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									                   Resume Frequently Asked Questions
Should I include high school information on my resume?
High school is sometimes listed for freshmen and sophomore level college students seeking internships and
summer jobs that want to emphasize their academic record and activities from high school. It is rarely listed
for juniors and seniors and almost never listed for graduate level students.

There are 2 common instances when high school information should be included on your resume:

    •    Your high school achievement is outstanding in some way. For instance, if you were your high
         school class valedictorian. Even this may be dropped as you become involved with work within
         your major/career field.
    •    If the high school itself is unique in some way. If you attended a high school that is “known” for
         something. Benson Technological High School for instance in Portland, Oregon is known for
         Science and Technology.

In general, be looking for ways to demonstrate your skills in college, and lose the high school information as
soon as possible.

I attended other colleges before I transferred to UA. Should I list those other schools on my
You should NOT include any college or school unless you have completed a program such as a certificate
program or a degree. Many who include this information are trying to show “continuity”. Continuity is not so
important as SKILLS. If there are particular skills that can be demonstrated through the coursework taken,
then include it in a RELEVANT COURSEWORK section, or in the SKILLS section.

Should I list ALL of my work experience, even if it is not related to the profession I am interested
It depends. It is not always necessary or even desirable, to list ALL jobs on your resume. Ask yourself,
“Does this experience help me demonstrate skills that are relevant to the opportunity I am applying for?”
However, if you don’t have that many job experiences, it does not hurt to list them all.

Survival jobs can be listed in an Employment Summary section, or even become a footnote under
Education: “Worked 20 hours per week to supplement my educational finances.”

Should I use “I” in my resume to describe myself?
No. Personal pronouns should be avoided on your resume. (I, me, my, our, your, their, she, he) should NOT
be on your resume.

How long should my objective be? What should be included? (don’t have to include for graduate
A resume SHOULD be a stand-alone document. When looking at the resume alone an employer should be
able to determine what the candidate’s career goal is. Therefore a clear career objective is essential. The
objective should articulate both the objective AND the top skills that a candidate brings to the equation. For

Seeking a position as a staff accountant with the opportunity to utilize strong quantitative, analytical,
teamwork and interpersonal communication skills.

Should I keep my resume to one page? Are there other features to create more space on my
In general you should keep your resume to one page. However, in academics it is acceptable to have a
second page. You should not use the template Wizards.
As for creating more space on your resume you can play with different fonts, and font sizes. On your non-
scan-able resume you can widen the margins slightly. Start with 12-point Arial or Times Roman and 1 inch
margins top, bottom, and sides.

Do you think skills is a necessary heading? What kind of skills should I include?
Soft skills like communication, problem solving, teamwork, motivation should NOT be included here. They
are important, but should be demonstrated in your EXPERIENCE section, and on the cover letter.

Including a section that lists your computer, technical, and language skills is great. You might describe the
specific skills you used in each job description but also have a list of all skills under one category. For


Computer: WindowsNT, FoxPro Database, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Word Language: Conversational
Spanish and French Technical: T170 Particle Accelerator, various laboratory vacuum systems

Should I put my experience in chronological order?
If you are using a chronological resume format, the order of the jobs listed is really reverse, starting with the
most current experience first.

This gets back to the question of just what to include for experience. If the experience is relevant to the
opportunity you are applying for then yes, list it. But if you have a relevant experience last year, and your
current job is in fast-food do not mention the fast-food job, except maybe as a footnote under education.
“Worked 15 hours per week to supplement educational finances.”

How should I include my study abroad experience into my resume?
If it was truly STUDY only, then I would put a line or 2 under education. If it was STUDY plus the opportunity
to take part in work and cultural activities and travel, it may be worthy of highlighting in your EXPERIENCE
section. I guess the real question is how significant was the experience to you?

University of Arizona Study Abroad Program, Florence, Italy, January-May 2001
All courses taught in Italian: art history, literature, language, and economics.

How should I include Clubs/Activities? If only a leader? If only relevant? If only a member?
Employers are very interested in your experience with organizations on and off campus, which indicate your
interest and involvement in a professional field and philanthropic service. Include your memberships,
committee work as well as positions of leadership.

Some rare students have so many clubs and activities that they need to choose which are the BEST to
highlight on their resume. Others do not have so many. If you have 3-5 memberships/affiliations then list
them all. If you have more than 5 you may have to consider which are the BEST ones to highlight.


Psi Chi Honorary, President (2000/2001) Forensics Club, Member (1999-present) Sigma Delta Chi Business
Fraternity (1999-present) Intramural Rugby, Team Captain (2000/2001)

What size font should I use? What style? Can I use multiple style fonts?
Start with a blank document, 1” margins top, bottom, and side. Size 11 Arial or size 12 Times. Use one style
of font for the entire resume. By starting from here you will have more options when you start to go over to 2-
pages. You can use any standard font on your resume. Do not try script fonts or BIG BOLD 3-D fonts.
Remember, employers have seen it all. You are not going to impress them with your font choice.
Concentrate on content first, worry about how it looks later. Most resumes use Times Roman or Arial font.
Should I use bold and italics? How do I incorporate bullets?
Yes, you may use boldface, italics, indentation, bullets and other types of highlighting only for a fancy
formatted resume. A plain text format is needed for scan-able resumes. Certain elements of your resume
need to stand out for clarity and organization. Your headings for instance are often bolded and/or ALL
CAPS. Don’t overdo the italics. Use italics sparingly for the position titles in your EXPERIENCE section.

