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					        December 2008 Issue
                                                  THE MESSENGER

                                 THE COMING
                                  OF CHRIST
                              Sometimes called the Advent Season,
                              Christmas is all about Christ’s coming to
                              begin the work of restoring the relation-
    IN THIS ISSUE             ship between God and fallen humanity.

                              One of the most common of Christmas
•   A Note From Pastor        traditions is the exchanging of gifts. This
                              reminds us that God gave His very best gift, His Son, so we could have eternal
    Mark, pg. 1
                              life. I hope this Christmas season as we celebrate Christ’s coming that when
                              we exchange gifts with family and friends we will remember God’s wonderful
•   Homecoming High-          gift to us.
                              Christmas is one of two times of the year that our unchurched friends,
•   Prayer List, pg. 2        neighbors and co-workers are more open to coming to church and hearing
                              about God’s love to them. I want to encourage you to take advantage of this
                              season of “openness” and invite an unchurched friend to one of our services
•   Woman To Woman,           throughout the month.
    pg. 3
                              One special service is on Sunday evening, Dec. 14th, our Children’s Christmas
•   Church Calendar,          Program. This service begins at 6 pm and highlights our children singing
    pg. 4                     Christmas songs and doing a drama about that first Christmas night. Immedi-
                              ately after the program, we will enjoy a Christmas.

•   Birthdays &               Another is our Candlelight Christmas Eve service, 7 pm on Wednesday, Dec.
       Anniversaries, pg. 4   24th. On that night, we will hear wonderful music specials, sing Christmas
                              carols and a short Bible message about Jesus’ birth. We will conclude with a
•   Youth Corner, pg. 4       candlelight singing of “Silent Night.” Please bring family and friends with you
                              for this special occasion.
•   Packages For Our          May God richly bless you,
    Troops, pg. 4             - Pastor Mark

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                       Woman to Woman
          “And they brought Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh…” Christ,
the boy child received presents fit for a king, as indeed He was and is! All of these
items were rare, precious and expensive. The Magi gave their best to honor the One
they believed to be the King, the Messiah. As we draw closer to Christmas, whether
we are dreading this season of gift-giving or looking forward to it with eager an-
ticipation, it will be on our minds. Are you doing handmade? Glitz and glamour
from the store? Are you like some of us who purchase gifts from June? Last-
minute? I think I will be doing a bit of all of the above, except maybe for the latter.
Christmas just isn’t the same for me without presents. Or, more correctly, not the
same for the kids without presents!
          Gold needs no explanation!! It is the purest of all metals, and a currency
used across the ages. It is the metal most presented to royalty, symbolic for the
title that Christ holds, as the King of Kings. Peter tells us in the book that bears
his name, that though we be tested as gold, and be refined, that it is the testing of
our faith by trials, hardships, pain, difficulties and the like, that will last through
          Frankincense is a milk-colored gum that comes from the Boswellia tree,
typically found in parts of Arabia, India and Persia. The bark is cut and the gum
oozes out in the form of tears. Its fragrant nature makes it perfect for use as in-
cense, and the Old Testament priests burned frankincense before God, believing
its aroma carried our prayers up to Heaven. This gift was symbolic of Christ’s role
as our great High Priest, whose life and death enable us to approach the throne of
God directly. Frankincense reminds us that our worship should be pleasing to
God. When we can worship God in the midst of our sorrow, our brokenness, then it
is a sweet smelling offering. That's why David said, "The sacrifices of God are a
broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise." (Psalms
          Myrrh (meaning bitter) is a resin produced by a small, tough, scraggly
tree that grows in semi-desert regions of North Africa and the Red Sea. This pre-
cious spice, which, like frankincense, had extensive medicinal properties, was most
notably used to embalm the bodies of rulers and kings. Shortly after this child’s
birth, He was given a gift to celebrate His life that signified His death. He was
born to die. He submitted to the will of the Father and accepted the suffering that
was His payment for our sins. May His action give us courage and strength to
press on, and not give in or give up.
          May we, too, yield to the purification process, presenting our faith (gold)
as a gift to our King. Let us worship Him even in the midst of our pain, and bro-
kenness (frankincense); recognizing that even as He drunk from the cup of bit-
terness and suffering, so too must we die to this world (myrrh) and live forever in
Eternity with the One who gave All He was, for all we are! As the Christ Child was
presented with perishable gifts by the Magi, let us offer Him the imperishable gifts
of our faith, our brokenness, and our obedience. Merry Christmas, and Bless-
Shelly Wilson

December 2008
Sun                    Mon       Tue                Wed                 Thu              Fri               Sat

                       1         2                  3 6:15pm-Family    4                 5                 6
                                                    Night Supper
                                                    Study For All Ages
7 Pearl Harbor 8                 9                  10 6:15pm-Family 11                  12                13
Day                                                 Night Supper       7:00pm -
3 - 5pm - 1st Annual                                7:00pm-Bible       Deacons Meeting
Ladies’ Cookie                                      Study For All Ages

14 6:00pm -            15        16                 17                  18               19                20
Children’s                       7:00pm -           6:15pm-Family
Christmas                        Leadership Coun-   Night Supper
Program &                        cil Meet.          7:00pm - Business
Reception                                           Meeting
21 Dinner On           22        23                 24 7:00pm -        25 Christmas      26                27
The Grounds                                         Candlelight            Day
                                                    Christmas Eve Svc.

28                     29        30                 31
                                                    New Years Eve

      YOUTH CORNER                       December Anniversaries                          December Birthdays
                                              Bob & Betty Phillips                  Greg Allegood                26th
        Youth Praise Band
            Practice                   And the angel said unto them “Do not
                                                                                               Packages For
                                       be afraid; for behold, I bring you good
  Sunday Afternoons at 4:00pm                                                                   Our Troops
                                       tidings of a great joy which shall be
          Fuel Bible Study             for all people; for today in the city of    Please have all supplies into the church
     Sunday Evenings at 6:00pm                                                        for the troop packages by Sunday,
                                       David has been born for you a Savior,
                                                                                     December 7th. All packages must be
         Youth Bible Study             who is Christ the Lord.”                      mailed by Tuesday, December 9th to
     Wednesday Nights 7:00pm           Luke 2:10-11                                  arrive to our soldiers by Christmas.
                                                                                   If you wish to send home baked goodies
                                                                                          please send them in “crush
                                                      “Glory to God in the         resistant “ Glad or Zip Loc containers.
                                                                                      Please bring baked goods either on
                                                      highest, And on earth             Wednesday, December 3rd or
                                                      peace among me with         Sunday, December 7th so that they arrive
                                                                                              as fresh as possible.
                                                      whom He is pleased.”          Thank you for your assistance in this
                                                            Luke 2:14                 ministry to our troops in Iraq and
                                                                                       Afghanistan this holiday season.

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