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					                                      Box Elder Newsletter
  Page 1 of 5                                                                                 September 2008
Mayor Dial:                                                  PUBLIC WORKS:

Project Update: The North Ellsworth Road Project has         HOW TO WATER YOUR LAWN CORRECTLY:
been delayed until the summer of 2009. The delay of
the project is to help reduce the congestion of traffic on   Most homeowners water their lawns too much rather
the road during the school season.                           than too little. For the health of your lawn, and to
                                                             conserve water, you want to try to provide the amount
Thank you to all of those who took part in making the        of water that your grass needs to thrive – no more, no
Movies in the Park and the Teen Dances a success.            less.
There are more movies and dances scheduled for next
year, so we will keep you updated as to when the             Grass needs about one inch (1”) of water per week.
events will be.                                              How do you know how much water you are providing?
                                                             The only precise way is to measure it. You can buy a
                                                             rain gauge or make a simple one from a tuna can. Mark
                                                             one inch (1”) in depth on the empty can, then place it in
                                                             your yard where you are going to water.
Watering restrictions begin April 1st and will continue      Water your lawn for twenty (20) minutes and see how
through October 31st. Outdoor watering will be allowed       much water has accumulated in the can. This will help
on odd or even days according to each respective             you adjust your watering, knowing that a good general
house number. For more information, please stop in or        goal is one inch (1”) of water per week. This one inch
call City Hall.                                              (1”) may be best applied in two or more watering
                                                             sessions rather than in one – it will depend on the soil
                                                             type. With a sandy or light soil, the water will run
                                                             through it more quickly rather than hold it. For this type
                                                             of soil, light, more frequent watering sessions will be
                                                             more beneficial to your lawn.
Douglas Wrestling Club:
                                                             Another watering tip: Water only early in the morning.
                                                             This will prevent evaporation of the water you are
Box Elder Parents: Douglas Wrestling Club (DWC) sign
ups will be coming in late October or early November.
Your son or daughter will be receiving a flyer issued at
                                                             For other watering and lawn tips go to:
school from Douglas Wrestling Club, explaining a date,
time, and location of where sign ups will be held. If you
have any questions, you can reach DWC President Jeff
Wilson at 923-5033 or via email at
or DWC Vice President Ed Malone at 390-4653.                 POLICE DEPARTMENT:
                                                             Remember school is in session, so please drive

                                                             From Chief Keegan:

                                                             There have been recent incidents of vandalism in
                                                             various locations around the City. As such, the Box
                                                             Elder Police Department and City Hall are offering a
                                                             $100.00 reward to individuals for information leading to
                                                             the identification and/or apprehension of the vandals.

                                                      Newsletter 1
                                    Box Elder Newsletter
  Page 2 of 5                                                                                September 2008
PLANNING & ZONING:                                           FINANCE OFFICE:

If you call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency in your house      Just a Note – Hope everyone is enjoying the newsletter.
will an ambulance driver be able to find your home?          Due to the price of supplies, this will be the last
Nearly one third of the homes and businesses in Box          newsletter that will be mailed to all customers. Instead,
Elder don’t have their 9-1-1 address numbers displayed.      City of Box Elder has started placing the Newsletter on
Many more homes and businesses have numbers                  the website ( We will also
displayed that are not easily visible from the adjacent      e-mail the newsletter out to all who request an e-mail
street because the numbers are too small (less than 4”       copy, to do this please provide us with your e-mail
high) or do not have a reflective finish. We urge you to     address at Finally, we will
ensure that your 9-1-1 address numbers are displayed         place printed copies of the newsletter at the 4U Store
and are visible from the street by the end of September.     and they will be available at City Hall.
Our Code Enforcement Officer will begin issuing
citations in October to those property owners that are       How Much Electricity does our city use?
violating the City Ordinance requiring the proper display
of address numbers. The violation is a Class 2               The City of Box Elder has a project underway. We are
Misdemeanor with a penalty of a $500 fine and 30 days        trying to determine the total electricity used by its
in jail for each day of violation.                           residence. If you would like to participate please
                                                             provide the average watts used of electricity. Please
The City Planning Department is working on a project to      provide this with your next utility payment.
review all assigned 9-1-1 addresses in the City to
ensure that all addresses within City limits conform to
the City’s address grid. The City currently has a mixture    A City of Box Elder Golf Tournament was held:
of City and County addresses and also has a few
addresses that were incorrectly assigned many years          Box Elder Economic Development, Box Elder Chamber
ago. Affected property owners will be notified by mail       of Commerce, Purdy’s Restaurant (Robert Purdy),
by the end of this year. It is our intent upon the           Charlie Arch, Mark Biggs, Glen Kane, Planning and
completion of this addressing update project to publish      Zoning Board Members, City Council Members, and
a City Street Atlas and provide a copy of this Atlas to      others related to the City of Box Elder, met for a friendly
every emergency response vehicle serving Box Elder.          game of golf. The team of Box Elder Chamber
We are doing our best to make sure that your                 members won the tournament.
emergency responder reaches you as quickly as
                                                             Upcoming dates to remember:
Upcoming dates to remember:
                                                             November –
September –                                                       4 – City Council Meeting
      15 – Water bills are due                                    4 – Election Day
      16 – City Council Meeting at 7p.m.                          10 – Planning & Zoning Meeting at 7pm
      22 – Planning & Zoning Meeting at 7pm                       11 – Veteran’s Day – City Offices Closed
      29 – Water disconnection deadline                           17 – Water bills due
October –                                                         18 – City Council Meeting at 7pm
      7 – City Council Meeting at 7pm                             20 – Water Bills Sent
      13 – Planning & Zoning Meeting at 7pm                       24 – Planning & Zoning Meeting at 7pm
      15 – Water bills due                                        27 – Thanksgiving Day – City Offices Closed
      20 – Voter Registration deadline for Nov election           28 – City Offices Closed
      21 – City Council Meeting at 7pm
      27 – Planning & Zoning Meeting at 7pm
      27 – Water disconnection deadline

