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									       Alpha Chi Omega Newsletter
                             Rho Chapter ~ Autumn 2004


Hello Parents and Alumni,
             This past fall was an exciting quarter
for Rho, as it usually is. With the addition of our
new members, initiation, and our philanthropy,
the quarter was packed with many unforgettable
events. Most importantly, elections for the 2005
Executive board and junior executive positions
were held. A retreat with both the 2004 and 2005
executive boards at the end of the quarter helped
to steer the new leaders of Rho into a successful
new year. All in all, it was a very productive and              We held daily workshops and practices,
memorable fall quarter. I would just like to say      and made the house completely spotless (yes,
that it has been a pleasure and an honor to serve     we actually cleaned!). Alpha Chi Omega looked
and represent my collegiate chapter this past         the best it has ever been in years. Mock
year. I wish Jennifer Calabrese and her new           recruitment was a great success, and so many of
board the best of luck.                               you showed up with other relatives and friends
                                                      that we ran out of seating. Your flashing
Sincerely,                                            cameras, roaring laughter, and booming
Amy Hoang                                             applause during our door chants, skits, and
2004 Rho President.                                   preference song were very encouraging. We
                                                      appreciated your support tremendously.
          The Alpha Chi Omega Rho chapter had
an extremely busy and successful fall quarter.
You will be pleased to know that our chapter was
ranked sixth in grades out of the total sixteen
sororities for spring quarter, and we are
constantly striving to do even better. We have
been up to a lot this past quarter and although it
is tough to put it in a short newsletter, we would
like to share our accomplishments so far with all
of you….

          Many of you might have been a little
hesitant to let your daughters leave home three
weeks early, but rest assured, we were hard at
work since the beginning of September preparing
for recruitment. Our recruitment chairs Anna
Sutter and Becky Sullivan tirelessly slaved away                To take a bit of the edge off of pre-rush,
all summer to get ready for these very pertinent      we held our first annual “80’s Prom”. The girls
weeks before school started. During pre-rush we       dug through their older sisters’ closets and thrift
woke up at the early hour of 8:30 a.m. to practice    stores for old 80’s prom dresses (picture puffy
our beloved traditional door chants. Aside from       sleeves, metallic colors, and lots of velvet and
the daily complaints from neighboring fraternities,   lace), spent hours teasing their hair, and applying
the chants really pumped all the girls up for the     the brightest make-up they could find. We cruised
two weeks of preparation and recruitment.             over to the Bellevue Community Center in style,
                                                      pulling up in Excursion limos and dancing the
                                                      night away to Billy Idol and Cyndi Lauper. It was
the perfect way to unwind and just enjoy each            Big Sis/Lil Sis Week
other’s company.                                         Christmas came early this year for the new
          At the end of a long but satisfying week       members during the week of November 15 , the
of recruitment, we welcomed twenty-five                  sophomore class surprising their little sis with
wonderful new ladies to Alpha Chi Omega,                 gifts every morning. These first four days were in
including two legacies. We celebrated bid week           anticipation for “Reveal,” where the new
with a day dedicated to each class: a pizza and          members finally found out their big sis.
swim party with the sophomore class, bowling             Mystagogue Stephanie Goodman and VP of
with the junior class, and broom ball with the           Education Lauren Hunt paired up all the girls and
senior class. And of course, bid week would not          had to work extra hard to keep their lips sealed
be the same without serenades from fraternities.         from the new members. The sophomore class
Those weeks of preparation really paid off.              was assigned specific items each day, but there
                                                         were no limits to their creativity. One morning the
                                                         new members woke up to posters plastered all
                                                         over the hallways, some displaying the girls’
                                                         favorite movies or TV shows, and others with
                                                         quotes or poems. Another morning the new
                                                         members received containers filled with their
                                                         “favorites,” from candy to CD’s to make-up.
                                                                   At the end of the week, the new
                                                         members received pajamas matching those of
                                                         their families, and through a game of Bingo, the
                                                         new members were revealed one by one to the
                                                         sophomores. We celebrated that evening with
                                                         “family” pictures and visiting friends around the
                                                         Greek system to introduce the new family

