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NORTHGLENN NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION May Volume Issue Neighborhood Living by robertbell


									                                       NORTHGLENN NEIGHBORHOOD                                May 2006         Volume 1, Issue 1
                                       DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION

                                       Neighborhood Living
                                       Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal                                                Win a
                                       Landscape Workshop Open To All Northglenn Residents                            $200.00 Gift
                                       All Northglenn residents are invited to attend the fifth Northglenn
                                       Neighborhood Development Corporation (NNDC) homeowners workshop
                                       on Tuesday, May 23rd from 7:00—8:30 p.m. at the Northglenn Senior Center.
                                       This free informative program will focus on yard care and enhancements which will increase
Inside this issue:                     your home’s curb appeal, improve the appearance of the neighborhood, and add to the value of
                                       your home. The following landscaping themes will be covered:
What is NNDC?                      2
                                       ♦   Turf improvement and care - types of grass, aeration, fertilization, mowing techniques,
NNDC Workshops                     2       weed control, proper watering schedule, and basic maintenance of sprinkler systems
Home Ownership Pride
                                       ♦   Trees, shrubs, & flowers - species for our region, low maintenance varieties, perennials vs.
Program                                    annuals, planting procedures, and trimming procedures
                                       ♦   Landscape designers - This subject will assist in understand-
Reverse Mortgages                  3       ing the use of landscape designers to make your dream yard a
Board of Directors                 4       reality. This might be a moderate to significant use of plant-
Airport Noise Mitigation           5
                                           ings, rocks, mulch, water effects, and the potential cost of
                                           such a project.
Energy Conservation                5
                                       This will be a popular workshop and seating is limited. Reserva-
Design Services                    6   tions are required - call 303-252-3694. A $200.00 gift certificate
Home Refinancing                   6   door prize will be awarded. You must be present to win!
HOPPS’s Kid’s Page                 7
Business Partners                  8   Come See What’s Next!
Revolving Loan Fund                8   NNDC Takes Title to House 1, Lot 1 of the Perl-Mack Development
Egg Hunt                           8   In April, NNDC purchased 320 East 104th           house that was used as the former city parks
                                       Place, the first house developed in modern        offices from the City of Northglenn. The
                                       Northglenn.        This 850 square foot           council resolution contributing the property to
                                                      “Matchless” model of house         NNDC had specific language stating that the
                                                      sits on the corner of East 104th   property must be upgraded to be used as a
                                                      Place and Grant Drive. When        model and then sold to a homeowner. Up-
                                                      built by Perl-Mack in 1959,        grade plans will more than double the size of
                                                      the house sold for $11,500.        the house which sits on a 20,000 square foot
                                                      NNDC intends to add value to       lot next to Alvin Thomas Park and backs up
                                                      the property by adding a mas-      to Grange Hall Creek. The improvements to
                                                      ter bedroom suite and a car        1710 Leroy drive will substantially increase
320 East 104th Place, April 2006       and a half garage to give the property more       the value of the property and demonstrate to
                                       living space before selling it on the open mar-   homeowners and potential homebuyers what
                                       ket. This modest increase in the value of the     can be accomplished with a larger expendi-
                                       104th Place property will demonstrate to          ture of `money.
         Did you know?                 homeowners and new homebuyers what can            By completing the re-investment in these
   Median Household Income             be accomplished on a limited budget to im-        properties, NNDC will provide examples of
                                       prove properties in Northglenn. The pro-          the range of what may be done to houses in
            N.Glenn         Metro      posed additional bedroom in the house will        Northglenn. Homeowners and homebuyers
  1990      $49,957       $47, 861     increase its marketability to homebuyers who      will have creative examples how they can
  2000      $48,276       $52,328      require more room.                                improve their properties within their own
                                       Also, NNDC is obtaining bids on improve-          budgets. NNDC will continue to seek oppor-
                                       ments scheduled for 1710 Leroy Drive.             tunities to purchase and add value to proper-
                                       NNDC received title to the vacant and unused      ties in Northglenn.
                             Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn     303-252-3694       Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 2

