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					   “Think Exit at Entry”

Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
         Office of Education
             Think Exit at Entry
Education “Key to Rehabilitation and Reform”

   Do something with them while they are
    with us
   Put something in their hands to help them
    to successfully return to the community
   Provide a support system upon reentry to
    the community
                Do Something
   Comprehensive curriculum
   Individualized instruction
   Provide coursework with credits
   Courses tied to the State Curriculum
   Hands-on vocational training
   Vocational courses with dual credit
   Diplomas, GED, transcripts etc.
   Social skills courses
    Put something into their hands
   Withdrawal Forms
   Transcripts
   Diplomas ( High School, Special Education,
    Vocational, GED )
   Portfolios ( vocational certificates,
    performance certificates, work samples)
        Reentry Support System
   Advocates to provide support for the youth
    (portfolios, diplomas, transcripts, etc.)
   Transition specialists
   Job placement specialists
   Probation and parole specialists
   Accountability / tracking system
                                 DJJ Student Transition Model
Staff Responsible                                                                  Timeline
School Counselor                         Assessment ·Student Plan
Principal/Admin.                                                                  Within 30 days
                                         ·Portfolio ·Class Schedule
Program Manager

Cottage Life Supervisor                       Ongoing/Release                 Within a minimum
School Admin.                            ·Student Progress Update                            of
School Counselor                    -Student Assessment -Grade Review                  3 Months
Juvenile Probation and Parole        -Vocational Review -GED Review
Specialist                                ·Revise Plan for services

Juvenile Probation and Parole                    *                               60 days prior to
Specialist                                      Release Review
Cottage Life Supervisor                 ·Placement Recommendation                         release
School Administrator/Counselor     ·Portfolio Review ·Transition Activities
Parent/Guardian                                ·Set Release Date

Juvenile Probation and Parole                         Exit
Specialist                          ·Exit Interview ·Portfolio Completed
Cottage Life Supervisor                   ·Referrals to case Manager
School Administrator/Counselor             ·Transcript ·WD Form **               10 days prior to
Parent/Guardian                                                                           release
                                                                              Portfolios given to:
                                           ·Local School Enrollment
        •Use Conference Call                 ·H.S. Diploma ·GED                     Community Case Mgr.
               As needed              ·Employment ·Military Enlistment              Career Facilitator
                                         ·Post-Secondary Enrollment
         Student Transition Program
                    Training Module

   One of seven training CD’S
    (program overview, curriculum, special education, SST/ 504,
    behavior management, student records)
   Developed under contract with The
    Learning House Inc.
   Written by the DJJ staff
   Filmed on location with student actors and
    DJJ staff at the Sumter YDC

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