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                   UCFlex HR Hire Form (use this form if you are not hiring using People Admin to fill a vacant or pooled position)                                  Revised: 07/05/2006
Effective Date:        /        /            Personnel Action Type & Reason Code:
Personal Data:                                                                               Organizational Assignment:
    Last Name:                                                                                  Position No.: S                                   Org Unit No.: O
    First Name:                                                                                 Position Title:
    Middle:                                                                                     F T E %:                Location:
    Suffix:                          Home Telephone: (                )        -                Job Type:
    SSN:                        -        -                 Person ID #:                      Internal Data:
    Address Line 1:                                                                             Mail Location:
    Address Line 2:                                                                             Check Location:
    City:                                         State:         Zip:                           Supervisor Name:
    Country:                                         Date of Birth:       /        /
    Gender/Sex:                                                                                                       Other Documentation Check List:
    Ethnicity/Race:                                                                                                              I-9 Form (required for new hire)
    Military Status:                                              Work Tax Location:                                             Federal Tax Form (optional - see instructions)
    Veteran Status:                                                   Location & % Time Worked                                   State Tax Form (optional - see instructions)
Basic Pay Information:                                                Cincinnati (OH59)                       %                  DMA Form (required for new hire)
    Pay Scale Group:                                                  Blue Ash (OH40)                         %                  OPERS F3 Form (optional - student positions only)
    Annual Salary or Hourly Rate: $                                   No Local Tax                            %                  Offer Letter (required for Graduate Assistants)
    Pay Term (Bi-Weekly/Monthly):                                     Other:                                  %                  Banking/Direct Deposit (optional)
Recurring Payments (use ONLY for Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistant positions -- see instructions on page 2):
         Fund              Cost Center       FA      Grant            Order            WBS        Begin Date          End Date         Amount        No/Unit *        Wage Type


Approval Signatures
    Initiator:                                                            Date:                     Dept/College:                                         Phone:
    Org Unit Approval:                                                    Date:                               Unit:                                       Phone:
    VP Approval:                                                          Date:                               Unit:                                       Phone:
    Central Budget Office Approval:                                                                          Date:
    Financial Aid Office Approval:                                                                           Date:                                  * = See instructions on page 2
UCFlex HR Hire Form Instructions - Use this form if you are not using People Admin to fill a vacant or pooled position.                                                       Page 2 of 2
                                                                                                                                                                        Revised: 06/28/2006
Effective Date - Date employment begins in the vacant or pooled position being filled.
Personnel Action - New Hire (person filling the position is new to UC), Rehire (person has worked at UC before), Additional Assignment (person currently works at
           UC and is filling an additional position), or Organizational Reassignment (person works at UC and is leaving their current position to fill another position).
Reason - New Hire: UC hire or Hire from HRMS. Rehire: Rehire w/ or w/out service break. Additional Assignment: No reason is required.
           Organizational Reassignment: Promotion, Demotion, Lateral Transfer.
Personal Data (of the employee). UniverSIS ID not required if new hire has worked at UC before. Suffix options: I, II, III, Sr, Jr
Organizational Assignment - information about the position and the work location.
           Location - Primary campus location. Choices are: Uptown, Raymond Walters, or Clermont campus.
           Job Type (select one) - R=Regular; P=Provisional (has not passed a qualifying exam/not certified); I=Intermittent (on call, irregular schedule);
           T=Temporary/Project (has an end date within 1 year of placement and an end date must be specified).
Internal Data - Mail/check location and supervisor for the position being filled by this action. Only the check location on the employee's primary position is active.
Basic Pay - Base pay of the employee. Provide annual salary (exempt) or hourly rate (non-exempt). For work study students, this is the department's 25% portion
           of the student's total hourly rate (EX: Total hourly rate = $10. Department's basic pay is $2.50). The Financial Aid portion of the student's hourly rate
           is specified in the Recurring Payment section of this form.
Gender/Sex:              Ethnicity:                             Veteran Status:                       Military Status:         Other Work Tax Locations:
Female                   White/Not Hispanic Origin              Special Disabled Veteran              Active                   Columbus                  Mason
Male                     Black/Not Hispanic Origin              Vietnam-era Veteran                   Active Reserve           Evendale                  Norwood
Unknown                  Hispanic                               Other Veteran                         Inactive                 Forest Park               Sharonville
                         Asian or Pacific Islander              Newly Separated Veteran               Inactive Reserve         Georgetown                Springdale
                         Amer. Indian/Alaskan                   Non-Veteran (not a veteran)           On Call                  Harrison                  Wilmington
                         Unknown                                                                      Reserve                  Kenton/Ft. Mitchell       Wyoming
                                                                                                      Retired                  Lebanon
Basic Pay Information: Provide hourly (if non-exempt) or annual (if exempt) rate.
Pay Term is the frequency by which the employee is paid - choices are
           bi-weekly or monthly. In general, non-exempt employees are paid bi-weekly and exempt paid monthly. Graduate Assistants are exempt but paid bi-weekly.
           The cost distribution for basic pay will default from the position; to change it, submit the PCR-Cost Distribution for the employee.
Work Tax Location - Please select the tax location in which the employee will work. For most, this will be a single location.
           For employees who work in more than one location, specify the location and % time spent in each -- percentages must total to 100%.
Other Documentation - a checklist is provided of the various attachments that are needed to complete the employee's record. These forms should be sent to
           Human Resources after they are completed.
Recurring Payment - Use to establish a recurring payment amount for Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Assistants and the Financial Aid portion of a work study student's
           hourly rate of pay. Specify the period of time over which the payment(s) is to occur using begin and end dates that follow the payroll calendar based on
           how the person is paid (bi-weekly or monthly). You can specify more than one date range on the same form. For work study students, this is where to
           indicate the 75% portion of the student's hourly rate paid from financial aid.
Approvals - Levels of approvals required are based on the position (eg, student positions do not need VP level approval). Central Budget Office Approval
           is required if the salary of the new hire is greater than the planned compensation for the position. The Financial Aid Office must approve
           hiring into work study positions.

            Send completed and approved forms to the Human Resources Services Center, ML 0039, or fax: 556-4501.
            If you send your forms by fax please do not alsosend them by mail - submit your forms through a single method. Thank you!

        7/17/2010       6:41 PM      FILE: 98267838-73be-44bf-93b0-dc6592b582b5.xls                                                                           Instructions (Page 2)

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