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Medical Business Proforma Template


Medical Business Proforma Template document sample

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									                                                                                                                             To be completed by Financial Services:
                                                                                                                                Project Code     Income a/c code                                  VAT treatment
                                   PROJECT ACCOUNTING FORM

To be completed by the Faculty Resource Office

                                        Project Group                              Resource Centre                                       SBC                                                          Start date
Agresso:                                                                                      0                                           0

Title of activity:

Name of lead academic:                                                                                           HESA cost centre

Name and address                                                                                                 Details of client's
of client:                                                                                                       business:

Summary of

                                   Please attach all relevant documents e.g contract, correspondence with customer, research funding application. Forms maybe returned and further documentation requested.

Place an 'x' in the box to indicate the type of activity:
                                                       Core                                                                                                Development

Place an 'x' in the box to indicate the type of activity:

     Research                                                       Consultancy                                                                            Short Course
     FM Division                                                    Payroll                                                                                Banner
     Field / Educational Trips                                      Conference                                                                             Other BA / MA / MSC Courses
     OrgSustaining                                                  OS Rendered

Place an 'x' in the box to indicate the sponsor type or indicate if it is not applicable:

     C2   -   UK based charities                                                                                                                           R1    -   Research        Council      -   BBSRC
     C3   -   UK government                                                                                                                                R2    -   Research        Council      -   EPSRC
     C4   -   UK industry, commerce & public corps                                                                                                         R3    -   Research        Council      -   ESRC
     C5   -   EU Government bodies                                                                                                                         R4    -   Research        Council      -   MRC
     C6   -   EU Other                                                                                                                                     R5    -   Research        Council      -   NERC
     C7   -   Other overseas                                                                                                                               R6    -   Research        Council      -   PPARC
     C8   -   Other sources                                                                                                                                R7    -   Research        Council      -   AHRC
     C9   -   Institution own funded

If you have selected C4 - UK industry etc please specify the type of organisation:
                                                          SME                                                                                              Large

Place an 'x' in the appropriate box to indicate where the funding originates from?
    ERDF                                                   ESF                                                                                             Other regeneration
     Framework 7                                                               Single pot

Place an 'x' in the appropriate box to indicate if the funding is coming from two or more sources?
                                                            Yes                                                                                            No

Place an 'x' in the appropriate box to indicate if some of the funding is coming from an external source?
                                                            Yes                                        No

If funding is coming from a 3rd party which is not the client please state the name of the
3rd party
I certify that:
(i) the estimate of income and expenditure entered overleaf is reasonable, and where relevant, in accordance with the contract with the client;
(ii) I understand the financial implications of this activity and authorise the production of a project code within AGRESSO.

                                   Project Manager                                                                                                         Resource Team
     PRINT NAME:                                                                                                 PRINT NAME:

     SIGNED:                                                                                                     SIGNED:

     DATE:                                                                                                       DATE:

Please state who you would like the form returning to:

     PRINT NAME:                                                                                                 EXT NUMBER:
To be completed by the University Research Office (URO)

Place an 'x' in the appropriate box to indicate the activity type

        Research                                                    Consultancy

If research please specify the RAE Unit of Assessment number in the box

        2001 RAE                                                    2008 RAE




For Financial Services use only

Agresso tax relation:
                                        Financial Services

Leeds Metropolitan University - Financial Planning

  Please complete the form below or use local procedures and proforma to present information for authorisation

