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									                                                                                                     123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183
JESSE KENDALL                                                                                    305-555-5555 •

Performance-driven retail sales professional with more than nine years of experience impacting organizational presence, profitability,
and performance through orchestration of high-impact sales and marketing strategies. Accomplished in operations management,
merchandising, personnel recruitment and management, and business development. Recognized as a forward thinker focused on
execution of key organizational objectives. Consistently exceed rigorous organizational expectations.

ABC STORES, Miami, FL, 20xx-Present
Support Manager
Train and supervise age-diverse staff of 20 employees, ensuring coverage across all store areas. Customize training delivery to meet
style of employees with various skill sets. Track and manage timely completion of projects. Increase efficiency of daily operations.
Serve on Safety Team.
Key Achievements:
    •  Selected for position from field of candidates with 15+ years of experience.
    •  Eliminated theft of certain high-dollar electronic products via new merchandising strategies.
    •  Reduced associate accidents from 24 in 20xx to 16 in 20xx via training on use of forklift and electric pallet jacks.
    •  Resolved escalated customer issues and decreased fraud by spending time on sales floor.
    •  Boosted productivity of unloading staff 30% through process revisions and daily coaching.

BCD CORPORATION, Miami, FL, 20xx-20xx
General Manager
Managed a team of 45 associates through four staff managers. Maximized store sales and profitability, supervised overall operations, and
effectively administered the operating budgets.
Key Achievements:
    •  Propelled sales by 58% from $7 million to $11 million through keying in on inventory processes, operational procedures, and
       service levels.
    •  Complied with ordering cycle due diligence, which resulted in an improvement of 2.4 inventory turns during tenure.
    •  Realized an operating profit increase of $341,254/149.8%, increased sales per square foot from $175 to $275, and boosted
       customer traffic by 22.3% after developing and implementing strategic sales and operating plans.
    •  Selected to turn around store operations, which was successful after reestablishing operations more closely aligned to the
       organization's short-term and long-term business objectives.
    •  Created a culture of customer service and sales excellence by attracting, hiring, training, and developing a top team and
       maximizing behavioral performances.
    •  Designed an innovative marketing model for tourist stores that was adopted throughout the firm.
    •  Earned recognition for a company-wide ranking in the top 10% for sales performance per square foot, store performance net
       profit, and maintaining market share against competitors, including Super Wal-Mart and Lowe's.

Earlier Roles: Co Manager/Assistant Manager

XYZ UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL, B.S., Business Administration/Management

Advanced Management Skills, American Management Association
Communication Skills for Business Success, Dr. James K. Van Fleet
Microsoft Word / Microsoft Excel

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