Message from Board
President Steve Donelson           NNDC - What are we?
  I love Northglenn. I was         Northglenn Neighborhood Development              presented are designed to provide basic
born and raised here. I            Corporation (NNDC) was incorporated as a         knowledge to Northglenn homeowners on a
remember when it was one           private, non-profit corporation in mid-2004      variety of subjects. Seminars are held peri-
of the best master-planned         by the Northglenn City Council. NNDC, in         odically and notifications are mailed to
communities in the United          partnership with the homeowners and busi-        Northglenn homeowners.
States. It would be nice to        nesses in the community, is directed by a        NNDC has initiated the Design Services
get back to that lofty status.     volunteer board of directors which provides      Program to assist homeowners who are
  We all know that as              policy direction and oversight to NNDC           contemplating home improvements in mak-
communities age and grow,          staff.                                           ing sound reinvestment choices. Assistance
they go through cycles and         The mission of NNDC is to improve the            includes providing permit ready architec-
changes. Effectively man-          quality of life in the City of Northglenn        tural drawings, guidance in the bidding and
aging and anticipating those       through creative and innovative neighbor-        negotiating process with construction con-
changes is the key to a            hood revitalization. The board of directors,     tractors, and administration of the construc-
continuing quality of life         after careful deliberation of the data avail-    tion contract. The fees for such assistance
and to maintaining an              able, established five primary goals to assist   are based on a sliding scale in relation to the
excellent place to live.           in the revitalization of Northglenn’s            dollar amount of the proposed improve-
  Northglenn has proud,            neighborhoods.                                   ments. The most that NNDC will charge for
hard-working citizens who          Under the Homeownership Pride Program            the Design Services is $800, a mere fraction
deserve the opportunity for        banner, NNDC has established a number of         of the actual cost.
the same amenities and             programs to accomplish its goals. First,         The Redevelop and Resell Program allows
property values as their           NNDC is administering Northglenn's Air-          NNDC to purchase, add value, and resell
surrounding north metro            port Noise Mitigation Program (ANMP)             properties to stimulate neighborhood im-
neighbors.        Northglenn       that awards sound reduction improvement          provement activities. NNDC currently owns
Neighborhood Development           funds to homeowners in specific locations.       two properties that are soon to be improved
Corporation is an agent for                                                         by adding space. Through this effort,
                                   The Seminar/Workshop Series is an inte-
planning and administering                                                          NNDC will start to offer different housing
                                   gral part of NNDC’s Home Ownership Pride
changes to neighborhoods                                                            opportunities to homebuyers of Northglenn.
                                   Program (HOPP). Each of the seminars
that will help in revitalizing
Northglenn housing stock
and help bring Northglenn
back to it’s days of glory.
  We want the citizens of
Northglenn to have the
opportunity to stay and             Homeowner Seminar Series
prosper in their homes. We          Partnering with Northglenn Community Foundation
will be working with you to
upgrade your home and your          NNDC has partnered with the Northglenn Community Foundation to offer free homeowner
neighborhoods through the           education seminars to the residents of Northglenn. The first workshop was held in October 2005
combined efforts of our             at the Senior Center. The goal of the workshop series is to provide educational and timely infor-
organization, the City of           mation of benefit to homeowners. Topics range from financial information to landscaping and
Northglenn, and regional            everything in between. The four workshops presented thus far were:
businesses.                              1.     Reverse Mortgages presented and sponsored by George Goth of Universal Lending
  Please join us in our                  2.     Energy Conservation, co-hosted and sponsored by the Colorado Energy Science
support and promotion of                        Center and Conservation Construction
this effort. We all want to              3. How NNDC Can Help You presented by the NNDC
be part of the return to our             4. Financial Literacy presented and sponsored Woodrow Keener of Affirm Home
honored and long-standing                       Mortgage
tradition of being a great          Area businesses have contributed to this program by being financial sponsors and presenters at
place to live.                      several of the workshops. If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor a future work-
                                    shop we would be happy to discuss an opportunity.
              Steve Donelson        Workshops are announced on the NNDC website, in the Northglenn Connection, and notifica-
                                    tions are mailed to homeowners. Reservations are required for attendance at each workshop and
                                    can be made in person, by phone, or email. If you have topics of interest that you would like to
                                    see presented at future seminars, please call Kim at 303-252-3694.
Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn      303-252-3694      Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 3

