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Other Degree received BE 183 BEA 1 BGD 20 BS 1 BS in Computer Scienc


Business Training Market Opportunities Qatar document sample

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									Other Degree received
BE                                183
BEA                                 1
BGD                                20
BS                                  1
BS in Computer Science              1
BSN                                 1
Diploma                             5
Diploma in Educational Management & Leadership
EDML                                1
Finance                             4
intership                           1
Marketing                           3
Masteers at AUB                     1
MBA                                 1
MD                                 62
MEM                                 1
Minor Business                      7
Minor in Biology                    1
Minor in PM                         1
Minor in Political Science          1
Minor in Psychology                 3
Minor in Public Health ,Health Teaching Diploma
MPH                                 2
MSN Masters in Nursing Administration
Not yet                             1
Nutrition                           1
Planning for a 2nd degree in economics at AUB
Prepared for MA                     1
TD                                 18
TD in Math                          1
TD in Science                       5
TD of English as Foreign Language 1 (TEFL)
Visiting one semester               1
Other Main Activity After Graduation
1 year preliminary at AUB-MC in Ped                             1
2nd major (BBA)                                                 1
A year off then graduate school                                 1
Agriculture food science                                        1
AUB-MC                                                          1
Bursary contract starting at Aug                                1
Clinical fellowship in research                                 1
Clinical training                                               1
Continue my PHD                                                 1
Continue Residency Specialty at AUB-MC                          1
continuing master at AUB and seeking employment                 1
Contractor                                                      1
either MA or Job                                                1
get married and leave to Ghana                                  1
go to Dubai look for job                                        1
Going back to my university                                     1
Health Management                                               1
I am a teacher                                                  1
I am negotiating a job here and there is possibility of working 1
I might apply for masters program at AUB                        2
I will be doing volunteer work abroad                           1
I will be going for a dietetic intership                        1
I will do my CFA & work at same time (Full time)                2
I will do my MBA in the future                                  1
I'm getting married this summer and then afterward search for job
I'm having a baby                                               1
Intership                                                      26
Masters at AUB                                                  2
MD                                                              3
Medical School                                                  4
Might seek other work                                           1
Personal Business                                               1
Prometed in my career job                                       1
Research                                                        3
Residency                                                      13
Seeking a second BS at AUB                                      1
Seeking employement intership for a year in order topersue my studies
Start own private practice in OBS-GYN                           1
Than look for a better job offer on MPH                         1
Training at a bank                                              1
Transfering to another medicine school                          1
Transportation , Structural Eng                                 1
Undergraduate BS-Pharmacy (LAU)                                 1
Volunteer Research                                              1
Will become a nurse at AUB-MC but interview not conducted 2     yet
working with my father                                          1
Field Q8
Accounting                                                               9
Administrative                                                           1
Advertising                                                              11
Agriculture                                                              5
Air conditionning                                                        3
Architecture                                                             6
Assurance                                                                1
AUB-MC                                                                   3
Audio Visual Projects                                                    2
Audit                                                                    8
Automotive                                                               1
Banking                                                                  33
Basic Science Research                                                   3
Biology                                                                  5
Biomedical Eng                                                           2
Building construction and contracting                                    1
Business                                                                 56
CCE                                                                      2
Charity work                                                             1
Chemistry                                                                5
Civil Eng                                                                5
Commerce                                                                 1
Communication                                                            9
Computer                                                                 3
Computer development                                                     1
Computer Eng                                                             3
Computer Science                                                         21
Construction                                                             10
Consultancy                                                              8
Contracting                                                              3
Corporate Finance                                                        2
CS philosophy instructor                                                 1
Customer Services                                                        1
Department of English Literaturein AUB(Position of Graduate Assistant)   1
Design                                                                   3
Development                                                              1
Dietetics                                                                2
Do not know yet                                                          15
Economics                                                                7
Education                                                                30
Electrical Eng                                                           15
Elementary Education                                                     3
Eng                                                                      34
English                                                                  1
Enviromental Health                                                      6
Events                                                                   1
Exchange Dealer                                                          1
Family Medicine                                                          2
Finance                                                                  46
Food                                                                     6
Genetics                                                                 1
Geology                                                                  2
Graduate Assistantship                                                   1
Graphic Design                                                           19
Health                                                                   17
Hospital Administration ,consultancy medical ,          3
HR                                                      9
Import /Export ,ware housing distribution /Logistics    1
Information Technology                                  7
