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   Foundation Name                          Funding Initiatives                     Awarded per                   Application Process                         Due Date              Contact Person
American Honda              The American Honda Foundation reflects the basic
Foundation                  tenets, beliefs and philosophies of the Honda                         Step 1 – online eligibility quiz.
                            companies, which are characterized by the               $20,000-   following qualities: imaginative, creative, youthful,   $60,000
m/america/philanthropy.a    forward-thinking, scientific, humanistic, and                         z.display_question?x_gm_id=2587&x_quiz_id=
spx?id=ahf                  innovative. The Foundation engages in                                 1338&x_order_by=1
                            grantmaking that is consistent with these
                            characteristics. Grants are provided in the fields of
                            youth education and science education

American Legion Child       To contribute to the physical, mental, emotional                                                                                 Application      Robert K. Caudell, Executive
Welfare Foundation          and spiritual welfare of children through the                                                                                    s must be        Secretary
                            dissemination of knowledge 1) about new and             Awarded for             made             American Legion Child     innovative organizations and/or their programs          one year;     cation.pdf                                                 between Jan      Welfare Foundation
tseekers/overview           designed to benefit youth; and 2) already possessed                                                                              1 – Dec 31       P.O. Box 1055
                            by well-established organizations, to the end that                                                                               of the           Indianapolis, IN 46206
                            such information can be more adequately used by                                                                                  award year       Phone: 317-630-1202
                            society. Grants must have the potential of helping
                            American children in a large geographic area (more
                            than one state).