Home Ownership Pride Program
Join Northglenn Revitalization Efforts
The Home Ownership Pride Program (HOPP) has been established to provide homeowners access                         NNDC Goals
to innovative educational seminars, affordable design services, and other services related to home         1. Stimulate the housing
improvement. HOPP’s mission is to encourage homeowner reinvestment, thus enriching North-                     market in Northglenn
glenn neighborhoods for this and future generations.                                                          through value added
Northglenn residents are invited to become members of HOPP through an annual membership.                      improvements and the
The $50.00 annual membership fee comes with these benefits:                                                   promotion of neighbor-
                                                                                                              hood beautification.
                             ♦    Access to discounted architectural design services                       2. Preserve and increase
                                                                                                              existing homeownership
                             ♦    Fast track of home improvement design approvals through City                levels.
                                  of Northglenn’s coding department
                                                                                                           3. Increase homeownership
                             ♦    Free access to HOPP educational seminars                                    opportunities for pro-
                             ♦    Special HOPP community partner programs                                     spective purchasers.
                             ♦    Sense of pride in actively supporting Northglenn’s revitalization        4. Increase marketability of
                                  efforts                                                                     existing homes to com-
                                                                                                              pete with neighboring
If you would like to join NNDC, your neighbors, and the business community in revitalizing                 5. Establish a revenue
Northglenn, contact Kim at 303-252-3694.                                                                      stream to support the
                                                                                                              organization's opera-
Reverse Mortgage - Can it help me?                                                                            tions.

A reverse mortgage is a government guaran-         surance. All reverse mortgages are non-
teed loan program for homeowners at least 62       recourse loans, which means you are guaran-
years old that converts a portion of the equity    teed not to leave a debt to your heirs or estate.
in your home into tax-free cash. A calculation,    Here is an example of how a reverse mortgage
based on age, the value of the home, and the       may be useful in your situation. Mr. and Mrs.
current interest rate is used to determine how     Jensen purchased their home in 1970. Based
much money is available. Generally the older       on the $193,000 value of their home, the age
you are, the more money you may receive.           of the youngest borrower (69), and the current
The proceeds of the loan can be paid to you all    interest rate, the Jensen’s had $102,000 tax-
at once, or at times and in amounts that you       free funds available. They paid off their exist-
choose, or a line of credit to be used as you      ing mortgage of $38,000 and had $64,000 to              Join us at the annual North-
wish. The money you receive, plus interest,        use however they wanted.                                glenn July 4th Family Festi-
must be repaid when you permanently leave                                                                  val.    NNDC will have a
                                                   Since Northglenn is encouraging homeowners              booth where we will be
your home. Because there are no restrictions       to improve their property, the Jensen’s could
on the uses of tax-free Reverse Mortgage                                                                   handing out information
                                                   take advantage of NNDC’s design services                about NNDC, sharing plans
funds, the money can be used for anything you      program to remodel their kitchen and upgrade
want.                                                                                                      for property redevelopment,
                                                   the landscaping.                                        having a bike raffle, and
You maintain title and control of your prop-       A reverse mortgage may not always be the                distributing free watermelon.
erty, and you can sell and move at any time if     best alternative in every instance. For more
you choose to do so. You cannot be forced          information on Reverse Mortgages, contact
from your home as long as you continue to          George Goth at Universal Lending Corpora-
keep it in good repair, pay taxes, and pay in-     tion, 303-420-9601.

                                                                                          The poverty level in Northglenn...
                                                                                          ...has increased from 271 or 3.7% in
                                                                                          1990 to 319 or 3.9% in 2000 while the
                                                                                          region’s level has decreased from 7%
                                                                                          in 1990 to 5.5% in 2000.
                            Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn        303-252-3694        Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 4

Meet the Board of Directors
NNDC is directed by a dedicated group of community and business volunteers dedicated to revitalizing Northglenn. The board
members give generously of their time and energy to support the mission of NNDC. Here is the Board:

                  Stephen W. Donelson, Esq., Board President, is a partner of Donelson Goodwin & Juarez, P.C. and has been
                  practicing law in the Denver metropolitan area since 1991. In addition to his juris doctorate degree, he holds an
                  LLM in taxation from Denver University and an MBA with an emphasis in finance from the University of Colorado.
                  Steve focuses primarily on commercial transactions and estate planning. Steve is a member of the Colorado Bar
                  Association and the Adams/Broomfield County Bar Association. In addition to serving on the NNDC Board, he is an
                  active member of Rotary and is current president of the Front Range Community College Foundation Board.