Insurance                                               2
International organization                              1
Investment Finance                                      3
IT                                                     10
Journalism                                              2
Lab Technologist or Medical Representative              2
Landscape                                              11
Law                                                     1
M.I.S                                                   1
Management                                             10
Manufacturing                                           3
Marketing                                              49
Math                                                    1
Mechanical Eng                                          5
Media ,Buying and Advertising                           4
Media Theatre                                           3
Medical                                                12
Medicine                                               49
Middle eastern Studies                                  1
N/A                                                     3
Networking                                              3
NGO                                                     3
Nursing                                                30
Nutrition                                              29
OBS/GYN                                                 2
Oil and Gaz                                             2
Ortho                                                   1
Pathology                                               1
Pediatric Medicine                                      2
Petroleum Geology                                       1
Pharmacy                                                1
Physics                                                 2
Political Research                                      3
Power                                                   1
Programing                                              2
Project Management                                      1
Psychology                                              7
Public Health                                          11
QA/QC,Design,Oil& Gas                                   1
Radiology (Medicine)                                    1
Research                                               11
Sales                                                   4
Software Development                                    6
Surgery                                                 3
Teaching                                               26
Technology Infrastructure                               1
Telecommunication                                       5
Trade                                                   3
Uetranary Clinic Hospital                               1
Urban Planning                                          1
Web Development                                         1
Company Q9
ACS School                                               3
Advertising Company or other Services                    1
Aishti                                                   2
Al Farden Group                                          3
Al Makassed Philanthropic Association                    1
Albina or Laceco                                         1
Ali Abedul Wahad Co                                      1
Alumco S.a.l                                             1
Angorayan International Group                            1
Arabtech                                                 1
AUB                                                     13
AUB-MC                                                  72
Audi Bank                                                2
Bank                                                     1
Bank of Beirut,Private Business                          1
Bechtel                                                  1
Beirut International S.a.r.l                             1
BEMCO                                                    1
BLOM Bank                                                4
Boo Allen Hamilton                                       2
British American Tobacco                                 1
Byblos Bank                                              2
CBI                                                      1
CCC Consolidated Contracting Company                     1
Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB &I)                    1
Choueifat High School                                    1
Citibank                                                 1
City group London                                        3
Clear Tag                                                1
CNN international London                                 1
Combat                                                   1
Cooperative of Government Employee                       1
Cosmetic Company                                         1
Crown House Office Furniture                             1
Currently ABQ Zawya                                      1
Currently employed by st.Joseph school Cornet Chahwan    1
Dar El Handasah                                          7
Decovision                                               1
Delliote                                                 1
Developers Group Company                                 1
DMN Furniture                                            1
Do not know yet                                         141
Earnst and young                                         5
Edward Fawaz                                             1
El-Ahmad                                                 1
Elard                                                    1
elementry c2                                             1
Fayed exchange Company                                   1
Free Lance                                               1
Future TV                                                1
Generel Electric                                         1
Giant store Qatar                                        1
GRD                                                      1
Habtour                                                  1
Hamid group                                              1
HEC                                                 1
Hekma school                                        1
Hospital                                            6
Hospital Sacre Coeur                                1
Hourieh                                             1
HSBC                                                1
I am a teacher at st.Joseph School Cornet Chehwan   2
IATCO (Saudi Arabia)                                1
IBC                                                 1
ICAS                                                1
IDRAC                                               3
IL Padrino                                          1
Imaging concept                                     1
IMF International Monetory Fund                     1
IMPACT BBDO                                         1
Integration                                         1
Intercontinantal Hotels and Resorts                 1
International Academic of Kuwait                    1
International school of Choueifat                   1
Investcom                                           1
Investment Company                                  1
IT company                                          11
Khatib and Alami                                    3
KPMG                                                1
Landscape design Company                            1
LEO Burnett Saudi Arabia                            1
LIS                                                 1
l'oreal                                             1
Low Cal Diet Clinic                                 1
Lycee national school                               1
MA                                                  1
Mainly hospital or teaching at university           1
Makassid Hospital                                   1
MASCO                                               1
Massachusetts General Hospital                      1
May be USJ                                          1
MC KINSEY                                           1
MDACC                                               1
MEAC                                                1
Medical University of south Carolina                1
Medicap                                             1
MEEI                                                1
Mekinsey and Company                                1
Midex                                               1
Midle east Reporter                                 1
MidMac                                              2
Millennium                                          1
Ministry of Health                                  2
MJM group                                           1
Modern American School in Jordan                    1
MSC Lebanon                                         1