Financial Analysis                                                                                                                                                          CURRENT FINANCIAL YEAR
                                            2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14                              Total              TOTAL 2009/10       AUG       SEP       OCT  NOV     DEC    JAN                  FEB       MAR       APR       MAY       JUN        JUL
                                             £,000's     £,000's       £,000's       £,000's       £,000's       £,000's                     £          £         £          £         £         £         £         £         £         £         £          £         £
External Income                                                                                                                     Income
  list sources                                                                                                       0.0                          0.0
  list sources                                                                                                       0.0                          0.0
  list sources                                                                                                       0.0                          0.0
  list sources                                                                                                       0.0                          0.0
  list sources                                                                                                       0.0                          0.0
  Capital Receipt recognition                     0.0        0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0                          0.0
       Total External Income                      0.0        0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0                          0.0       0.0       0.0        0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0        0.0       0.0
Direct Expenditure
                                                                                                                     0.0            Expenditure
  Staff within contract                                                                                              0.0                          0.0
  Names                                                                                                              0.0                          0.0
  Names                                                                                                              0.0                          0.0
  Names                                                                                                              0.0                          0.0
  Staff outside of contract                                                                                          0.0                          0.0
  Names                                                                                                              0.0                          0.0
  Names                                                                                                              0.0                          0.0
  Claims                                                                                                             0.0                          0.0
  Visiting Lecturers                                                                                                 0.0                          0.0
  Misc                                                                                                               0.0                          0.0
  Non staff costs                                                                                                    0.0                          0.0
  Travel                                                                                                             0.0                          0.0
  Subsistence                                                                                                        0.0                          0.0
  Consumables                                                                                                        0.0                          0.0
  Equipment                                                                                                          0.0                          0.0
  Depreciation                                                                                                       0.0                          0.0
    Total Direct Expenditure                      0.0        0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0                          0.0       0.0       0.0        0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0        0.0       0.0
                Contribution                      0.0        0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0           0.0                          0.0       0.0       0.0        0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0        0.0       0.0
              Contribution / Total Income      #DIV/0!     #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!       #DIV/0!

  Capital Receipts and Payments
  list individual Capital purchases                                                                                            0
  Total Capital Payments                                           0             0             0             0             0   0

  list individual grants                                                                                                       0
  Total Capital Receipts                                           0             0             0             0             0   0

  1.                                        All relevant financial transactions should be incorporated. Relevant is defined as
  2.                                        income and expenditure that will not be otherwise incurred plus any directly include
                                            The proposal should be based on the impact on the University and thereforeallocated
  3.                                        any income income should be detailed. Please detail each source of external income
                                            All external and expenditure incurred in other Resource Centres as a direct
  4.                                        separately.
                                            Capital Receipts (income received to fund capital expenditure) should be listed under
  5.                                        Capital Payments are any single items of equipment income at the excess of £5,000
                                            Capital receipts and payments and only recorded as expenditure insame rate as the
  6.                                        in value (inc.VAT). Such expenditure should be as one-off setup suitable period
                                            All Income and Expenditure should be identified defrayed over a costs or ongoing
  7.                                        running costs.
                                            The contribution is the extent to which External Income exceeds Direct Expenditure
  8.                                        All Income and Expenditure should be indexed for inflation - current rates are
                                            available in the Planning Process Guidance notes which are available on the staff                                                                                                                          7/17/2010 6:51 PM
       D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\1761442c-1f1e-418d-8192-220823a942ec.xls PA Form page 2
Non-Financial Analysis

Please complete the form below or use local procedures and proforma to present information for authorisation

STUDENTS                                                                                                                    OTHER RESOURCES REQUIRED
                                                               Price Grp
                                                PT / FT        B/C/D/Oth    2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14               Please detail the other resources required

         Total FTE's                                                                  0            0         0   0      0
         Total WFTE's                                                                 0            0         0   0      0
         Total Fees (£,000's)
         Total Funding (£,000's)
                                                 Estimated    Salary £'s                                FTE's
         Post Title                                Grade         pa      2009/10          2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14         Risk & Opportunities Analysis - Please detail potential risks together with relevant mitigating actions and contingencies.

         Total FTE's                                                                  0            0         0   0      0
         Total Value (£,000's)                                                        0            0         0   0      0
         Please include copy Job Descriptions etc and ensure gradings have been agreed with HR Consultant.