Andrus Family Fund          Applicants should carefully review materials                          Applicants should submit the online application and a      To be            330 Madison Avenue, Suite
                            describing our programs and mission. In particular,                   (2-3pg) letter of include: a succinct           considered at    30     applicants should pay special attention to AFF's                      description of the application organization; a brief       the Jan          New York, NY 10017
                                                                                                  description of the project and how it accomplishes         meeting, you
ontact_Us.html              overarching grantmaking theme of the Transition
                                                                                                  AFF's program strategies; information about the key        should
                            approach (For more information about the                              participants, including staff members and beneficiaries;   submit a         Phone: 212-687-6975
                            Transition Framework, see                                             and a section on how you envision the Transition           letter of        Fax: 212-687-6978
                                                     framework will be intentionally and consistently           inquiry no       E-mail:
                            All applicants are required to join AFF in agreeing                   incorporated into your work. AFF makes its best effort     later than Oct
                            not to discriminate in any way including, but not                     to conduct a preliminary review of an applicant's letter   1; for April,
                            limited to, access to program participation or                        of inquiry within forty-five days of its receipt. If a     submit by Jan
                            employment against any person or group on the                         formal proposal is requested, AFF provides applicants      1; and for
                                                                                                  with a detailed list of requirements including:            Sept, submit
                            basis of race, color, religion, national origin,
                                                                                                  description of the applicant organization, including its   by June 1.
                            ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or sexual                         background, mission, and relevant experience in the
                            orientation. If a program is designed for a specific                  area for which funds are sought; a statement of need
                            population defined by any of these criteria, this                     for the proposed project; a complete description of the
                            policy shall be subject to appropriate adjustment in                  project, including your thoughts on how Bridges'
                            consultation with AFF.                                                Transition framework will enhance and be incorporated
                            Faith-based organizations should carefully review                     into your work; the plan of operation for carrying out
                            the Advisory to Faith-Based Organizations on the                      the project; qualifications and experience of principal
                                                                                                  staff members involved; the amount of funds requested
                            "Applying for a Grant" page of this website and be
                                                                                                  from AFF; the duration of the project; measuring
                            sure to fill out the appropriate section of the grant                 success; an itemized project budget; plan for sustaining
                            application.                                                          the project post-AFF; and a list of board members,
                                                                                                  advisors, and affiliates of the organization. Applicants
                                                                                                  are also required to attach copies of the organization's
                                                                                                  tax exemption notice and classification from the IRS,
                                                                                                  and most recent financial statements.
                                                                                                  AFF notifies applicants of its decision on the formal
                                                                                                  proposal within ninety days of receipt of all materials.
Annenberg Foundation          The Annenberg Foundation is a private family            The Foundation is currently unable to accept                       2000 Avenue of the Stars
                              foundation that provides funding and support to         additional, unsolicited letters of inquiry or                      Suite 1000
http://www.annenbergfou       nonprofit organizations in the United States and        proposals. As the members of the Board of                          Los Angeles, CA 90067                  globally. Since 1989, it has generously funded          Trustees determine the most effective means to                     ph: (310) 209-4560
                              programs in education and youth development;            ensure the Foundation's strength for future                        fax: (310) 209-1631
                              arts, culture and humanities; civic and community       grantmaking, we will keep you updated.
                              life; health and human services; and animal                            info@annenbergfoundation.or
                              services and the environment.                           In the meantime, grantmaking continues on an                       g
                                                                                      invitation-only basis. Grant making is currently
                                                                                      on an invitation only basis
Annie E. Casey                ―Juvenile Detention Alternatives‖                       We do not seek, nor often fund, unsolicited grant                  Ms. Carole Thompson / Mr.
Foundation                    We use our resources to partner with and forge          applications. The Foundation‘s approach to grant    Via e-mail     Bart Lubow
                              collaborations among institutions, agencies,            making focuses on making multi-year, multi-site     on a rolling                  decision makers, and community leaders so they          commitments that enable us to invest in long-       basis
                              can work together to transform tough places to          term strategies and partnerships that strengthen
                              raise families. We fund research, technical             families and communities. In any given year, we
                              assistance, and multi-site demonstrations that help     have limited resources to fund additional,
                              service and support systems like public schools,        unsolicited proposals.
                              juvenile justice agencies, and child welfare systems    However, we do not discourage you from
                              get better results for kids and families. We directly   sharing your ideas with us. If you would like the
                              deliver exemplary services, identify and measure        Casey Foundation to consider supporting a
                              what works, and share lessons learned to                specific promising program, practice, or policy
                              demonstrate the potential of reforming public           that helps children and families succeed, send us
                              policies and services on behalf of children and their   a brief description of the project and contact
                              families.                                               information where we can learn more.
Atlantic Philanthropies       ―Assist a relatively small number of proven or          Atlantic considers proposals by invitation                         The Atlantic Philanthropies
                              promising organisations increase the reach              only, primarily from organisations in                              (USA) Inc.
http://atlanticphilanthropi                                                                                                                              125 Park Avenue, 21st floor
                              and quality of their programmes‖; ―Help                 Australia, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, the                                                                                                                                                  New York, NY 10017-5581
                              youth service providers do their work more              Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the                             Tel: 212-916-7300
                              effectively. To do this, we support                     United States and Viet Nam. We search for                          Fax: 212-922-0360
                              organisations that provide a range of expertise         institutions that demonstrate strong                               USA@atlanticphilanthropies.or
                              to service providers to help them improve               organisational leadership, evidence of past                        g
                              operations, strengthen programme                        and current impact, financial soundness and                        The Atlantic Philanthropies
                                                                                                                                                         (USA) Inc.
                              measurement and results, and better co-                 the capacity to implement initiatives and                          1200 G Street, NW, 8th floor
                              ordinate information and resources‖;                    evaluate their success.                                            Washington, DC 20005
                                                                                                                                                         Tel: 202-842-9202
                                                                                                                                                         Fax: 202-434-8707
Babcock Foundation            ―We believe in the responsibility and power of
                              individuals — including youth and young adults —                                                            No          to improve their own lives and to act collectively to       1)   Review mission, beliefs and program        deadlines,     2920 Reynolda Road
                              increase opportunity for themselves and their                    description                                the board      Winston-Salem, NC 27106
                              communities.‖; ―Young people can take on                    2)   Submit an organization summary             reviews        Email:
by and large, grants are      leadership roles that improve their own lives, make         3)   Wait for foundation response               proposals in   Phone: 336-748-9222
given in the southeastern     contributions to their communities, and prepare             4)   Submit formal proposal                     June and       Fax: 336-777-0095
states.                       them for lives of active citizenship.‖; ―Large-scale,       5)   Foundation review application to           October of
                              lasting change requires skilled individuals and                  determine approval                         each year
                              effective organizations working for social and
                              economic justice and a broad range of allies for
                              these organizations.‖
Bank of America             The Neighborhood Excellence Initiative, our                     $200,000                                                                   Jan 1 thru       1.800.218.9946
Foundation                  signature philanthropic program, which recognizes,              (Neighbor-      Online Eligibility Quiz                                    June 30
                            nurtures, and rewards community -based                          hood                                                                                        Secure e-mail info
http://www.bankofameric     organizations, local heroes and student leaders                 builders);                              https://www3.bankofamerica.           working to improve their communities. We focus                  $5,000 (local   o_gs_user.form?x_gm_id=1499&x_section_id=4                                  com/foundation/index.cfm?te
                            on areas such as: education, community                          heroes);        509&x_quiz_survey_id=2142                                                   mplate=contact_us_here
                            development/ neighborhood preservation, arts and
                            culture, and health and human services.
Ben & Jerry‘s               ―We focus on the types of activities and strategies                             (2 copies of) Initial (1pg) letter of interest to          No dead-         Review Committee
Foundation                  an organization uses for creating social change in                              include: description of organization and an                lines, submit    Ben & Jerry's Foundation
                                                                                                            indication of competence in the area of this               anytime,
                            any number of areas. The Foundation will only                                                                                                               30 Community Drive
                                                                                                                                                                       reviewed on       consider proposals from grassroots, constituent-led                             proposal, an outline of the project (who will                               So. Burlington, VT 05403-
                                                                                                                                                                       rolling basis;
any/foundation/             organizations that are organizing for systemic                                  benefit, the design of the project, expected                                6828
                            social change. We support programs and projects                                 outcomes, 2-3 pgs overviewing the budget,                  Do not fedex,
                            that are examples of creative problem-solving.‖;                                income sources and expenses)                               fax or e-mail
                            ―help ameliorate an unjust or destructive situation                             if invited for further consideration, submit a full
                            by empowering constituents; ―facilitate leadership                              proposal that consists of a 5pg application.
                            development and strengthen the self-empowerment
                            efforts of those who have traditionally been
                            disenfranchised in our society;
CarEth Foundation           ―Promote the creation of a global community of                  Ranges up to    Does not accept unsolicited proposals                      Please note      Dini Merz, Proteus Fund Peace
                            shared values; Empower people who have been                     $20,000;        Grants Manager                                             that the         & Security Program Director
http://www.proteusfund.o    excluded from full participation and promote                    typically       101 University Drive Suite A2                              CarEth           374 S. Brooksvale Rd.
                                                                                                                                                                       Foundation       Cheshire, CT 06410
rg/programs/careth-         genuine democracy in the U.S; Promote peaceful                  around          Amherst, MA 01002
                                                                                                                                                                       has changed      203-439-0076
foundation/about            conflict resolution and the elimination of the root             $10,000         Tel: 413-256-0349 X 12                                     its structure
                            causes conflict.‖                                                               413-256-3536 (fax)                                                          203-272-3027 (fax)
                                                                                                                                                                       and no longer
Charles Lafitte             ―Supports at-risk children and youth of all ages‖.                              We prefer concise, well-organized proposals. In            The              President, Ms. Jennifer
Foundation                  ―Prefer projects that make a big difference to few                              no case should the body of the proposal exceed             Foundation       Veretis
                            over a small difference to many‖. ―Remove                                       10 double-spaced pages. The Foundation prefers             has no   barriers to full economic and social participation‖.                            proposals sent by e-mail. A brief letter of inquiry,       deadlines or
efoundation.html            ―Provides funding for conferences.‖                                             rather than a fully developed proposal, is an              standard
                                                                                                            advisable first step for an applicant, conserving          forms.           The Charles Lafitte
                                                                                                            his or her time and allowing for a preliminary                              Foundation
                                                                                                            response regarding the possibility of support.                              c/o Jennifer Vertetis
                                                                                                            Due to the large number of inquiries we are                                 29520 2nd Ave SW
                                                                                                            unable to respond to all requests.                                          Federal Way, WA 98023
Charles Stewart Mott        ―Strengthen the capacity of youth-serving organizations to      $150,000 -      Three broad themes ―rights, responsibilities and                            Letter of inquiry submitted
Foundation                  advocate for the needs of vulnerable youth‖. Committed          $300,000        participation‖, ―strengthen the non-profit sector‖ and                      online:
                            to improving the "quality of life" of children by                               ―improve race and ethnic relations‖
                            supporting programs which encourage children to reach                                                                                                                                                                  
                            their fullest potential. The best chance a child has to reach                   Letter of inquiry – describe the purpose and                                inquiryletterstep2.aspx
                            that goal is to be provided w/ sufficient education, health                     objectives of the project, general methodology
                            care, housing and love. Supports programs that deal with
                                                                                                            and total cost of the project. If favorable
                            issues such as child abuse, foster housing, literacy,
                            educational advancement, after-school programs, hunger                          response is received, a formal proposal is
                            projects & the general well-being of children. Children's                       required.
                            Advocacy Program aims to improve outcomes for
                            children & youth of all ages & to maintain a vital,                             The Foundation is unable to accept grant applications
                            attractive community where children/families can thrive.                        from non501(c) 3 organizations or political initiatives.
Citi Foundation            ―Prepare students for post-secondary education and                         Please note that all Citi Foundation grants                   
                           careers by supporting programs that build both                             considered for funding are by invitation only.                          contact/form.htm?foundation   academic and career skills, and increase awareness                         The Citi Foundation does not review unsolicited
/citi/foundation/          of university and career opportunities‖; ―Build the                        letters of inquiry or proposals.
                           next generation of financial services industry
                           leaders by enhancing the educational experience of                         To be considered for funding, applicants must
                           business students through leadership development                           have IRS 501(c)(3) status and a Federal
                           programs, lecture series, case competitions and                            Employment Identification Number, or they
                           curriculum development.                                                    must be a registered school, university, or
                                                                                                      government entity.
Daniel and Florence        ―To contribute toward reducing the level of crime                          A Full Proposal                                            March 15th   The President, Daniel and
Guggenheim Foundation      in America‖ ―Increase the number of able students                                  for the      Florence Guggenheim
                           with advanced criminal justice training so that they                       Please describe your project, being sure to focus on the   board        Foundation, 950 Third
www.dfguggenheimfoun       may engage in careers of criminal justice                                  following:                                                 meeting in   Avenue, 30th Floor, New                 administration‖. ―Provides funding for training of                         A description of the workings of the project;              May.         York, NY, 10022
                                                                                                      The total amount the project will cost;
                           local leaders‖. Seed money grants are made
                                                                                                      The portion of the total to be paid for by our
                           available to organizations who address these areas                         foundation, listing any other sources of financing;
                           so that they may become self sufficient or attract                         Indicate the staff required to administer it, including
                           other funding sources.                                                     the ratio of volunteer to paid personnel;
                                                                                                      The length of time the project has been or will be in
                                                                                                      Describe the community the project will serve (indicate
                                                                                                      age, sex, need, as well as total numbers);
                                                                                                      Criteria that will be used to measure the cusses of the
Deer Creek Foundation      ―The protection of basic rights as it related to the     Up to             A letter of inquiry                                        Anytime      Ms. Mary Hawker, Director,
                           Bill of Rights and the Constitution and education as     $100,000                                                                                  Deer Creek Foundation, 720
No working website         it relates to this concept‖. The foundation is                                                                                                     Olive Street, STE 1975, St.
found.                     seeking projects and programs that can be                                                                                                          Louis, MO 63101
                           replicated locally and nationally.                                                                                                                 314-241-3228
Eckerd Family              ―The foundation will work proactively to promote         The Fndtn         A brief concept paper (< 3pgs). After a favorable          Invited      Board President, Joseph
Foundation                 and provide better care for delinquent youth. With a     considers grant   response, a formal proposal is filled out.                 throughout   Clark, Eckerd Family
                           combination of advocacy and traditional                  requests                   the year     Foundation, 3000 Bayport
                                                                                    starting at       The submission of a proposal to the Eckerd Family
www.eckerdfamilyfound      grantmaking, the foundation supports systemic                                                                                                      Drive, Suite 560, Tampa, FL
                                                                                    $10,000.          Foundation is by invitation. In order to be considered,                  change to ensure that youth are properly assessed                          an organization must first provide the following:                       33607
                           and placed, receive effective treatments and are                           A brief concept paper describing the organization, its                  813-514-0858
                           able to return to their communities to pursue                              history, mission and a concise description of your
                           meaningful educational and vocational                                      proposal stating what you wish to accomplish. Include