MTC Touch                                           1
Muhanna & Company Consulting                        1
Murex                                               3
My parents company Roots Sarl                       1
NA                                                  5
National Institute of Health -USA                  1
Navimex Holding                                    1
Neelwafurat                                        1
New Analyst       www.mideastwire .com             1
NGO's or Hospitals or UN                           1
NHS of the UK                                      1
None governmental Organization                     1
Own                                                3
PC                                                 1
Petrolac                                           1
Philip morris or R.J Reynolds                      1
Pioneer                                            1
plan to work in UN                                 1
Polystem Labs                                      1
Postdoctoral Research fellow at Yale University    1
Potentially Al-Hurra                               1
Private Accounting Office                          1
Private school (UAE)                               1
Proctor and Gamble (I applied for a job)           1
Prospective Technoline                             1
Public warehousing logistics                1
PWC                                                1
Qatar Gas                                          1
Research Company                                   1
Retailer /unholesaler                              1
Rothman Institute                                  1
saccal Entreprise                                  1
Salloum training                                   1
Sara corporation                                   1
Saudi cable company                                2
Saudi Ogero                                        1
Schlumber ger,total ,Exxon Mobil,Saudi Aramco      1
School Eastwood                                    1
Schools                                            7
SMART-DOT                                          1
Software or business company                       1
SPAN                                               1
THG                                                1
Transmed                                           1
UN                                                 3
University                                         2
University of Colombia                             1
University of Toronto Canada                       1
Urban Architecture                                 1
USJ broumana high school                           1
Verizon                                            1
VRESSO                                             1
WACB                                               1
Yamout optical center family business              1
Zublin AG                                          1
Which Universities Q14
AUB                                                                                 155
AUB Medical School                                                                  19
AUB,Arts & Sciences,PSPA                                                             1
AUB,Caltech,Aachen                                                                   1
AUB,LAU                                                                              1
AUB,LAU,Balamand                                                                     1
AUB-MC                                                                               9
AUB-University of London (SOAS) -ESA                                                 1
Balamand                                                                             4
BIU                                                                                  1
Boston university                                                                    4
Bristol                                                                              2
Canada ,Mc Gill university de Montreal                                               2
Case Western Reserve University -Ohio                                                1
CERAM France                                                                         2
Chalmer's University of Technology Sweden                                            2
CIHEAM                                                                               1
City University London                                                               7
Columbia                                                                             2
Concordia Montreal                                                                   2
Cornel                                                                               3
Ecole polytechnique federale de lausanne                                             1
Ecole Superieure de commerce de paris                                                2
Edinburg                                                                             1
EM Lyon France                                                                       3
Emory University , Pens University                                                   1
ESA                                                                                  4
ESCP EAP or ESA                                                                      1
ESCP-EAP France                                                                      1
ESSC Business School ,Paris France                                                   8
Florence Design academie                                                             1
Florida Institute of Tech of AUB                                                     1
France Paris V,Paris VIII                                                            1
George washington                                                                    3
German                                                                               1
Haighazian                                                                           1
Harverd                                                                              1
HEC Paris                                                                            3
It is the CFA institute                                                              1
Johns Hopkins University                                                             1
Kingston University London                                                           2
KTH,sweden,RWTH Germany,TUHH Humburg Germany                                         3
Lancaster                                                                            1
LAU                                                                                 10
London School of Economics                                                           7
LSE London                                                                           6
Manchester Metropolitan University                                                   1
Maryland                                                                             1
MIT boston,UCLA los angeles, CHEBAP Paris                                            1
MIT,Texas at Austin ,VSC                                                             1
MIT,University of Michigan                                                           1
MUSC                                                                                 1
N/A                                                                                  1
New york Medical College University of Texas Health science Center of san Antonio    1
Norwegian School of economics & Business                                             1
NY ,University of Kansas                                  1
nyerson university Toronto                                1
NYU,BU,Fordham University ,AUB                            1
Oxford                                                    3
Purdue University ,USA                                    1
Queen Mary University of London                           1
Residency in internal medicine                            1
Royal Institute of Technology ,Sweden                     1
Standford university                                      2
Supaero Toulouse France                                   1
Syracuse University                                       1
Technical University of Munich,Germany                    2
Telecom Paris (ENST),Polytechnique Montreal               1
Texas A& M college station                                2
Thomas Jefferson                                          1
TUM Germany                                               2
TVM,AIT,Norway university                                 1
UAMS                                                      1
UCF                                                       1
UCLA                                                      2
Universite de Montreal                                    1
Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB)                       1
University College of London,City University ( London)    1
University of Alberta                                     1
University of Bath                                        1
University of California Santa Barbara                    1
University of Chicago                                     1
University of Florida at Gainesville                      1
University of Houston                                     1
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaigne               1
University of North Carolina,Indiana University           1
University of Nottingham London UK                        1
University of Rading                                      2
University of Scotland                                    1
University of Southern California,Cornell University      1
University of Sunderland England                          1
University of Toledo                                      2
University of Toronto                                     4
University of Warwick                                     5
University of Waterloo                                    5
University of Westminster                                 1
Wayne state university                                    1
Westminster University City university London             1
Yale                                                      1
Which Field Q16
Accounting                                         6
Advertising                                        1
Aeronautical & Astronautical Eng                   2
Agricultural Economics                             5
Animal Science                                     1
Applied Enviromental Sciences                      1
Arabic                                             1
Archaeology                                        1
Architecture                                       2
Audio Technology                                   1
Basic Medical Science                              1
Basic Science Research                             1
Biochemistry                                       1
Bioinformatics                                     1
Biology                                            10
Biomedical Eng                                     1
Biotechnology                                      1
Business                                           47
CAD tools for VLSI computer eng                    1
CCE                                                2
Chemical Eng                                       2
Chemistry                                          4
Civil ENG - Structures                             1
Communication                                      10
Comparative Literature                             1
Computer Graphics                                  2
Computer Eng                                       2
Computer Science                                   21
Computer vision signal processing                  1
Construction Eng & Management                      1
Counceling                                         3
Creative and main sector cultural policy studies   1
Dermatology                                        1
Design                                             3
Do not know yet                                    6
ECE                                                1
Economics                                          11
Ecosystem Management or Health Behavior            1
Education                                          15
Electrical Eng                                     10
Elementry Education                                2
Eng                                                38
English Language                                   6
Epidemiology                                       1
Exhibit Design -Theory (related)                   1
Finance                                            41
Food                                               7
General Management                                 1
Geology                                            5
Geotechnical or Structural Eng                     1
Graphic Design                                     1
Health Management                                  7
HR                                                 11
I still do not know yet
Immunology                                         1
Industrial Design                         1
Industrial Psychology                     1
Information Technology                    6
Inorganic Chemistry                       1
Insurance and Risk Management             1
International Accounting of Finance       1
International Affairs                     1
international Broadcast Journalism        1
International Business                    1
International Marketing and Management    1
International Relation                    2
Internet Computing                        2
IS Management                             1
IT                                        1
Landscape                                 3
Language Education                        1
Law                                       2
M.A Psych                                 1
M.I.S                                     1
MA Comparative Politics                   1
Management                               25
Manufacturing Design                      1
Marketing                                 7
Math                                     11
MBA                                      15
Mechanical Eng                            8
Medical                                   7
Medicine                                 101
Middle Eastern Studies                    3
Molecular Biology                         3
MPH                                       1
NA                                        2
Neurology                                 1
Nursing                                   3
Nutrition                                17
OBS/GYN                                   1
Ophthalmology                             1
Organic Chemistry                         1
Pathology                                 1
Pediatrics                                2
Pharmacology                              1
Pharmacy                                  4
Philosophy                                1
Physics                                   5
Physiology                                3
Plant protection                          1
Political Studies                         5
Poultry Science                           1
Psychology                               10
Public Health                            12
Research                                  1
Risk Management                           2
Robotic and computer vision               1
Science Education                         1
Signal Processing                         1
Sociology                                 1
TEFL                              1
VLSI                              1
Voluntory Sector Organizations    1
Water Resources                   1
If Yes How Q20
Accept me as an intern in AUB-MC                                  26
Accepted in the Residency Program                                 7
Actually very little just recommended university                  1
An interview with CNN                                             1
AUB post                                                          5
Bursary Program in Collaboration w AUB-MC                         5
By Dr.Mariam Ghandour , Job fair                                 101
By Email                                                          90
By getting us offers for our training                             13
By giving me good degree and fondation for the future             1
By giving me the position of Graduate Assistant                   1
by informing us about working in AUB-MC,recreitment,meetings 2
By leaving my name with coordinator of medical lab student at AUB-MC
Career Center                                                     89
CBI employment                                                    1
Dr.Antoine Sabbagh                                                5
Dr.Tannous might help me if he can if not he also gave us applications to LIBIVOR for workshops which helps our careers
During my training period                                         5
Each dept.should offer students different opportunities and advice1
Exhibits                                                          1
Friends,Professors                                                1
Given me knowledge                                                1
Giving me recommendation letter                                   1
Graduate Assistant                                                1
Guidances                                                         1
Hardwork and stress                                               1
How to interact with others                                       1
I got a job vacancy for a medical company and I am applying       1
I have carried out a 3 months training in Abu Dhabi through the Engineering Career Center .