Brad Harvey, Board Treasurer, has been President/CEO of Horizons North Credit Union for nearly ten years. He
has worked in the financial services industry for over 22 years. Brad is a graduate of the University of Colorado –
Boulder, with a BS in Business Administration. Brad is involved in many community boards including the Metro
North Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer of the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Education Foundation, the Suncorp
Corporate Credit Union Supervisory Committee, and the Rocky Mountain CUES Council Board of Directors.

                 Fred Hoyt, Board Secretary, is President and CEO of Bornengineering, a consulting engineering firm. Fred grew
                 up in the Midwest and received a Bachelors degree in civil engineering. Following graduation, Fred spent three
                 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone, West Africa on a road and water supply construction
                 program. He then spent 10 years with a national architectural/engineering firm in Chicago becoming the director of
                 civil engineering for the firm while obtaining an MBA. Fred acquired Bornengineering in 2002. Fred is involved in
                 the Metro Chamber of Commerce, Urban Land Institute, NAIOP, South Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver
                 Homebuilders Association and serves on the board of the ACE Mentoring program for Denver Public Schools.

Al Gold, Board Vice President, has dedicated the majority of his adult life serving low-moderate income
populations through his 30-year employment with Colorado Rural Housing Development Corporation. During his
tenure, Mr. Gold has focused his attention on housing and economic development activities which have resulted in
the development of over 1500 single family homes, over 500 units of Farm Worker Housing and over 300 units of
multi-family and senior housing in communities across Colorado. Mr. Gold has strong alliances and knowledge of
various funding sources, is familiar with governmental procedures relative to all aspects of housing development.

                   Wayne Dodge, Board Member, has owned and operated Dodge Sign Company, located in Northglenn, for over
                   twenty-three years. He and his wife Carol along with his two children, Tyler and Claudia, are residents of
                   Northglenn. Wayne and his family are active volunteers in the community helping seniors each month with yard
                   cleanup, painting and landscaping through the City's Senior Cleanup Program. He volunteers for the Adopt-A-Trail
                   program, the "Snow Busters" program, Safe Street Halloween, and as Master of Ceremonies for the July 4th
                   parade. For many years his company donated over 1200 lbs of watermelon during the City’s July 4th celebrations.
                   Wayne is an active member of the Northglenn/Thornton Rotary Club, serves as Team Captain for American
                   Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and through his business helps to raise funds for local youth organizations.

Lisa Abeyta, Board Member, has lived in Colorado since 1992. At that time, she came here to obtain her Masters
of Business Administration at the University of Colorado at Denver. She fell in love with the state and a boy and
has been here every since. Lisa works as a Commercial Loan Officer for Liberty Savings Bank. With their sixteen
locations, Lisa “loves the fact that Liberty, allows her to focus on what is right and makes sense for the customer.”
Lisa has over twelve years of experience in sales and services within the Banking, Pharmaceutical, and Retail
industries. She currently serves on several committees and advisory task forces for a variety of local groups
including the Metro North Chamber of Commerce, Adams County Economic Development, and the City & County
of Broomfield.

                   Bill Sullivan, Board Member, has been involved in community, organizational and economic development in
                   Cleveland, New York, Puerto Rico, Madison, and Denver for over 30 years. Bill was instrumental in the
                   development of Neighborhood Capital Corporation, a national capital corporation that was formed to provide more
                   financial resources to non-profit housing developers. Bill was appointed by Gov. Owens to serve on the Colorado
                   State Housing Board from 1999 – 2003. He received the James E. Johnson Fellowship from the Fannie Mae
                   Foundation. In June of 2005, Bill assumed the role of Interim Executive Director of NNDC following the resignation
                   of the director. In January 2006, Bill was named as the permanent Director.
Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn        303-252-3694      Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5

