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					                             HANDBOOK OF REPORTS

                                         For The

                              143RD STATED MEETING

                                         Of The

                           SHENANDOAH PRESBYTERY

                                    August 22, 2009


                           Warrenton Presbyterian Church
                                Warrenton, Virginia

                    Shenandoah Presbytery is a covenant body where:

              ~     congregations are empowered to be centers for missions,

~           people of God are equipped to be disciples of Christ in a challenging

        ~     church professionals are nurtured and strengthened for service,

    ~        open communication and information are used constructively and
                           creatively to keep us connected.
MEMO TO:        Pastors and Commissioners to Presbytery

FROM:           Jan G. Owen, Stated Clerk

DATE:           August 2009

RE:             August 22, 2009, MEETING OF PRESBYTERY

The Presbytery of Shenandoah will meet in stated session at the Presbyterian Church in Warrenton, Virginia, on
Saturday, August 22, 2009. (Directions below.) A nursery will be provided for babies and small children. We
ask that you contact the church 540-347-2213 no later than August 18, so that proper arrangements can be made.

MEAL TICKETS can be purchased before the convening hour of 9:30 a.m. at a cost of $8.00

HANDBOOK The Handbook of Reports will be available on Presbytery‟s web site The
Handbook contains essential information for advanced study to enable Presbytery to make informed and prompt
decisions. Please be sure all voting members of Presbytery receive a copy. They include all pastors and
elected commissioners.


From Winchester, VA:

Get on I-81 South via exit 313 toward Roanoke. Continue travelling South on I-81 for 13 miles. Take exit
300(left exit) to merge onto I-66 East toward Front Royal/Washington. Stay East on I-66 for 28 miles. Take the
US-17 exit (exit 28) toward Warrenton/Fredericksburg. Travel South on US-17 for 10 miles until you get into
Warrenton. At the first light, make a left onto US-29 North. Then, make a right at the next light (Sheetz
intersection) onto Alexandria Pike. Follow Alexandria Pike into Old Town. At the stop sign, make a left onto
Main Street, continuing six blocks to the corner of 5th and Main Streets. (Est. Time: 1hr / 56miles)

From Harrisonburg and points South and West:
Get onto I-81 North. Travel to exit 264 for US211 toward Luray/New Market/Timberville. To follow this
route, turn right on W Old Cross Road, then turn left at N Congress St/US-11/US211. Turn right again at E Lee
Highway/US 211. From this point you will travel approximately 57.7 miles. You will come to a traffic light at
a major intersection where US211 meets Business 29. Continue across this intersection and follow it straight up
the hill, where you will come to the intersection with Main Street, identified by the presence of the old Court
House building with a large tree that seems to extend out into the roadway. Turn right at this point and follow it
to the intersection of Main and 5th Street. Turn left onto 5th Street.

If these directions do not provide guidance or enough specificity, please feel free to get directions from
Mapquest. Warrenton Presbyterian Church is located at 91 Main Street, Warrenton, VA 20186.


Number of Meetings – Our Book of Order (G-11.0201) requires presbytery to hold stated meetings at
least twice each year. There will be four STATED meetings for 2009: February 14, May 12, August 22,
and November 10.

Kind of Meetings – Besides stated meetings there are adjourned meetings and special meetings.

Adjourned Meetings – Held to conclude unfinished business of proceeding stated meeting. New
Business may be placed on Docket.

Special Meetings – The moderator shall call a special meeting at the request of, or with the concurrence
of, two ministers and two elders being of different churches. Should the moderator be unable to act, the
stated clerk shall, under the same conditions, issue the call. If both moderator and stated clerk are unable
to act, any three ministers and three elders, the elders being of different churches, may call a special
meeting. The Synod may direct the Presbytery to convene a special meeting for the transaction of
designated business. Notice of a special meeting shall be sent not less than ten (10) days in advance to
each minister and to the session of every church. The notice shall set out the purpose of the meeting and
no other business than that listed in the notice shall be transacted. (Book of Order G-11.0201)

Who Determines Type of Meetings? – The governing body itself. If the business at a stated meeting
is not completed in the time allowed on the docket, then the governing body votes to extend the time on
that day or votes to schedule an adjourned meeting later. Special meetings may be called in conformity
with G-11.0201 of the Book of Order.

Docket Preparation – The Presbytery Meeting Planning Committee composes the docket. Time periods
for committee reports are arranged in consultation with chairs and others responsible for reports.

Docket Problems – Time for the presentation of a report may be precise but debate time on the report is
often guesswork. Frequently debate bogs down over procedural matters, and controversial issues create
considerable discussion. Governing body can always limit debate. Candidates and transferring ministers
of necessity may require special considerations for their examinations because of such things as travel
schedules and seminary schedules. The docket may be amended at any time during the meeting of the
governing body. Representatives should be aware of possible extension of time needed for such
amendments and the possible delay in adjournment.

                                               PROCEDURAL RULES

A.   A report of any agency of Presbytery requiring more than 10 minutes of Presbytery time shall be made an
     Order of the Day with an allotted time period. Any committee requiring more than the allotted time shall
     conclude its report following new business.