                           opportunities.‖; ―Ensure appropriate after care                            a clear description of what you are doing and how you
                           services to reduce recidivism and transition youth                         measure success. Ordinarily, this letter does not exceed
                           to education or vocation programs‖. Grants to                              three pages.
                                                                                                      A list of your current board members and the Selected
                           augment best practices for practitioners to better
                                                                                                      Financial Data form.
                           support the young people and families they serve‖.                         To download the form, click here.
                           The foundation explores educational opportunities                          The total budget for your proposal, the amount you
                           for youth and families through its Scholarship                             intend to request from the Eckerd Family Foundation
                           Initiative so that through a combination of guidance                       and any funding committed to date. They do not
                           and self-determination, grantees are given the                             impose an upper limit on proposals. The amount
                           ability to enable their participants to take advantage                     requested should correlate directly w/ the scope of the
                           of the full spectrum of possibilities that spring from                     project or program & the org‘s admin capacity to
                                                                                                      manage the grant as well as interpret & report results.
                           education. Education = scholarships, out-of-school
                                                                                                      Requests for large grants must be commensurate w/ the
                           activities, vocational education and alternative                           magnitude of the expected result or outcome.
                           education/dropout prevention
Edna McConnell Clark     ―Avoid drug use, teen pregnancy, and violence‖.          Grants can         Does not accept unsolicited proposals.                              Portfolio Manager, Woodrow
Foundation               ―Transition to employment and self sufficiency‖.         extend over        Does accept completed ‗Youth Organization                           C. McCuthcen
                         ―Help disadvantaged youth on a national scale‖.          many years,        Survey Form‘
                                                                                  frequently                                                                                                      President, CEO Nancy Roob
                         Rather than design initiatives or programs itself, the   operating          y.htm
                         Foundation works to develop and expand a pool of         expenses, and
                         organizations that can serve thousands more youth        help grantees      It focuses solely on high-performing
                         each year with programs that produce these               build their        organizations and believes that making
                         outcomes. The Foundation holds itself accountable        organizational     significant, long-term, financial investments in
                         for significantly increasing the number of low-          capacity so they   them (coupled with extra-financial supports) is
                         income young people benefiting from proven               can improve        an efficient and effective way to meet the urgent
                         services, and for helping to develop stronger,                              needs of low-income youth.
                         sustainable organizations that serve low-income          increase the
                         youth on a significant scale. Recognizing that           number of
                         young people are most at risk when they are not in       young people
                         school or at home, the Foundation focuses                they serve, and
                         primarily on organizations that deliver services and     eventually
                         programming outside school hours.                        become
Evelyn and Walter Haas   the Fund takes on complex and pressing problems,                                                                                                Clayton Juan, Grants
Jr. Fund                 such as promoting equal rights and opportunities                                                                                                Administrator
                         for immigrants, gays and lesbians, and reducing                             Temporarily only accepting grants on an invite-                     Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr.   racial and economic disparities in academic                                 only basis.                                                         Fund
                         achievement to move people out of poverty and                                                                                                   One Market, Landmark, Suite
                         into family-supporting jobs; We‘re supporting                                                                                                   400
                         community partnerships and initiatives that create                          For further questions, please contact: Clayton                      San Francisco, CA 94105
                         opportunities for people from all backgrounds to                            Juan, Grants Administrator                                          Telephone (415) 856-1400
                         enjoy the arts and the outdoors, to learn, and to find
                         help in times of need.
Ford Foundation          Addressing economic, social and political                                   Submit general grant inquiry                          Application   office-
                         inequality requires measures that account for the                           (      -s are       critical role of education in society. Our work                             n)                                                    considered
                         supports education reform that improves the life                                                                                  throughout
                         chances of young people from marginalized groups                            If submission is favorable, contact will be made      the year
                         by expanding access, improving quality and                                  to discuss ideas in greater detail in order to help
                         boosting student outcomes. working with social                              shape a full proposal.
                         justice movements and networks; sponsoring
                         research and dialogue; creating new organizations;
                         and supporting innovations that improve lives.
                         These methods of problem-solving reflect our
                         values and the diverse ways in which we support
Goldman Sacs             To develop the abilities of promising high potential                        Rarely will a grant be made in response to an         No fixed      The Goldman Sachs
Foundation               youth worldwide; To support high quality                                    unsolicited proposal.                                 deadlines,    Foundation
                         education for young people in leadership,                                                                                         grants        85 Broad Street, 22nd floor
http://www2.goldmansac   entrepreneurship and business education; To                                 2pg letter of inquiry from prospective applicants     awarded       New York, NY 10004       enhance academic performance and prospects for                              explain their ideas informally – describe the         throughout
                                                                                                     program, its mission, accomplishments, budget         the year.
                         life achievement of students at the secondary
                                                                                                     size and current funding needs; documentation of
                         school level                                                                results achieved to date, published program
                                                                                                     description and/or brochure, is highly desirable;
George Gund Foundation    Foundation‘s desire to help vulnerable populations      Ideas/Discussion for Proposals                          Deadlines for   Marcia Egbert, Senior
                          achieve access to health insurance, the legal                     submitting      Program Officer, Human           system, community support following release from        All proposals must include a climate change             proposals for   Services
                          prison and safe and affordable reproductive health      statement, a brief explanation of what the                    
                                                                                                                                          at the next
                          services.                                               organization is doing or considering to reduce or       regularly       216-241-3114
                                                                                  to eliminate its impact on climate change. The          scheduled
                          ―needs of those most at-risk of being left out of the   Foundation‘s website,,                  meeting of
                          social and economic transformation.‖ ―Improved          includes resources to assist grantees with this         the Trustees
                          Foster Care and Adoption Systems‖. ―Community           task. In this same spirit, we ask that                  are December
                          support following release from prison‖.                 organizations do not submit proposals in                15, March
                          ―Nonpartisan voice on non-profits in policy             notebooks, binders or plastic folders and print         15, June 15
                          deliberations that directly affect their program        proposals on both sides of each sheet of paper.
                          priorities.‖ Must be ―National Policy Making‖ if        Applicants also must include a completed Grant          15.
                          we are to apply as they put some funds aside for        Application Cover Sheet, which is signed by the         Proposals are
                          this.                                                   organization‘s board chair and executive                due the next
                                                                                  director.                                               business day
                                                                                  Proposals are considered by the Foundation‘s Trustees   if a deadline
                                                                                  in March, June, September and December.                 falls on a
Harry and Jeanette        ―at-risk and vulnerable populations‖ and                A letter of inquiry (< 3pgs, Times New Roman                            Grants Intake Manager
Weinberg Foundation       ―addictions‖ and ―workforce development‖. A             11+); August 3, 2009 – August 31, 2009                                  The Harry and Jeanette
                          whole area on employment with a specific mention        Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) should be submitted;                          Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
www.hjweinbergfoundati    of ―offender reentry‖.                                  September 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009                                  7 Park Center Court                                                                  Notification of Interest in LOI will be                                 Owings Mills, MD 21117
                          STEP 1 – LETTERS OF INQUIRY                             communicated; November 2, 2009 – November                               Fax: 410-654-3943
                          Letter of Inquiry - General Operating Support           30, 2009 Full Grant Proposals Due; November                             E-mail:
                          Letter of Inquiry - Program Support                     2, 2009 – January 15, 2010 Review of Grant                              grantsintake@hjweinbergfoun
                          Letter of Inquiry - Capital Project                     Proposals; December 1, 2009 – January 15,                     
                          August 3, 2009 – August 31, 2009                        2010 Grant Decisions Made and Communicated
                          The Weinberg Foundation will accept Letters of          LOIs may be submitted by e-mail, fax, FedEx, or
                          Inquiry (LOI). LOIs must be received by August          regular mail. If the LOI does not follow the
                          31, 2009. LOIs received after August 31, 2009, will     suggested format, it will be returned for
                          be returned to you and can be resubmitted in the        corrections. E-mailed LOIs need to follow the
                          next grant cycle in January 2010.                       suggested format and include two electronic
Hazen Foundation          A high quality education as a basic civil right for     The Hazen Foundation no longer accepts                  RFP‘s are       Edward W. Hazen Foundation
                          all students. The need for equitable and effective      unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry;            distributed     90 Broad Street, Suite 604
http://www.hazenfoundat   means for educating all children to achieve at high     instead the foundation will bi-annually issue           in late Jan     New York, NY 10004                  levels, and to be properly prepared to enter            requests for proposals (RFP) and calls for letters      (for Spring     Phone: 212-889-3034
                          adulthood with the knowledge, skills and                of inquiry. We have therefore undertaken to             cycle) and      Email:
                          experience needed to lead engaged and productive        provide sustained support to groups in four             late June
                          lives. The value of public schools as the most          targeted sites, New York City, Los Angeles              (for Fall
                          viable venues for equitable education, and as a         Unified School District, Mimi/Dade County and           cycle) to
                          democratizing force in our society. The need to         the Delta region of Mississippi.                        eligible
                          build public and political will for sustained                                                                   organi-
                          investment in the education and development of          Organizations that wish to receive a RFP should         zations
                          young people, particularly youth of color and low-      call the Foundation and leave a message on
                          income youth. Transformation of the lives and           voicemail extension #24 or submit a request with
                          future of low-income youth and youth of color           organizational contact information through email
                          requires their active engagement in strengthening       to hazen@hazenfoundation .org (subject: RFP
                          the schools, communities and society where they         Request).
                          grow and develop.
Hearst Foundations          Education: ―interests are focused on endowed                 Education – general proposal requirements                          Open          The Hearst Foundations
                            scholarships, as well as compelling programmatic             include: proposal narrative, institutional info and                submis-sion   90 New Montgomery Street          and capital initiatives that advance an institution‘s        attachments.                                                       process and   Suite 1212
                            ability to provide quality education.‖                                      proposals     San Francisco, California
**only one proposal per     Social Service: ―interests include family support                                                                               are           94105
organization will be        services, domestic violence and child abuse                  Social Service – brief cover letter, 1pg executive                 accepted      Telephone: 415-908-4500
reviewed within the         prevention, after-school programs, youth                     summary, 5pg proposal narrative and                                and           Fax: 415-348-0887
calendar year.**            development, literacy, housing and homelessness,             attachments (do not fax or e-mail)                                 reviewed
                            job training, economic development, and programs                          throughout
                            for older adults.‖                                           Executive Summary                                                  the year.
                                                                                         Briefly summarize the key points of your proposal, describe
                                                                                         the purpose and relevance of your request, and indicate the
                            The Hearst Foundations work with comprehensive               dollar amount of the grant that you are seeking.
                            direct-service organizations that foster effective           Narrative
                            solutions to social and economic problems. Priority          Organizational History and Purpose:
                            is given to efforts that enable children, youth and          Statement of Need:
                                                                                         Program Description:
                            families to lead productive and independent lives.           Evaluation:
                            The Foundations‘ interest include family support             Conclusion:
                            services, domestic violence and child abuse                  Attachments
                            prevention, after-school programs, youth                     The following supporting documentation is necessary to ensure
                                                                                         a complete and fair review of your grant application.
                            development, literacy, housing and homelessness,             Organizational operating budget for the previous and current
                            job training, economic development, and programs             fiscal years and explanation of any deficits. Program budget for
                            for older adults.                                            the previous and current fiscal years. List of foundation and
                                                                                         corporate grants for the previous and current fiscal years, for
                                                                                         both the organization and program. Include the dollar amounts
                                                                                         of each grant of $50,000 and above. Current market value of
                                                                                         institutional endowment. Names and primary affiliations of
                                                                                         officers and board members.
                                                                                         Current IRS documentation certifying that the applicant is tax-
                                                                                         exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
                                                                                         and not a private foundation under Section 509(a). The
                                                                                         applicant should be listed in the current IRS Cumulative List of
                                                                                         Tax-Exempt Organizations (Publication 78). Most recent
                                                                                         audited financial statements. If you are presenting a qualified
                                                                                         audit, please explain corrective action.
                                                                                         Most recent annual report.
                                                                                         Supplemental Materials should be held to a
Heinz Family                We work to create positive change across the                 The Heinz Family Foundation does not consider                                    Washington
Philanthropies              philanthropic spectrum with particular interest in health    unsolicited requests for grants. The Heinz Family                                Heinz Family Philanthropies
                            care, women and health, and the environment. The Heinz       Foundation makes grants only to prior selected                                   1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,
                            Family Philanthropies works as an operating foundation;      organizations that are public charities as described in                          Suite 350
                            as a result, very few unsolicited grant proposals are        Section 501(c)(3). The Heinz Family Foundation is not                            Washington, DC 20004
rg/aboutus/philanthropies                                                                permitted by the U.S. government tax laws to make                                (202) 393-1244
                            funded. The Heinz Family Philanthropies is taking a
_02.html                                                                                 grants to individuals or organizations unless they are a
                            leadership position in the national discussion on issues
                            involving: The environment; Human Health and aging;          qualified 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States.                         Pittsburgh
                            Women's economic opportunities; Cultural and societal                                                                                         Heinz Family Philanthropies
                            enrichment. To fuel progress, we concentrate a significant                                                                                    625 Liberty Ave, Ste 3200
                            portion of our energies on educating the people who                                                                                           Pittsburgh, PA 15222
                            influence social policy in these areas. In particular, we                                                                                     (412) 497-5775
                            focus on those who write the laws and cast legislation-
                            creating votes.
Hitachi Foundation          ―address conditions that perpetuate economic                 Web-based proposal idea submission for non-                                      Renata Hron Gomez, Senior
                            isolation in America through business-community              profits; does not accept unsolicited proposals                                   Program Officer, 760-652-
www.hitachifoundation.o     partnerships‖. ―Invest in corporate citizenship‖.                                                                                             1099
rg                          The Hitachi Foundation is one of the partners in the
                            National Fund for Workforce Solutions.                       ex.html#online
International Youth         Those programs identified and supported by IYF            IYF provides grants to its global network of           International Youth
Foundation                  and its partners are preventive in nature and             partner organizations only. It does not accept         Foundation,
                            promote the confidence, character, competence,            unsolicited proposals. IYF believes that support       32 South Street, Suite 500,   and "connectedness" of young people to their              is best offered by those closest to local realities.   Baltimore, MD 21202, USA
tion.cfm/32                 family, peers, and community. Programs provide            For this reason, its grantmaking is directed at its    Tel: +1 410 951 1500
                            support and services in such areas as vocational          global network of partner                              Fax: +1 410 347 1188
                            training, health education, recreation, cultural          foundations/organizations who identify                 E-mail:
                            tolerance, environmental awareness, and the               promising and effective programs and make
                            development of leadership, conflict resolution, and       grants to expand or adapt individual programs.
                            decision-making skills… The net aim of these
                            efforts is to increase the effectiveness, scale, and
                            sustainability of proven approaches to meeting
                            young people's needs.
Jack Kent Cooke             The Foundation supports youth education by
Foundation                  investing in organizations that expand learning
                            opportunities for high-achieving, low- to moderate-        income students…Our youth education programs
                            offer direct support to students as well as grants for
                            schools and out-of-school programs, summer
                            enrichment activities, specialized education courses
                            and scholarships.
James Irvine Foundation     The guiding principle in all our activities is the idea
                            of expanding opportunity, whether it is by helping      youth navigate critical transitions in their lives, by
                            fostering creativity and nurturing a rich cultural
                            environment, or by improving decision making on
                            critical issues facing California today and into the
                            future. Our vision is a state where full and active
                            participation by all Californians becomes a reality.