Airport Noise Mitigation Program
In 2004, Northglenn was awarded $3.4 million as a result of a lawsuit settlement for noise viola-
tions from Denver International Airport. The Northglenn Neighborhood Development Corpora-
tion (NNDC) has been administering the Northglenn Airport Noise Mitigation Program (ANMP)
on behalf of the City of Northglenn. The funds disbursed are intended to help affected area
homeowners make noise reduction improvements to their homes.                                                  Area 1 Numbers
To determine how funds would be allocated in Northglenn, DIA provided information where the            Total Households            1150
violations occurred and the number in each area. Similar to other municipalities, Northglenn’s         Eligible households          642
plan ranked area priority based on the number of violations. This means the program began in the
highest violated area and affected homeowners were notified by mail.                                   Applications received        565

The three very specific areas in the Northglenn program are:                                           Applications approved        534

         •   AREA 1: I-25 east to Irma Drive and 104th Street north to a straight line across
             108th Ave. This area was completed as of December 31st, 2005.                             Total Awarded           $2,880,317

         •   AREA 2: A straight line across 108th Ave north to a straight line across 116th Ave.
             I-25 east to a straight line from the corner of Leroy Dr and Murray Dr north to 116th
             Ave. Letters were sent to residents in this area in early February.
         Note: As with other cities programs, there were no guarantees that all three areas would
         benefit from the funds. NNDC anticipates exhausting the funds in Area 2. It is unknown
         at this time if there will be future settlements to Northglenn.
                                                                                                             Visit us on the web!
         •   AREA 3: west of I-25 and everything south of 104th.
Only single family owner-occupied houses are eligible to participate in the program in each of the           WWW.NNDC.INFO
areas. Be careful of solicitors giving out inaccurate information about the program. Call Elaine
with any questions at 303-252-3695.

Energy Conservation Through Window Replacement
Rising heating and cooling costs have prompted homeowners to         Selecting the correct contractor is as important as selecting the
seek out cost effective measures to improve the efficiency of        right windows. Insist that your contractor employ licensed and
their homes. The most popular improvement is replacing the           insured installation crews. Request a list of referrals in your
windows in the home with new custom-built windows. The               neighborhood.      Most windows will carry manufacturers
benefits of this improvement far outweigh the costs and may          “limited” lifetime warranty designed to cover the frame materi-
include:                                                             als and the hardware of the window. A small number of con-
                                                                     tractors are now offering warranties to cover damage to screens
     ♦ reduction of heat and cold through frames and glass           and replacement of broken glass. Make a list of all of the fea-
     ♦ substantial reduction of air infiltration                     tures and benefits you would hope to receive by replacing your
     ♦ noticeable difference in sound transmission                   windows, and don’t’ be afraid to ask questions. If done prop-
     ♦ dramatic reduction of interior condensation                   erly, this is an improvement that only needs to be done once,
                                                                     and the benefits you will reap will last for many years to come.
The decision to replace windows in a home is an easy one. The
dilemma is which window brand to select and which contractor         For more information on energy conservation, contact Jim
to hire for installation and service of those windows. Try to        Todd at Conservation Construction, 303-237-1687.
select a window that is fabricated as close to our altitude as
possible, thus reducing unneeded stress on the glass units that
can occur during shipping.
                                                                              Your Window and Siding Experts!
There are many frame materials to choose from, including vi-
nyl, wood, composite vinyl, and aluminum. The material of
choice for many years has been extruded vinyl because they are
virtually maintenance free, have a lower initial cost, are tremen-
dously thermally efficient, and add cosmetic beauty to a home.
Demand that your new windows are “custom-built” to fit the
size of your existing window openings. Require that all glass is
“lowE” or “lowE2” (has a microscopically-thin coating of
metal oxide) which allows the sun's heat and light to pass
through the glass.
                                                                         8007 W. Colfax Ave.           Lakewood, CO 80214
                                 Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn          303-252-3694      Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 6