Founders Day
          Alpha Chi Omega was founded on
October 15, 1885, and in appreciation of our
sorority’s birthday, we held a Founders Day
celebration at Overlake golf course on October
23. Jen Calabrese, Vice President of Fraternity
Relations, organized a wonderful event. We were
lucky enough to have alumni from several
different classes attend, showing the dedication
from the women of Alpha Chi Omega. Julie
Kiyonaga and Marissa Neff were both awarded
$1,000 scholarships from the Alumni and
Panhellenic associations, and we are extremely
proud of their achievements. After a day of sitting
and listening attentively in their chapter attire, the
girls were ready to let loose at Fall Cruise.

Fall Cruise                                              The Lebowski Challenge
          A favorite dance for many of the girls,                  Based on the movie “The Big Lebowski,”
Fall Cruise was held the evening of October 23           we decided to continue our philanthropy idea
on a double-decker Argosy boat with a dance              from last year with our second annual Lebowski
floor, DJ, two bars, and snack table. Our Dance          Bowl-a-Thon, held on December 1 -3rd
Chair Ruthie Schneller planned the entire event,         benefiting Eastside Domestic Violence. In
working hard to make sure everyone had an                preparation for the event, Fundraising Chairs
awesome time. Although there was no set theme            Katie Carlton and Jenny Tvedt organized Krispy
for the dance, couples got creative, some                Kreme sales all around campus, and forcing
sporting army gear, others in cowboy hats, and a         ourselves to resist the temptation to snack on the
few even went “mad for plaid.” The cruise, lasting       doughnuts, we ended up selling out before the
three hours, traveled all around Lake Union,             day was over. Dani Aaro, our Philanthropy Chair,
hitting some of the most beautiful spots in              extended the Lebowski Challenge to three days
Seattle. Everyone had a great time, and the new          this year, with a viewing of the movie on the first
members especially are looking forward to future         night and a dinner honoring the winning team on
dances.                                                  the third night. Sixteen teams of four participated
                                                         this year from different fraternities and sororities,
raising over $900. Teams really got into the           Eastside Domestic Violence, an incredibly worthy
competition, practicing their bowling skills days in   charity.
advance and planning teams outfits for the event.
We were all pleased to present a check to
Elections                                              Holiday Party
         It was a close election this year with so                The surprises continued for the new
many qualified candidates, and we are pleased to       members with this yearly holiday tradition, most
introduce to you our Executive Officers for the        of it in gratitude to all of you. With the belief that
2005 school year:                                      our house has not been allowed to be decorated
                                                       due to its potentially hazardous effects ingrained
President: Jennifer Calabrese                          in the new members’ heads, we all gathered at
VP Risk Management: Ashley Loncon                      California Pizza Kitchen the evening of
VP Chapter Standards and Relations: Lindsey            November 30 to make room for the mandatory
Bratner                                                “fire inspection.” Little did the new members know
VP Recruitment: Krystal Brokaw                         that during that time, parents were hard at work.
VP Finance Payables: Haleigh Hawes                     When the new members returned to the house,
VP Finance Receivables: Janet Reid                     they were surprised with holiday decorations,
VP Education: Brisa Leachman                           treats, pillows from their big sis, and even
VP Communications: Katie Carlton                       pictures with Santa Claus. It was the perfect way
VP Fraternity Relations: Dani Aaro                     to kick off the holiday season.
VP Intellectual Development:
Jamie Cato                                             QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS?
VP Membership Development:
Tracey Miyazaki                                        Contact:
Panhellenic Delegate: Heidi Harrison                   Dani Aaro, VP Fraternity Relations
                                                       4545 17 Ave NE
                                                       Seattle, WA 98105
Congratulations as well to the new Junior     or
Executive Officers. We have an amazing group of        Kellie Hwang, Publications Chair
leaders and are eager to share their         
accomplishments to come.

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