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Volume 3              Issue 6            June 2009
The June 8th meeting of the Dallas Amputee                      Hotline (972) 470-0505
Network was held at La Hacienda Ranch in
North Dallas. There were 37 attendees, 23 of             RESERVE THE SECOND MONDAY IN
whom were amputees. Marge Eckert signed                            JULY FOR
everyone in at the door and after dinner Randy           THE DALLAS AMPUTEE NETWORK!
Mecca opened the meeting with a hearty
welcome to everyone, especially those                    Our next DAN meeting will be on
amputees who came for the first time: Arthur             Monday, July 13th from 6-9 p.m. at La
Wheeler, Bettie Johnson, Tina Sartain, and               Hacienda Ranch at 17390 Preston Rd in
Bobby Hunt. We loved meeting them and                    Dallas. The restaurant is at the SE corner
sincerely hope that they will return to join us          of Summerside and Preston Road. Our
again soon. Randy opened the meeting with a              special speaker will be Dr. William Ertl,
few announcements. The annual Turning Point              whose grandfather invented the Ertl
Extravaganza was held at Bachman Lake June               method of amputation, a technique based
6th – there were many activities for people with         on facial reconstruction. Dr. Ertl performed
disabilities to test their skills, and also to try out   the leg amputations for Debbie Berger
                                                         and Mark Molina, two of our members. He
water sports using adaptive equipment. Randy
                                                         will be bringing part of his team which
Mecca had a booth to demonstrate disc golf,
                                                         includes a therapist, a technician, and a
and to offer tips for anyone who wanted to try
                                                         prosthetist. This team approach provides a
it. Tossing a Frisbee into a metal basket may
                                                         coordination of care for the amputee from
sound easy, but it takes a lot of skill and
                                                         start to finish. He has his practice at the
practice to be good at it. If you want to learn
                                                         OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City and
more about it, Randy will be teaching classes
                                                         will be bringing a video presentation.
at Heights Recreation Center in Richardson,              **********************************************************
starting in July and running through August.
Call him at (972) 953-7368 or (972) 238-2810             Our June meeting was to be our first "Meet the
for more information.                                    Sponsors" night and all the great companies
                                                         that have been supporting the Dallas Amputee
Our meetings are valuable in many ways: recent           Network were invited to come and join us. This
amputees gain information about prosthetics, the         group could not function without the help of the
rehab experience, and agencies that benefit them;        prosthetists and individuals who have donated
long-time members show the new amputees that life        funds and referred new amputees to us. We
goes on with adaptations to new circumstances; and       appreciate them all, and looked forward to the
caregivers can visit with other caregivers in a casual   opportunity to introduce them to the group as
setting. Many people think it’s not important to         vital contributors to our success. Unfortunately
come together once a month, but the information,         only three of our ten sponsors could be with us:
motivation or inspiration that is shared makes it        Jory DeLeon - AllTech Orthotics & Prosthetics,
worthwhile, especially for those with recent limb        Rachel DeRusha and Jason Reed - Hanger
loss. So please try and come to our monthly get-         Prosthetics & Orthotics, and Gary Strobel from
togethers— we need you!                                  Strobel & Associates Prosthetics, Inc.
                                                 Important for us all to remember---People
Our August meeting will be held at La           are like stained glass windows: they sparkle
Hacienda, 17390 Preston Road in Dallas,
on the second Monday. August 10th. Rose         and shine when the sun's out, but when the
Carter, one of our long-time members, will      darkness sets in, their true beauty is
tell us about her experiences at the ACA        revealed only if there is light within.
Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA. She will      Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
also relate her story about growing up in
Louisiana as a limb-deficient child, and the    Dr. Donald Weaver, a psychologist in private
lessons she learned along the way. Our          practice in Richardson, spoke to our group a
special speaker will be Doug Brooks who         few years ago about the many different ways
is CEO of Brinker International and a board     that amputees can come to terms with their
member of Limbs for Life. He was a close        situation. Before the program started, he
friend of Norman Brinker who recently           went around to everyone to gather questions
died, an exceptionally wonderful human          on particular problems experienced by the
being-- a friend to all, and a phenomenal       members, from bad dreams to anger,
mentor to so many. He greatly impacted          depression and denial. If we dwell on the
Doug’s life after the loss of his leg ten       past or our negative feelings, we must face
years ago, and he would like to tell us the     and work through those attitudes in order to
story of how he recovered.                      move on. Venting our feelings in socially
                                                acceptable ways (and to people who
                                                understand) is better than submerging our
Limbs For Life is a wonderful organization
                                                emotions to build up to a breaking point. And
that has helped so many amputees get a
                                                if we focus on positive, happy memories and
prosthesis through various fund-raising         use those feelings to uplift our spirits, we
events, and they also have collected used       can find the strength and the will to change
prosthetic limbs and supplies to send           the things that we are able to change, while
overseas for land-mine victims. DAN has         accepting what we cannot. To resolve bad
donated many legs to Limbs For Life             dreams, he suggested that we rehearse our
through Doug; he takes them to Oklahoma         dreams with a “positive twist,” a different
for distribution to third-world countries. If   ending that we plan before we go to sleep.
you have any used prosthetics or supplies       And a good way to combat pain or
that you’d like to donate, please bring         depression is distraction, whether it is music,
them to the August 10th meeting for Doug.       work, friends, pets, movies, anything that
                                                floods the brain and the senses with positive
VALUABLE RESOURCES                              stimuli. If you would like to have a group
                                                discussion on this important subject, please
DARS Regional Office 972-949-2400               call the HotLine at 972-470-0505.
