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									  November/December 2007
  Volume 1, Issue 5
                               AFSOUTH Battalion Newsletter
                                                              “Defending Freedom”

SFRG POC:                    Help! I’m a Military Spouse
HHC                          By Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer
SSG LaKisha Tucker           I hope everyone is enjoying this workshop series. Here is Lesson 2 Energy 101.    Any good scientific research starts with a baseline. Let’s get a baseline before you make any
  (Naples)                   energy changes. That way any changes that occur in your energy level will be more obvious later.
SSG LaTorcha Grant           So, open your journal and answer these questions. (We’ll be using your journal as a tool all through
   (Naples)                  these Follow Your Dream exercises. It’s a good idea to capture it all in one place.)   • How do you feel when you get up in the morning — raring to go or dragging out of bed? A good
                             hint might be how many times you hit that snooze button before you get up. Or are you one of
Jennifer Starn
                             those who wakes up at the same time without an alarm, ready to get up and get going?
                             • Do you hit a slump in energy during the day? When does it occur?        • Do you have lots of energy for activities in the evening, or are you drawn to simply sit mesmerized
                             in front of the television?
A CO                         • What time do you get up in the morning and go to bed at night? Does that change on weekends?
Elizabeth Goodwin            • Do you have the energy to go out in the evening during the week?        Okay, now you are ready to make changes. Have you heard that if you do something new for 21
Or                           days it becomes a new habit? I don’t trust that, so I go for 30. Here’s the idea. Commit to trying       these changes for 30 days. Just 30 days. If they don’t work, you can go right back to your old habits
                             and forget this. But at the end of 30 days, answer those questions above again and see if things
B CO                         have changed. To help remind you to do this for 30 days, use your calendar system. Any time I
Vacant                       want to change a habit, I use my calendar system. For example, when I read that I needed to be
                             eating a minimum of 2 fruits and 3 vegetables daily to help protect myself from cancer, I sat down
                             at one time and on each daily to-do list for the next 30 days I wrote: 2F/3V. That way, each day as I
                             checked off my list, I was reminded that I needed to be doing that. At first I’d forget, but seeing it
                             each day eventually got me to do it. And now, I no longer need to write it in. It’s a new habit. Try
                             that for each of the new energy habits we’ll discuss.
                             • Water. The first place doctors look when they hear someone is exhausted is to see if they are
                             dehydrated. Water is essential to energy. It helps your organs work right-and, oh yes; it helps your
                             skin look good. You’ve heard that “8 glasses a day” guideline. The idea is that you need the same
Individual Highlights:       number of ounces of water a day as half your weight. So, if you weigh 140, you need 70 ounces
                             which would be a bit more than 8 glasses that are 8 ounces each. But here are some caveats. If
  Company News        2      you drink coffee, tea, soda or alcohol, you will have to add one more glass for each one of those.
                             They are dehydrators. And you should add one 14 ounce glass of water for each hour of exercise.
  Chaplain’s Corner   3      Sound hard? It’s really not. I found a beautiful glass that I like that is MY glass. It holds 24 ounces. I
                             know that I have to drink 3 of those a day. I made a commitment to myself that I won’t have a cup
  Need to Know        4      of coffee in the morning until I have water first. When I have a glass of wine, I have a glass of water
                             with it. And I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere — in the car, when I walk, in meetings,
  Recipes             5
                             when I’m waiting in a doctor’s office. I did do the 30 days calendar trick first, of course. It worked.
  Did you know…       6      It’s become a habit. One last thought on the water thing. I heard a doctor describe it this way:
                             Adding water to your body is as essential as putting oil in your car. It helps lubricate your joints, it
                             helps carry oxygen to your brain, it helps with blood transmission (in fact, dehydration is often a
                             factor in strokes). More reasons to keep at it (and maybe an analogy that will work for the guys
                             reading this who are skeptical.) Drinking more water is one easy change that will increase your
                             energy. Get started on it today. Next week we’ll cover some more ways to boost your energy every

