely manage every document from inside the program.
                                                                                    > View list of staff members assigned to each document.
                                                                                    > Create, respond to, and clear multiple types of notes.
                                                                                    > Obtain secure online sign-offs by preparer and reviewer, and
                                                                                      lock documents after final review.
                                                                                    > Wrap up the engagement easily using the Finalize
                                                                                      Binder Wizard.
                                                                                    > Roll forward an entire engagement with a single mouse click.
ProSystem fx Engagement allows you to produce binders that are the electronic
equivalent of your paper files.                                                     > Make implementation easy using our expert Engagement
                                                                                      consultants. Our comprehensive training and consulting
                                                                                      options will have you up and running in no time.

                                                                                >     >   >   >

  Today’s accounting industry is in a constant state of change, and firms are being asked to deliver more, work more efficiently, and
  stand up to a higher level of accountability than ever before. To meet these demands, ProSystem fx Engagement provides the highest
  level of security, maintains data integrity regardless of the amount of work moving through an engagement, and helps you comply with
  ever-changing industry regulations.

                                                                                                                  > Up-to-date research
                                                      > One-time staff set-up with Active Directory                 is only a click away

                                                      > Miller Engagement templates in Word and Excel             > Import, export,
            > Roll forward data for annual                                                                          e-mail and store
                                                      > Flexible staff assignment and control features              documents as
              and interim periods
                                                                                                                    PDF files
            > Maintain staff assignments and
              bring forward applicable                                                                            > Robust trial balance
              financial data to the new year                                                                        system built on
                                                                                                                    Word and Excel
                                                                     Set Up

  > Lock down                           Roll                                                              Engagement
    calculations                      Forward                                                               Process
  > Maximize
    server space

  > Assign binder
                                                  Streamlined Workflow
    retention periods
           & Archive
                                                      Data Integrity                                           Review
                                                                                                                > Share information and
                                                                                                                  synchronize binders
                                                                                                                  from any location

                                                                                                                > Current Editor feature
                                    Integration                                  Reporting
                                                                                                                  ensures data integrity

                                                                                                                > E-mail binders with
                                                                                                                  one click

            > Simplify tax return
              preparation                                               > Create multiple financial
                                                                          statements for each
            > Provide superior                                            engagement
              financial analysis
                                                                        > Produce statements that are
                                                                          industry-specific and provide
                                                                          data for tax returns

NEW ENGAGEMENTS                                                   MANAGEMENT TOOLS
New staff members are set up via Active Directory, reducing       ProSystem fx Engagement allows management to track the
the need for duplicate data entry. Templates in Word and Excel    status of an engagement with the integration into the Practice
in the Miller Engagement series are provided for everything you   Project Management feature. This function in ProSystem fx®
need for an engagement, so your entire engagement is set up       Practice allows a project to be tracked with budget vs. actual
with a few clicks and all workpapers are instantly available.     information, task assignments, and other administrative features.
The flexible administration module allows you to add teams to     Within Engagement, flow of an engagement can be monitored
binders, saving you valuable time by eliminating the need to      throughout the process with features such as the Notes
add individual staff members to each engagement. One-time         Summary View, the Sign-off View, and the Current Editor View.
creation of security levels are individualized for each staff     In addition, at-a-glance status updates are instantly available
member, making it easy to maintain data integrity throughout      with diagnostic pages like the Trial Balance Snapshot, the
the process.                                                      Binder Snapshot, and Engagement Today.