JEHT Foundation             Criminal and Juvenile Justice; Brings the latest          Currently, the foundation is not accepting             President, Robert Crane
                            research and best practices to bear on criminal and       applications. Organizations currently receiving      juvenile justice efforts to make the system more          funding may submit a letter of inquiry for a new
                            fair and improve public safety.                           idea (< 3pgs)


Knight Foundation           ―organizations with high impact for achieving             Complete online letter of inquiry:
                            social change‖ and ―develop strategies for large
www.knightfoundation.or     scale action‖; ―citizenship, civic education and          Initial response within 3 months. If approved,
g                           active involvement‖ for those most unlikely to            send in a full proposal
                            participate in such efforts. As a national                Here are five basics components we are looking
                            foundation with local roots, we seek opportunities        for in your ideas:
                            that can transform both communities and                              Discovery of the facts.
                            journalism, and help them reach their highest                        The vision to see what's possible.
                            potential. We believe nothing big happens without                    The courage to push for change.
                            a big idea, nothing new without a new idea. In                       The know-how to get it done.
                            every project we fund, the idea comes first.                         The tenacity that gets results.
                                                                                                   If you believe your grant opportunity fits these
                                                                                                   criteria, we want to hear from you.
Knight Foundation                                                                                  Submitting a grant proposal to Knight
                                                                                                   Foundation requires a few easy steps. The first
                                                                                                   step is to complete the following online inquiry.
                                                                                                   There are no deadlines to submit an inquiry.
Kresge Foundation          Education – Our grantmaking is rooted in a desire                                    The Kresge Foundation
                           to overcome systematic inequities in early                              ex/                                                                  3215 West Big Beaver Road   childhood and higher education and to provide life-                                                                                          Troy, Michigan 48084
dex.php                    changing educational opportunities to those who                         After reviewing the Challenge Grant checklist in
                           have been excluded. We support organizations and                        order to prepare for the application process,                        Phone: 248-643-9630
                           institutions endeavoring to educate a workforce that                    submit a letter of intent with the foundation                        Fax: 248-643-0588
                           can compete successfully in the global economy.                         online, include challenge grant information
                           Our top four values in this field are: providing                        found on their website.                                              Or e-mail the grants inquiry
                           opportunity and access, promoting diversity,                                                                                                 coordinator:
                           supporting environmental conservation, and                                                                                         
                           creating community impact. (Grants include                                                                                                   php/contact_us/form/
                           facilities capital grants, general operating support,
                           growth capital grants, planning grants, program-
                           related investments, program support)

