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					       RENA Newsletter
                                                                                     October 8, 2007

RENA - ROSEMONT EAST                                  PUBLIC SAFETY & OUR COMMUNITY
UPCOMING MEETING                                      City of Tucson Police Department representatives
                                                      will provide a presentation at the next RENA
The next meeting of RENA will be Monday               meeting, Monday October 29. Police
October 29, 2007. The meeting will begin at           representatives will review criminal activity and
6:30 am at the Rosemont Community Church,             vandalism surrounding RENA and Rosemont
5005 E. Winsett St.                                   West Neighborhood Association.
The agenda will be 60-80 minutes and include:         It is important that each resident and community
   A. Establish quorum                                report all vandalism and graffiti as soon as
                                                      possible to the City of Tucson Police Department.
   B. Vote on 2008 RENA Board Members.                This allows the Police Department to better
      Two seats are open: One for Haciendas           understand if the vandalism is gang-related, or a
      and one for Las Villas communities              single incident, or if there is a series of events.
   C. Presentation about vandalism and criminal       You can call TPD’s non-emergency phone
      activities surrounding Rosemont East            number at 791-4444 8:00 am to 10:00 pm or for
      Neighborhood Association                        24 hour reporting go to their web site at:
                                             to report non-
   D. Discussion about working with other             emergency information. It is important to be an
      surrounding neighborhood associations to        involved citizen to prevent crime.
      create a “super-neighborhood association”
   E. Update on construction at 5151 East                          _____________________
      Broadway “Tower”
                                                      WHAT IS HAPPENING AT 5151 EAST
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                     BROADWAY?
                                                      Update about 5151 East Broadway. Instead of
  1   RENA Meeting Agenda                             constructing new one-story buildings the owner of
  1                                                   the “5151” business property has decided not to
      Public Safety in Our Community
                                                      demolish the one-story structures. Instead they
  1   5151 East Broadway Changes - Again              now are submitting revised plans to the City of
                                                      Tucson to renovate the two, 1-story buildings in
  2   RENA Board Members – Annual Election            front of the Tower at 5151 East Broadway Blvd.
  2   Tucson Meetings – Trico Grants                  Previous tenants of both 1-story buildings were
                                                      vacated in preparation of the construction.
  3   Graffiti Questions & Answers
                                                      After renovation the property manager, Bourn
  3   Buffelgrass Removal                             Management is searching for restaurants and
                                                      office tenants to occupy space in both of the 1-
  3   Williams Center History                         story buildings.
  4   TFD Safety Tip

                                             RENA Newsletter 1
                                                     Pima County offers free class MapGuide classes
At the annual RENA meeting in October 2006,          to the public. MapGuide classes focus on using
three RENA Board Members were elected:               the MapGuide Viewer with Pima County DOT
                                                     MapGuide maps. No registration is required.
Duane Vild, representing Haciendas Community.        While many data layers are shown and
You can call Duane at 520-514-8440 or e-mail at      discussed, the classes are not a review of                                      available data. The only prerequisite is
Jeff Farkas, representing Las Villas Community.      experience using the web, but most of those
You can call Jeff at 520-748-1022                    attending may have some experience with
                                                     MapGuide. If you are new to MapGuide, it would
Kathryn Baron, representing Presidio                 help to go to Pima County MapGuide Maps,
Community. You can e-mail Kathryn at                 follow the directions there, and see if you can get                                     started before the class. That way you won't be a
                                                     complete beginner, will have some of the
Annual Election for                                  concepts, and will have some questions.
RENA Board Members
Kathryn Baron has agreed to continue to serve        Pima County conducts public classes on using
on the RENA Board. RENA needs two Board              our MapGuide site about every three months.
representatives: one from Haciendas and a            The next class will be conducted Tuesday
second member from Las Villas communities.           October 23, 2007 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in the
The duties are limited; you meet great people and    Public Works Building, in the basement
the pay is “competitive.” Individuals who are        Conference R room at 201 North Stone Avenue.
interested in our community are encouraged to        For detailed information go to:
consider being a RENA Board member.        
                                                     You should visit this web site prior to attending
Meeting Quorum – We Need You!
                                                     the class to confirm dates and times of this class.
RENA bylaws require a minimum of 5% of the
total resident population (250 residents) or 13
household residents to have a quorum for an          Trico Electric Cooperative Grants
official RENA meeting. Won’t you please              Trico Electric Coop is launching their new Power
attend the next RENA meeting Monday                  Grants program. Trico will award several grants
October 29 at 6:30 pm at Rosemont                    of up to $10,000 to non-profit organizations who
Community Church?                                    are providing services to children and youth in the
                                                     Trico service area. Grants are due by 12/3/2007.
                                                     Contact Romi Carrell Wittman, Services Director
How to Research Property                             at:
Changes in My Neighborhood
Do you notice work going on at a building in our     Nina Trasoff – Council Member, Ward 6
community and wonder what’s happening? City          Nina is our Tucson Council Member and
of Tucson Department of Neighborhood                 plans to attend the annual RENA meeting
Resources conducts workshops to explore who          on Monday October 29. Nina is on the
owns the property, what the assessed value of a      sub-committees such as Environment,
property is and how to contact the owner or          Planning and Resource Management
corporation. If you are interested, call DNR at      Neighborhoods, Public Safety and
882-5885 to put your name on their waiting list.     Emergency Preparedness and Chair of Rio
                                                     Nuevo and others.