                                                    Newsletter 2
                                     Box Elder Newsletter
  Page 3 of 5                                                                             September 2008
UTILITY BILLING:                                            CITY STAFF:
                                                            Mayor – Al Dial
REMINDER:                                                   Finance Officer – Debbie Knapp
                                                            Asst Finance Officer - Mystee Roth
Utility Bills are due by 5:00 pm on the 15th of each        Utility Billing Clerk – Randy Papendick
Month. If bills are not paid, they are assessed a $2.00     CH Admin Asst – Racheal Jundt
late penalty.                                               PZ Coordinator – Mike McMahon
                                                            PZ Administrator – Roxanne Andre
To avoid a delinquent fee of $50.00 and possible            PZ Admin Asst – Michelle Clavadetscher
disconnection of services, bills need to be paid no later   PW Director – Al Todd
that 5:00 pm on the 27th of each month.                     PW Superintendent – Allen Steier
                                                            Police Chief – John Keegan
A courtesy red card late notice is sent out each month      PD Admin Asst – Michelle Cruz
to remind you of a past due amount on your account.

                                                            City E-Mail Addresses
Please check your Pet Tag Licenses for the expiration       Mayor –
date. If you are not sure when they expire, please call     Finance Officer –
Racheal at City Hall, 923-1404.                             Assistant Finance Officer –
                                                            Utility Billing Clerk –
In order to renew, you must bring in a current rabies       CH Administrative Asst –
vaccination record and $5.00 per pet. This includes         Planning & Zoning Coord –
cats and dogs. Licenses are valid for two (2) years and     Planning & Zoning Admin -
you are allowed up to 3 dogs per household.                 Administrative Assistant –
                                                            Public Works Superintendent –
************************************************            Police Department –
City of Box Elder would like to update its contact          Police Dept Admin Asst –
information for all customers:

Please complete the following information and
return with your next water payment.


Phone Number:__________________________________

Service Address:__________________________________

Electrical Provider:_______________________________

Gas Provider:____________________________________

Telephone Provider:______________________________


                                                     Newsletter 3
                                      Box Elder Newsletter
  Page 4 of 5                                                                                September 2008
Chamber of Commerce:                                           Chamber of Commerce:

Warm greetings to each of you! I am the Executive              BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TRAINING SERIES
Officer for the Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce
and Economic Development Corporation. I am thrilled            * 6 Week Overview of Successful Business Principles
to be a part of this growing community and I look
forward to serving you! It is my hope that you will share      * 6:30-9:00 pm every Tuesday Evening 9/30 – 11/4
your concerns as well as your dreams for all that Box
Elder can be. Those of us that serve in leadership             * Hear from experts in the areas of:
positions for the city or the economic development and                 Personal Finance
chamber of commerce boards want to be your collective                  Business Plan Development
voice as decisions are made and we continue to move                    Marketing
forward.                                                               Legal Business Issues
                                                                       Tax Issues
Since the beginning of my tenure which began the end                   Business Insurance
of July, we have determined several initiatives that we                What Banks Look for in a Business Plan
are excited to share with you:                                         Business Financing and Bookkeeping:
                                                                       Projections, P& L
1st ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL for Box Elder and
Surrounding Communities!                                       Total Cost for all 6 Weeks: $100/person (additional
                                                               family member or business attendee: $50)
Sunday, September 28
                                                                      To register: call Kathleen at 593-2788
Schedule of Events
                                                               Horizons Community Development Program is
10:00 am: Senior Citizens’ Pioneer Days of ’64                 Coming to Town!
                                                               Horizons is a tested and proven program to develop
11:30 am: DHS Cross Country Team/Chamber 5K                    new community leaders and a community action plan
Road Race followed by 1 mile Fun Run/Walk                      determined by community members themselves.
                                                               Through this process, cross sections of citizens will
*Pre-registration discounts before 9/22 *T-Shirts for all      examine the needs of Box Elder and the surrounding
participants                                                   area, discuss potential solutions or methods to resolve
                                                               those issues, establish a plan to address those needs,
Noon until Dark: Family Activities, Games, Hayrides,           and put that plan into action.
Food, Fun!
                                                               NEEDED: Study Circle Captains (opportunities for
Grand Finale: Family Dance                                     captains include personal and leadership skill
*Business Owners: reserve a noon to 6 pm vending
space to sell your products! (Each vendor must                 For more information, contact John DeYoe at 209-2090.
participate in furnishing and leading a game)

Get involved …help out…participate...invite your

Call 593-2788 to see how you can be a part of making
Box Elder all it can be!

                                                      Newsletter 4
                                        Box Elder Newsletter
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Chamber of Commerce:                                                 * First Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce Seminar
                                                                     date, topic, and time will be announced
Business Development Funds Available!
                                                                     Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce Blood Drive
Thanks to the foundation laid by Al Todd and Mike
McMahon, and the grant writing expertise of Roxanne                                     Friday, September 12
Andre, the US Department of Agriculture granted the
Box Elder Economic Development Corporation funds to                   9:00 am - 2 pm @ the Chamber of Commerce Office,
assist new and established businesses with loan                                          Tower Road
acquisition. If you are a business owner and would like
to find out more about this opportunity, please call                 Questions about anything we are doing in the Box Elder
Roxanne at 390-9247 or Kathleen at 593-2788 for a                         Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic
confidential consultation.                                                        Development Corporation?

A “New and Improved” Box Elder Area Chamber of                             Afraid you’re going to lose this information?
Commerce is Upon Us!
                                                                     Check out our new and developing Chamber website at
With a calendar full of activities including eight ribbon                or call 593-2788!
cuttings, our first Box Elder fall festival, and the
implementation of a business development training                      Watch for economic development news in our new
series, our newly elected Chamber of Commerce                         monthly Box Elder column provided by the Rapid City
Board of Directors is fired up and ready to serve our                                       Weekly!
community and its businesses!
                                                                     In Closing:
Please mark the following date on your calendar so that              Box Elder has been identified as the fourth fastest
you can join in on the fun!                                          growing community in South Dakota. This is an exciting
                                                                     time for us! It is a time to build on our greatest resource,
Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce Mixer and                         our people, and together determine what we want our
Roll Out                                                             community to become.

Thursday Evening,October 9 at Pauly’s Sub Co                         Each one of you is part of what the final picture will look
         6:30-8 pm                                                   like.

Current Chamber members and non Chamber                              If we combine our strengths, there is no limit to what we
members are welcome to join in the fun of this social                can accomplish.
event and hear about the new Box Elder Area Chamber
of Commerce program for Business owners.                             We ask you to get involved… to join us as we embark
At this event:                                                       on new horizons for Box Elder!

*Input from attendees will be tallied to determine                   Until next time,
desired seminar topics, and day/times of trainings and
mixers                                                               Kathleen Sheets
                                                                     Executive Officer
*Sign ups will be available for hosting future Chamber               Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic
business mixers                                                      Development Corporation
* “New and Improved” Chamber Membership info and
forms will be available for new and renewing Chamber

                                                            Newsletter 5
City of Box Elder                             PRST STD

520 N Ellsworth Rd Ste 9C                  US POSTAGE PAID

Box Elder SD 57719-2017                    BOX ELDER, S.D
                                            PERMIT NO. 12

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