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					                        Benignus January Newsletter

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. It is fun to see the children
after being out for two weeks. They honestly do like the structure of school,
even if they won’t admit it. Benignus Elementary is definitely a wonderful
place for your children. We all feel very privileged to teach and get to know
your children each day. The elementary years are a time to develop lifetime
       “A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in
       its vicinity freshen into smiles.”
                                          Washington Irving

                               January Dates
January 7          Community Forum – Klein Oak High School
                   7:00 pm – 8:30 pm – See information below
January 15         Geography Bee for 4th & 5th grade qualifying students
January 19         Student Holiday – Martin Luther King Holiday

Community Forum – Klein Oak High School 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Please plan to attend the community forum Wednesday night. During the fall
semester a committee of administrators, teachers and parents participated
on a district zoning committee. The very difficult task of developing new
zones for our students was the focus of all meetings. While numbers are
very important when developing zones, we must always keep in mind that
children are our number one priority. Benignus will be largely affected by
the new zone. I can honestly say that even though we have been over
capacity Benignus has an outstanding group of educators. I also don’t think
you will find a finer group of students and parents. It is very difficult to
lose students, parents and teachers to zoning; however, it must happen for
the benefit of all students. The proposed zone for the 2009-2010 school
year will have Benignus keeping all of Windrose and all of Springbrook.
Please see the information below that shows our numbers for the current
Current Enrollment 2008-2009                  Enrollment for 2009-2010
       Windrose 611                                  Windrose 600
       Springbrook 240                               Springbrook 200 - 250
       Gosling Pines 89                              0
       Rhodes Landing 66                             0
       Transfer due to Bilingual Status 32           Subject to change
       Intra-District Transfers 26                   Subject to change
       ARD Committee Placed 8                        Subject to change
       Tuition Transfers 4                           Subject to change
       Rural (Klein Oak zone) 2                      Subject to change

Many decisions could be made for special population groups such as
bilingual/ARD decisions, rural to attend a school that is under capacity.
Some intra-district transfers are teachers’ children, while others could have
been grand fathered for their fifth grade year. Therefore, as you can tell
from this information, Benignus should begin the 2009-2010 around 880.
With our capacity being 850, that is not very much over. Also, if the only
subdivision attending Benignus is Windrose, then our school would remain
very under capacity. That is not efficient utilization of a school with such
wonderful facilities as ours. I would also welcome you to view the State
School Report being sent out today. Benignus students and teachers did
achieve the Exemplary status for the 2007-2008 school year, which is the
highest possible status. That information supports my feelings for this staff
and community. Size is definitely an issue to be resolved; however, the
educational opportunities at Benignus are outstanding.
Recycle Bin
Please remember our recycle bin that is around the back of the school. We
have to have a certain weight limit in order to get money from the recycled
paper. We have not met that goal. This is an easy way to earn money for our
students. Please help us out!

If you need to come into the school building for any reason throughout the
day, please remember to leave the handicap parking spaces open for those in
need. This is a courtesy to those individuals needing the closeness or ramp
that these spaces have to offer.

Please be reminded that ANY prescription medication MUST be brought to
school by an adult in the original container with directions for administration
clearly printed on the label. Over the counter medication can be brought to
school by a parent or guardian, yet it must be in the original container with a
note from the parent or guardian indicating dosage requirements.

Crossing Guard Positions
The Klein Independent School District is in need a crossing guards. Benignus
in particular has been without a crossing guard at TC Jester since before
Christmas. If you are interested, please contact Al Wendland at (832)249-
Parent Tutors
This is an all-call for any community members that would like to tutor some children
during the school day. As the TAKS test approaches, we have a need for some
specialized instruction for particular students. If you would like to participate by
volunteering your time and expertise to our students, please call Misty Kainer at
(832)484-7705. I have also attached a sign-up sheet to be returned to me if you are
interested in helping.

Parent Tutors
Name: ___________________________________
Subject Area to tutor _______________________
Grade Level to tutor_________________________
Available day(s) and time(s) to tutor______________________