         Does this Initiative alter your physical space requirements? If so please detail                                         Please detail any expected non financial costs and benefits:
Characteristics of Development Activity                                                                       Development Activity
Development Activity is either a new activity (e.g. developing a new course / setting up a new
research centre) or a material investment in order to change, develop or enhance future operations (          Activity where material investment is made in order to
eg, replacing an exisitng major computer system or refurbishing a teaching lab).                              change, develop or enhance future operations.
It must be seen to add value to the university.                                                               Examples Include:

It must be a separately identifiable project for which it is possible to separately identify the income
generated and all directly incurred and directly allocated expenditure. It should be regarded as
discretionary to the university by the resource centre manager whose area will own it.                        • Developing New Courses
Development Activity is not any activity that is implicitly included within approved plans, in the form of
a general target for that type of activity (e.g low level consultancy) nor is it any ongoing non-specific
development activity, that may be part of an individual's job description, but for which there is no
project brief.                                                                                                • Developing New areas of Research

Strategic Management and Permanent Business Development / Bidding teams whose roles include a
significant element of finding and managing development opportunities are therefore Core.                     • Replacing Major IT Systems
Similarly, where a stream of activity is made up of a long running series of new activities, each new
activity should be treated as core unless it differs significantly in size and duration from the norm, e.g.
a research team who are largely employed on a stream of one off grants should be treated as core              • Acquiring & fitting out new premises or the refurbishment
unless they wish to significantly change their cost structure.                                                of existing buildings.
                                                                                                              • Upgrading of facilities
Core Activity
Activity that is performed to deliver and support the delivery of existing products and services of the
Examples include:
• Teaching
• Research
• Consultancy
• Widening participation activity
• Improving retention activity
• Course management and administration
• Marketing of existing products and services
• School management and administration
• Replacement of worn out equipment
• Maintenance of facilities

Type of Activity

Research - Represent University Research Office approved Research activites.

FM Division - Represent estates work projects (initiated by Facilities Management).

Field / Educational Trips - Any field trips or educational trips aranged.

Org Sustaining Costs - Track organisation-sustaining costs for management control purposes.
Consultancy - Will largely be anything that does not fit into the above definition of research. It will
include management consultancy and business efficiency advice, collection and statistical analysis of
information, market research and opinion polling, writing computer programmes and tesing and
analysis of chemicals, drugs andother goods .

Payroll - Capture staff cost data and are fed from the PAYLINK interface.

Conference - Any confrences arranged.

OS Rendered - Represent other service rendered activites.

Short Course - Represent Short Course external activities.

Banner - These codes capture fee transactions that are fed from the banner student interface.

Other BA / MA / MSC Courses - Any alternative courses to the Banner type with the given SBC.

Only one project code in each SBC is allowed to have the Banner activity type. Therefore this code
is used for any other courses which may run within the same SBC to show fee transactions.

C2 - UK Based Charities
Includes all research grants and contracts income from all charitable foundations, charitable trusts,
etc. based in the UK which are registered with the Charities Commission or those recognised as
charities by the Inland Revenue in Scotland.UK-based charities.

C3 - UK Government

All research grants and contract income from UK central government bodies, UK local authorities and
UK health and hospital authorities, except research councils. This includes government departments,
Northern Ireland departments and other organisations financed from central government funds. Also
non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) such as the British Council and the Royal Society.

C4 - UK Industry , Commerce and Public Corporations

All other organisations including all research grants and contracts income from industrial and
commercial companies and public corporations (defined as publicly owned trading bodies, usually
statutory organisations with a substantial degree of financial independence) operating in the UK.

C5 - EU Government Bodies
Includes all research grants and contracts income from all government bodies operating in the
European Union (EU), which includes the European Commission, excluding bodies in the UK. (This
includes the European Social Fund).

C6 - EU Other
Includes all research grants and contracts income from all non-government bodies operating in the
EU, excluding bodies in the UK.

C7 - Other Overseas - Overseas funding which does not originate from within in the EU.
C8 - Other Sources - Any sources which do not come under any of the above categories.

R1 - BBSRC - Biotechnology and Bioloigcal Sciences Research Council - BBSRC funds basic
and strategic biological research. It promotes knowledge transfer from research to applications in
business, industry and policy, and public engagement in the biosciences. It is a non-departmental
public body, and is one of eight Research Councils supported through the Science Budget by the
Department of Trade and Industry via the Office of Science and Innovation. BBSRC on occasion
works with partner Research Councils. The bulk of funding is "responsive mode" where researchers
can apply at any time for funding for research which is within a committee's remit, preferably in
priority areas identified by the committee.