Lily Foundation            ―Lilly Endowment exists to support the causes of                        Preliminary letter of no more than 2 pages. Tell      Grant-         Grant Services Office, Lilly
                           religion, education and community development.                          about the organization, the project you have in       review         Endowment Inc. 2801 N.     The Endowment affords special emphasis to                               mind, the amount of support you will need from        process        Meridian St.
/theendowment.html         projects that benefit young people and promote                          us.                                                   takes 3-6      P.O. Box 88068
                           leadership education and financial self-sufficiency                                                                           months;        Indianapolis, IN 46208-0068
                           in the nonprofit, charitable sector.‖ ―We also are                      In case of further consideration, there may need      Grants         Phone: 317-924-5471
                           interested in initiatives that benefit youth, that                      be a full proposal submitted. (DO NOT FAX)            considered     Fax: 317-926-4431
                           foster philanthropic leadership education among                                                                               in Mar,
                           nonprofit institutions, and that promote the causes                                                                           June, Sept,
                           of philanthropy and volunteerism.‖                                                                                            Nov, & Dec

Lumina Foundation          ―The students are ages 18-24‖. ―Propose projects        Typically       3-5pg letter of inquiry – should include              Accepted       newinquiry@lumina
                           and activities that involve communities, families       $150,000;       responses to questions posted on the website          Year Round
www.luminafoundation.o     and students in promoting educational access and        Average
rg                         success.‖ ―Address issues that effect access and        $400,000;
                           attainment of post-scondary education‖.                 Range 1-3 yrs
Lynde and Harry Bradley    The Foundation continues its historic commitment        2008            1) prepare a brief letter of inquiry – describe the   Full pro-      The Lynde and Harry Bradley
Foundation                 to helping ensure widest possible universe of           education       organization and its intended project.                posals         Foundation
                           educational options for all parents in Milwaukee        average ~       2) if accepted, organization will receive an invite   should be      The Lion House        and around the country. This commitment includes        $26,000;        to submit a formal proposal which should              submitted      1241 North Franklin Place
                           supporting school choice and charter schools,           ranges from     include another letter – more-thorough                by 2/1, 5/1,   Milwaukee, WI 53202-2901
                           efforts to improve curricula, standards, and            $10,000 to      description of the project, its objectives and        8/1, and
                           accountability, and gifted education.                   $3,000,000      significance, qualifications of groups and            11/1           (414) 291-9915
                                                                                                   individuals involved, project budget, specific                       Fax: (414) 291-9991
                                                                                                   amount being sought, and a list of other sources
                                                                                                   of support. (also include grantee tax-emempt
                                                                                                   status info -
                                                                                                   GTES08-29-06.pdf )
MacArthur Foundation          Research/model programs/policy analysis/public               http://www.mac     The foundation is not accepting unsolicited                    
                              education aimed at promoting more effective           proposals for work in juvenile justice at this              Juvenile Justice System Across US; specific areas            .lkLXJ8MQKr        time. Recipients are identifited through staff
                              of reform include greater use of evidence-based                                 deliberations resulting from consultations with
                              practices, improving aftercare and mental health             Grantmaking__      current grantees, lead organizations in the states
                              services and increasing community-based                      Juvenile_Justic    and others in the field.
                              alternatives to confinement.                                 e__Recent_Gra
McCormick Foundation          The Education Program seeks to create a statewide                               Before submitting a proposal, send a letter of            For the        Conferences@McCormickFo
(9/28/09 Conference           system that provides access to quality early care                               inquiry no later than November 1 that describes,          conference
Series Open)                  and education for all children ages birth-to-five and                           in <2 pages, the nature, purpose, and cost of the         in 2010,
                              improves the quality of programs serving those                                  proposed program. The letter should also outline          must
http://www.mccormickfo        young children in low-income communities in the                                 the need for the program and the qualifications           receive                 Chicago region.                                                                 of the organization.                                      proposal no
                              Reflecting Col. Robert R. McCormick's wishes that                                                                                         later than      his bequest be used for "religious, scientific,                                 The Foundation staff will then help the                   August 28,
ferences/conferencepropo      literary or educational purposes…," the                                         organization determine whether to submit a                2009
sals.aspx                     McCormick Foundation maintains a strong                                         formal proposal. The Foundation‘s board of
                              commitment to education. In 1993, responding to                                 directors considers most education grant requests
                              new research in brain development and its effect on                             in May of each year. Proposals are due no later
                              early learning, the Foundation's board of directors                             than February 1.
                              changed the direction of the Education Program to
                              focus on the needs of Chicago's youngest children.
Merck Family Fund             Youth Organizing                                                                Letter of inquiry, no more than 2 pgs – describe the      Submit         Jenny Russell, Executive
                              With proper training and support, youth are best                                project, its purpose, its likely impact, and the amount   letters of     Director      positioned to be their own advocates and spokespeople as                        being requested; describe the organization and the        inquiry any    Merck Family Fund
                              well as leaders in the community and of movements for                           overall budget. Acceptance is followed by an invite for
rograms.html                                                                                                                                                            time, hard     303 Adams Street
                              social change.                                                                  a full proposal (directions found on the website.)
                                                                                                                   copy is        Milton, MA 02186-4253
                               Involve youth in the design, operation, and evaluation of
                              a project; Train youth to learn skills, develop                                 The Fund supports work by communities with few            preferred.
                              relationships, and gain experience while making a                               resources who are confronting significant social,         full prop
                              positive impact on the community; Support youth to                              economic, and environmental challenges. The two           Deadline
                              research issues of concern, design strategies for change,                       areas of focus for the Fund are to a) create green and    will be Feb
                              and implement action plans; and Identify youth as                               open space, and b) support youth as agents of social      1 & Aug 1,
                              important stakeholders in the health and well-being of the                      change. Limited to programs in New York, New York;        2010
                              community.                                                                      Providence, Rhode Island; and Boston, Massachusetts.
MetLife Foundation            The goal is to empower people to lead healthy,                                  Requests must be made in writing and should               Requests       MetLife Foundation
                              productive lives and strengthen communities.                                    include the following information: A brief                accepted       1095 Avenue of the Americas      Underlying the Foundation's programs is a focus on                              description of the org, legal name, history,              and            40th Floor
bout/corporate-               education at all ages and a commitment to                                       activities, purpose and governing board; The              reviewed       New York, NY 10036
profile/citizenship/metlife   increasing access and opportunity. The Foundation                               purpose for the grant; The amount request and a           throughout
-foundation                   makes grants in health, education, civic affairs and                            list of other sources of financial support; A copy        the year; if
                              culture.                                                                        of the org‘s most recent audited financial                necessary
                                                                                                              statement; A copy of the IRS determination letter         there may
                                                                                                              indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as an orga         be request
                                                                                                              that is not a private foundation; A copy of the           for a more
                                                                                                              org's most recent Form 990-Income Tax Return              formal
                                                                                                              of Organization Exempt from Income Tax;                   proposal
                                                                                                              Name, e-mail address and phone number of
                                                                                                              primary contact person.
Morgan Family               The Foundation supports efforts to expand                   For capital       The foundation accepts proposals by invitation                       Morgan Family Foundation
Foundation                  educational opportunities at all levels. We are             projects, grant   only. The process is initiated by an invitation                      P.O. Box 1742
                            particularly interested in programs that: Encourage         size will equal   from a Board Member or the Foundation‘s                              Los Altos, CA 94023-1742
                                                                                                                                                                               Youth and Education Grants
http://www.morganfamil      a love of learning early, before children reach             no more than      Program Director.
                                                                                                                                                                               Linda Verhulp, Executive            kindergarten & Motivate students to achieve and             10 % of the                                                                            Director
                            gain the skills that allow them to reach their              total                                                                                  650.941.8802 tel.
                            academic and career goals, including vocational             campaign.                                                                              linda@morganfamilyfoundation.o
                            training.                                                                                                                                          rg
                            Help youth develop the life skills, attitudes, and
                            internal resources to make informed and
                            responsible life choices.
                            Provide opportunities for creative expression and
                            physical well-being, and enhancement of individual
                            strengths. Programs that foster leadership
                            development are of particular interest.