B.   Reports having been mailed out in advance, the committee chair will not read the report except to make
     reference to a few highlights of the report and to recommendations by numbers, moving their adoption.

     Any report not so circulated shall not be received by the Presbytery except by permission of two-thirds voting
     and present. If a group wishes to submit such a report, a person shall summarize its content and purpose
     before the vote is taken.

C.   On matters where there may be deep concern, possible controversy or lack of information, the division or
     committee making the report shall provide critical background information, so that the governing body may
     expeditiously make wise and considered decisions.

D.   Debate shall be free and open, with equal time being given to proponents and opponents insofar as possible.

E.   Any member of the governing body desiring to speak must stand, identify themselves by name and church, be
     recognized by the Moderator, and go to a microphone if available.

F.   A member of the governing body may speak only once on any particular motion unless he/she is the maker of
     that motion or unless no one else wants the floor, but not more than twice or for more than a total of five

G.   Lengthy motions must be written out and presented to the Stated Clerk.

H.   References to the following procedures from Robert‟s Rules of Order may prove useful:

     1.       A division or committee recommendation does not require a second to be on the floor. (Section 7, p.

     2.       Other motions require a second prior to discussion or action. (Section 4, p. 28-30)

     3.       When there is no apparent disagreement or objection to a motion, the Moderator may declare it is
              adopted by common or general consent.

I.   No flash photography will be allowed during the worship service at meetings of Presbytery.

J.   When Presbytery meets in a location where seating is limited, priority shall be given to voting members for
     seating within the meeting area. If it is necessary to use other rooms for overflow seating, visitors and other
     non-voting members shall use these areas.

QUORUM:     ”A quorum of the Presbytery shall be any three minister members and the elder members present,
            provided that at least three churches are represented by elders. The Presbytery may fix its own
            quorum at any higher number.” (Book of Order G-11.0202)

                  Seeking to be Faithful Together:
              Guidelines for Presbyterians During Times of Disagreement
                          In a spirit of trust and love, we promise we will . . .
Give them          1    Treat each other respectfully so as to build trust, believing that we all desire
a hearing . . .         to be faithful to Jesus the Christ;
listen before             we will keep our conversations and communications open
we answer                for candid and forthright exchange,
John 7:51                 we will not ask questions or make statements in a way which will intimidate
                         or judge others.
                   2    Learn about various positions on the topic of disagreement.
Proverbs 18:13     3    State what we think we heard and ask for clarification before responding, in
                        an effort to be sure we understand each other.
Speak the          4   Share our concerns directly with individuals or groups with whom we have
truth in love           disagreements in a spirit of love and respect in keeping with Jesus’ teaching.
                   5       Focus on ideas and suggestions instead of questioning people’s motives,
Ephesians 4:15          intelligence or integrity;
                          we will not engage in name-calling or labeling of others
                         prior to, during, or following the discussion.
                   6      Share our personal experiences about the subject of disagreement so that
                        others may more fully understand our concerns.
Maintain the
unity of the       7 Indicate where we agree with those of other viewpoints as well as where we
spirit in the      disagree.
bond of peace      8 Seek to stay in community with each other though the discussion may be
                      vigorous and full of tension;
Ephesians 4:3           we will be ready to forgive and be forgiven.
                   9 Follow these additional Guidelines when we meet in decision-making
                        urge persons of various points of view to speak and promise
                       to listen to these positions seriously;
                        seek conclusions informed by our points of agreement;
                        be sensitive to the feelings and concerns of those who do not agree with
                       the majority and respect their rights of conscience;
                        abide by the decision of the majority, and if we disagree with it and wish
                       to change it, work for that change in ways which are consistent with the
                   10 Include our disagreements in our prayers, not praying for the triumph of
                      our viewpoints, but seeking God’s grace to listen attentively, to speak
                      clearly, and to remain open to the vision God holds for us all.

Warrenton Presbyterian Church
Shenandoah Presbytery Meeting
        8 am – 4 pm
      August 22, 2009




The Rev. Ann Held is the                    (Members of Presbytery are urged to be registered and seated by 9:30 a.m. If not yet
Presbytery Moderator for                                       registered, please do so right after worship)
2009. Ann is the pastor of
Trinity Church in
Harrisonburg, VA                8:30 a.m.             REGISTRATION BEGINS

Elder Mary Lou Cox is the       9:30 a.m.             Call to Order with prayer
Presbytery Vice-Moderator for                         Worship

                                10:15 a.m.            Determining a Quorum
                                                      Appointments by the Moderator
                                                      Correction and Approval of Minutes
                                                      New Business
                                                      Adoption of the Docket
                                                      Communications and Report of the Stated Clerk – pages 2-3
                                                      Omnibus Motion – page 4
                                                      Communication from the Acting General Presbyter – page 5
                                                      Resource Center – Lisa Hedrick
                                                      Announcement – Doug Sensabaugh
                                                               Introduction of Guests and Recognition of First Time Elders
                                                               Representative of the Host Church
Maren is the associate pastor
at Winchester First             10:45 a.m.            Professional Development, Maren Sonstegard-Spray
Kerry is the pastor at
Bridgewater Church
                                10:50 a.m.            SHENANDOAH 2010, Kerry Foster