I will be working as a G.A next year                              1
Introducing as to companies in the field of study                 1
It has opened my knowledge scope to the business world            1
Job Fair                                                          87
Many schools contact AUB for teachers in all positions            1
Murex did a presentation in AUB                                   1
N/A                                                               2
No                                                                3
Personnel contact with AUB-MC Attending                           1
Recruitment presentations                                         1
School of Business,Assistant                                      1
Student Employment                                                2
Through Advisors                                                  1
Through Ms.Nadia Moufarraj                                        1
Through my advisor                                                1
Through Recruitment Presentations                                 1
Through several workshops                                         1
With help of professor Riad Chedid                                1
Workshop and business plan                                        2
Yes still teach at AUB                                            1
Suggestions Q21
A wider variety in the job fair                                                                                1
Add more                                                                                                       1
Advice students about different educational programs                                                           1
Ask more for economics Students !!                                                                             1
AUB Alumni                                                                                                     1
Be more honest and professional (Jeddh cable case in FEA)                                                      1
Be more interactive with students                                                                              1
Become more interdisplanery not limitted to certain majors                                                     1
Besides job opportunities we need real counselling                                                             1
Better Guidance ,More International Contracts                                                                  1
Bring more schools                                                                                             1
broaden the career search                                                                                      1
By Establishing Research Centers for International Companies on Campus                                         1
By providing more social services interms of Job opportunites and grad.studies outside lebanon                 1
career counseling                                                                                              2
Computer Science requires training .Training isn't obligatory in the CMPS department howevers.                 1
Constant contact with students and employment opportunities                                                    1
counselling for student , include all sectors in the job fair , nothing related to political studies was there.1
Create more job opportunities                                                                                  1
Develop better research opportunities                                                                          1
Direct approach to student by companies                                                                        1
Don't make students believe they have all their rights                                                         1
Each Dept to send jobs to its students                                                                         1
Emphasize in Practical Networking for Graduates                                                                1
Encourage post graduate to study more                                                                          1
Excellent                                                                                                      3
Expand the job fair to include opportunities for non business majors.                                          1
FEA career center                                                                                              1
Focus more on opportunities for the humanities                                                                 1
for Architecture and design dept.create an office for orientation and a GD Library                             1
Get more opportunities for many different majors                                                               1
Get job for undergrads none of us have experience                                                              1
Get more companies to do presentations                                                                         1
Get more job offers                                                                                            2
Give more Assistants to Ms.Ghandour                                                                            1
Give more financial aids                                                                                       1
Give recommendations to students to help with our future                                                       1
Give Seminars                                                                                                  1
Give them more money and more resources                                                                        1
Good                                                                                                           4
Have a career day to give people of each major options to know what fields they have options to work at.       1
Have it in each dept.seperately                                                                                1
Have more individual meetings for jobs                                                                         1
Have more opportunities for all faculties                                                                      1
Help students find intership in the hospitals                                                                  1
Help students more effectivelly                                                                                1
I do not really think it is up to AUB to do anything                                                           2
I think the career services should offer advising for students about job offerings                             1
Include more job vacancies for students with no experience                                                     1
Include stands for nutrition jobs                                                                              1
Increase Job Fairs events                                                                                      1
Increasing the vacancies sent by mail                                                                          1
Initiate a new program                                                                                         1
Invite companies rather than business ones to the job fair                                                     1
It should be more involved to student perespective                                                             1
Job Fairs                                                                                        1
JOb fairs are not enough , you should tell the students what jobs are available out there.       1
Job vacancies should include vacancies for frensh graduates                                      1
Just increasing the number of Job offers                                                         1
Let us know about them                                                                           1
Let us know they exist                                                                           1
Make courses more into practical                                                                 1
Make it more interesting                                                                         1
Make it more known of send services for all careers & fields                                     1
Make more announcements about their services                                                     1
Make more follow up and recommendations                                                          1
make more meetings                                                                               1
Make more seminars concerning market needs and capacities                                        1
Make one for the faculty of FAFS                                                                 1