Nellie Mae Education        To stimulate transformative change of public                                  Application through invitation – noncompetitive       At this        1250 Hancock Street, Suite
Foundation                  education systems across New England by growing                               review process                                        time, they     205N
                            a greater variety of higher quality educational                                                                                     do not         Quincy, MA 02169             opportunities that enable all learners – especially                           Or                                                    anticipate     Phone: (781) 348-4200
                            and essentially underserved learners– to obtain the                                                                                 issuing any    Toll-Free: (877) 635-5436
                            skills, knowledge and supports necessary to                                   Invitation for application via request for proposal   requests for   Fax: (781) 348-4299
                            become civically engaged, economically self-                                  – competitive review process                          proposals in   General Information on
                            sufficient life-long learners.                                                                                                      2009.          Grants and Programs:
                            We must improve academic outcomes for a much                                                                                                       Stephanie Cheney, Grants
                            greater number of students. We also need to                                                                                                        Manager 781-348-4240 or
                            minimize the number of students - especially those                                                                                       
                            from underserved populations - who dropout. To
                            serve these interrelated purposes, we need to
                            improve the quality and increase the variety of our
                            educational pathways by investigating how to
                            better engage and retain students.

Norman Foundation           promote economic justice and development through                              2-3 pgs Letter of inquiry: should include:            7/15/09–       We now accept letters of
                            community organizing;                                                            Civil          inquiry by email (PDF files only)          work to prevent the disposal of toxics in communities,                                                                              Rights;        to, by fax or
                            and to link environmental issues with economic and social                                                                                          by regular mail. Do not send
                                                                                                          Full proposal upon positive response to letter        12/1/09–
                            justice;                                                                                                                                           duplicate copies.
                            promote civil rights by fighting discrimination and                                                                                 Environ.       147 East 48th Street - New York,
                            working for equity. Our current priority for Civil Rights                                                                           Justice;       NY 10017
                            grantmaking is public education equity, with an emphasis                                                                            TBA–Econ.      Tel: (212) 230-9830
                            on parent and youth organizing.                                                                                                     Justice        Fax: (212)-230-9849
Open Society Institute (1   ―Promote alternatives to incarceration that                                   Submission on a rolling basis – a 1-3 page                           Ms. Georgia Kirtland,
of 2)                       emphasize rehabilitation and treatment‖ and                                   proposal. Acceptance notification with 2-4                           Program Associate
Sentencing &                ―Empower communities most affected by mass                                    weeks and 1-3 months if the proposal is to move
Incarceration               incarceration to develop and advocate for                                     forward or not                 
Alternatives – U.S.         alternative policies that address the underlying
Justice Fund                social, racial and economic inequality‖.
Open Society Institute (2    ―Reorient the mission and resources of the criminal                     1-3 page letter of inquiry to include budget and      May 1,
of 2)                        justice system and prison systems to maximize                           no supplemental information                           2008 to
The After Prison             successful reentry and minimize incarceration and                                                                             August 1,     (no name given)
Initiative – U.S. Justice    strengthen civil society‖                                                                                                     2008
_ prison/guidelines
Ottinger Foundation          The Ottinger Foundation is a private family                             The Foundation is no longer accepting                               80 Broad Street
                             foundation that funds non-profit organizations that                     unsolicited letters of intent or proposals.                         Suite 1600
http://www.ottingerfound     promote innovative policies and citizen activism to                     Beginning in 2004, the Foundation will review                       New York, NY 10004                   build a movement for change. We support                                 proposals by invitation only in the areas of                        (212) 764-1508
                             organizations that address structural or root causes                    economic security and development, democratic                       fax (917) 438-4639
                             of social problems and focus on systemic social                         participation and the environment.
                             change rather than direct services.                                                                                               
Pew Charitable Trusts        helping states collect and analyze data—who is                          Submit a brief letter of inquiry, preferably less                   The Pew Charitable Trusts
                             admitted to their prisons, how long they stay, who                      than three pages long. Pew will respond to all                      Attention: Letter of Inquiry     returns—and the implications of corrections                             specific letters of inquiry but not to general                      Processing, One Commerce
/our_work_category.aspx      practices for public safety and state budgets;                          solicitations for funds.                                            Square, 2005 Market Street,
?id=72                       improving states‘ understanding of how their                            Full proposals should be submitted after                            Suite 1700
                             existing policies, practices and outcomes for                           approval of initial letter of inquiry                               Philadelphia, PA 19103-7077
                             dealing with criminal offenders compare to those of
                             other states; and
                             encouraging states to use the best research available
                             to advance reforms that will reduce crime and
                             recidivism, and deliver a solid return on taxpayers‘

Public Welfare               Criminal and Juvenile Justice; Establish more           2008 grants –   6-8 weeks before the end of August, submit a          Aug 2008      Kristen Nolen, Program
Foundation                   effective and fairer criminal and juvenile policies     (3) $75,000     letter of inquiry not to exceed 5 pages; open an      for the Oct   Associate –
                             and institutions throughout the nation‖.                grants & (1)    account with the foundation and submit the letter     2008 board        ―Development and expansion of alternatives to           $155,000        online;                                               meeting
                             youth incarceration. ―Stop trying youth as adults‖.     grant 
                             In addition, the Foundation‘s grantmaking aims to                       aspx#deadlines
                             lower overall rates of incarceration and help                           The letter should contain facts and figures about
                             eliminate unequal treatment of African Americans                        the organization, describe its mission and explain
                             and Latinos.                                                            the purpose of the request, including the Program
                             The Special Opportunities Program supports                              under which a grant is being requested.
                             initiatives reflecting the Foundation's underlying                      Once a letter of inquiry arrives at the Foundation,
                             values. At times, this program serves as a                              our staff determines whether the proposed
                             laboratory for new ideas that do not fit within the                     project fits the Foundation‘s funding guidelines.
                             major program areas or that combine objectives of                       Please read the program guidelines carefully
                             several of the Foundation's programs. Only a few                        before applying. Our staff responds to letters of
                             grants are made each year under this program.                           inquiry within 30 working days letting the
                                                                                                     applicants know whether they will be invited to
                                                                                                     submit a full proposal.
Rockit Fund                ―provide equal justice to all people in the US‖ &                               Cover page, proposal narrative, budget and all                             The Rockit Fund, The Empire
                           ―will consider proposals for carrying out lobbying                              attachments listed on the cover page. We have a                            State Building, 350 5th
No website provided        and related activities aimed at influencing public                              handout listing all required submission materials.                         Avenue, Suite 5904, New
                           opinion & policy in the areas described above‖/                                                                                                            York, New York 10118.
                           ―above‖ refers to (4) funding areas. The other (3)                                                                                                         cboatman@rockit
                           beyond equal justice – are end of life, electoral
                           system & international treaties in the context of the
                           U.S. abiding or supporting them.
Rockefeller Brothers       The Fund awards grants throughout the year to                                   Grant Guidelines                                           LOI‘s are       475 Riverside Drive, Suite
Foundation                 support a variety of charitable projects in the U.S.                                               reviewed        900
                           and abroad seeking to expand knowledge, clarify                                 Online Eligibility and LOI                                 throughout      New York, NY 10115   values and critical choices, nurture creative                                       the year.
ams/programs_show.htm      expression, and shape public policy. For democracy                              _id=495564&cat_id=1657                                                     Phone: 212-812-4200
?doc_id=472520             to flourish and deliver on its promises—including                               The Letter of Inquiry should be in English, 1-3                            Fax: 212-812-4299
                           political participation, human rights, access to                                pages in length, and include the following:                                E-mail:
                           justice, a good education, an improved quality of                               Brief description of the project and the issue to
                           life, a healthy environment, and personal security—                             be addressed. Expected outcomes, both
                           its citizens must be engaged, empowered, and                                    immediate and long term. If the project is
                           assertive. Similarly, institutions of governance                                already underway, information on its progress to
                           must be inclusive, transparent, and responsive.                                 date. How the project relates to the Fund's
                                                                                                           program interests. Brief description of the
                                                                                                           organization, and why it is the right one to
                                                                                                           undertake this project. Information on key staff
                                                                                                           and full contact information. Approximate
                                                                                                           budget and timeframe. List of other sources of
                                                                                                           funding for the project, both confirmed and
                                                                                                           requests in process. Dissemination plans.
                                                                                                           Evaluation plans.
                                                                                                           Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit
                                                                                                           LOIs via the Fund's online system. LOIs may be
                                                                                                           submitted through mail, fax, or e-mail; however,
                                                                                                           the processing time may be longer for
                                                                                                           applications submitted outside of the Web site.
Roy A. Hunt Foundation     ‗support organizations that strive to prevent violent          During any       Via e-mail, submit a concise letter of inquiry –           Welcome
                           behavior among youth‘; ‗seeks applicants with                  one year, 5-10   1pg maximum, include surface mailing address;              anytime,   implementation or program staff who have demonstrated          grants           unsolicited proposals are not encouraged;                  but for         Beatrice C. Carter, Executive
                           skill, experience, and expertise is working with at-risk
/apply.shtml                                                                              awarded;         Send initial letter as advised under ―Applying for         better          Director
                           youth and their families. Preference will be given to
                           comprehensive programs that address multiple risk factors      range            a Grant.‖                                                  results, send   Roy A Hunt Foundation
                           at the individual/family/school/peer-group/community           between          If invited to submit a proposal, follow guidelines         in by March     One Bigelow Square, Suite
                           domains, involve collaborations among entities and             $25,000 -        here (                 1 for June      630
                           present clear and measurable outcome objectives.               $100,000         shtml) and e-mail/mail the proposal to.                    review and      Pittsburgh, PA 15219
                                                                                                           Any location is welcome, priority will be given            August 1
                           In addition to general grants sponsored by individual                           to Boston and Pittsburgh                                   for
                           trustees, the Hunt Foundation also funds special initiatives                    If the project for which funding is being sought does      November
                           in Community Development, Environment, and Youth                                not fit within the guidelines, an inquiry for a general    review.
                           Violence Prevention. These initiatives represent a shared                       grant should be sent. Special Initiatives are awarded in
                           interest across all trustees and are designed to achieve                        three program areas: Community Development,
                           specific program objectives. They are administered                              Environment; and Youth Violence Prevention. These
                           according to specific guidelines and have earlier                               funds are for programs or projects designed to achieve
                           application deadlines. Applicants who are unsure whether                        specific, measurable outcomes, particularly those that
                           to apply for a general grant or a special initiative grant                      advance the mission of the applicant.
                           should review the special initiatives guidelines carefully.
Smith Richardson             ―Support projects to inform the debate over             An initial request to not exceed five (5) pages                        Mark Steinmeyer
Foundation                   policies designed to assist disadvantaged               that follows their concept paper template can be
                             families‖. ―Help the public and policy makers           submitted on a rolling basis. It can be found                          General inquiries can also be                  understand and address critical issues facing the       here                                                                   directed to this email
                             United States‖. ―Access the effectiveness of         .
                             school reform and in particular – charter schools‖.     They also fund public forums, conferences and
                             The foundation makes a small number of direct           trainings on specific issues – and we might take
                             service grants to organizations in North Carolina       a leadership role around an International
                             and Connecticut that provide innovative services        Symposium on Alternatives to Incarceration and
                             for disadvantaged children and families. Direct         Reentry for young people.
                             service organizations located outside these 2           Applicants seeking direct service grants should
                             states, as well as national direct service charities,   prepare a short letter describing the mission of the
                             will not be considered for support by the Direct        organization, the population it serves, and the
                             Service Grants Program.                                 nature of the services it delivers. Applicants should
                                                                                     also indicate the size of their organization‘s budget
                                                                                     and the costs of the program for which they are
                                                                                     seeking support from the Foundation.