EXISTING ENGAGEMENTS                                              REPORTING
The powerful roll forward simplifies your work on existing        Multiple financial statements can be created for any
engagements. Roll forward data from year to year, bringing        engagement, meeting the variety of needs for that data.
forward only the information related to the current year.         These statements can be industry-specific, provide information
Previously assigned staff continue to be tracked in the           for tax returns, or be formatted for detailed financial analysis.
following year and pertinent financial statement data will also   In addition, the formats can vary to meet the specific
roll forward. Everything is ready for you to start work in the    requirements, such as providing classified reporting. All of
current year.                                                     these statements can be exported to other applications using
                                                                  the powerful Dynalink/Quiklink functionality, making it easy to
PA P E R L E S S W O R K F L O W                                  provide additional services to your clients. Exports to
                                                                  ProSystem fx® Tax simplify return preparation, and exports to
Integration with the ProSystem fx Office provides an
                                                                  ProSystem fx® Profit Driver give you the most detailed financial
end-to-end solution on the way you work every day,
                                                                  analysis available.
because work you've already done is imported directly into
Engagement or extracted to another application. PDF files from
any application are scanned directly to Engagement, eliminating   FINALIZING THE ENGAGEMENT
paper storage. Data from ProSystem fx® Write-Up can be            Once the engagement is completed, finalization and archiving
imported to Engagement in either interim periods or annually,     is accomplished in a few clicks. Server space is maximized, and
eliminating the need to redo work that already exists.            calculations are locked down and secure, providing assurance
Additionally, Engagement allows you to import trial balances      that all of your work is safe and data integrity is maintained.
from other sources, allowing you the flexibility to use
applications that already work for your firm.                     DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT
                                                                  To mitigate risk, the archived binder can then be stored in
SECURITY                                                          ProSystem fx® Document. Assigned retention periods and
Engagement’s synchronization process and Current Editor           indexing ensure that the binder does not get misplaced. Once
feature provide the security and data integrity management you    that retention period is reached, document destruction can
need. Since you assign staff members with specific permission     safely take place to ensure proper regulations compliance.
levels, data cannot be overlaid inadvertently, saving you from
lost time and needless costs.

Teamwork and collaboration intensify with the use of
ProSystem fx Engagement. The ability to check out only the
workpapers you need from within a binder allows multiple
staff members to work on an engagement simultaneously.
Synchronizing to the central file room, along with expanded
binder package functionality, allows those workpapers to be
available to other team members when needed.

    At CCH, we understand the challenges to your workflow. The trend toward dynamic, fully comprehensive software integration continues
    as we continually seek new ways to further streamline your processes and help you work smarter.

                     ProSystem fx Engagement allows you the flexibility to continue using
                   processes that work for you, while giving you a powerful tool to replace
                  processes that don’t – all of this while offering the most efficient workflow
                      tools, an integrated suite that provides an end-to-end solution, and
                                 dramatically reduced start-up and training costs.

M I C R O S O F T ® O F F I C E I N T E G R AT I O N                I N D U S T R Y- S TA N D A R D P R A C T I C E A I D S
From the moment you begin to set up a new client in                 & CHECKLISTS
Engagement, you maximize tools you already have by                  ProSystem fx Engagement allows you to integrate content from
leveraging your investment in Microsoft Office software.            the Miller Series into your electronic binders for complete
ProSystem fx Engagement’s exclusive use of these applications       automation. A complete binder template has been prepared for
allows you to save engagement-related e-mails using new             you, so you set up new engagements easily and quickly.
Outlook integration. You can also incorporate your Word and
Excel workpapers and financial statements into electronic           Then let an expert lead you step-by-step through the
binders and automate them with links to client, engagement,         engagement! These timesaving titles deliver real-world
and trial balance data.                                             strategies, cost-saving ideas, client letters, spreadsheets, and
                                                                    reports. Each Miller title contains many useful Microsoft Word
> Take advantage of the only trial balance system built             programs and checklists, as well as Microsoft Excel workpaper
  from the ground up on Microsoft Word and Excel. Enhanced          templates that allow you to complete a wide variety of
  trial balance links allow pasting or inserting links using        engagement types.
  ranges of cells, rather than inserting each cell individually
  into the link formula.
> With ProSystem fx Engagement you can import data from
  popular trial balance packages, automatically update every
  time you post a journal entry, export to popular tax packages
  for C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships and Exempt
  Organizations, and efficiently post transactional entries using
  Write-Up Journals.
> The time-saving roll forward feature allows you to instantly
  roll forward every engagement workpaper and report,
  automatically populating all Word and Excel financial
  statements and workpapers with current dates, account
  balances, and variances.

