FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS
                                          Counselor: Ms. Fannie Ratliff

                                      Welcome, Class of 2010!

Welcome freshmen! The faculty and staff of Anson High School would like to welcome all incoming freshmen into
the newly formed Freshman Academy. The transition from middle school to high school can be exciting and a little
scary. The “Freshman Academy” will help ease students into the full high school experience. Freshman are housed
in a separate section of the school, K-building, to help diminish the amount of time it takes you to get from one
class to another. All your classes will be in close proximity to one another. May your experience at Anson be
enriching and rewarding. We are here to ensure that your freshman year is a success. So, if you have any
questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your counselor or one of your teachers. My name is Fannie
Ratliff and I am the ninth grade counselor for the Freshman Academy. As counselor for the academy, I will
provide a foundation so you can achieve your academic, personal, and career goals. In other words, I am a support
system and advocate for you as you find your way through high school. I do this through individual counseling,
classroom guidance, and by working as a team member with your teachers, parents, and administrators. If you ever
need to talk please stop by my office, located on 1 st floor K-Building next to JROTC, to schedule an appointment or
leave a note on my door. Also, we’re glad to have Mrs. Georgia Maner, AG Specialist for grades 7-12 on campus to
help with our Honors and AP classes. If anyone needs information about these classes, please see her in the Media
Center. Good luck at AHS!

                               Newsletter Information and Location
The Freshman newsletter/information sheet will be available monthly to students and parents.
Information including opportunities, summer programs, SAT and ACT test dates, scholarships, etc., will
be advertised through this publication. The newsletter can be picked up from the file box directly
outside of my Guidance and Counseling Office or in the Student Commons Area near the bulletin board.
You are strongly encouraged to pick up these monthly newsletters. You may also stop by my office to
pick up a copy.

You are encouraged to sign-up for appointments if you need to see the counselor. Always see your
teacher and get permission before coming to the Guidance office. I will not write you an excuse for
being tardy to class. Guidance appointment slips may be picked up from the basket attached to my

office. Fill out the appointment slip completely with all information asked and put in the box attached to
my door. I will see you in the order of the received appointment requests in a timely manner.

                                        Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parents are encouraged to call the counselor for an appointment to talk with their child’s teacher. A
twenty-four (24) hour notice is required so that all teachers may be contacted. Normally,
conferences are scheduled from approximately 8:00 a.m.-8:20 a.m. and 3:10 p.m.-3:30p.m. NOTE: In
some instances, school personnel are not aware of special issues regarding students. Parents should take
the responsibility to schedule a parent conference to notify staff of any specific concerns relative to
classroom performance and/or health-related conditions.

                         FIRST PARENT CONFERENCE DAY: October 19, 2006

                    Basic Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2010:
 A total of 28 units is required for graduation. Each student in the Career Prep (CRP) and College Tech
 Prep (CTP) Courses of study is now mandated by the state of North Carolina to complete a Pathway in
order to receive a diploma.
                                      Promotion Requirements
To become a Sophomore, you must pass English 101 and five additional credits (for a total of 6 units).

                                     PSAT Information-Oct. 18th

The PSAT is a practice or preliminary SAT designed to offer students an opportunity to be exposed to the format
of the SAT before the actual test. The PSAT lets you assess your critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and
writing skills; get specific suggestions on how to improve your academic skills; enter National Merit Scholarship
Corporation competitions for recognition and scholarships; and request free information from colleges and
universities. Freshman: In order to sign up for the PSAT you must be scheduled to take Geometry this year. The
cost is $12.00 (payable to Anson High by check or cash) for any students not currently signed up for geometry this
year. For additional information, go by Guidance A-4. The PSAT will be given at Anson High on Wednesday,
October 18th.

                              School of Math and Science

The NC School of science and Math is interested in recruiting qualified students from their school. Visit to learn more. All NCSSM applicants need to use the NCSSM Admission SAT Code 2242-
Block 11A when they go to register for the SAT. All SAT scores must be mailed directly to NCSSM’s admission
office ETS. NCSSM will also have their open house on Saturday, November 11th. It will provide families an
opportunity to visit the campus, hear about the academic and student life programs, and ask questions of staff and
students. Potential applicants and their families will meet current NCASSM staff and students. You must register
online from Sept.5-Oct. 13. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 11th. Register on line by emailing Sandra
Jackson @ or call 919-416-2850.

                           Time Management Tips

1.) Make a “To Do” list.

2.) Use a planner to keep track of all of your assignments. (Planners may be found at Wal-Mart, Target, etc) to
    keep notes and papers organized).

3.) Use spare minutes wisely (Try to avoid spending all your time instant messaging and talking on the phone).

4.) It’s okay to say no. (Prioritize: The mall will still be there on the weekend so it's more important to study
    for that science test).

5.) Find the right time to get your work done. (Know when your brain shuts off!)

6.) Get a good night’s sleep (Go to bed! Whatever gossip you just heard can wait till the next day).

7.) Don’t waste time worrying about everything you have to do. JUST DO IT!

8.) Keep things in perspective. (Make sure the goals you set are realistic).

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