State Street Foundation     Through the State Street Foundation, Inc., we make       New applicants and organizations that have not                         Please send the letters to
                            effective and socially responsible contributions to      received funding from the State Street                        re     charitable organizations that provide support to the     Foundation within the last three years must begin                      deemed 501(c)(3)
pany/community_affairs/     less advantaged, primarily in communities where          the application process with a Letter of Interest.                     "equivalents."
global_philanthropy/over    State Street offices are located. The Foundation         Please limit the letter to two pages. It should
view.html                   works to generate and sustain positive change in         describe the reason you are seeking support and
                            our communities, while complementing the                 the geographic area(s) and population(s) to be
                            development of our worldwide business operations.        served. You will then be notified as to how to
                            In 2008, State Street Foundation grants totaled          proceed with the application process. Letters of
                            US$18.8 million.                                         Interest may be submitted at any time and are
                            The Foundation addresses local needs through 35          reviewed on an ongoing basis. They may take up
                            individual contribution committees in 21 countries,      to six weeks to be reviewed.
                            each of whom have responsibility for initiating
                            programs and managing relationships with
                            recipient organizations in their locales. We place
                            special emphasis on initiatives that seek to bring
                            about systemic changes that address core problems
                            affecting a local community. In the United States,
                            grants are awarded directly to organizations and
                            agencies designated as not-for-profit 501(c)(3)
                            entities by the Internal Revenue Service.

Stuart Foundation           We work toward the development of education              Review Strategy                                           No           http://www.stuartfoundation.o
                            systems that provide opportunities for all students           deadlines,   rg/AboutUs/ContactUs.aspx
http://www.stuartfoundati   to be engaged, to achieve, and to develop the skills,    x                                                         accepting                     knowledge and ability to be successful in further        Submit online LOI and budget form,                        LOIs on a    500 Washington Street, 8th
                            education or career choices. We support                  downloadable from website for electronic                  rolling      Floor
                            comprehensive and integrated programs and                submission.                                               basis;       San Francisco, CA 94111
                            practices that serve as demonstrations for system-             response
                            wide adoption and to inform public policy.               ner/GrantApplicationProcess.aspx                          typically    Phone: 415-393-1551
                                                                                     If accepted submit proposal.                              within 60    Fax: 415-393-1552
                                                                                                                                               days.        Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm, M-F.
Surdna Foundation         Welcome to the Surdna Foundation Website.                 annual          Once you have determined that there is a match       No formal      Surdna Foundation
                          Surdna is a family foundation established in 1917         grantmaking     between your request and the Foundation's            deadlines.     330 Madison Ave., 30th Floor    by John Emory Andrus. The foundation makes                approximately   mission and program goals, you may submit an         Accepts        New York, NY 10017
                          grants in the areas of environment, community             $37 million.    online Letter of Inquiry.                            applications   (212) 557-0010
                          revitalization, effective citizenry, the arts and the                   on an
                          nonprofit sector, Our goals are to help:                                  doc_id=339727&cat_id=949                             ongoing        E-mail:
                          Ensure that low and moderate-income residents can                                                                              basis.
                          continue to live and thrive in Strong Market Cities                       Full proposal requests come after acceptance of      Grants
                          that are experiencing tremendous growth. (We                              the LOI.                                             approved 3
                          currently make grants in Boston, Minneapolis/St.                                                                               times a
                          Paul, New York City and the San Francisco Bay                                                                                  year: (Feb,
                          area). II. Revitalize Weak Market Cities that are                                                                              May and
                          experiencing disinvestment, in ways that connect                                                                               Sept). aim
                          low- and moderate-income residents with                                                                                        for 3 to 4
                          opportunities to create and preserve wealth. (We                                                                               months
                          currently make grants in Baltimore, Pittsburgh,                                                                                ahead of
                          Cleveland and New Orleans). III. Strengthen the                                                                                time for
                          Field of community revitalization, to expand our                                                                               staff
                          collective ability to address the new realities of                                                                             review.
                          cities and the challenges facing low- and moderate-
                          income residents.

Tides Foundation                                                                                    Tides does not have discretionary grantmaking
                                                                                                    funds and has no open proposal submission                                                                               process. Rather, we partner with individual and
                                                                                                    institutional donors through donor advised funds.
                                                                                                    Our fund advisors direct their own grantmaking
                                                                                                    and most do not accept unsolicited proposals.

