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									Preparing Memorandums

       AR 25-50
       Types of Memorandums
•   Basic Memorandum (Single Addressee)
•   Memorandum for See Distribution
•   Thru Memorandum
•   Informal Memorandum
•   Memorandum of agreement
•   Memorandum for Record
 Basics of Memorandum Format
• 1” margins all around page
• 12 pitch Arial font used on all
• Remember MS Word does not know AR 25-50
  you MUST format your correspondence to be in
• All margins for all paragraphs and any
  subparagraphs are based off the 1’’
• If you subdivide a paragraph or the subdivision
  you must have it in increments of two ex: if you
  have a 1 you must have a 2, if you have an (a)
  you must have a (b) ect.
Basics of Memorandum Format
• The office symbol and header always corresponds
  to the individual signing the memorandum ex:
  110th MP CO Commander would be AFVP-110-
  CO, 1st PLT PS would be AFVP-110-1, any SM in
  1st PLT would be AFVP-110-1
• All enclosures to the memorandum must be listed
• The entire paragraph or subparagraph must fit on
  the page or you must put the entire paragraph or
  subparagraph on the next page
    Basic Memorandum Rules
• Used in all instances when the other types
  are not necessary
 ex: Requesting any action from one entity
  or person ie: Supplies,
        Memorandum for See
         Distribution Rules
• Used mainly in Policy letters and memorandums
  for a broad audience
      Thru Memorandum Rules
• Used when the memorandum must go through more than
  one office to be approved
• List addressees in order of precedence
• Memorandum is signed at the bottom by the first approval
  Informal Memorandum Rules
• Used usually for inter unit (company or
• Only difference is this memorandum does
  not have the DA seal or header
    Memorandum of Agreement
• Used when the approval authority and an
  individual SM have to agree to something ie:
  Removal from Promotion Standing List between
  the CO CDR and the SM
 Memorandum for Record Rules
• Used to record an event or action ex:
  Missed Counseling, Equipment transfer
  chain of events
• MFRs do not typically get routed to
  anyone they remain as a part of a file for
  later use if necessary
Makes this a formal Memorandum

    Notice the indentation of each
    subdivision and margin
No DA seal or header is necessary for
memorandums requiring more than one page

   other formatting
  rules apply to the
  continuing pages

                       Page numbers go on all pages except the first

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