                             Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer are long-time military spouses, speakers and authors of the book Help! I’m
                             a Military Spouse — I Get a Life Too! (2d Edition, 2007). Info about their writing and workshops at
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HHC Company (Naples, Latina, Milan, Italy & Turkey)
A big “Thank You” goes out            will be Saturday, December 1          We will have more details on
to everyone who came out              at Carney Park.                       this event when they become
and supported our Army                Thanksgiving Potluck                  available.
Football Team Friday,                 Monday, November 19 around            Holiday Party
October 5 at the Support Site         11:00 we will celebrate               The SFRG would like to have a
Bowling Alley. With your              Thanksgiving by having a              Holiday Party in December. If
help, we were able to raise           potluck style lunch in the            you are interested in organizing
over $300 that will go                Battalion conference room. We         this event, please contact
towards the Tailgate Party            would love it if all out Family       LaKisha Tucker at:
after the football game which         members join us on this day.

Alpha Company (Naples, Italy)
Fall Festival
Our first ever Fall Festival will   tentative date set for our Holiday      Chausse at:
be Saturday, November 3 at          Party. We are still looking for
the Support Site Park located       ideas on where we should hold           Emergency Preparedness
by the Skate Park at 4:00.          this wonderful event. If you have       Meeting
There will be food, fun and         any ideas, or comments, please          Thursday, January 10 will be
games for everyone; i.e.,           contact Elizabeth Goodwin at:           our next meeting. We have
Three-legged Race, Bobbing           decided to have a meeting that
for Apples, Sack Race,              Key Callers                             will help up plan for different
Wheel Barrel Race and much          We are in need of Key Callers.          types of emergencies. There
more. We are also having a          The jobs of a Key Caller is to          will be guest speakers from the
pumpkin carving contest             contact your designated list of         Red Cross, NSA Fire
which we are asking all             Soldiers and spouses when the           Department, and NSA Security.
participants to bring their         Key Caller Roster has been              The meeting will be held in the
PRE-carved pumpkin to this          activated, which is usually once a      High School Cafeteria at 6:30.
event. This is a potluck so         month, and inform your contacts         Child care will be provided.
please bring your favorite          of the information given to you via     FYI: The Neptune Response
dish (the Unit will provide the     e-mail. This is a very important        exercise will be held sometime
meat, and drinks).                  job that only takes a few hours of      in January. Please check the
Holiday Party                       you time each month. If this is         Panorama for further
Friday, December 21 is the          something you are interested in         information.
                                    doing, please contact Katie

Bravo Company (Madrid & Valencia, Spain & Lisbon,
SFRG News                           Hispanic Heritage Month               Upcoming Events
The SFRG will be out of a           We hope everyone had a                Nov 7 Visit to the Change of
leader in the next couple of        great time at our fabulous            the Royal Guard (Palacio Real)
months due to a PCS. We             fiesta honoring our American          Nov 9 Dance Workshop #2 at
are looking for someone to          friends of Hispanic Heritage.         HQ (participants needed)
step up, be a leader and            The event was launched by             Nov 19-23 Sports Week at HQ
keep the community                  COL Zamot who gave a                  Nov 24 Visit to Museum in
together. This is a way to          patriotic talk about the unique       Toledo
keep events going and make          elements that define an               Nov 29 NATO Spouses Coffee
your community better.              American; “Not location, not          and Bazaar at HQ
Thank you to Mary Jean              race, skin color, or culture,         Dec 18 HQ Christmas
Fischer for taking the lead on      but a common belief in a              Party/Formal
the La Vida newsletter; we          specific set of ideals define         Dec 21 Commanders
really appreciate your              the American”.                        Christmas Toast at HQ
willingness to take over this       Congratulations to everyone           For more information call Brian
important task.                     who won for “Best Dish”.              Hilley at 91-512-6583.
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Chaplain’s Corner
When Dale Carnegie made a visit           Forgiveness is the oil that keeps        pain, no matter how bad it is. God
to Yellowstone National Park, he          relationships running smoothly.          can make you forget. Not by
saw a grizzly bear in the center of a     When we cannot forgive those             erasing the memory, but by taking
clearing feeding on some discarded        who wrong us, we break the               away the sting or the paralyzing
camp food. For several minutes,           bridge that we ourselves must            effect of the offense committed
the massive animal feasted alone.         pass. When someone offends us,           against you. That's what
No other creature dared draw near.        we cannot change the facts we            forgiveness is all about --
After a few moments a skunk               remember, but we can change              remembering to forget. We
walked through the meadow toward          their meanings and the power             cannot get ahead when we're
the food and took his place next to       they have over our present way of        trying to get even.
the grizzly. The bear didn't object       living.
and Carnegie knew why -- the              Some may think, "But Chaplain,           CH (MAJ) Paul Jaedicke
grizzly knew the high cost of getting     you just don't understand. You
even. (Max Lucado, The Great              don't know the hurt … the intense
House of God, pp. 121-122).               pain I suffer." Maybe I don't, but

