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									Product data sheet                                                   Allantoin
Allantoin, the diureide of glyoxylic acid, is a crystallized                          Allantoin is also a valuable cell proliferating and healing
oxidation product of uric acid found naturally in many plants                         agent, which stimulates healthy tissue formation by
including wheat germ, rice polishings and comfrey roots.                              promoting and accelerating the natural cell regeneration
An exceptional healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-                              processes of the skin. For this reason, Allantoin is an ideal
irritating agent, Allantoin enhances the efficacy and appeal                          addition to anti-aging products to help reverse aging and
of dermatological and cosmetic formulations by acting as a                            skin damage. In addition to its moisturizing and healing
skin protectant and providing necessary moisture.                                     properties, Allantoin is an effective anti-irritant, protecting
The addition of Allantoin to cosmetic formulations results in                         the skin and alleviating the irritation potential of harsh
softer, suppler skin.                                                                 surfactants, oils, and acidic or alkaline materials.

     Appearance                                      Tasteless Powder
     Odor                                            Odorless
     Color                                           White
     Identification                                  Complies with requirements
     Assay                                           99.0% Min.
     Nitrogen                                        35.0 – 35.5%
     Loss on drying                                  0.2% Max.
     Sulphate Ash                                    0.1% Max.                                             INCI NAME
     Sulphate                                        Less than 200 ppm                                     Allantoin
     Chloride                                        Less than 50 ppm
     Heavy Metals (as Pb)                            Less than 0.2%                                        CLASSIFICATION
     Glycoluril                                      Less than 0.2%                                        CAS no. 97-59-6
     Microbiological test                            Less than 100 c.f.u/g                                 EINECS no. 202-592-8

     * Allantoin melts at approximately 230°C with decomposition

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling the material.

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