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									                              California State University, Fullerton
                           Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
                          Masters of Science of Information Technology
                              Admissions Check List Cover Sheet

Your complete packet will include this form and all required information requested on this form.
   This process is to ensure that your application is not delayed due to missing documents.
Name:                                                                            CWID:______________________________

Email:                                                                           Date of Birth:________________________


 Application Filing Periods:
   Early Filing Period: October 1 – January 31                   General Filing Period: February 1 – June 15
**Admission is competitive and we may stop taking applications at anytime so it is strongly encouraged that you
submit your application as early as possible.

   Prior to submitting any other documents, submit the application that is available at and pay
        the $55 application fee directly to the Admissions & Records Service Center. (Required)

   Two sets of Official Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions from which you have
       received course credit. A transcript will be considered official only in a sealed envelope. Do not have your
       transcripts sent directly to CSUF, enclose the sealed transcripts in this packet. (Required)

   Enclose the Self - Assessment Essay along with your other materials in this packet. (Required)

   Resume (Required)

   Have Official GRE or GMAT scores sent directly to CSUF from the Educational Testing Service.
        The correct institutional number for Cal State Fullerton is 4589 for the GMAT exam (
        and 4303 for the GRE exam. ( (Required)

   Include a copy of your unofficial GMAT or GRE score.
         Date Taken:                     Date to be Taken:                                             (Recommended)

For International Students only:
In addition to all requirements above the following items are also required:

   Have Official TOEFL scores sent directly to CSUF from the Educational Testing Service. The correct
       institutional code for Cal State Fullerton is 4589. (Required)

   Contact Admissions and Records at (714) 278-7601 for additional admission requirements (Required)

If any of the above documents are missing your CBE Graduate Admissions Packet will not be reviewed.
Please mail the “complete packet” to:
                                 Mihaylo College of Business and Economics SGMH-3280
                                 California State University, Fullerton
                                 P.O. Box 6848
                                 Fullerton, CA 92834-6848
                                 Attn: Kellee Carter-Scales (Graduate Applicant Package)

            Check list may be found online at:

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