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									Retail Trust
Employee Assistance
                   The Retail Trust employee assistance       The Retail Trust                    Retail Trust asks for a minimal
                                                                                                  charitable donation relative to
                   programme (EAP) is a source of             employee                            the number of employees in your
                                                                                                  business. The Retail Trust EAP
                   independent advice, information            assistance                          service operates as a not-for-
                   and support for people working in or       programme                           profit charitable activity so it is
                                                                                                  considerably less expensive than
                   retired from your business.                includes:                           commercial EAP operators. See
                                                                                                  www.retailtrust.org.uk/eap for
                                                                                                  more details.
                   This service, set up by retailers for
                                                              Support & Advice                    “Harrods have had a long
                   retailers, is available through the free   Totally free, confidential and       standing relationship with Retail
                   and confidential Retail Trust Helpline     independent support and advice
                                                              on any issue including personal,
                                                                                                   Trust. Our management team
                                                                                                   are truly grateful for the support
                   0808 801 0808 which is operated by our     family, home, health, finance and    and guidance that has been
                   trained and sensitive in-house staff.      work. Callers can be signposted
                                                              to appropriate organisations that
                                                                                                   provided to our employees over
                                                                                                   many years.
                                                              may provide specialist help.
                                                                                                  It is good to know that there
                                                              Account Manager                     is a specific charity to support
                                                              Your Account Manager will           employees in the retail industry
                                                              ensure you receive regular          and I have no doubt that we
                                                              reports and marketing materials.    will call upon the invaluable
                                                                                                  services offered by Retail Trust
                                                              Reports/Reviews                     in the future.”
                                                              Quarterly statistical reports and
                                                              an annual activity review.          Sarah Andrews
                                                                                                  HR & Retail Director, Harrods
                                                              Joint Branding
Retail Trust EAP

                                                              Joint branding with Retail Trust
                                                              on literature, websites, in-house
                                                              magazines and intranet to
                                                              ensure all staff understand how
                                                              the programme can help them.
                                                              These items can be produced by
                                                              your in-house print supplier or
                                                              can be supplied by Retail Trust
                                                              for which you will be invoiced.
                   Why should your    The Retail Trust employee          Staff Retention
                   company adopt      assistance programme enhances      Our EAP service is likely to
                   the Retail Trust   your employee benefits package
                                      and positions your company
                                                                         help reduce staff absences
                                                                         and turnover.
                   EAP service?       as a caring and responsible
                                      employer, which demonstrates       Additional Support
                                      a duty of care and a commitment    We can provide an additional
                                      to your corporate social           source of support for your
                                      responsibility policy.             HR Department, store and
                                                                         warehouse managers.
                                      Free Helpline
                                      Our Helpline is a totally free,    Critical Incident Support
                                      confidential and independent       Critical Incident Support can also
                                      service. This can be reassuring    be provided where necessary.
                                      for your staff that may have
                                      debt, substance abuse or           “We believe that the Retail
                                      other issues which they may         Trust Helpline is an invaluable
                                      not wish to discuss with your       resource for employees in the
                                      HR Department.                      retail sector. We recommend its
                                                                          use to our employees, confident
                                      Cost Effective                      in the knowledge that they will
                                      The Retail Trust employee           receive confidential and
                                      assistance programme is highly      impartial advice and assistance
                                      cost effective compared with        on a wide range of personal
                                      commercial providers.               issues that may affect them.”

                                      Staff Productivity                 Siobhan Forey
                                      The Retail Trust EAP service can   Group HR Director, Arcadia Group
                                      help improve staff productivity
                                      and morale as people are
Retail Trust EAP

                                      able to address their problems
                                      more effectively.
                   Benefits for   Your staff can have access           ReWork Programme
                   your staff     seven days per week to our free,     A ReWork programme that is
                                  independent and completely           designed to help redundant
                                  confidential Helpline. In a time     retail staff find a new job in the
                                  of personal crisis staff know they   retail sector.
                                  have somewhere to turn for help.
                                                                       Educational Bursaries
                                  We have given support to             Educational bursaries for retail
                                  people who have credit card          career development - from
                                  debt, mortgage or rent arrears,      NVQs to MBAs.
                                  bereavement, eating disorders,
                                  drug or alcohol addiction,           Hardship Grants
                                  dealing with disability,             Access to one-off hardship
                                  depression, those suffering          grants for people working in or
                                  from physical and mental abuse       retired from retail. This year we
                                  as well as a range of other          will be awarding £1 million in
                                  unforeseen circumstances which       financial assistance.
                                  life can throw at them.
                                                                       “Since we started working
                                  Where our Helpline team               with Retail Trust promoting
                                  believe it is necessary your          the services, the feedback
                                  staff may be eligible for:            from colleagues that have
                                                                        called the Helpline has been
                                  Counselling Support                   exceptional. A real benefit to
                                  Up to six free face-to-face           any retail organisation that
                                  counselling sessions, with a          cares about its team.”
                                  qualified registered counsellor
                                  local to the employee.               Ryan Cheyne
                                                                       Head of HR, Pets at Home
                                  Legal Advice
Retail Trust EAP

                                  Free telephone legal advice
                                  on any personal issue
                                  provided through qualified and
                                  professional solicitors.

                                  Financial Advice
                                  Access to a full range of free
                                  debt advice.
Retail Trust is the principal charity
of the retail sector. We provide
help and assistance to all people
working in, and retired from,
retail and associated businesses
through a range of services.

For further information
Contact us on 020 8358 7250
or email eap@retailtrust.org.uk

Retail Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (1090136) and in
Scotland (SC039684). Company No 4254201 (Company limited by Guarantee)
Registered in England and Wales. Registered Office: Marshall Estate,
Hammers Lane, London, NW7 4DQ

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