R2 - EPSRC - Engineerign and Physical Sciences Research Council - EPSRC is a UK
government agency for funding research and postgraduate training in engineering and the physical
sciences at universities and other organisations throughout the UK. It operates to meet the needs of
industry and society by working in partnership with universities to invest in people and scientific
discovery and innovation. The knowledge and expertise gained maintains a technological leading
edge, builds a strong economy and improves people's quality of life.

R3 - ESRC - Economic and Social Research Council - ERSC is one of the UK’s research and
training agency addressing economic and social concerns. They work on high-quality research
issues of importance to business, the public sector and government and for our commitment to
training excellence, which produces world-class social scientists.

R4 - MRC - Medical Research Council - The MRC encourages and supports research with the aim
of maintaining and improving human health. The Medical Research Council (MRC) is a publicly-
funded organisation dedicated to improving human health. They support research across the entire
spectrum of medical sciences, in universities and hospitals, in our own units and institutes in the UK,
and in our units in Africa. The heart of their mission is to improve human health through world-class
medical research. To achieve this, they support research across the biomedical spectrum, from
fundamental lab-based science to clinical trials, and in all major disease areas. They work closely
with the NHS and the UK Health Departments to deliver their mission, and give a high priority to
research that is likely to make a real difference to clinical practice and the health of the population.

R5 - NERC - National Environment Research Council - NERC funds and carries out impartial
environmental science research. They fund world-class science in universities and our own research
centres that increase knowledge and understanding of the natural world. They are tackling the 21st
century's major environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and natural hazards. As
well as leading in providing independent research and training in the environmental sciences. The
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is the UK's main agency for funding and managing
research, training and knowledge transfer in the environmental sciences. They are a non-
departmental governmental public body (NDPB), funded mainly by government through the
Department of Trade & Industry's Office of Science & Innovation. Although we receive public money,
they remain independent of government.
R6 - PPARC - Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council - PPARC directs coordinates
and funds research, education and training in particle physics and astronomy, delivering world-
leading science, technologies and people for the UK. It also contributes money for the UK
telescopes overseas on La Palma, Hawaii, Australia and in Chile, the UK Astronomy Technology
Centre at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh and the MERLIN/VLBI National Facility.

R7 - AHRC - Arts and Humanities Research Council - AHRC have a range of UK-wide
programmes supporting the highest quality research and postgraduate training in the arts and
humanities. The Arts and Humanities Research Council aims to: -support and promote high-quality
and innovative research in the arts and humanities, -support the development of skilled people for
academic, professional and other employment, -promote awareness of the importance of arts and
humanities research and its role in understanding ourselves, our society, our past and our future, and
the world in which we live, -ensure that the knowledge and understanding generated by arts and
humanities research is widely disseminated for the economic, social and cultural benefit of the UK
and beyond, -contribute to the shaping of national policy in relation to the arts and humanities. The
AHRC funds high quality research and postgraduate training in a huge range of subjects from history
and English literature to design and dance.

Types of Organisation

Definition of an SME
SME is an abbreviation for a Small-to Medium Entreprise, this is a company with fewer than 250
employees, and either annual turnover not exceeding €50M or a blalance sheet total not exceeding
€43M, and which is not part of a larger enterprise that would fail these tests.

Definition of a Large Company
A large company is considered to be any company that has more than 250 employees, and does not
meet the requirements of the SME definition.

Funding Originator

ERDF - The European Regional Development Fund was set up to stimulate economic development
in the least prosperous regions of the European Union. The ERDF has developed into a major
instrument for helping to redress regional imbalances. The Department for Transport, Local
Government, and the Regions manages the ERDF in England.

ESF - The European Social Fund is one of the four Structural Funds designed to strengthen
economic and social cohesion in the European Union. The ESF’s main purpose is to support the
annual UK Employment Action Plan, which sets out how UK policies and initiatives take account of
the Employment Guidelines established within the European Employment Strategy.

Other - Other funders who do not fall under the ERDF and the ESF categories.

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