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					                                                    Income Statement
Sales & Other Income             Expenses (con't)                      Other Expenses (con't)
New Whole Goods                  Service Salaries                      Lost Warranty
Used Whole Goods                 Office Salaries                       Lot Upkeep & Repaid
Part & Accessories               Other Salaries                        Management Fees
Service                          Manager Salaries                      Meals & Entertainment
Rental                           Vacation & Holiday Wages              Memberships
Attachments                      Bonuses Paid                          Misc. Expense
Delivery                                     Total Salary Expense      Other Taxes & Licenses
Warranty                         Other Expenses                        Office Supplies
Freight                          Advertising & Demos                   Other Service Quality Expense
Outside Labor                    After Cost Of sales                   Outside Services
         Total Sales & Income    Amortization                          Parts Discounts
                                 Bad Debts                             Parts Freight
Cost Of Goods Sold               Bank Charges                          Payroll Taxes
New Whole Goods                  Cash Discount                         Policy Adjustment
Used Whole Goods                 Cleaning                              Professional Expense
Parts & Accessories              Collection Expense                    Real Estate Taxes
Service                          Comeback & Redo                       Rent & Lease
Attachments                      Computer Expense                      Repairs & Maintenance
Rental                           Commissions                           Repossession Expense
Outside Labor                    Contract Labor                        Restocking Fee
Parts Inventory Change           Credit & Collections                  Sales Car & Truck
Other                            Credit Card Discounts/Fees            Sales Promotions
    Total Cost of Goods Sold     Current Income Taxes                  Service Shop Warranty
                                 Deferred Income Taxes                 Shop & Service Supplies
         Gross Profit            Delivery Truck                        Set Up & Delivery
                                 Depreciation                          Shipping & Postage
Other Income                     Director Fees                         Supplies & Tools
Volume Discounts                 Donations                             Tax & Licenses
Cash Discounts                   Dues & Subscriptions                  Telephone
Gain/Loss                        Employee Health Insurance             Travel & Training
Interest/Dividend Income         Employee Retirement                   Uniform & Laundry
Finance Charges                  Employee Other Benefits               Utilities
Cash Over/Short                  Expendable Tools                      Vehicle Gas & Oil
Other Discounts                  Farm Plan & Visa Discounts            Warranty
Other Misc. Income               Fines & Penalties                     Warranty Adjustments
Dealer Rewards                   Floor Plan Interest                   Warranty Parts
Administrative Fees              Forklift & Assy Equip                 Warranty Used
            Total Other Income   Franchise Tax                                     Total Other Expenses
                                 Freight/Parts Postage
Expense                          Fuel                                    Total Profit from Operations
Officer's & Owners Salaries      Insurance
Sales Salaries                   Interest Expense                      # of Income Statements
Part Salaries                    Labor Policy Adjustment               # of Locations

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