                                11:00 a.m.            ORDER OF THE DAY - Break

                                11:15 a.m.            Leadership School (see pages 6-7 for workshop info)

                                12:30 p.m.            Lunch

                                1:30 p.m.             Intercessory Prayer
Wray is chair of B & F and
the pastor of the Hermitage     1:35 p.m.             Moffett for Mission
Church in Waynesboro, VA
                                1:40 p.m.             Budget & Finance, Wray Sherman – pages 8-11
Paul is chair of COM and an
elder in the Tinkling Spring    1:45 p.m.             Committee on Ministry, Paul Dana – pages 12-13
                                2:00 p.m.             World Wide Ministries – page 14
Barb is the pastor of the
Romney Church in Romney         2:10 p.m.             Nominations Committee, Barb Johnson – page 15
West Virginia
                                2:15 p.m.             Campus Ministry, Kathleen Haines
Dave is the director of         2:20 p.m.             Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Dave Thalman
Shenandoah‟s Disaster Team
and an elder at Winchester
                                2:30 p.m.             Preparation for Ministry, Rufus Burton

Rufus is the pastor of First    2:50 p.m.             Anticipated Adjournment
Church in Martinsburg WV
                                Please note that there are small pieces of notepaper on the handout table. You are invited to list your prayer concerns
                                on this paper and to leave them at the Stated Clerk‟s table before lunch.
                                   COMMUNICATIONS AND REPORT
                                     FROM THE STATED CLERK


              August 2009

     Initiated by Presbytery action: July 22, 2006“to consult with the members of the Poplar Hill Presbyterian
     Church and to dissolve the church in response to the request of a congregational meeting (July 9, 2006).”
     Personnel: #: Jan Owen – Chair, Rae Carpenter, Merle Fisher, Linda Koogler, John Haney, and Louise B.
     Recent Key Activities: The property appraisal of $190,000 is the basis for conversation with the current
     occupant for possible purchase on a promised first refusal basis. The New Beginnings congregation responded
     with a proposed bid of $10,000, stating that they would not be able to get a loan without doing $180,000 in
     refurbishment and repair work. The Commission members agree that this is not a serious offer. Subsequent
     conversations with Rev. Wayne Bradenberg, Pastor of the New Beginnings Church have taken place, with the
     commission requesting that they consider making a more substantial offer. In response, the Pastor requested that
     the Commission come up with a “ball-park” figure that would be considered “reasonable and more substantial.”
               The Commission met at the Craigsville Church on Wednesday, July 29th, and, after prayerful
     consideration, decided to propose that the NBC agree to pay Shenandoah Presbytery $100,000 over a ten-year
     period. Jan Owen will be in touch with Rev. Bradenberg early in August. Given that the economic situation is
     difficult at the present time, that the real estate market is struggling to recover, and that the status quo option is
     preferable to having the property empty, the Commission suggests that the NBC “reaffirm their signatures” on
     the covenant agreement signed in 2007.. The New Beginnings Church will continue to make use of the property,
     building and grounds, taking financial responsibility for all expenses, including utilities and insurance. The
     Commission also decided to approach realtors who attend the Lexington and Mt. Carmel Churches and get a
     sense of whether they would be willing to be alert to the possibility of selling the property of the former Poplar
     Hill Church.

     COMMITTEE OF COUNSEL AND SUPPORT for the Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church
     Initiated by Presbytery action: August 18, 2007 “with the authority to convene, if necessary, as an
     Administrative Commission. Responsibilities: 1. To advise the Session. 2. To provide educational guidance in
     Presbyterian polity.” (Others not listed here.)
     Personnel: #: Patrick Pettit, Moderator of Session, Don Myers, Mary Lou McMillin, George Evans, Bob Field,
     Melisa Leecy, Sarah Hill.
     Recent Key Activities: The Committee met with the Session on September 24, 2008 and “is pleased to report
     the situation at Mt. Olive is stable and positive, and the Session and Congregation are prepared to undertake the
     discernment processes of a church in transition.
     Outcomes: Looking ahead the carious steps involved in calling a Pastor were outlined in brief, and the Session
     was introduced to the Mission Study process. The Committee continues to provide informal counsel and support
     as requested by the Session and Interim Pastor Tom Holden.

     B.       History Committee Report
              The History Committee has sent out another communication requesting that Sessions of Particular
              Churches within Shenandoah Presbytery send 250-word histories of their congregations to be included
              in a History of Shenandoah Presbytery which is in the process of being prepared. As of the July 14 th
              meeting, there were still approximately twenty-five (25) churches from whom no response has been
              received. Communication will go out to those churches letting them know that unless we receive word
              from them, the Committee members will have to put together something on their behalf, since the
              writing process has begun with the publisher well into the research and writing stage. The Committee
              will be providing the church pages, with each member of the Committee composing a synopsis of the
              information provided by the congregations. The Fall of 2010 is the planned publication date.

     C.       Synod of the Mid Atlantic Review of Presbytery Minutes: Stated Clerks from the Presbyteries of the
              Synod of the Mid-Atlantic will gather in the Synod Office in Richmond, Virginia on August 26, 2009to
              evaluate each others‟ minutes. The guidelines check-list has been revised for use at this next meeting.