                                          NNDC Design Services
                                                      NNDC’s Design Services program pro-           The advantages of remodeling, adding
                                                      vides assistance to residential property      exterior landscaping or undertaking
                                                      owners in improving their residences.         other home improvement projects in-
                                                      NNDC will assist the homeowners in            clude higher home values, better home
                                                      developing design concepts, provide           safety, greater comfort and lower en-
                                                      working drawings and specifications,          ergy costs. By partnering with NNDC a
                                                      bidding the work, negotiating the con-        homeowner can expect:
                                                      tract, and administering the construction         •     An increase in the value of
                                                      contract. These services are provided at                your home.
                                                      significantly reduced prices to home-              • A better understanding of the
                                                      owners. By working with our architect,                  process of renovation.
                                                      a homeowner could expect to save up to             • Help in improving your home
                                                                                                              to accommodate your growing
                                                      several thousand dollars.                               family and changing needs.
                                                      The design concept services provided               • Time savings, lower stress, and
                                                      include:                                                peace of mind.
                                                                                                         • To work within your financial
This is an example of NNDC’s design services -             •   Interior Remodel                               limits.
façade treatments of the “Before” home above.              •   Additions to the existing struc-     For more information on NNDC design
                                                           •   Adding a new room                    services or to set up an appointment to
                                                           •   Façade treatments                    visit with us about your goals, call 303-

                                                        The NNDC HOPP Resource Directory is designed to provide contact in-
                                                        formation on a variety of resources available to Northglenn homeowners.
                                                        This list, found on the NNDC website,, is not intended to be
A second, more elaborate example of a façade            a comprehensive list of all resources available to homeowners but rather a
improvement to the “Before” home above.                 starting point we feel may be beneficial to the community.

                                          Should I Refinance?
                                          The decision to refinance your mortgage             refinancing programs, it can be worth your
                                          should be made only after careful considera-        while to refinance to obtain a smaller reduc-
NNDC is developing a small                tion. Traditionally, this decision has meant        tion in interest rates.
revolving loan fund to help               balancing the savings of a lower monthly pay-
                                                                                              How long you expect to stay in your home is
finance home improvements                 ment against the costs of refinancing. In re-
                                                                                              also a factor to consider. If you'll be moving
in Northglenn by offering                 cent years, companies have introduced "no
                                                                                              in a few years, the month-to-month savings
low-interest loans with flexi-            cost" and low-cost refinancing packages that
                                                                                              may never add up to the costs that are in-
ble repayment options to                  minimize or eliminate the out-of-pocket ex-
                                                                                              volved in a refinancing. If you have a first
lower income seniors and                  penses of refinancing. (These refinancing
                                                                                              and second mortgage on your property, and
disabled persons. The fund                packages compensate with a higher interest
                                                                                              want to refinance the first mortgage, you must
will ensure that resources are            rate, or by including some of the costs in the
                                                                                              discuss your refinancing options with your
available to assist homeown-              amount that is financed.)
                                                                                              second mortgage holder.
ers who are in need. Addi-                With traditional refinancing, the most often
tionally, using its non-profit                                                                If you would like more information on refi-
                                          cited rule-of-thumb is that the interest rate for
status, NNDC will seek grant                                                                  nancing options or first and second mortgages
                                          your new mortgage must be about 2 percent-
funds to further meet its goals                                                               call Woodrow Keener at 303-254-4600 or
                                          age points below the rate of your current
which will benefit the com-                                                                   visit Affirm Home Mortgage’s website at
                                          mortgage for refinancing to make sense.
munity. Look for more in-                                                           
                                          However, with the newer low and no-cost
formation and updates on our
website and in future news-
Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn           303-252-3694       Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7

                                     HOPP’s FUN PAGE
                                          For Kids ages 1—99
Planting a Child-Friendly Garden                         any of your garden treats.         Visit
Excerpts taken from the National Gardening Association or your local library to
Gardeners love to share their interest in                find listings of toxic plants.
gardening, and sharing with                                   Stake a claim. Section off a corner of
their children can be par-                                    the garden or yard where a child can
ticularly rewarding. Even 2                                   do as he or she pleases. It doesn’t
and 3-year-olds can help                                      have to be designed or even attractive,
plant their own little patch,                                 just a place where to explore without
and watch life unfold                                         risk of damaging your prized plants.
around them.
                                                              Let the children choose what they’d
Make gardening fun, not                                       like to grow. Most often, these will be
work and your children can                                    plants they recognize, such as pump-
develop a life-long love of                                   kins and potatoes. Plants with large
gardening. Offer encour-                                      seeds, such as beans, sunflowers, and
agement and how-to, but go                                    nasturtiums, are easiest for small
easy on detailed advice. If a child sees you             hands to sow. Though radish seeds are           HOPP, NNDC’s construction mas-
at work in the garden, he or she will want to            small, children delight in the almost instant   cot. Join HOPP in his fun as he
imitate what you do—the best way to learn.               growth and harvest.                             reads about gardening and
                                                                                                         completes the puzzles.
Here are some suggestions for making gar-                Children love hiding places. Consider
dening enjoyable, safe, and educational for              constructing a tepee from tall poles and
young children. Keep in mind that some                   twine, to be covered with climbing beans
plants are toxic and children should be                  and flowers. Be sure to leave an opening
taught to consult with you before tasting                for a door.