Make one obligatory advising session for all graduating students                                 1
Make the career services choices more fair towards students                                      1
Medical school should play a more active role in helping students apply to residency programs    1
More activities like the job fair                                                                1
More advice for Social Science graduates                                                         1
More companies                                                                                   2
More conference & lecture before people become seniors                                           1
More connections with big companies                                                              1
More connections with Gulf oil ,Industrial Companies                                             1
More contacts in the job market                                                                  1
More diversified career services                                                                 1
More efficient help                                                                              1
More focus on education should be in the fair                                                    1
More guidance                                                                                    1
More help concerning job for new graduates                                                       1
More interships for sophomore and junior students                                                1
More job fair                                                                                    5
More openning for non-business and non-eng majors                                                1
More Orientation Workshops                                                                       1
More personel help according to capabilitie                                                      1
More publicity more contact with large international companies                                   1
More seminars and lectures                                                                       2
More work to be done in contacting graduate schools                                              1
more workshop                                                                                    1
N/A                                                                                              7
Need a bigger staff                                                                              1
Need orientation for graduate universities                                                       1
NO                                                                                              114
No I think they are satisfying                                                                   1
No it is fine                                                                                    2
No Its Good                                                                                      3
No suggestion                                                                                    3
None                                                                                             9
Not experienced enough to share in this                                                          1
not particularly                                                                                 1
not really                                                                                       3
Not to focus on Business students only                                                           1
NU                                                                                               1
Offer part time jobs for students within AUB relating to their major                             1
Offering custemized job opportunities based on cvs                                               1
Orientation for graduating students in relations to their field                                  1
Perhaps circulations in all depts from professionals                                             1
Pls care for GD students                                                                                 1
Provide career services in the economics dept.                                                           2
Provide me more job offers for undergrads                                                                3
Provide more jobs in different area worldwide                                                            1
Provide more workshops and interships                                                                    1
Provide part timejob for needed persons                                                                  1
Provide Short term interships in a student's area of Interest                                            1
Put more food industries for career services                                                             1
Research more the employment vacancies in all Lebanon                                                    1
Seek more jobs/career for students                                                                       2
Seeking job offer from international companies                                                           1
send the right emails for the right person                                                               1
Some teacher and advisor seem to be careless although they have a lot of contacts                        1
Submit vacancies for fresh graduates not with experience                                                 1
Tell us more about it communication                                                                      1
The career offers in lebanon are not attractive                                                          1
The careers are generally directed toward business need to be more electric                              1
The companies must have vacancies                                                                        1
The job fair is not necessary because they make their fair while in reality they do not need employees. 1
The job fairs are concerned with mainly business majors,more university needed.                          1
The person incharge of the career service should have more time to talk to the students and hear what1    they want
There shall be conseling centers                                                                         1
There should be a one to one correspondance betwen students and possible job openning                    1
They are great                                                                                           1
They do not send our CV's to the companies so they should do that                                        1
They should take care of each and every dept.on its own since in my dept Geology no one takes care of us 1
This university is so Buracratic                                                                         1
Through job fair for biology student                                                                     1
Through workshops provided to senior students                                                            1
To be more accomadating for non busineess or Eng majors                                                  1
To be more flexible not only sending emails                                                              1
To follow up when we send our CV to directed companies presentations on campus                           1
To have a profesional career advisor for each                                                            1
To have a specialist in career orientation and major orientation                                         1
To have more people responsible for this service                                                         1
To implement a PHD                                                                                       1
To inform recruiters of its top students                                                                 1
To organne our interships (hospital)                                                                     1
Training                                                                                                 1
Try to find more jobs for students of all majors and not only for specific majors.                       1
Try to get the attention of European & American Companies                                                1
Try to help the fresh graduates find a secure job before graduating                                      1
Try to include a wide variety of jobs for all majors since most job fair and offers on Business ,Computer1& Eng majors
Try to seek more fields                                                                                  1
Very fast,clear,organized                                                                                1