SilentWar ior
When someone offends us, getting          God does. And God is more
even cripples the relationship.           powerful than your past and your

Back to School Help for Parents
With a new school year underway,          Information about financial aid and      National Assessment of
this is the perfect time for parents to   scholarships; Explanations of            Educational Progress Sample
help ensure that their children are       opportunities under No Child Left        Questions at:
off to a good start. For that reason      Behind; and Resources Online at:
The Department of Education             ex.asp?flash=true; Federal Student
developed a tool kit to assist            ve/schoolbox. To order a free copy       Financial Aid at:
parents with their child’s                online, go to:                 ; Choosing
educational development.         or call        a School for Your Child at:
Empowering Parents School Box             toll-free 1-877-4-ED-PUBS or mail
contains the following: Tips on           requests to: ED Pubs, P.O. Box           ind/choose/choosing.pdf.
working with your child from birth to     1398, Jessup, Maryland 20794-
high school; Skills children will need    1398. The Department of Education
in preschool, elementary, middle,         also provides these additional
and high school; Ways to be               websites for parents: Helping with
involved with your child’s school         homework or school projects
and teacher;                    ;

GI Bill Buy-Up Program                                    Antiterrorism Level I Training
                                                           By DOD and Army Regulations it is required that ALL Service
If you are an eligible active-duty Soldier,               Members, DA Civilians and Family Member age 14 years and
the GI Bill Buy-Up program can help you                   older to be given Antiterrorism training annually. This can be
get up to an extra $150 a month added to                  accomplished by going to and conducting
your standard MGIB “pay rate”. This could                 the training online. Once you complete the training, please print
                                                          and/or email the certificate to your Soldier’s Chain of Command.
increase your total benefits by as much as
                                                          Please encourage and assist your Family Members in completing
$5,400.                                                   this valuable training.
For more information, see:
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 TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Now More Convenient
 TRICARE has a new Member              To register visit the “My Benefit”      In addition, beneficiaries may
 Choice Center (MCC) for               section of the TRICARE website          receive a 90 day supply of most
 beneficiaries using the mail order    at:, or     medications for the same price as
 pharmacy. Once a beneficiary is                  a 30 day supply at a retail
 registered, the MCC will contact          pharmacy.
 the physician to obtain new           do or call 877-363-1433. Using
 prescriptions and forward them to     the TMOP means no more waiting
 the TRICARE Mail Order                in line at the pharmacy for
 Pharmacy (TMOP).                      maintenance medications.

 Study of Army Families Update Released
 The Army Family, Morale, Welfare      The report highlights some of         utilize Army Family services and
 and Recreation Command                the demographic changes               other resources. The study, along
 (FMWRC) recently released a           affecting Army Families, and          with other reports, is available at:
 2007 update to its long term study    how Families are responding to
 of Army Families entitled “What       increased deployment. The             ow_file.asp?fileID=523
 We Know about Army Families.”         study also looks at how Families

