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                            Capturing and
                            Yourself on Paper

Kim Ballard, Liza Brockway, Jen Clyde, Jo Doran,
Katie Howard, Kristen LeClair, DiFei Li, Juwan Watson
Resume Principles

 Are tailored for a specific job/purpose
 Present focused image of your background,
  experience and abilities
 Match your background to readers’ needs
 Offer most relevant information first
 Are formatted for left to right reading
Resume Segments

   Header
   Opening
   Body
   Other Elements
Header Purpose

 Provide complete, correct contact information
 to resume reader
Header Samples
Opening Purposes

   Forecasts what readers will find in resume
   Begins marketing writer’s abilities
   Encourages readers to review rest of resume
Opening Parts

   Objective OR Qualifications

»       Do not include both an
        objective and a qualifications

   Objective states your goal and highlights
    your abilities

   Qualifications section summarizes
Sample Objective

 Campaign staff position requiring my political
 experience, knowledge of Michigan politics,
 people skills and computer literacy
                 (Skills objective–promotes skills)

 Part-time campaign staff position
      (Functional objective–only details position)
Avoid Me-Based Objectives

 Campaign staff position allowing me to learn
 more about politics

 Part-time campaign staff position from which I
 can advance my career in politics
Sample Qualifications Section

 Experience campaigning for state government
 offices, ranging from senate to governor; deal
 well with constituents and officials; extremely
 knowledgeable about Michigan politics and
 districts; computer skills include Microsoft
 Word, PowerPoint, Excel and data entry.
Choosing Objective
OR Qualifications Section

   Will mentioning a specific goal best market
        Yes? Use Objective.

   Does summary best tell my story?
       Yes? Use Qualifications Section.
Body Purpose

 Details image you offer in resume opening and
 want to project
Resume Body Types

 Experience–Highlights your experiences

 Skills–Highlights skills you want to offer

 Project/Class–Highlights skills you learned in
 specific projects or classes
Experience Resume Sample

Intern, Duke Center, Durham, NC, Aug-Oct 2004
 Taught exercise classes to fit clients’ medical needs
 Designed lesson plans for water exercise classes

Intern, Zen Martial Arts, Chicago, IL, Oct-Nov 2004
 Taught karate classes to special needs clients
Skills Resume Sample

 Academic Abilities
  Acquired math reasoning in four math classes
  Learned scientific principles in science class

 Musical Talent
  Played tuba in band; first chair four years
  Played sousaphone in band four years
 Project/Class Resume Sample

Production Class Rice College, Smith, TX Spring 2005
Produced half-hour news packages to air on Fox’s WXMI

“Ride Along”          Royal Oak, MI             Fall 2004
Used digital effects in short musical montage
Education Section Purpose

 Offers selected aspects of education
 experiences key to resume purpose
Education Categories

   Schools (name and location)
   Related Classes
   Degrees
   Major, Minor, Specialization, Program
   Honors
   GPA
   Special Projects
Choosing Education Categories

 What will enhance my academic image?
Sample Education Section
Bachelor of Arts, Peace College, Spark, NC Dec 2004
Major: Finance                 Minor: French
  Professional Classes
  Retail Marketing             Business Law
  Retirement Planning          Business Writing

  Special Projects: Designed marketing strategy for
  large electronics company using real demographics
  and market data for Retail Marketing class.
Other Elements Purpose

 Allow you to market experiences and skills that
 do not fit in other resume categories
Possible Other Elements

   Activities
   Honors
   Technical Abilities
   Presentations
   Volunteer Experience
   Publications
Possible Other Elements

   Memberships
   Certifications
   Workshops Attended
   Language Skills
   References or Reference Line
Choosing Other Elements

 What else will promote the image I want to
Sample Other Elements

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
First Aid                               (For Aerobics
CPR (adult, child, and infant)            Instructor)
National Strength & Conditioning Association
Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
American College of Sports Medicine
Sample Other Elements

  English, Hindi and Bengali (fluent in all three)
  Microsoft Office and Internet
                                  (For Sales Internship)
  Dean’s List, Western Michigan University, Fall 2004
  Indian Student Association, Member, WMU, Fall 2004
Sample Other Elements

Kalamazoo Civic Theater, Volunteer, 2005
Kalamazoo Ballet Academy, Board Member, 2003–2004
Red Cross, Volunteer, 2002             (For Graduate
Counseling Workshop, Detroit, MI, Jan 2004
MI-MAEOPP TRiO Summit, Troy, MI, Feb 2004

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