                                                                                            ProSystem fx Engagement uses Microsoft Word
                                                                                            and Excel for all workpapers and financial

    P R O S Y S T E M f x O F F I C E S U I T E I N T E G R AT I O N        ProSystem fx® Write-Up
    The ProSystem fx Office Suite brings you the end-to-end                 > Transfer interim period and annual statement data to
    engagement workflow solution you've been looking for.                     Engagement with expanded export capabilities.
    ProSystem fx Engagement takes work you’ve already done
    and intuitively interacts with other ProSystem products to              > Have vital summary information at your fingertips during
    completely streamline your workflow and eliminate costly                  consulting and audit engagements by exporting customized
    duplication of effort.                                                    statements and reports to ProSystem fx Engagement and
                                                                              Trial Balance.
    ProSystem fx® Tax
                                                                            ProSystem fx® Fixed Assets
    > Easily map financial statement data with Dynalink/Quiklink.
                                                                            > Store reports and Fixed Assets data files directly into
    > Simplify tax return preparation when you simultaneously                 Engagement binders.
      update both Tax and Engagement with Quiklink.
    > Store a tax return to Engagement as a PDF.
    ProSystem fx® Profit Driver
    > Seamlessly export financial data to Profit Driver for quick and
      thorough analysis and strategic planning.
    > Store reports from Profit Driver files to Engagement binders.

                                                                                                           ProSystem fx Engagement
                                                                                                           provides the flexibility to
                                                                                                           format the trial balance to fit
                                                                                                           any situation.

    ProSystem fx Document
    > Launch Engagement binders from within Document.
    > Store archived binders to Document with assigned retention periods.
    ProSystem fx Practice
    > Link Engagement binders with a ProSystem fx Practice project and launch the Edit Project dialog from the linked binder.
    > Launch the Edit Client dialog from the linked parent client.
    > Create or open new Engagement binders from within Practice.
    > Invoke the Practice time clock from an open binder or from the file room, manage the time clock from within Engagement, and create
      time transactions with and without accumulated time in the clock.

CUSTOMIZABLE SECURITY                                                   C O S T- E F F E C T I V E E F F I C I E N C Y
The ProSystem fx Engagement Administrator module lets you               Engagement has increased its efficiency with the use of Active
customize Engagement for the way you work, and lets you                 Directory. The increased binder flexibility means users’ imports
control and manage the electronic engagement process from               can be scheduled or done manually to best fit your firm’s
one central location. You can:                                          busy schedule.
> Customize staff groups to represent the different levels and          > Binder Teams can be dynamically updated within existing
  roles of your firm’s staff members, and choose whose rights             binders when changes are made to teams. Also, the “All
  to enable at any level.                                                 Firm Staff” team contains all staff members in the firm, both
                                                                          active and inactive.
> Update users automatically with changes to staff and security
  rights as they log in to the program.                                 > Backup Utility has been enhanced to allow for single
                                                                          binder restore.
> Share and communicate staff information, licensing and
  binders in a multi-office environment, with or without a              > Print to PDF is an additional printing option that allows you
  wide-area network, using Office Servers.                                to print one or more existing Engagement workpapers to a
                                                                          new PDF workpaper, with options to combine and append.
> Assign staff members using flexible assignment options that             Additionally, you may print documents from any software
  allow you to grant access to engagement binders by                      application outside of Engagement to our PDF converter,
  individuals or by binder teams, or simply choose to assign              which inserts the resulting PDF workpapers into the
  all staff to all binders.                                               Engagement binder of your choice.
> Filter clients by group in the Administrator Module or file           > New Workpaper from Scanner is an additional option that
  rooms through the use of customizable Client Groups.                    allows workpapers to be scanned directly into Engagement
> Share firm tips and policies using customizable Tips of                 by selecting the “New Workpaper from Scanner” option.
  the Day.                                                              > New Workpaper from File will now default to show “All
                                                                          files,” allowing you to select any file type when creating
C O L L A B O R AT I O N                                                  workpapers.
Share every document simultaneously and enjoy the
convenience of instantly accessible workpapers! ProSystem fx            BENEFIT FROM MSDE
Engagement allows you to:                                               Engagement now utilizes MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) for
> Avoid paper binders that are hard to share, costly,                   managing data for the Administrator and Central File Room
  inconvenient to transport, and easily lost or damaged.                databases. By adopting this technology, Engagement:

> Share information and synchronize work from any location              > Ensures enterprise-class reliability of SQL Server in a freely
  via the Central File Room and flexible synchronization                  distributable desktop data engine, providing an economical
  options.                                                                solution for firms.

