SENIOR NEWSLETTER #2 by galenbarbour


									                            Diamond Bar High School

               SENIOR BULLETIN #3
                                                October 2007



UC San Diego Colleges UC San Diego is unique in that it has seven different Colleges and you must choose
one. Each college has different philosophies, different dorms and even different graduation requirements. Once
you have chosen one, it is very difficult to change. It is not like changing your major. They have published a
very good booklet that describes the differences between the colleges. See Mr. Ozaki or the Career Center for a

On-line Applications Most private schools also have on-line applications. This is the wave of the future.

Official Transcripts You DO NOT NEED to send official transcripts with your UC and CSU applications. You
only need to send it to the one school you will be attending and then only after graduation.

UC Information:

       Make sure that you provide them with an accurate e-mail address and don’t change that address. They
        will be using e-mail for any communication they have with you. In fact, they will be sending
        acceptance notices by e-mail this year.

       It is a misconception that any kind of “hardship” will help you get in to the UC. It is true that there may
        be some extenuating circumstances in someone’s life that they may consider, but students have been
        really reaching in trying to find some kind of hardship they have overcome. Divorce, death of a
        grandparent, coming from another country, etc. These are certainly adversities, but they are also a
        normal part of life. If you are not sure about what to include in your essay, see your GLC.

       Remember, it is not quantity that they are looking for in your extracurricular and community service,
        but sustained involvement that shows commitment.

       They are now requiring verification of the extracurricular and community activities from 10% of the
        applications. Those students are picked at random. There were students last year whose acceptances
        were denied because they could not verify their activities. Go with what you accomplished, do not pad
        or exaggerate. It may come back to bite you.


Private School Transcripts Private schools require you to send official transcripts, but these are usually sent in
by the GLC when they submit your School Report and Letter of Recommendation. Check before you start
requesting the transcripts from the Registrar.

Why sign the Waiver? On private school applications they ask you to sign a waiver stating that you will not
request to see your file. The schools strongly advise students to sign the waiver. When it is not signed they say it
puts a doubt into their minds about why you feel you might need to look at your file. It becomes a negative
when you do not sign it. The final decision is up to you.

Letters of Recommendation Get those Letters of Recommendation/ School Report forms in to your GLC and
teachers as soon as possible.

Common Application to Historically Black Colleges There is a Common Application that a number of
Historically Black Colleges will all accept rather than filling out a number of applications individually. You can
request this application at (770) 716-0616 or it can be downloaded from



Burger King Scholarship

Student must work an average of 15 hours a week, demonstrates participation in community/ volunteer service
and extracurricular activities. Must show financial need. Letter of recommendation from your employer and
from someone at the school required. Each school can only nominate one student. 1,600- $1,000 awards
given. Applications must be turned in to Mr. Ozaki by December 10th

DIAMOND BAR STUDENT! Someone from DBHS will win this scholarship! Apply, apply, apply.

AT & T Scholarships

These scholarships will be awarded based upon GPA, Civic and community involvement, a written essay and
documented need for financial aid. Students must be majoring in math, a life science or one of the healing arts
(nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy or premed.) or a degree that leads to a teaching credential. Also requires
three letters of recommendation. Ten $1,000 scholarships awarded Deadline is February 15th.

Miss Teen California Scholarship Program

Miss Teenage California candidates are evaluated on academic achievement and activities, personality, poise
and presence. Must have a 3.0 GPA. See Mr. Ozaki to be nominated and sent information. One $10,000
scholarship and runner up scholarships of $5,000, $4,000, $3,000 and $2,000. Deadline is October 31st.

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