      A.   Excuse from attendance of all or part of this stated meeting those ministers who submit such a request.

      B.   That the Presbytery enroll Interim General Presbyter Sally Hinchman as a member for the duration of
           her service in that position, in compliance with Book of Order G.11-0101c:
              . . . .Each elder elected by a presbytery as executive presbyter, associate executive presbyter, or
              other exempt staff position, may be enrolled as a member of the presbytery for the duration of
              service in such staff position ,whether or not commissioned by his or her session.

                                           OMNIBUS MOTION

(1) CCD recommends that Shenandoah Presbytery approve the application of the Monterey Presbyterian
Church for a loan up to $125,000 for renovations and additions to their current Fellowship Hall.

(2) CCD recommends that Shenandoah Presbytery approve a land exchange between Second Presbyterian
Church of Waynesboro and the adjacent Wilco service station. Wilco will receive approximately 3100 sq. ft.
and the church approximately 2100 sq. ft. Wilco will pay all costs involved in the exchange, including survey,
re-zoning, and necessary documents and the replacement of two fences

                                         Interim General Presbyter
                                           Elder, Sally Hinchman
                                            Biographical Sketch

I grew up in Kansas City, MO. My parents and the Presbyterian congregation we attended laid a strong
foundation for me to grow in my faith and my calling to ministry. Both of my parents were elders and active
in the church and presbytery. I served on the junior high & senior high youth councils and served as a camp
counselor at the presbytery camp for 2 summers.

I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Elementary Education and taught school for 1 year
prior to attending the Presbyterian School of Christian Education. As a certified Christian Educator I began
my ministry at 1st Presbyterian Church, Knoxville for 3 ½ years. My next call was in Atlanta, GA where I
served for 7 years at 1st Presbyterian Church. In 1981 I headed back to Tennessee and served as an
Educational Consultant for 3 smaller congregations (2nd, Trinity & Bellevue). When all three pastors moved
to new calls the relationship began to fall apart so I headed back to the Atlanta area. I served St. Andrews
Presbyterian Church in Tucker, GA for 4 years. For the next year I served the newly formed Synod of South
Atlantic as the Interim Associate for Education & Leadership. God has a sense of humor and then sent me to
Houston, TX (where I said I would never live because of the humidity). For 10 wonderful years I served as the
Associate Presbyter for Education and Leadership Development at the Presbytery of New Covenant. During
my ministry there I was elected an elder at St. Philip Presbyterian Church. I then headed west and served as
the General Presbyter for the Presbyteries of Nevada, Sacramento & Stockton known as the Sierra Mission
Partnership for 10 years which is based in Sacramento, CA.

Since I have been a part of the leadership for the Presbyterian Interim Ministry Education Events at the
Zephyr Point Conference Center for 9 years I decided I wanted to apply that knowledge and my experience as
an Associate and then as a General Presbyter. So here I am here with you in the Presbytery of Shenandoah
as your Interim General Presbyter.

Throughout my ministry I have been active and involved in the life and ministry of the presbytery, synod and
General Assembly. Some of my involvements include:
     Member of Association of Presbyterian Church Educators and served on the APCE Cabinet ;
     Synod Commissioner;
     Planning Committees for 3 Montreat Youth Conferences;
     Planning Committees for 2 Youth Triennium’s and Residence Hall Dean for 5 years;
     Member and chair for Women Employed by the Church Committee;
     Member of Joint Committee of Women preparing for Reunion;
     Member of Women’s Ministry Unity and served as the Corresponding Member for GA;
     Committee Assistant for General Assembly Committee;
     Member of Association of Presbytery Executives (AEPS), President and led orientation for new
       Executives; and
     Interim Ministry Education Faculty.

My sister and her husband and my brother live in Kansas City. I have a nephew working on Wall Street in
New York City. Another nephew and family live in Sacramento, CA. As a result I am missing my 2 great
nieces Malia (6 years old) and Annalise (4 years old).

                                Leadership School
                         Presbytery Meeting – Warrenton Presbyterian Church
                                August 22, 2009 - 11:15am-12:15pm

1) Moving Through the Transition
        Sally Hinchman, Interim General Presbyter & Kerry Foster, Chair of Shenandoah 2010.
Come and have a conversation with Sally & Kerry regarding how the Presbytery will travel together during
this time of transition. Hear about the plans for the Mission Study for the Presbytery and the steps for calling
the next Installed General Presbyter.

2) Bridging the Gap: Contemporary & Traditional Music
        David Merrill, New Stone Music Director, Dan McCoig, Associate Pastor, First Winchester.
Come explore different ways to find, teach, and incorporate contemporary/popular Christian music into
emergent ways of worship. This workshop will discuss the beginning stages and organization of building a
worship band, how and where to locate music, and efficient ways to keep items such as schedules, vocal
parts, and instrumental music organized. Come and learn about the music of today as we bridge the gap
with the music of yesterday.

3) Environmental Triage: Sorting through Eco-justice Issues.
        Trinity’s Restoring Creation House Church
Confronted with a myriad of environmental issues, how can an institution such as a local church form a
coherent program for a course of action? We share some responses from over a decade of experience
derived from activities of Restoring Creation House Church.

