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					Online Training
Hiring Managers

  Department of Human Resources
          November 2002
        Online Employment System
        Hiring Manager Presentation

 This presentation will take about 15 minutes.

  Click on your mouse to go to the next slide
OR click on the green box at the bottom of each

   To go back a slide, click on the gray box.
                Training Sections

Section 1: Getting Started
   • Setting up an account and logging in

Section 2: Creating a Posting
   • Creating a sample Posting

Section 3: Viewing Employment Applications & Resumes
   • Viewing the online application and Resume / Cover Letter of all of
   the applicants to your positions.

Section 4: Recording / Changing an Applicant‟s Status
   • Communicating the status of your position with HR and applicants
    Section 1:
  Getting Started
      Type your
User Name & Password
    in boxes here

        Then click here
You will click here

                  This is the Home page
                            - or -
            Main Screen for all Hiring Managers

   From here you can:
        • Create a new Posting
You will click here

      From here you can:
             • View your open positions
You will click here

     From here you can:
        • View Requests for Recruitment
        submitted to HR for approval
You will click here

     From here you can:
        • View past positions that are now
        filled or cancelled
You will click here

     You can change your password at any time.
You will click here

       Always Logout when you leave the site or
       walk away from your desk for more than a
       few minutes.
You will click here

                      Section 2:
                 Creating a Posting
You will create a Posting from a
Template or from a Previous
Click the Create link to begin
creating a Posting from a
You can move from one
section to another by clicking
on the links in the boxes at
the top of your screen.
Complete the information
requested by clicking in the
field and typing.
This form is similar to the paper
Posting form you previously
Any required information is
denoted with an asterisk (*) on
the left.
You must always click “Continue
     to the Next Section” or….
click “Preview Posting” to begin
 the final step to complete the
If you choose to ask applicants
job-related questions, click the
second box, “Posting Specific
Questions” when creating a new
Then click Add a Question.
A question may already exist that
relates to your topic, in which
case enter a keyword in the
“Search by Keyword” box.
Otherwise, leave this space
blank. Proceed by clicking
To view a question (and possible answers) click the View/Add
link at right. If one of the questions relates to your position, you
may submit it by clicking „Add‟.
If you‟d prefer to compose your
own job-related question, click the
“Create a Question” at the bottom
of the screen.
You can create a Closed-
Ended question by:

(1) Typing the question

(2) Choosing “Closed Ended”

(3) Typing possible answers
                                        You gain more
For Open-Ended questions:           information about an
                                     applicant‟s skills and
 (1) Type the question              experience by asking
                                   open ended questions.
(2) Choose „Open Ended‟

 (3) Choose type of answer (Long
 Text in this example)
  If you ask closed-ended questions,
you have an opportunity to disqualify
    and/or rank applicants based on
 their answers. Click on the “Points”
           Select any answer that should
             disqualify an applicant by
          checking the box in this column

Click on each box under
 „Score‟ and type in the
 points associated with
       the answer.
To allow Search Committee
    Members to review
applicants, click on the box,
labeled “Guest User” then
        click on the
  “Activate Guest User”
The system will automatically assign
          a “User Name”.
You will need to type in a password
of your choosing. Write down the
user name / password combination
    so that you can give it to the
members of your search committee.
The Last Step

On the View Summary Screen,
   scroll down to view the
      complete Posting.
If satisfied, select Submit or
Save w/o submit, and click
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you leave
your computer for more than 15
minutes during any point in this
process, you may LOSE all your
So, complete this process all at once
OR complete required information
(fields with *), get to this step, and
save it by clicking on “Save w/o
Click the Confirm button to confirm
   You will be your action.
               asked to confirm
     actions by clicking on
               Section 3:
        Viewing an Application
How to view the online application and resume / cover
               letter of an applicant.
You will click here

                          After logging in at
                with your user name and password,
                click on “View Open” to view your
                           open positions.
 In this example, the Hiring
   Manager has two open
  positions. To look at the
    position of Assistant
Professor of Spanish, click
    View under the title.
 You can sort the data, ascending or
descending, by clicking on the arrow at
       the top of each column:
To look at an application, click
 “View Application” under an
       applicant‟s name
   Sample Application
 The application will come up in a
         separate window.
The applications are printable if you
        need a paper copy
  (Select File  Print from the
         browser window).
IMPORTANT NOTE: At the point of
hire, print out the application and have
the newly hired employee sign it. The
signed application should be placed in
the employee‟s personnel file.
 To see an applicant‟s resume and /
or other documents, click on the link
    in the “Documents” column.
 Resumes and cover letters attached by
the applicant will be submitted to you in
PDF format. IF you do not have Adobe
Acrobat Reader 5.0 installed, you must
   click and install this FREE version.
      Sample Resume
A resume, cover letter and/or
other submitted documentation
will appear in a separate window.
        Section 4:
Recording an Applicant‟s Status
The status of each applicant is
displayed under the Status
 An applicant reviewing their personal
 status online will see the message
 “Search In Progress” or something similar
  Every applicant has an active status that
shows where they are in the hiring process.
 During the review process you will change
   their status to reflect their progress by
           clicking “Change Status”.
From this page, you may change the status of applicants as you
review their applications. The applicant whom you hire will have
a Status of “Hired”.
Those not hired will have a Status of “Not Hired” with an
appropriate reason.
An applicant will not see your specific reasons for „Not Hired‟.
All status changes are recorded in an applicant‟s
The Employment Office will post other information in this
Sample Applicant Notes / History for:
 This screen indicates that this sample applicant
 completed the application process on on 10/29/02
           Final Section:
      Registering your Account
You must register so that Human Resources can
activate your account!
             To register, go to the website at:

            and complete the following steps:

  (1) Click the ‘Create Hiring Manager Account’ link at left

  (2) Complete the information on the page

The Employment Office will
email you when your account is
Remember, we are available at
to answer questions throughout
the hiring process.
You have completed the
Online Employment System Training
and are ready to register!

 To register your account, go to:

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