CONTACT Adult Help Line 972-233-2233
REACH of Dallas 214-630-4796                    Suggestions for future programs or newsletter articles
Seniors Net 972-808-9863                        are more than welcome— Go to the Website BLOG
Senior Source 214-823-5700                      (www.dallasamputeenetwork.org) or call 972-234-5966.
Mission Arlington 817-277-6620
                                                There is an ongoing need for amputees to assist
If anyone wants DAN business cards to           with students in the Prosthetics Program at UT
give out to new amputees on peer visits         Southwestern Medical Center. The school pays
or encountered in public places, we have        amputees who serve as models to help students
a template that can be inexpensively            learn how to make and fit prostheses. If
customized for you. Contact Ellen at            interested, contact Susan Kapp of the Orthotics
(972) 234-5966.                                 and Prosthetics Department at (214) 648-1599.
PROGRAM:                                             Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach-
                                                     Helps adults receiving SSI or SSDI benefits
Kathy Dyer from Easter Seals North Texas             make informed decisions about the financial
came to tell us about the many benefits offered      and medical incentives for working.
to amputees, and explain the various programs
designed to resolve problems experienced by          Employment Services- For those who want to
people in need of assistance.                        work, matching your skills and interests with
                                                     opportunities for success in the workplace.
Easter Seals started out as an organization
devoted to crippled children, and has greatly        Habilitation Services- Helps people with
expanded their service into other areas. They        developmental disabilities learn and practice
are dedicated to advance the independence of         functional skills such as money management,
individuals with disabilities and other special      meal planning, and cooking.
needs, and they have a professional staff that       ―Reflections‖ for Women - Provides support,
is fully licensed and credentialed.                  social services and prostheses for women who
Kathy distributed some handouts about Easter         have had treatment for breast cancer.
Seals which included a matching quiz. We             ―Every Child‖ Program- The purpose of this
were to asked to match each of 11 programs           program is to remove children with disabilities
with a description of what that program offers,      from nursing homes to foster families who are
and through this exercise it was amazing to          committed to their well-being.
realize how much Easter Seals North Texas
does for people with disabilities of any kind.       Kathy’s presentation was very enlightening and
                                                     we thank her very much for her time. She left
The programs and descriptions are as follows:        her business cards in case anyone needs to
Personal Assistance Services- Provides               contact her. As Client Intervention Specialist,
intensive personal services such as bathing,         she is ready and willing to help— call her at
grooming, dressing, and mobility assistance so       (972) 939- 3963 or go to the Easter Seals
children and adults with disabilities can live in    Website, www.ntx.easterseals.com for more
their communities, rather than in institutions.      information about this great organization.

Home of Your Own Program-               Assists      SPONSORS OF DAN:
individuals with disabilities with a first-time      ** Advanced Arm Dynamics of Texas, LLC-
home purchase.                                       Dallas (214) 260-3197
                                                     ** AllTech Orthotics & Prosthetics- Cleburne,
Audiology- Provides a hearing evaluation and         Dallas, Granbury (817) 556-3699
consultation for a child or an adult.                ** Excell Orthotics & Prosthetics-
                                                     Denton (940) 243-4198
Respite Care Services- Provides periodic,            ** Doug Brooks, CEO of Brinker International
temporary relief for primary caregivers              and Limbs for Life Board Member
responsible for the daily care of a child or adult   ** HBO2 Works LLC, Dr. Stanley Thaw- Hurst
with a disability.                                   (214) 850-1780
                                                     ** Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.-
Social Service Case Management and Client            Dallas, Garland, Plano (972) 226-6496
Intervention Services- Education, information,       ** M-Power Prosthetics and Orthotics
guided referrals, peer and professional              Dallas (214) 265- 5060
                                                     ** O&P Designs, Inc.- Dallas, Garland
support, advocacy, and case management.
                                                     (800) 886-6244
Rehabilitation and Therapy Services- Includes        ** Strobel & Associates Prosthetics, Inc. Plano
evaluations for physical, occupational, and          (972) 516-9538
                                                     ** Synergy Orthotics & Prosthetics
speech-language therapy to improve functional
skills.                                              Plano, Dallas (972) 769-8344


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