4) Can They Hear You Now? Presbytery Communication Committee
An interactive panel-led discussion on the various ways we communicate within our church and to the
community. This will involve web sites, email, multimedia (pictures, PowerPoint, video, DVD), newsletters
etc. It will also include a list of helpful resources. We will encourage open discussion by all attendees.

5) Getting out of the box to reach the next generation.
       Jon Lovelady, Westminster Pastor
The PCUSA and the “mainline” church struggles to reach the under 50 crowd. One result is the overall
decline of attendance and few adult baptisms in the Presbytery of Shenandoah. Can worship and other
church programs be realigned to reach the next generation? We will discuss strategies to make church more
effective at reaching the under fifty crowd through viewing worship as outreach. Topics to include: starting a
new worship service and/or church programs; what is contemporary, emergent, blended or traditional?

6) As a Fire is meant for Burning: Building Excitement for Mission in a local church.
      Randy Webb, Nineveh Pastor
How does the Holy Spirit empower us for mission? How does a local congregation generate excitement for
mission? What about short term mission trips? How does our involvement in mission affect the vitality of
our faith and of our local church? Should we balance our commitment to local and international mission?
This workshop will explore a wide range of mission related questions, focused by the interests and needs of
those who attend.

7) Stop Stewing about Stewardship!
         Lisa Webb, Woodstock Pastor
 Take some of the stress out of planning a fall stewardship campaign! Experience the joy of living into your
church's vision! This workshop will focus on resources presented at the 2009 PCUSA Stewardship Conference
held in Kansas City, MO, including narrative budgets and good financial practices for the local church.

8) What Your Resource Center Can Do With You: It’s teacher education, Bible study, devotions, leadership
development and more – all rolled into one!
        Lisa Hedrick, Presbytery Resource Coordinator
What IS the Resource Center? How can I use it? The what? – Never heard of it. I don’t know how to …. .
Come and learn the answers to these and other quandaries. Bring your questions and interests. We’ll also
share teaching ideas, planning options, and so much more!

9) A New Form of Government for a New Day
       Dan Williams, Staunton Second Pastor and FOG Taskforce Member
Why is a new Form of Government being proposed? What are the major changes from our present Form of
Government? How can it help the mission of the PC(USA)? These questions and more will be addressed.

                                     Everyone is invited

                           No pre-registration is required

                                         Signup onsite

                                               Presbytery of Shenandoah
                                                   Budget Proposal
                                                   Fiscal Year 2010
                                                       2007         2008       2008         2009       Proposed
                                                       Actual       Actual    Budget      Budget        Budget
Budgeted Income
  Interest Income-Various                                31,036      11,638     30,000       10,000        3,600
  Shared Undesignated Support from Congregations        738,318     949,068    958,005     1,021,370     950,000
  Per Capita, ShenPres ($5.00/person)                    86,308
  Per Capita, G.A I                                     105,390
  Per Capita, SY          1                              38,042
  Undesignated Income                                     2,800       1,675      1,500        1,500
  HAE Grants from GA & Synod                              4,340       8,000      5,240        3,500
  Cash Distributed from Corporation Earnings
  Cash from Strong Ministers Program Assets
  Blue Funds - Mission Communities                        6,000       6,000      6,000        6,000        6,000
  Blue Funds - Youth I                                    3,000       3,000      3,000        3,000
  Strong Ministers Program                                1,116
  Draw from Operating Reserve                                                   33,153       26,253        35767
  Reimbursed Expenses                                         726       781
Total Income                                          1,017,076     980,162   1,036,898    1,071,623     995,367

  Per Capita 2010 - G.A. ($6.15)                        105,390     104,208    104,208      108,492      105,915
  Per Capita 2010 - Synod ($1.45)                        38,042      28,797     28,797       25,579       24,972
  Shared Mission Support 2007 - G.A.                     66,449      63,000     63,000       63,000       63,000
  Shared Mission Support 2007 - Synod                     5,537       5,250      5,250        5,250        5,250
                                  1 '1


     Total Office Expenses                               83,524      80,366     92,217      103,366       85,956
     Personnel Reimbursable Expenses
            Total Continuing Education                    4,383       2,689      4,500        5,050        4,600
            Total Staff Travel                           14,034      16,278     18,000       20,000       20,000
     Total Personnel Reimbursable Expenses               18,417      18,967     22,500       25,050       24,600

  Total Salaries & Benefits                             328,443     336,852    341,894      357,295      329,925

     Total Presbytery Meeting Expenses                    3,298       3,856      5,500        4,250        2,750

     Presbytery Office Building
            Major Office Repair                           4,888       3,095      3,000        5,000        3,000
            Building & Grounds Maintenance                8,465      11,266     10,000       10,000       12,000
            Miscellaneous                                     453       115        500          500             200
            Insurance 1                                  16,445      13,392     14,000       18,000       14,000
     Total Presbytery Office Building                    30,251      27,868     27,500       33,500       29,200

  Total ADMINISTRATION                                  463,933     467,909    489,611      523,461      472,431

                                                          2007           2008          2008          2009          Proposed
                                                          Actual         Actual      Budget         Budget          Budget

          Committee on Ministry
                  Total Ministerial Relations                12,000        2,665          4,800         6,900