Very good services keep up the good work                                                                 2
Was not interested in this aspect                                                                        1
We need offers for fresh graduates for job                                                               2
What is That ?                                                                                           1
when sending email about job opportunities , they better be of fresh graduates qualifications            1
Yes 1-provide intership contacts pls.2-inthe career center emails specify the name of the company 3-job fair it lacked variety of field
Yes by assigning jobs to the correct field of study                                                      1
Yes give me feedback through emails                                                                      1
Yes Initiate trust worth Career Planning Center                                                          1
yes make it bigger and increase number of staff                                                          1
Yes Make it more reachable,More contact with abroad .                                                    1
Yes please add a dept.for career services in FAFS like you have in Eng.    1
Comments Overall Clearance Process Q23
A bit time consuming                                                                               1
All these surveys can be filled online                                                             1
Amazing                                                                                            1
BE is not included on this form                                                                    1
Better than 2000                                                                                   2
Better to be a "One Stop Shop ' but better than before                                             1
Can be done online especially filling this questionnaire and the address questionaire              1
Cashier too slow                                                                                   1
Change it                                                                                          1
Clear and fast                                                                                     3
Congratulations                                                                                    1
Could be less of a hassle going from room to room could be autometed                               1
Do it in one place please                                                                          1
Do not stress on finger prints                                                                     1
Easy                                                                                              30
Efficient                                                                                          9
Everything is well prepared and organized                                                          1
Excellent                                                                                          8
Explain more                                                                                       1
Extention of deadline                                                                              1
Extremly professional & quick                                                                      1
Fair                                                                                               2
Fast                                                                                              13
Fine and easy                                                                                      2
Friendly better with a complimentary Almaza                                                        1
Fully automated                                                                                    1
Geat job thanks to you all :)                                                                      1
Great                                                                                             19
Helping students in deciding on how to prepare for the next step                                   1
I don't have comments,I just think it is great system                                              1
I don't like the condescending manner in which a student experiences by the fingerprint office , if1they decline contribution
I makes us go to one place to another and a bldg to another                                        2
If possible make all procedure at 1 locations                                                      1
It doesn't require a lot of time to process clearance                                              1
It is a burden, going from room to room it takes longer if i do not want to donate money           1
It is a good process but it would be best if it had not have to be in different locations          1
It is adequate                                                                                     1
It is better if it was all in the same place                                                       1
It is convenient and not time consuming                                                            1
It is fair to all people                                                                           1
It is good process because it provide feedback and it helps students to keep in touch with their university
It is great relief that it is computerized                                                         1
It is great we do not have to pass by all depts anymore                                            1
It is just simple unlike other universities                                                        1
It is much more clear and smooth than the process in 2001                                          1
It is quick since most of it is in the same bldg                                                   1
It is really simple direct forward process                                                         1
It is smooth and fast                                                                              1
It is tiresome                                                                                     1
It is too long                                                                                     5
It is ver systemetics clear flexible but it is long                                                1
It is very organized and does not consume a lot                                                    1
It is very organized pretty good                                                                   1
It should all be online it is easier                                                               1
It should be done in one place rather than jumping from bldg to bldg                               1
It should be more concentrated in one place                                                       1
It should better explained to graduating students why it is done and what happens when it is done email AUB account it sould be ex
It takes time but efficient                                                                       1
It was a good experience and a good souvenir from AUB                                             1
It was a very nice and enjoyable clearance process                                                1
It was an easy process                                                                            1
It was easy going and they were helpful                                                           1
It was efficient                                                                                  1
It was fast                                                                                       1
It was fine and people were nice                                                                  1
It was good clearly stated with ojjectevies and easy to accomplish                                1
It was great                                                                                      1
It was quick and easy                                                                             1
It was quick and evertone was extremly helpful                                                    1
It was quick and well ordered                                                                     1
It was simple                                                                                     1
It was smooth and quick                                                                           2
It was very easy going thank you                                                                  1
It was very quick and clear and the assistance was note worthy thanks                             1
It's a little bit long                                                                            1
It's an easy process                                                                              1