Full Replacement Value for Shipments
 The Surface Deployment and            destroyed while in the care of        nine months of delivery. Visit the
 Distribution Command                  the Transportation Service            SDDC website to learn more about
 (SDDC) is spreading the word          Provider (TSP), the member            FRV coverage and to download
 that most personal property           can recover the greater of            forms:
 shipments will be eligible for        $5,000 per shipment or $4.00
 full replacement value (FRV)          times the weight of the shipment      me. The SDDC website also has a
 starting in fall 2007. FRV            (in pounds) up to a maximum of        link to a customer satisfaction
 protection is available at no         $50,000 as compensation for           survey which allows military
 additional cost to DoD                loss. However, to receive FRV         Families to give feedback about
 members. For personal                 claims must be filed with the         their moving experience.
 property lost, damaged or             transportation company within

NEW Online Voter Registration
The DoD's Federal Voting               This will help those who may          If calling from outside the U.S.,
Assistance Program makes it            move frequently between now and       Canada Guam, Puerto Rico,
possible to Soldiers to save           the 4 Nov 2008 election to be         and the Virgin Islands, members
completed Online Federal Post          prepared for sending mailing          can call one the international
Card Application (OFPCA) and           address updates to their local        toll-free numbers listed on the
Online Federal Write-In Absentee       election official. Service members    FVAP website
Ballot (OFWAB) forms on a              with questions can reach the or by email
computer for future use.               FVAP toll-free at 1-800-438-8683.     at:
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  Asparagus Almond Casserole
  Ingredients:                                        Directions:
  5 tablespoons butter                                Melt butter in skillet. Add flour
  5 tablespoons flour                                 and blend. Add milk and
  3/4 cup milk                                        asparagus juice. Cook over
  3/4 cup juice from canned asparagus                 low heat until thick. Add
  3/4 cup mayonnaise                                  mayonnaise and mix well until
  3 15-oz cans asparagus (can also be                 sauce is formed. In bottom of
  made with just two)                                 2-quart baking dish, arrange a
  5 hard-boiled eggs, sliced (I left these            layer of asparagus, eggs and
  out)                                                almonds. Cover with half the
  3/4 cup blanched almonds (I used the                sauce. Repeat. Top casserole
  small bag of almond slivers from the                with cracker crumbs. Bake at
  baking aisle)                                       300 to 350 for 30 minutes.
                                                      Recipe courtesy of SFC Dori Pelley
  3/4 cup cracker crumbs                              Alpha Company

 Pistachio Cake                                       Directions:
 Ingredients:                                         Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray bundt pan with nonstick
 1 box yellow cake mix                                cooking spray. In large bowl, combine all ingredients and beat with
 (2) Small boxes instant pistachio pudding            an electric mixer on medium speed about 2 minutes, until well
 4 eggs                                               combined. Pour into greased bundt pan and distribute evenly
 ½ cup oil                                            amongst entire pan. Place in preheated oven and bake for about 45
 1 cup club soda                                      minutes to 1 hour; until lightly browned and until top springs back
 1½ tsp almond extract                                lightly when touched. Cool for about 20 minutes than turn out onto a
 Powdered sugar                                       cooling rack and allow the cake to cool completely; once completely
                                                      cooled, sprinkle with powdered sugar, cut and serve. Enjoy!!
                                                      Recipe Courtesy of Kellie Smith, Alpha Company Spouse