                  Total Churches in Transition                   3,073     1,354          4,500         3,300

                  Total Pastoral Care and Wellness               9,784     1,649         11,700        16,500

                  Total Salary Committee                            59                        200            200

                  Total Sessional Records                        1,389     1,449          1,400         1,500

                  Total Examinations                               328       202          1,250         1,000

                  Total COM Operating Expenses                   9,316    12,292         11,500        10,000

                  Professional Development Committee                       7,160

                  Total Comm on Commisso Lay Prcher Trn                      752

                  Total Synod Cooperative Events                             500              500

                  Total TASTE of Ministry                                                     500

          Total Committee on Ministry                        35,949       28,023         36,350        39,400          36248

Total Preparation for Ministry                               10,250        3,566          5,000         6,750           6,210

Total Nominations Committee                                        663       265              750            675            675

Total Permanent Judicial Committee                                 956                        500       1,350               250

Total Representation Committee                                                                500            450            250

Total CONSTITUTIONAL COMMITTEES                              47,818       31,854         43,100        48,625          43633
      I                          I

Challenge Grant              I                                                            3,000

Total Eastern Panhandle Mission Community                        6,474     6,980          7,000         7,000           6,440

Total Potomac Highlands Mission Community                        6,000                    5,000         4,500           4,140

Total Mountain Valley Mission Community                          5,500     5,999          6,000         5,400           4,968

Total Central Valley Mission Community                           6,746     7,000          7,000         6,300           5,796

Total Highland-Augusta Mission Community                         6,000     6,000          6,000         5,400           4,968

Total Maury River Mission Community                              6,000     6,000          6,000         5,400           4,968

                                                             36,720       31,979         40,000        34,000          31,280
      I                          I

Total Presbyterian Women                                         7,031     4,678          7,600         6,840           6,293

          Vision & Mission Committee                               125       553              500            180            600
          Budget & Finance                                         590       504              600            585            500
          PIE I                                                    106       126              940            180            125
          Office & Personnel Committee                             408     1,472          1,000              540            920
          Strong Ministers Program                                  89          61                           90             100
          Legal Fees Escrow for Misconduct                       2,000     2,000          2,000         1,800           1,800
          History Committee                                        452                        700            630            500
          Disaster Response Team                                           1,645          3,836         3,600           2,000
          Division Operating Expenses                            4,648     6,026          4,000         4,500          4,591
          Stewardship Ed. Resource Team                            161                    4,000
  Contingency Fund                                                                        1,200
                                                                 8,578    12,388         18,776        12,105          11,136
  I                              I

                                                             2007           2008       2008         2009         Proposed
                                                             Actual         Actual    Budget       Budget         Budget
Presbytery Funds Administration
      Moffett Grant Fund Committee - Operating Expens               162         190       400              360            330
      Presby Funds Administration                                   160         217       495              180            180
      Hunger Resource Team                                            89                  495              180            180
Total Presbytery Funds Administration                               411         406      1,390             720            690
  I                     I

            Camp Paddy Run                                     10,756        11,722     11,500        12,406        13,841
            Camp Scholarships                                   3,000                    3,000         3,000
            HerStory Conference                                 1,500         2,000      2,000         1,800         1,656
            Massanetta Springs Support                              500       5,000      5,000         4,500         4,500
            Montreat Support                                        500         600       600              540            540
      Total Camp and Conference                                16,256        19,322     22,100        22,246        20,537

      Church Development
                            Ministry Program Grants            11,521        62,000     62,000        25,000
                            Churchwide Redevelopment Co             573       4,000      4,000         5,000
                            Resources & Administration              386       2,500      2,500         1,200
                            New Ministry                        2,630         7,000      9,000        10,000
                            Emergency Ministry Grants                         2,000                    5,000
            Total Grants & Redevelopment                       15,110        77,500     77,500        46,200

            Mission Study Consultant Network
                            Percept Contract                    6,040         7,434      6,040         8,000
                            Church Consultant Training Net            89      1,606      2,500         1,200
                            Mission Study Grant Fund            7,056         4,000      4,500         4,500
            Total Mission Study Consultant Network             13,185        13,040     13,040        13,700

            New Church Development                             68,810           920                   35,200
            Missionary Church Support-CCD                      24,200        28,960     28,960        27,000
            CCD - Division Operating Expenses                   4,695         5,580      6,500         5,500
      Total Church Development                                                                       127,600        116700
                                                              126,000       126,000    126,000

      Communications Committee
            Communications Operating Expenses                       358       1,044      1,300             500
            Dues & Contribution to Media Group                                2,087       100              100
            Computers - Communications                          6,818         4,656      6,200         3,500
            Communications Conference/Training                        99      1,302      2,400         2,400
      Total Communications Committee                            7,275         9,089     10,000         6,500          7000

