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									                                                Jesse Kendall
       123 Elm Street ♦ Miami, FL 33183 ♦ H: 305-555-5555 ♦ M: 305-444-4444 ♦
 Expert Department Store Manager offering exceptional results across challenging markets. Demonstrated strengths in
 strategically positioning organizations to achieve significant growth and exceed revenue targets. Dynamic strategist
 accomplished in identifying, opening, and expanding new markets; address current and emerging trends with innovative new
 and profitable products and services. Successfully leverage expertise to create new opportunities and build business.

                                             AREAS OF EXCELLENCE
      Develop/Drive Sales Strategies            Product/Service Development              Partnership/Alliance Development
      Market Expansion                          Strategic Product Launch                 Sales Presentations
      Competitive Analysis                      Market/Trend Research                    Professional Development
      Client Relationship Management            Performance Management                   Team Leadership/Management

ABC Store, Miami, FL                                                                                     20xx-Present
Department Manager (20xx-Present): Manage the daily sales, merchandising, and customer service operations of a high-
performance sales team of ten. Establish a culture of excellence based on high standards and expectations for sales goals,
merchandising, and customer service. Develop training programs focused on organizational expectations; coach and
mentor the team to deliver customer service excellence. Evaluate performance and maintain accountability to rigorous
standards. Control budget, profitability, inventory, product placement, customer outreach, and vendor relationships.
Collaborate across the organization to foster optimal growth.
Coaching/Mentoring Achievements:
   •   Set high-volume sales and merchandising goals. Developed training programs that enhanced sales techniques,
       cultivated customer relationships, and met aggressive sales expectations.
   •   Trained the team to focus on complete customer satisfaction and maintaining customer relationships.
   •   Ensured sales staff embraced company standards and customer-centric culture, fostered positive customer
       experiences, and maximized growth.
   •   Devised and implemented programs focused on product knowledge, emerging trends, and sales campaigns.
   •   Designed and executed store-level training programs, and created trainings focused on the development of future
       leaders. Held Morning Fashion Seminars to increase product knowledge and boost sales throughout the store.
Sales Associate (20xx-20xx): Ensured exceptional service in accordance with the corporate standards for excellence.
Provided personalized assistance to customers with the goals of ensuring a positive shopping experience and establishing
a basis for repeat patronage. Positioned merchandise for maximum display effectiveness.
Selling Achievements:
    •   Earned recognition for management excellence as Sales Associate of the Month.
    •   Created highly praised and compelling seasonal and promotional displays.
    •   Effectively marketed credit card accounts.
    •   Assisted customers with apparel selections that best suited their individual body types.
    •   Built sales by recommending accessories, shoes, and complementary items.


                                     ABC COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Miami, FL
                                   Associate in General Business Management, 20xx

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