> Synchronize multiple binders in the background while you              > Delivers a mobile solution that supports merge replication
  work using the powerful Synchronization Queue.                          with a central SQL Server, ensuring scalability for users
                                                                          and data.
> Ensure each file’s integrity using the Current Editor, which
  allows you to control who has “write” or “view only” access.          > Enables firms to utilize an existing SQL Server environment
                                                                          to deploy Engagement if desired.
> E-mail an entire binder with one click.
                                                                        C C H O N L I N E R E S E A R C H I N T E G R AT I O N
                                                                        > Access CCH’s Accounting Research Manager directly from
                                                                          Engagement for a current, complete and objective resource
                                                                          on expertly-written analytical accounting, auditing,
                                                                          governmental, and SEC information and primary source data.
                                                                        > Integrate content from the Miller Series and launch from
                                                                          them to specific areas within Accounting Research Manager.
                                                                        > Access in-depth analysis on the CCH InternetSM Tax Research™
                                                                          NetWork as you launch directly from Engagement.
                                                                        > Store research from CCH@Hand to Word documents.
                                                                        > Launch Smart Tags from stored documents within
                                                                          Engagement to Tax Research NetWork via CCH@Hand.

Launch directly from workpapers within Engagement to content-specific
research in Accounting Research Manager.

  F I N A N C I A L R E P O R T I N G G U I D A N C E T H AT           Accounting Research Manager provides one-stop access to U.S.
  MINIMIZES YOUR RESEARCH TIME WHILE                                   and international authoritative and proposal stage literature
  E N H A N C I N G Y O U R R E S U LT S .                             from every relevant source, including:
  While other research tools simply summarize the
  authoritative literature, leaving you the time-consuming             > FASB                  > IASB
  task of deciphering often-complex information, Accounting
  Research Manager (ARM) goes the extra mile to give you the
  clearest possible picture.                                           > AICPA                 > GASB

  Accounting Research Manager is the largest and most
  comprehensive accounting and financial reporting online              > SEC                   > GAO
  database, providing easy access to objective and insightful
  accounting, auditing, governmental and SEC information.
                                                                       > EITF                  > OMB
  Interpretive guidance written by experts in the field helps you
  understand and comply with rapidly changing accounting,
  auditing, governmental and SEC standards.                            > PCAOB                 > Federal Research
  Your Accounting Research Manager login and password
  may now be stored in the staff properties in Engagement’s
  Administrator module. This will allow for automatic login to the
  ARM website when clicking on the ARM icon in the Workpaper
  Management Shortcut bar.
THE TIMELIEST REPORTING                                           T H E U LT I M AT E A C C O U N T I N G R E S E A R C H T O O L

Accounting Research Manager’s professional staff takes pride in   Join the thousands of accounting and financial reporting
updating the database up to five times a day to meet your         professionals who rely on Accounting Research Manager
awareness needs. You get:                                         every day. With all-inclusive coverage, extensive cross-links
                                                                  and real-time updates, you won’t find a better way to:
> Immediate access to newly released literature.
                                                                  > Access a comprehensive set of authoritative, proposal
> Weekly Summary e-mail alerts summarizing major changes            and interpretive content.
  in the database.                                                  – Assure better and more meaningful research.
                                                                    – Mitigate risk by providing access to all relevant material.
> Summaries of deliberations of current financial
  reporting projects.                                             > Stay up-to-date.
                                                                    – Updated up to five times daily.
                                                                    – Stay aware of recent developments via the Weekly
Our team of experts provides insights that go far beyond the          Summary and 3-month checklists.
guidance provided in the text of authoritative literature.
                                                                  > Obtain clear and insightful interpretive guidance from
Accounting Research Manager includes:
                                                                    leading experts.
> Accounting standards. Your “window to the literature”
  that contains summarized guidance by financial statement        Discover more about ARM and its product offerings. For a free
  caption and other common topics, plus a hotlinked list of all   trial, visit Tax.CCHGroup.com/ARMB.
  supporting authoritative and interpretive accounting and
  SEC literature.

> Interpretive publications. Your direct link to our
  best-selling reference guides on such topics as
  business combinations, derivatives, leasing, and
  compensation arrangements.