      Resources Committee
            Acquisition of Materials & Equipment                1,305         1,868      3,425         3,225
            Audio-Visual Maintenance & Repair                                   254       300              300
            Catalog Revision for Computer                           300         300       450              300
            PC USA Resources Meeting                                315         864       900              700
            Capital Replacement Escrow                          1,150                    1,150         1,150
            Resource Operating Expenses                             474                  1,100         1,100
            Subscriptions                                       1,459           242      1,100         1,000
             Promotions                                             791                   900              600
            Resource Center Operating Cost                          223         306       650              600
                 PARC I                                               50                      50            50
      Total Resources Committee                                 6,067         3,833     10,025         9,025          8280
                                                            2007          2008       2008         2009          Proposed
                                                            Actual        Actual    Budget       Budget          Budget
               West Virginia Council of Churches           200                200        200              200            200
               Virginia Council of Churches                200                200        200              200            200
               World-Wide Ministries - Operating Expense   82                 910        800              830            750
         Total World-Wide Ministries                       482
                                                                            1,310      1,200          1,230         1,150
         Partnership Committee
               Partnership Operating Expense                                             500              500
               IIlubabor Bethel Syn. Evan & Dev                   6,000     6,000      6,000          6,000
               Visits to & from Ethiopia                          6,000     3,730      6,000          6,000
               Partnership Publicity                                                     500              500
               Support BSCO                                       9,500                9,500          8,500
               ESL Program                                                  2,031      1,500          1,500
               Travel-Ethiopian Netwk Mtgs US                      211                   700              700

         Total Partnership Committee                                                                 23,700         23350
                                                                 21,711    11,760     24,700

  Total STANDING COMMITTEES                                  177,791      171,315    194,025        190,301      177,017

  Total Chaplains' Service of Churches VA                         6,000     6,000      6,000          6,000         6,000

  Lutheran Presby Campus Ministry                                13,310    14,641     14,641         15,750        15,750

  Westminster Foundation, Inc.                                   13,000    13,500     13,500         15,000        15,500


         Youth Ministries                                         7,000     7,000      7,000          7,000         7,000
         Montreat I Triennium Conference                                                              9,500         9,500
  Total Youth                                                                                        16,500
                                                                  7,000     7,000      7,000                       16,500
Total Expense
                                                             997,009      962,926   1,036,898     1,071,623      995,367
Net Income                                                                                   0              0              0
                                                                 20,067    17,236

                                   COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY


       Received written reports of triennial visits to Bridgewater, Falling Waters, Martinsburg First,
       Second Opequon, and Staunton Third churches.


       A.       Gave permission to Mt. Carmel Church to form a pastor nominating committee

       B.       Approved the church information form from New Providence.

       C.       Accepted the calling agreement received between Augusta Stone and the Rev. Beth

       D.       Approved the new form of contract for all temporary relationships.

       E.       Appointed Rich Reifsnyder as liaison to the Parish of the Valleys.

       F.       Granted permission to CLP Tony Wilson to moderate the sessions of Ivanhoe and
                Wardensville churches.

       G.       Granted permission to the Rev. Rose Wayland (member of National Capital Presbytery)
                to moderate the sessions of Cedar Creek and Middletown churches.

       H.       Gave permission to Ron Wilkes to obtain moderators for the four remaining sessions of
                the Parish of the Valleys

       I.       Gave permission for the Parish of the Valleys to search for an interim minister

       J.       Approved creating an escrow fund for sabbatical assistance for small churches, not to
                exceed $5000 at any time, from unused funds from the Pastoral Care and Wellness
                budget for this line item.


       A.       That Presbytery approve the following proposed Manual change to include a new
                subcommittee of the Committee on Ministry:

       Pastoral Care and Wellness Committee

       1.   Membership:
            A chairperson and additional members appointed annually by the moderator of the
            Committee on Ministry
       2.   Duties:
            a. Offer pastoral support to minister members of Presbytery, educators serving the
                churches of Shenandoah Presbytery, and their families.
            b. Receive requests for a minister and/or certified Christian educator's Honorable
                Retirement; and plan an appropriate recognition at a Presbytery meeting.
            c. Coordinate the annual Necrology and written memorials for minister members.
            d. Plan and implement the Orientation for pastors new to Shenandoah
            e. Provide on-going support for newly ordained/first-call pastors.
            f. Recommend initiatives to enhance wellness
      g.   Provide educational resources and support for Sabbaticals for clergy and
           Certified Christian educators
      h.   Coordinate Triennial visits
      i.   Oversee the work of the Rehoboth committee
      j.   Provide a liaison to the Professional Development Committee; and in conjunction
           with that committee, provide opportunities for continuing education and enrichment
           for pastors/educators.
      k.   Appoint 'Colleagues in Ministry' for each pastor who is new to Shenandoah

B.         That Presbytery approve the following proposed Manual change concerning the current
           Professional Development Committee:

Professional Development Committee

1. Membership:
   Six persons, one of whom shall be a member of the Committee on Ministry and five at-large

     Six persons (three chasses of two each) one of whom is chair, plus a liaison from Pastoral Care
     and Wellness Committee of the Committee on Ministry.