                                                                                      P V H A R V E S T C S
                                                                                      H S E S D E E W E U D
                                                                                      P C S G E Z L O M I                S
                                                                                      L W L A E N H U R W H
                                                                                      A A N U R T H T S O O
                                                                                      N T C X M G A R M R V
                                                                                      T E T Z S B E B T N E
                                                                                      S R B E I          W S S L S L
                                                                                      P H E R O S I              W G E R
                                                                                      S D D L I          N F Y O U S
                                                                                      S S F S P R I              N G R B

                                                                             BIRDS               HOE                SHOVEL
                                                                             BUGS                HUMUS              SPRING
                                                                             DIRT                MULCH              VEGETABLES
                                                                             FLOWERS             PLANTS             WATER
                                                                             GRASS               ROWS               WEEDS
                                                                             HARVEST             SEEDS              WORMS
             Neighborhood Living 11295 Washington Street, Northglenn      303-252-3694                     Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 8

                                                                       Business Partners
                                                                       NNDC would like to thank our business partners for their
                                                                       generous contributions that enable us to provide our services
                                                                       to the residents of Northglenn.
                                                                       Affirm Home Mortgage
                                                                          11178 Huron Street, Bldg. 1, Suite 203, Northglenn
                                                                         8471 Turnpike Drive #200, Westminster
                                                                       Colorado Rural Housing Development Corp.
                                                                         3621 West 73rd Avenue, #C, Westminster
Easter Egg Hunt - A Hopping Success                                      303-428-1448
                                                                       Conservation Construction
The damp weather wasn’t enough to hold back the crowds at the            8007 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood
First Annual HOPP Easter Egg hunt held on April 15th. The                303-237-1687
event was a “hopping” success with over 250 children attending.
The kids collected over 5,000 plastic candy-stuffed eggs, won          Dodge Sign Company
prizes, and got to meet HOPP the NNDC construction mascot.               3057 East 108th Avenue, Northglenn
NNDC would like to thank all of the businesses who made do-
nations: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill, Atlanta Bread Com-             Donelson, Goodwin & Juarez
pany, Boondocks Fun Center, Borders Books & Music, Dairy                 11080 Circle Point Road, Suite 190, Westminster
Queen, Dodge Sign Company, Good Times Drive Thru, Learn-                 303-450-1665
ing Express, Liberty Savings Bank, Saxby’s Coffee, and Wal-
                                                                       Horizons North Credit Union
                                                                         11455 Pearl Street, Northglenn
NNDC would also like to thank the volunteers from the Citizens           303-457-4224
Police Academy Alumni of Northglenn (CPAAN) for their time
and assistance.                                                        Liberty Savings Bank
                                Photo courtesy Gaye Monroe.               10693 Melody Drive, Northglenn
                                                                       Pioneer Sand Company
The Northglenn Cultural Diversity Event will be held at the               11010 Irma Drive, Northglenn
Peace Garden at E.B. Rains, Jr. Memorial Park July 12, 19,                303-252-1095
26 and August 2 of 2006 from 6pm to 6:30pm and will have a
representation of several cultures to talk about and put on a          Saxby’s Coffee
little demonstration of their particular culture. Bring the fam-         2135 East 120th Avenue, Northglenn
ily for fun, enjoyment, and a little cultural experience. For            303-255-4001
more information contact Marian Kimsey at 303-452-1125.                Universal Lending
                                                                         6775 East Evans Avenue, Denver
  A special Thank You to the City of
  Northglenn for their continued support
  and contributions to NNDC.
                                                                   Spot reserved for mailing information

NNDC Staff
Look for Spotlight on Staff in future editions

Executive Director           Architect Intern
Bill Sullivan                Echo Jimenez

Program Coordinator          Office Manager
Elaine Rhodes                Kim Snetzinger

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