Kudos Club
Hails:                       Farewells:                      Promotions:                               Re-enlistments:
LTC Luis Moran               SFC Tanya Dickens               SFC Wyatt Smith to MSG                    SGT Weston Goodwin
MSG Scott Kress              CPT Juan Suero                  SPC Crystalynn Jennings to SGT            SGT Haley Zimmerman
SFC Olaine Martinez          SSG Sean Neuhauser              SPC Ryan Masinelli to SGT
SGT Erik Pope                SSG Jeffery Crane               SPC Dennis K. Thomas JR to SGT
SGT Michael Sanchez          CPT Steven Czap                 SGT Pedro Collado to SSG
SSG James Quinley            CW3 Donald Anderson             SPC Elizabeth Needham to SGT
CW3 Carol Hance              SPC Jesus Deleon                SGT Arial Dandridge to SSG
SGT Steve Burkhalter         SFC Rose McClain-Tyson          SPC Julia Seifert to SGT
SSG Robert Curtis            SPC Adrian Sperlich             MAJ John Wright to LTC
MSG Leonard Garner           SGT Elizabeth Needham           CPT Michael Castillo to MAJ
SSG Matthew Jones            SGT Veronica Hernandez          SPC Haley Zimmerman to SGT
SSG Kelly James              MSG Daphne Brothers             SFC Brian Roberts to MSG
SSG Christopher McBride      SGT Johnny Kidd
SGT Kharim Saladin           SSG Jennifer Dupont                                                    “Duty, Honor, Country.
LTC David Tiedemann          SFC Walter Gibbs
                                                                                                    Those three hallowed
SGT Thomas Davies            CH (MAJ) Paul Jaedicke
SPC Patrick Desimone                                                                                words reverently dictate
SPC Grady Gilmer                                                                                    what you ought to be,
SPC Daniel Ihnen
                                                                                                    what you can be, what you
SGT Joseph Vorndran
PFC Everett Ware                                                                                    will be”.
MAJ Peter McCollaum                                                                                 Douglas MacArthur
                                  Army Education News
   AFSOUTH Battalion              HAPPY NEW YEAR to all
                                  soldiers! It’s a new fiscal
                                                                     enrolled in GoArmyEd.
                                                                     GoArmyEd is the virtual
                                                                                                   amount of money
                                                                                                   available to you for Tuition
    Soldier & Family              year and that means your           gateway for Soldiers on       Assistance. You still
    Readiness Group               Uncle Sam has set aside            active duty to request        have $4,500 for the fiscal
                                  $4,500 for your education          Tuition Assistance (TA)       year.
         JFC BLDG Q
                                  this year. If you are not          online. If you are not        Spouse Education
       PSC 813 Box 156            enrolled in classes and            enrolled stop by the          Other good news,
       FPO, AE 09620              using your allowance you           Education Center and find     Coastline Community
                                  are missing a golden               out how you can enroll.       College has a new Military
           PHONE:                 opportunity. Come by the           eArmyU Tuition Rate           Spouse Program. They
      (39) 340-413-3044           Education Center in                Reduction You may             are offering a tuition rate
                                  Building Q, Room 140 and           have heard that there has     of $59 per unit and
                                  let’s talk about how you can       been an eArmyU rate           providing free textbooks
                                  take advantage of this Army        reduction. The good news      to spouses. Visit
                                  benefit.                           is that the reduction has     http://military.coastline.ed       100% Enrollment: We                been in the amount your       u and click on the Military
                                  would like to have 100% of         colleges are charging for     Spouse Program link.
                                  the soldiers in Naples             your tuition NOT in the

                                  Military One Source Telephonic Consultation Service
                                  Military OneSource is a 24-      Military OneSource can        service will provide up to 6
                                  hour, 7-days-a-week, toll-       provide a referral for six    free telephone consultations
                                  free information and referral    sessions per issue to         per problem for those
                                  telephone service available      professional civilian         overseas.
                                  worldwide to active duty,        counselors at no cost to      In addition, Military
                                  Reserve, and National            the service member or         OneSource offers a Web
                                  Guard military members           family member (please         site at
                                  and their families; and to       note in-person counseling
                                  deployed civilians and their     is only available in the      for information on a variety
    We’re on the Web!             families. Military OneSource     United States and Puerto      of topics and issues. Users
           See us at:             provides information             Rico). Overseas, Military     may also use the Web site         ranging from everyday            OneSource can help            to order educational
    This website is still under   concerns to deployment-          access the existing           materials (booklets, CDs,
          construction.           related issues. Also, if there   services provided through     etc.) at no charge and
                                  is a need in CONUS, for          the Medical Treatment         access consultants on-line
                                  face-to-face counseling,         Facilities. The new           on a 24/7 basis.

  PSC 813 Box 156
   FPO, AE 09620

                                                  COMPANY NAME
                                                  STREET ADDRESS
                                                  CITY, ST 22134

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