2. Duties:

     a.    Promote and provide for continuing education for church professionals who are
           compensated by the church (excluding reimbursement), including ministers, Christian
           educators, commissioned lay pastors, and musicians, who may be serving in either full
           time or part time positions.
     b.    Promote the use of career and counseling centers.
     c.    Oversee scholarship funds for church professionals in their continuing education.
     d.    Provide pastoral oversight for church professionals and families.
     e.    Plan and conduct seminars or retreats for church professionals.
     f.    Offer help in preparation for retirement.
     d.    Administer the West Virginia Grant Fund in coordination with the Committee on

                             WORLD WIDE MINISTRIES
1. Partnership report - (1) Highlights of 20 year anniversary of partnership with IBS and
10 year anniversary with the Gore Hostel. (2) 20 minute power point presentation to
Promote Gore Hostel and the ICARE program is available. (Contact Mimi Moring if
interested) (3) Rev. Yadetta Kirita, Pres. Of IBS & Rev. Ayana Hedu, Gore Children‟s
Hostel director, will spend Nov. in Shenandoah Presbytery in honor of our 10th
anniversary with Gore Hostel. (Contact Cliff Gilchrest or Bill Cox if interested in having
him speak at your church.)
2. $2 Mission offering update - Total to date: $2,620.21 from 17 churches
Envelopes available at Presbytery office & at Presbytery Meeting. Designate as “2nd Mile
offering E132192.” Our goal is $32,000 with 90% of churches Giving.
3. New Wilmington Mission Conference - July 18-25 - Conflict with Montreat has made
it difficult to promote this for youth.
4. World Mission Celebration ‟09, Oct. 22-24, 2009 at Cincinnati. (Register on line).
Challenge „09, Oct 2009 in Shenandoah with Rev. Nuhad Tomah, regional liaison for
Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iraq as our speaker October 2-9, 2009. Make reservations for
churches at the August meeting of Presbytery or contact Homer T. Cornish.
5. Ramsey Funds distributions:
$1,500 to Lexington Presbyterian for trip to Honduras in May, 2009
$1,600 to Partnership Committee for trip of Doug Sensabaugh and Randy Webb to the
EECMY to develop an Urban Ministry Program in 6 major Ethiopian Cities
$1,500 to Highland Augusta Mission Community for trip to Baja, Mexico
6. The New 2009-2010 Directed Mission Support Catalogue will not be available until
2010 . It is on line (62 p.) at Mission Connections “Presbyterian World Mission Giving
Opportunities.” The Mission pledge form is also on line.
7. World Wide Ministries is looking toward planning a Mission Fair to take place other
than at Presbytery meeting in 2010. We would be interested in feed back on the idea and
possible location to hold it.
8. We continue working on “Catch the Mission Spirit” booklet, updating new entries. Our
goal is to get 100% of our churches involved in mission. We want all of our churches
“connected” to a PCUSA mission or missionary. We now have over 50% connected. (See
on line at

                                NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE


      Commissioners Needed for the 219th General Assembly of the PC(USA) in Minneapolis
      Minnesota July 3 -10, 2010. Don't just talk about change, be part of the change. Visit with Tom
      Hay in person! Applications are available on line as well as at the August Presbytery meeting.
      Please be specific when responding to the questions. Forms need to be turned in to the Presbytery
      office by September 24. Be part of the excitement in our connectional church today.


      That Presbytery approve Rev. Betty Dax to serve on the History Committee, Class of 2010.

                                       PRESBYTERY COUNCIL

At its meeting on July 14, 2009, the Presbytery Council conducted the following business:


        A.       Received reports on the work within the mission communities.

        B.       Stan Farthing has agreed to be Shenandoah Presbytery‟s representative to the Board of
                 the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy.


        A.       The following recommendation was approved: The Office and Personnel Committee
                 present the following terms of call for the position of Interim General Presbyter:

                      $70,000 Salary
                      $5,355 FICA
                      $22,050 Board of Pensions
                      $7,350 Travel (in addition to provided vehicle)
                      $1,500 continuing education
                      Moving expenses to the field
                      Four weeks annual paid vacation
                      Two weeks annual study-leave

        B.       The following recommendation was approved: The Office and Personnel Committee
                 nominates Elder Sally Hinchman for the position of Interim General Presbyter for a
                 period of one year, subject to renewal, beginning July 13, 2009.

        C.       Approved to continue to require a full audit of the Shenandoah Presbytery Corporation.

        D.       The First Reading of the 2010 Budget was presented and the Council recommends
                 bringing this for information to the August 22 Presbytery meeting. (see pages 8-11)

        E.       Approved that all $15,500 the Presbytery paid to the Virginia Westminster Foundation be
                 allocated for the campus ministry serving James Madison University and other university
                 students in the area. (Explanation: our Lutheran partners are terminating their role at the
                 end of 2009, and additional funding will be needed for the 2010 transitional year.
                 Presbytery funding for campus ministry will remain at $15,750 in 2010.)

        F.       Approved the request from COM that the COM be allowed to create an escrow fund for
                 sabbatical assistance for small churches, not to exceed $5000 at any time, from unused
                 funds from the Pastoral Care and Wellness budget.

        G.       Approved authorizing Council representatives from the Eastern Panhandle and Mountain
                 Valley communities to suggest names of male elders to serve in the Class of 2011 on the
                 Nominations Committee, bringing these suggestions to the floor of the August 22
                 Presbytery Meeting

        H.       Approved empowering chair of Council to form the newly elected Stewardship Education
                 Resource Team consisting of six elders and ministers.