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					     T3 Conference 2009
Update on Rebalancing Software
    Darby Armont, CFP: Richard P. Slaughter Associates
     Barrett Ayers: Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions
                 Connor Wilson: Tamarac
       Sheryl Rowling: Total Rebalance Expert (tRx)
                Gobind Daryanani: iRebal
 Rebalancing Best Practices:
Using the Tools You Already
       Darby Armont, CFP®
            Vice President
 Richard P. Slaughter Associates, Inc.
My Rebalancing Tool
          Firm’s Trading Statistics
   2008 Total Trades: 21,300
   Client Accounts: 1,049
   2 Firms
   4 Custodian Platforms
   Multiple Stock, Bond, Mutual Fund and ETF
        Tools You Already Have
 Excel
 Position Data from Custodians
 Ability to Upload Files to Custodians

 Rebalancing Tools from Custodians

 PortfolioCenter Export Wizard
 Download and Reconcile Daily Transaction
 Set up Models (Security-Based)
 Rebalancing Export
 Cross Reference by Security Report
               Calculate Trades
 Sort, Auto Filter, Copy/Paste, Subtotal, Formulas
 Macros
   o Cash Symbol Conversion
   o Check for Cash Availability
   o Format Trade Ticket
   o Format Import File
 Place Trades with Custodian and Allocate
         Best Practice: Rebalance!
   Many advisors don’t “have time”
   Need consistent approach
   IPS and financial plan
   GIPS
   Downgrades/market volatility
   Liability
 Keep accounts “clean”
   Best Practice: Client              Discipline
  o Set expectations up front re: pet stocks, client-
    directed buys and sells
  o Establish non-managed master
  o Stock Exception spreadsheet
 Keep models “clean”
  o Resist temptation to set up multiple models
 Communication
      Best Practice: Average Pricing
   Block trading and allocation
   Rotate custodians
   Rotate accounts if trading over multiple days
   Rebalance all applicable accounts
   Documentation
    Best Practice: Check for Problems
   Cash availability (trading, management fees)
   Short term redemption fees on mutual funds
   Minimum purchase amounts
   Wash sales
   Long vs. short term gains/losses
   Tax selling
            There Are Drawbacks
   Time consuming
   Multiple steps
   Data quality
   Exceptions are difficult
   Fixed income trading

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