The Tow Foundation        The Juvenile Justice Initiative is shaped by our goal                     Mail a letter of inquiry (no more than 2 pgs) with   The Board      Emily Tow Jackson
                          to affect system reform around juvenile justice                           an explanation of your organization‘s mission        meets          Executive Director
http://www.towfoundatio   policy in the state of Connecticut. Through                               and a brief description of the project for which     quarterly;     The Tow Foundation   strategic grantmaking and advocacy, we are                                you seek funding. After receipt, foundation staff    Application    43 Danbury Road, 2nd Floor
                          working to help change the way youth who have                             will contact you by mail, email, or phone to         s cannot be    Wilton, CT 06897-4400
                          encountered the court system are judged and                               discuss eligibility, seek additional info, or        timed for
                          treated. This includes children and youth who are                         arrange meeting before a full proposal is            review at a
                          beyond control of their families, are failing in or                       submitted. Letters of inquiry will be accepted by    specific
                          have been expelled from school, have been rejected                        mail only. Unless requested, please do not           board
                          by their communities, or have been                                        overnight mail or fax your information. The Tow      meeting.
                          institutionalized…This leads us to invest in                              Foundation is a founding member and active
                          organizations that work for the best outcomes for                         participant on the steering committee of the
                          these children, which ultimately will benefit all of                      Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance, which has
                          society…Our grants support programs and                                   become the state‘s leading source of information
                          organizations that offer youth opportunities for                          and advocacy in the field. Groundbreaking
                          success within Connecticut‘s juvenile justice                             policy advocacy has been achieved with the
                          system and, more importantly, in the communities                          support of the Campaign for Youth Justice.
                          where they live. Areas of interest include life skills;
                          alternatives to suspension and expulsion; youth
                          organizing and media; health and mental health
                          services, and community building.
Verizon Foundation           Fighting Domestic Violence: We provide financial,                     Online Eligibility Quiz:                                           If you wish to communicate
                             technical and human expertise to local and national                            with the Verizon Foundation
http://foundation.verizon.   organizations that focus on education, prevention,                    quiz.display_question?x_gm_id=1&x_quiz_id=1                        headquarters team, please
com/                         victim relief and empowerment.                                        &x_order_by=1                                                      send your inquiry via email to
                                                                                                                                                                      the address below. We are a
                             Also give grants in regards to education and                          Online Grant Application:                                          cyber-foundation and ask that
                             literacy.                                                                     you not send paper mail.
                                                                                                   html                                                               Email:
                                                                                                                                                                      Phone: 800-360-7955
                                                                                                                                                                      Fax: 908-630-2660

Wallace Global Fund          Wallace Global Fund online. Our website is                            Grantseekers may email a letter of inquiry of no                   In the meantime, please email
                             currently under construction and will relaunch                        more than two pages that includes information                      inquiries to          shortly.                                                              on the non-profit status of the applicant, current
                                                                                                   operational budget, and income sources. Staff
                                                                                                   will reply as soon as possible.

Wallace Foundation           Educational Leadership: ―Develop effective                            In most cases, we identify and evaluate                            The Wallace Foundation
                             education leadership, especially among principals                     prospective grantees through the issuance of                       General Management
http://www.wallacefound      and superintendents, to improve student learning‖                     Requests for Proposals or other careful screening                  5 Penn Plaza, 7th Floor                                                                         processes. While we believe this approach                          New York, NY 10001
px                           Out-of-School Time Learning: ―Improve the                             strengthens the effectiveness of our investments,
                             quality of out-of-school time learning and                            it also means that unsolicited proposals are rarely
                             opportunities for children and families and promote                   funded.
                             learning as a core community value.‖                                  Nevertheless, organizations wishing to send a
                                                                                                   one- to two-page letter of inquiry (please do not
                                                                                                   send videotapes or e-mail inquiries) describing
                                                                                                   the project, your organization, the estimated total
                                                                                                   for the project and the portion requiring funding.
Wal-Mart Foundation          Organizations that are considered for funding          $250,000 and   National nonprofit organizations interested in        National     702 SW 8th Street
                             through the Walmart Foundation's National Giving       above          applying for funding must first submit a letter of    Giving       Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.    Program implement programs in multiple sites                          inquiry (LOI) that briefly outlines the program,      Program      Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-
CommunityGiving/203.a        across the country or have innovative initiatives                     the unmet need it addresses, the intended             accepts      8611
spx                          that are ready for replication nationally. Education                  outcomes, the constituencies served, and the          LOI‘s on a
                             – Addresses the educational needs of underserved                      organization‘s capacity to carry out the work.        Rolling
                             young people ages 12-25. Examples include                             Please submit an LOI (up to 3 pages) providing a      Basis
                             programs focused on high school success, access                       brief synopsis of program‘s purpose and meet
                             and retention of first-generation college students                    requirements found here:
                             and adolescent literacy. Workforce Development /            
                             Economic Opportunity – Provides job skill                             1.aspx .
                             training, counseling and support services for                         State Giving Guidelines & deadlines are found
                             unemployed, underemployed and displaced                               here:
                             workers. Examples include career counseling                 
                             services, financial literacy initiatives and job                      9.aspx?p=8168
                             readiness programs.
                              (they also have a state-giving program
                             spx?sourceid=stategiving )
Walter S. Johnson        Youth Priorities:                                                                We are no longer accepting new letters of                            525 Middlefield Road, Suite
Foundation               1). Transition-Age Foster Youth                                                  inquiry for the rest of 2009. We apologize for                       160
                         Goal: To create an integrated system of services                                 any inconvenience and will reassess the situation                    Menlo Park, CA, USA 94025     for current and former foster youth that insures                                 if conditions change.
                         their successful transition to adulthood                                                                                                              Phone: 650-326-0485
                         2). Youth Leaders                                                                                                                                     Fax: 650-326-4320
                         Goal: To help young people become engaged,
                         motivated citizens in their communities.                                                                                                    
                         3). Capacity Building for Youth Serving                                                                                                               p?option=com_contact&Itemi
                         Organizations                                                                                                                                         d=3
                         Goal: To increase the organizational effectiveness
                         of youth organizations and agencies.
William and Flora        The Education Program works to combat California‘s low                                                                               Not
Hewlett Foundation       test scores and graduation rates and improve public                                                                                  accepting
                         education in the state by focusing on the students who                                                                               unsolicited
                         face the greatest barriers to academic achievement. We                                                                                                                                              letters of
                         ask that all organizations interested in applying for grants
                         carefully read the information available on the Web site                                                                             inquiry
                         about the Foundation‘s programs and priority areas.

William T. Grant         We support research to understand and improve the                                                                                    A call for       President, Bob Granger
Foundation               settings of youth ages 8 to 25 in the United States.                                                                                 proposals
                         Important settings include schools, youth-serving                                                                                    will be          212-752-0071
www.wtgrantfoundation.   organizations, neighborhoods, families, and peer                                                                                     announced
org/index.html           groups…We are interested in studies that                                                                                             in the fall
                         strengthen our understanding of how and under                                                                                        (annually)
                         what conditions research is used to influence
                         policies and practices that affect youth's settings.‖

W.K. Kellogg             Our grants will fund programs and projects that                The Kellogg       The vast majority of the grants we make support     In 2009, we      Online Grant Application:
                         support children, families, and communities as they            Foundation        practical and innovative programming that           expect to see            strengthen and create conditions that propel                   received about    supports children, families, communities, and       a significant    questManager/UI/Application
                                                                                        3,500 proposals                                                       increase in
                         children to achieve success as individuals and as                                community-serving organizations striving to                          .aspx?tid=9bede80d-89db-
                                                                                        during our last                                                       the number
                         contributors to the larger community and                       fiscal year       make a difference in the lives of children,         of proposals     402a-a3ad-
                         society.We are committed to providing grants to a              (September        especially the most vulnerable. In addition,        we receive,      53b21302e6ee&LanguageID=
                         wide range of public, private, and collaborating               2007 to August    grants for operating support, endowments,           making it        0
                         organizations that share this commitment and                   2008) and made    corporate gifts, and program-related investments    increasingly
                         whose work does one or more of the following:                  677 new grants,   are provided in special and strategic               important
                         Implements practical solutions, Discovers new                  totaling          circumstances.                                      that we focus
                         approaches, Holds promise for wider application                $358,890,687.     In some instances, our grantmaking occurs           our limited
                                                                                                                                                              resources on
                         To focus our work in the United States we make                                   through Requests for Proposals (RFPs).
                                                                                                                                                              our core
                         grants in three priority locations: Michigan,                                    In addition, the Kellogg Foundation makes           funding
                         Mississippi, New Mexico. We also fund other                                      mission-driven investments. These are not           priorities and
                         promising ventures throughout the country.                                       grants, but an innovative way to make               locations.
                         We are committed to helping strengthen four                                      investments in nonprofits and for-profits that
                         dimensions of community life – essential                                         seek to extend capital to those who are working
                         elements that we believe all children need in order                              toward social change in keeping with the
                         to be successful: Family Income and Assets;                                      Foundation‘s mission and vision. Visit our
                         Education and Learning; Food, Health, and Well-                                  mission-driven investments website for more
                         Being; Civic and Philanthropic Engagement                                        information or to apply

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