Bullets, bolds, and italics are a personal preference. Whether you use dots, squares, diamonds, or other, as
bullets, generally the purpose is to make something stand out. Over use of any style element reduces rather
than enhances the impact. For example: bold your school name, and bullet the degree, GPA, etc.

The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Expected May 2011
Minor: Creative Writing
GPA: 3.37

How do I correctly label my work experience? Job Title? Location? Date? Corporation Name?
The typical order is by importance: name of employer OR your job title first, followed by the city, state, and
dates. Dates are listed by month and year.

Company Name, Job Title, City, State, month/year-month/year.


The University of Arizona     Tucson, Arizona
Laboratory Assistant, June 2000-December 2002
• Conducted experiments on nutritional content of various common foods
• Learned and followed standard laboratory practices and standards
• Successfully assisted in completing research resulting in a published paper

Should I include GPA? Major GPA? Minor GPA?
General wisdom has concluded that the arbitrary figure of 3.0 is the cut-off for inclusion on your resume. So,
if it is 3.0 or above include it, if it is below 3.0 do not include it. Calculate your major and minor GPA’s too.
Same rule. 3.0 and above, include it.

How should I correctly list my current education? Institution? Location? Date of Attendance? Date of
Graduation? Both? Degree Name?
There are many different possible formats. Here are 2 common formats for the education section:


The University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Psychology May 2003
Cumulative GPA: 3.1 Psychology GPA: 3.3
• Worked 20 hours per week to supplement educational finances.

The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 2003
Accounting Major; Philosophy Minor
GPA: Overall 3.4, Accounting 3.6, Philosophy 3.5

How should I incorporate relevant coursework? What are the correct circumstances to include it?
What format should I use?
It is fine to include under the EDUCATION section a list of 6 to 8 classes that indicate your knowledge and
preparation for the job you are seeking (NOT FOR GRADUATE SCHOOL THOUGH, THEY CAN SEE
YOUR TRANSCRIPTS). Classes are often listed for students trying to get internships who have not had
much work experience. Listing classes is optional if you have significant experience in your work field.


The University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (05/03)
GPA: 3.1 Major GPA: 3.3
• Worked 20 hours per week to supplement educational finances.
• Relevant Coursework: Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Bioethics, Human
  Development, Human Anatomy, Social Psychology, Calculus

What kind of paper should I print my resume on?
A good quality resume paper available at any office supply, including Kinko’s or OfficeMax, Office Depot,
and our very own UA Bookstore. Try to stay with a solid, neutral color, not too extreme, maybe a little

White or off-white are the safest colors to use. They are the ONLY colors to use if you are going for
positions in science or technology. Accounting is another area where it pays to play it conservative with your
color choices.

Should I include references on my resume?
NO – the name and contact information for your references should be listed on a separate piece of paper.
Stating “References Available upon Request” is not necessary on a resume – it is OK if you state it and OK
if you don’t. All employers will assume you have a list of references available if you are seeking a job.

Should I use a template to create my resume?

    •    NO – just open a Microsoft Word document and set your margins and start typing. Templates take
         away your control of the format and they do not work very well for companies who scan resumes or
         receive resumes by email.

         Start with a blank document. 1” margins top, bottom, and sides. 12-point font. And just start typing
         in your information. Do not worry about style and formatting until AFTER you have the content the
         way you want it.

What information should I include in the contact information section at the top of my resume?
You should include your name, address, phone number, and email address. If you have more than one
phone number, like a home phone and a cell phone, then indicate which is which in your contact information.

If you have an email address that is humorous: for instance, create a more serious
email account name for your job or internship search. might not be very funny, but
you should not be trying to impress potential employers with your humor. It is more important to be seen as
a professional.

Here is a potential contact information format:

                                             Joan Smith

                             1234 Arizona Avenue #567 Tucson, Arizona 85721
                                 Home: 520-621-1111 Cell: 520-621-2222

What format should I use for "dates" on my resume? Should I include inclusive dates like from this
date, to such a date? What if I was only at a job or other experience for a couple of months? [return]
There are a few places where dates need to be listed on your resume. Whichever format you choose, you
should be consistent throughout your resume. Employers are NOT as interested in seeing length of
employment, as they are in seeing demonstrated SKILLS (especially for college students and new
graduates). Listed below are the places on your resume where dates are important, and several possible
acceptable formats.


The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (05/03)

The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (May 2003)


Wanderlust Productions, Inc., Tucson, Arizona
Production Assistant Intern (06/02-08/02)

HTC LLC, Chicago, Illinois
Finance Intern (August 2000-December 2000)

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