> SEC materials. Your easy-to-understand SEC guide that
  integrates background materials, training, forms and
  interpretive guidance to simplify complex SEC rules. You
  also get plain-English explanations of new rules, including
  summaries and checklists for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

> Audit guidance. Your audit library that provides a complete
  and ready reference to implementing the standards. You get
  access to our Miller Audit Series, which includes questions
  and answers, practice aids, spreadsheets, memos, forms and
  literature references.

> Government guidance. Your government library that
  provides an in-depth governmental reference. You get access
  to our Miller Government Library, which offers workpapers,
  examples and illustrations. Our content experts translate
  technical information into plain English that is easy to
  comprehend, while our interpretations clearly illustrate what
  the rules mean from your perspective. Read about our
  content experts, authors and Editorial Advisory Board at
  www.Tax.CCHGroup.com/ARMB and click on ‘Meet our
  Technical Experts.’

> SEC Filings. Now ARM users can access filings from the SEC
  EDGAR database and SEC comment letters through 10-K
  Lookup. This search engine allows immediate and precise
  searches for you to conduct comparative research.

> Miller Libraries. Now users can purchase separate Miller
  libraries on ARM, which expands its analysis and broadens its
  offerings. The ARM layout allows for quick and logical review
  of journal entries and other financial reporting documents.
  Plus, it offers easier upgrades to more in-depth accounting
  and auditing content.

    ProSystem fx Engagement allows you to integrate content from the Miller Series into your electronic binders for complete automation.
    Let an expert lead you step-by-step through your next engagement! These timesaving titles deliver real-world strategies, cost-saving
    ideas, client letters, spreadsheets, and reports. In addition, you can access each title’s full text via the CCH Tax Research NetWork. Each
    Miller title contains many useful Microsoft® Word programs and checklists, as well as Microsoft® Excel workpaper templates that allow
    you to complete a wide variety of engagement types. In addition, a complete binder template has been prepared for you, saving you
    significant time when setting up new engagements. With Miller workpapers that can be added with the click of a mouse, content
    integration has never been easier! The following titles contain integrated work programs and templates:

    AUDIT PUBLIC TITLES                                                        Miller GAAS Update Service
    Miller GAAP Financial Statements Disclosures Manual                        Twice a month you’ll receive the latest coverage of Audit Risk
    This guide provides a complete, quick and valuable reference               Alerts, SASs, SSAEs, Auditing SOPs, Industry Audit Guides and
    source for financial statement disclosures. The Manual contains            more!
    more than 900 examples of realistic sample footnote disclosures
    to assist in the preparation of financial statements for audit,            Miller Attestation Engagements
    review or compilation engagement. It facilitates compliance                This title provides comprehensive guidance on conducting
    with authoritative pronouncements by integrating, in each                  attestation engagements. The types of attestation engagements
    chapter, the specific disclosure requirements with the                     covered in this publication include examination, agreed-upon
    sample footnotes.                                                          procedures, compliance, internal control, due diligence, and
                                                                               prospective financial information engagements. For these types
    Miller GAAS Practice Manual                                                of engagements and others, Miller Attestation Engagements
    This innovative resource provides a complete, quick, and                   reduces the technical language of official pronouncements to
    valuable reference source for the practitioner of the currently            easy-to-read and easy-to-understand advice and procedures you
    effective pronouncements of Statement on Auditing Standards                need for an effective and efficient attestation engagement.
    (SAS), Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements
    (SSAE), Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review                   G O V E R N M E N T A D D - O N L I B R A RY T I T L E S
    Services (SSARS), and the interpretations of these standards.
                                                                               Miller Governmental GAAP Guide
    Miller Audit Procedures                                                    Financial professionals who work with state and local
    Miller Audit Procedures provides practitioners with the most               governments must stay current with emerging governmental
    cost-effective approach for conducting high-quality audits of              standards or face some unfortunate consequences. This
    nonpublic commercial entities. Its 22 clear, concise chapters              one-of-a-kind tool discusses all the promulgated accounting
    cover all major topics, from initial evaluation of an engagement           principles applicable to financial reporting by state and local
    to closing the audit. All our checklists, questionnaires, audit            governments. Miller Governmental GAAP Guide delivers a
    programs, model letters and sample auditor’s reports will                  thorough analysis of GASB Statements (including the watershed
    enhance your efficiency even more!                                         GASB Statement 34), GASB Interpretations, GASB Technical
                                                                               Bulletins, NCGA Statements, NCGA Interpretations, and
    Miller Compilations & Reviews                                              certain AICPA Statements of Position and Auditing and
    CCH experts translate the technical jargon of all applicable               Accounting Guides.
    pronouncements, including how the watershed GASB 34 relates
    to compilations and reviews. Moreover, the latest guidance on              Miller Governmental GAAP Practice Manual
    the new Management-Use-Only Compilation Engagement is                      Miller Governmental GAAP Practice Manual demonstrates,
    right here. Find out why CPAs across the country are turning to            in a detailed manner, how governmental entity can implement
    this compact reference. The guide also examines all applicable             the complex standards established by GASB-34 through a
    compilation and review standards, and guides you safely                    worksheet approach. The emphasis of Miller Governmental
    through planning, performance, documentation, and reporting.               GAAP Practice Manual is on the process of preparing
    You receive all the time-saving checklists, forms, and reports             financial statements.
    you’ll need to perform a thorough compilation or review.
                                                                               Miller Government Audits and Single Audits
    CPA’s Guide to Effective Engagement Letters                                This title is dedicated to the audit professional who wants to
    We’ve included every type of engagement letter you could                   conduct audits of local governmental entities in a more
    possibly need, from audits, tax preparations, and payroll                  practical manner. Written by the practitioner for the practitioner,
    processing, to business valuations and assurance services. And             this guide is divided into eight parts: Background and
    here’s the best part: Every letter can be easily customized and            Standards, Audit Planning, Audit Procedures, Reporting and
    printed. This innovative resource features a new collection of             Follow-Up, Single Audits, Standards for the Single Audit,
    case studies on liability issues that illustrate what to do and            Planning for the Single Audit, and Fieldwork and Reporting. It
    what not to do with your engagement letters. Covers over 50                also has customizable electronic practice aids and
    types of letters!                                                          checklists, sample correspondence, and auditor’s reports
                                                                               available in RTF, as well as Excel workpapers, and compliance
    CPA’s Guide to Management Letter Comments                                  supplements and circulars available in PDF.
    Developed by a seasoned auditor with more than 20 years of
    experience in auditing practice for clients in a broad spectrum            Miller Governmental GAAP Update Service
    of industries, the CPA’s Guide to Management Letter                        Navigate through changing promulgations using our
    Comments makes it remarkably easy to draft clear                           twice-monthly Update Service. You'll receive 24 updates that
    management letter comments in no time at all. In one                       include restatements and analyses of late-breaking GASB
    convenient, logically organized volume, you’ll find the find the           Statements, Interpretations, and Exposure Drafts.
    correct words and phrases to use in virtually any management
    letter comment you’ll ever need to construct.
                                                              SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
                                                              File Server
With such a significant change to the way your engagements
will be performed, take advantage of our vast experience in   > 100% IBM-compatible Pentium PC, PII or higher required.
guiding your firm through the benefits of Engagement.
Electronic workpaper management is a new concept for          > Memory per network operating system recommendations.
many accountants and requires proper planning and training.   Network Software
Utilize the knowledge of our consultants to maximize your
return on Engagement and empower your staff with the skills   > Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.
of tomorrow’s workforce.
                                                              > Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.

TRAINING OPTIONS                                              > Novell Netware 5.1 or higher.
Standard                                                      > Linux (kernel 2.4.2 or higher, Samba 2.2.3a or higher).
> Core
                                                              > Pentium III or higher required for ProSystem fx Engagement.
  – Accounting and Auditing
  – Tax                                                       > 512 MB+ of RAM required for file servers running
> Workshop                                                      ProSystem fx Engagement Workpaper Management module;
> Expert                                                        2 Gb+ of RAM recommended for ProSystem fx Engagement
Ancilliary                                                      Administrator module.
>   Reviewer & Administrative                                 > ProSystem fx Engagement data may be stored on a Novell
>   Customized                                                  or Linux server as listed above; however, the ProSystem fx
>   Integrated Microsoft® Word & Excel                          Engagement Administrator is not supported on these servers
>   GASB 34                                                     and must be installed to a Windows-based PC or server.
Multi-Client Training                                         Windows Networking (“Peer-to-Peer”)
> Core (A&A)                                                  For office configurations of 10 users or less, a dedicated
> Expert                                                      workstation used solely as a server may be substituted for a true
                                                              file server. The operating system for this workstation must be
C O N S U LT I N G O P T I O N S                              Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional; 512Mb+
                                                              of RAM required.
> Implementation
  – Standard (1 day)                                          Windows 98 and Windows ME machines may not be used as the
  – Premium (2 days)                                          “server” for ProSystem fx Engagement.
> Questions & Answers                                         ProSystem fx Engagement supports a higher number of
Information Technology                                        users and up to 25 concurrent users in a Windows Networking
  – Standard (1/2 day)                                        environment.
  – Premium (1 day)
                                                              Network Clients
                                                              Using the latest version of network clients is recommended:

                                                              > Microsoft Client for Microsoft Networks.

                                                              > Novell Client for Windows 2000/XP or Windows 98/ME.

                                                              > Microsoft Client Service for NetWare.
                                                              Network Topology
                                                              > 10 Mbps or greater (Ethernet).

                                                              > 16 Mbps or greater (Token Ring).

                                                              Note: For optimum performance, 100 Mbps, Full Duplex is
                                                                    recommended throughout your network, including
                                                                    workstation NIC cards, switches and hubs, and server
                                                                    NIC cards.
                                                                                       T h e P ro S y s t e m f x O ff i c e > P ro S y s t e m f x E n g a g e m e n t


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                                                  Disk Space Requirements
WAN Processing                                                       > ProSystem fx Engagement program files: 230 Mb; (500 Mb
                                                                       when including the setup folders).
> Microsoft® Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services.
> Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services with          > Miller Titles content files: 50 Mb
  Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 or XP.
                                                                     Virus Scanning Exclusions
> Microsoft Server 2003 Terminal Server.                             > Real-time virus scanning exclusion of all ProSystem fx
> Microsoft Server 2003 Terminal Server with Citrix                    directories is required on both file servers and workstations
  MetaFrame XP.
                                                                     IMPORTANT: For data integrity and firm security, you should
ProSystem fx Engagement does not require terminal services for       scan all files on your system on a regular basis. However, these
use over a WAN or VPN.                                               full scans should not be performed when the data is in use
                                                                     when users are logged in. Using file exclusions allows your
Workstations (Also applies to standalone installations)              scanning software to continue to do its job against the rest of
                                                                     your system while ignoring the excluded directories. You may
Additional components required for ProSystem fx Engagement:
                                                                     want to run a full scan with no exclusions at the start of the
> 100% IBM-compatible Pentium PC, PII or higher required.            day before anyone is logged into the ProSystem fx products, or
                                                                     perhaps run an automated scan after hours. The key is not to
> 256 Mb+ recommended.
                                                                     have open ProSystem fx files when the scan is initiated to run
                                                                     without exclusions.
Operating System:
> Microsoft Windows 98 2nd Edition.                                  Communications
> Microsoft Windows Millennium.                                      > High-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, T1 or
                                                                       T3) is required for downloading program updates (e-fx
> Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (service pack 3 or
                                                                       Release or e-fx Update). A high-speed connection is also
  later required).
                                                                       required to use Prosystem fx Engagement over a VPN.
> Microsoft Windows XP Professional (service pack 1 required).
                                                                     Laser Printer
> MDAC version 2.6, service pack 2 (or higher). If MDAC is not       > HPIII or higher with at least 2MB of RAM
  detected during installation, the installation program will load
  version 2.7.
> Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5, service pack 2            For a complete list of certified printers, please
  or higher.
                                                                     visit our web site at Tax.CCHGroup.com.
> Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.
> Office 2000 or greater.
> Monitor display – small fonts with a minimum screen
  resolution of 800x600.
> Colors – set greater than 256.
> Microsoft Word and Excel for Office XP with service pack 3,
  Word and Excel 2000 with service pack 3 and hotfix, or Word
  and Excel 2003.
> Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Internet SMTP/POP3, or
  other MAPI compliant messaging software to use network
  e-mail or Internet e-mail.
> Microsoft Jet version 4.3 (service pack 6 or higher). If
  Microsoft Jet is not detected during installation, the
  installation program will load version 4.3 (service pack 6).

Note: To enhance performance when running multiple
      ProSystem fx applications, we recommend a PIII
      class PC or higher with 512 Mb+ of RAM.

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