                                            RENA Newsletter 2
City of Tucson provides information and service         Buffelgrass is a fire-prone grass introduced
regarding Graffiti and Graffiti abatement. Listed       from Africa and it is invading both urban and
below are some Questions & Answers regarding            natural areas within Southern Arizona. If this
Graffiti services                                       grass is left undeterred it will irrevocably alter
                                                        Pima County and surrounding communities.
What methods of reporting graffiti can I use?
E-mail or go on-line at           What can you do to help? You can learn about or call 792-2489 24-hours          what buffelgrass looks like and how to remove it
                                                        from our community. You can volunteer your
What types of objects will the City remove
                                                        time toward the removal of this fire hazard. You
graffiti from? The contractor will remove graffiti
                                                        can download a 5-minute video, “The
from residential, commercial and public properties
                                                        Buffelgrass Class: A Tutorial for Identifying &
such as homes, businesses, utility boxes, power
                                                        Removal of Buffelgrass”, by going to this
poles and trash cans.
Does the City of Tucson require permission to  Or
remove graffiti from private property? The City         you can attend an every third Saturday of the
of Tucson attorney has determined that if the           month session at the Sonoran Desert
graffiti is in the public eye, the City does not need   Weedwackers. Upcoming meetings are:
permission for removal.                                 November 17 and December 22. Volunteer
How does the City remove graffiti from                  time is limited to 3 hours. Call Marilyn Hanson
unpainted block walls? The contractor uses a            at 579-6525 for more details.
degreaser type substance and high-pressured hot                        ________________
water to remove graffiti from unpainted block walls.
                                                   Williams Center History
How long does it take for the City of Tucson to
                                                   Over seventy years ago, the 160-acre Williams
respond and remove graffiti? Normally there is a
                                                   Addition was subdivided into 25 large blocks for
48-hour turn around, not including weekends.
                                                   single family residential development. The
What if my wall or building is painted? Will the property was then well outside the city limits.
City use a standard gray paint? No, the City       Most of the blocks were built on while a few
contractor will make every attempt to match the    remained vacant. In anticipation of the expiring
color, which may take more time than 48 hours to   50 year old covenants (circa 1981), conditions,
cover the graffiti on painted walls and buildings. and restrictions, some of the parcels were
How much will it cost me to have graffiti          acquired for development. The Lew S.
removed? There is no fee assessed for the City to McGinnis Company subsequently obtained all
                                                   but two of the 25 blocks to plan and develop a
remove graffiti.
                                                   master-planned development, The Williams
Should I report graffiti to the Tucson Police      Center. (1981). For more detailed information
Department? The City would recommend               you can view this 27 page document that
residents report graffiti as soon as possible to   includes: development objectives, traffic plan,
assist with tracking individuals who vandalize our energy conservation, site plans and special
community.                                         development conditions at

                                             RENA Newsletter 3
October is Fire Prevention Month                                     RENA NEEDS HELP!                        WEBSITE
The Tucson Fire Department would like to take this
time to remind you of some fire safety precautions.                  RENA is still searching for an individual who is willing
It is of the utmost importance to have at least two                  to create a simple website so RENA residents can
exits from every room of your home and to have                       quickly read about community issues and activities.
working smoke detectors through out your house.                      This website would be linked through the City of
Establish and post an evacuation plan and meeting                    Tucson Department of Neighborhood Services. Do
place. In case of a fire, get out and stay out. Fire is              you know of a person or company that is willing to
deadly and travels quickly. From the time a fire starts,             create RENA a website?
you have approximately 2 minutes until the smoke
becomes deadly. Material possessions can be                          Contributions Are Welcomed
replaced but you can never replace a human life.
                                                                     RENA has minimal operating expenses such as a post
Remember to test your smoke detectors every
month.                                                               office box, mailing materials and postage expenses. If
                                                                     you want to contribute $3, $5 or $10, your contribution
With cooler weather on the way, this a perfect time to               would be appreciated. Please send your check to
make sure your heater is in good working order and to                Kathryn Brown at P.O. Box 13665, Tucson, AZ 85732-
change the filter. Never store things near your furnace              3665. Thank You.
or hot water heater and make sure these areas are
free of dust and dirt. Before using your fireplace for
the first time this season, make sure the flue is open
and the chimney is unobstructed. It is especially
important to make sure that tree branches or vines
have not grown too close to your chimney or roof
mounted heating unit. Visit TFD website at
The City of Tucson, its officers and employees, its Department of Neighborhood Resources and all other offices neither agrees nor
disagrees with the views expressed or implied in this communication and are not therefore responsible. The distribution requester is
solely responsible’

                                                         RENA Newsletter 4