It's efficient and effective                                                                      1
It's O.K                                                                                          1
Its swift and hassle -free so far                                                                 1
It's very easy and it takes a maximum 15 mins                                                     1
Keep on                                                                                           1
Lengthy                                                                                           1
lengthy could be shorter no way to avoid it even if I already applied for gradiate studies in AUB 1
Let it be online                                                                                  1
Long                                                                                              1
Long                                                                                              1
Long & redundant process                                                                          1
Make it all automated                                                                             1
Make it online                                                                                    2
Make it simple for CCE students not make us fill forms for our advisor                     1
More detail about graduation itself (Ceremony etc)                                                1
More info on reasons behind each step prior to going through the process.                         1
Mr.Mohammed Nassif is the only unpolite member in this university .                               1
Much better than previous years                                                                   4
Much more efficienct than before                                                                  1
Much more organized than before                                                                   1
N/A                                                                                               3
New for a 1988 id number student yet easier then before                                           1
No comment                                                                                        25
No for surveys                                                                                    1
None                                                                                              7
None very clear and detailed                                                                      1
Normal calm everything ok                                                                         1
Not complicated simple                                                                            1
Nothing Specific                                                                                  1
OK                                                                                                3
One of the easiest process in AUB                                                                 1
Online                                                                                            7
Open registrar till 5.00                                                                          1
Overall is OK but some emplyees treat students in a bad manner sometimes:)                        1
Pay us when we clear                                                                              1
People are very nice did not have to wait ,organized                                         1
People are young dynamic and smiley                                                          1
Perfect,extraordinary ,outstanding                                                           2
PO box keys for pre med students who wish to continue at AUB MC should not be turned in      1
Precise and fast                                                                             1
Quick                                                                                        12
Quite ,organized an easy process too                                                         2
Relatively simple and god notification system via email                                      1
Ridiculous ???                                                                               1
See you in the near future                                                                   1
Send via email the instructions of how and where to go to fill in the papers                 1
Should all be online                                                                         2
Should be more controlled                                                                    2
Simple & fast                                                                                9
Slow                                                                                         1
Small amount of time between end of finals and last clearance day                            1
Smooth                                                                                       15
So clear                                                                                     1
Sometimes it can be slow                                                                     1
Staff are being very nice which is new !!!                                                   1
Steps are very clear and easy to follow,No need to change                                    1
Students should be able to do it online                                                      1
Surveys should not be obligatory and should not ask for the name.                            1
Systematic                                                                                   4
Thank you                                                                                    6
The clearence process is more efficient online                                               1
The most important thing is that it should not be time consuming or a hassle                 1
The new internet part is very successful                                                     1
The process was extraordinary organized                                                      1
The steps are very easy and its a Good process                                               1
The web clearance made it easier than before.                                                1
These forms should be filled on the internet                                                 1
They always ask the same questions                                                           1
This is the second time i have done clearance it has been very much improved since spring 2002
This questionnaire should be filled online and be mandatory                                  1
This year i found it very organized                                                          1
Timing                                                                                       1
To much bearucratic work                                                                     3
To plan interships in the hospitals                                                          1
Too complicated                                                                              1
Too many steps                                                                               4
Too much forms to fill make it online                                                        5
U can finish ur clearence quickly since the offices are near to each other .                 1
Use only one form through the whole procedure                                                1
Very attentive and it run smoothly                                                           1
Very convenient fast process                                                                 1
Very easy and direct Thanks                                                                  4
Very effective                                                                               1
Very efficient                                                                               5
Very Fast                                                                                    5
Very good                                                                                    12
Very helpful                                                                                 1
Very interesting and easy                                                                    1
Very professional and fast Ms.Lina is especially nice and helpful                            1
Was not communicated well                                                                    1
Well Organized                                                                               42
Why it is too complicated          1
Wish it were in the depts          1
Wonderful as compared to before    1

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