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12, Avenue de la gare
CH – 1001 Lausanne

Phone +41 (0) 213453535
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President: Mr. Ruben Acosta
Secretary General: Mr. Gerardo Seeliger
Beach Volleyball Co-ordinator: Mr. Angelo Squeo


Via Vitorchiano, 113
00189 - Rome

Phone +39 06 36859524
Fax + 39 06 36859429



President: Dr. Carlo Magri
Secretary General: Mr. Alberto Rabiti
Representative of OCMGP 2009: Mr. Libenzio Conti   Phone 0039 335 6847768
                                                    Phone   0039          6
Local Representative of OCMGP 2009: Mr. Alberto Pesce 0871/346033
3.1. – FIVB Technical Delegate:        Mr. Vicente Araujo

      FIVB Executive Vice President; c/o Federacao Portuguesa de Voleibol
      Avenida de Franca 549; 4050 – 279, Porto – PORTUGAL
      Phone + 351 22 8349578 Fax + 351 22 8323447

3.2. – Organizing Committee for the Mediterranean Games Pescara
2009 (OCMGP 2009) competitions.

The organizing team for this sport is made up of a Competition Director and a
Facility Director who will be in charge of the smooth execution of the
competition, together with the competition managers of support teams.

Competition Director: Mr. Libenzio Conti

4.1. – Competitions

Beach Volleyball competitions of the XVI Mediterranean Games will include a
men’s and a women’s Tournament.

4.2. Dates and venues

The men’s and women’s Tournaments will be held at the ‘Arena del Mare’ in
Pescara on the following dates:
      - men’s tournament from Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July 2009
      - women’s tournament from Sunday 28th June to 2nd July 2009

Men’s and women’s Beach Volleyball Tournaments will be held if, by the deadline
for numerical registration, at least eight (8) countries for the men’s tournament
and six (6) countries for the women’s tournament have registered.
Once minimum registration is reached, the President of the Technical
Commission of the ICMG, assisted by one (1) or two (2) other members from the
same Commission, appointed by the President of the ICMG and in the presence
of the Sports Director of the OCMGP 2009, will close the numerical registrations.

Depending on the numerical registrations submitted no later than 24th April
2009 (h.24.00 CET), the abovementioned Commission will decide, no later than
5th May 2009, on the possible cancellation of one event
Immediately following this date, the OCMGP 2009 will notify the National
Olympic Committees (NOCs) involved, by fax or email, of the possible
cancellation of one or more events.

Once confirmed, the competitions will be held and medals will be awarded,
regardless of the actual number of participating teams.

Beach Volleyball Tournaments will be held in accordance with FIVB (International
Volleyball Federation) rules in force as of 1st January 2009, special
dispensations by the ICMG excepted.

Any case not covered by the aforesaid rules will be decided as follows:
    General cases will be settled according to ICMG rules.
    Technical questions will be decided according to FIVB rules.

Men’s and women’s Beach Volleyball Competitions will be held at ‘Arena del
Mare’, approximately 15 Km away (18 minutes) from the Mediterranean Village.

The area is made up of a main court and additional courts to the sides,
depending on the number of teams taking part in the tournaments. (The number
of courts depends on how many teams and days are available for holding the
The central court will be equipped with bleachers for a capacity of about 2,000

7.1. – Competition area

The Competition area includes the playing area and a median area (between the
playing area and the bleachers.)
The competition area consists of a court measuring 26m in length and 18m in
width, including a free zone outside the field of play which will be enclosed with
advertising billboards measuring 3.5m X 1m. The playing area will be 16m in
length and 8m in width, in accordance with FIVB rules.

The Beach Volleyball competition will be held on a natural sandy ground on the
beach of Pescara in accordance with rules concerning depth required by the FIVB

7.2. - Equipment

The official balls to be used in the competition will be chosen and approved by
the FIVB.

The net posts, post protections, nets and referee's chairs will be of the brands
and models approved by the FIVB.

For the warm-up, organizers will provide each team with balls of the same brand
and model as those used in the competitions.

All sports and technical equipment used for the Beach Volleyball tournament and
warm-up will comply with technical regulations as defined by the FIVB and in
force as of 1st January 2009, special dispensations by the ICMG excepted.

7.3. – Changing rooms

Four (4) changing rooms will be provided for the participating teams, two (2) for
male athletes and two (2) for female athletes, with facilities including showers
and toilets.

7.4. – Athletes Lounge

The athletes lounge, located near the playing field, is for athletes only. During
competition sessions, access to the lounge will be allowed only by showing the
accreditation pass. In the lounge, competing athletes will be provided with
refreshments including cold beverages, water and fruit, the sports information
desk will provide information on competition results.

7.5 – Common Area and Press Conference Room.

Accredited media will be allowed to conduct short interviews in the Common
Area immediately after competitions.
Athletes must go through the Common Area to exit the field of play and they are
requested to cooperate and to answer the questions of the press.

Immediately after each match, the OCMGP 2009 person in charge of the press
will escort the athletes of each team to the Press Conference Room in order to
answer the journalists’ questions.

8.1. – Training venues

In addition to the five courts available, two more will be added prior to the start
of the competition, for team training.
These facilities will be available for training from 20th June 2009 in accordance
with the training program provided by the OCMGP 2009.

When scheduling the daily timetables, the Competition Director will take into
account the technical meetings and official ceremonies, in order to allow every
player to participate.

8.2. – Procedures for scheduling training sessions.

On the day before the start of the competitions, each participating team will be
assigned their training session times. According to the competition order,
training sessions can be organized on a group or individual basis.

As a general rule, the Competition Director will take into account all the
submitted requests and will assign training courts and times by following a
turnover criterion.
If possible, extra training sessions will be assigned.

The FIPAV (Italian Volleyball Federation) supervised by the Technical Delegate of
the FIVB, is responsible for the technical organization and management of the
Beach Volleyball Tournaments of the XVI Mediterranean Games Pescara 2009.
9.1. – Special Provisions for the holding of Tournaments

Any case occurring before or during the Tournament will be settled by the
Competition Director according to the ICMG and FIVB regulation in force on 1st
January 2009, special dispensations by the ICMG excepted.

9.2. - Rounds

Classification rounds will be scheduled in order to determine which teams will
qualify for the final round. There will be eight (8), six (6) or four (4) rounds, with
four (4) teams each.

The order or ranking of top-seeded teams will be determined on the basis of the
FIVB ranking prepared during the competition week. Unused quota places will be
established by random draw.

Each team will meet every other team in their round once, according to the
round-robin system.
In the eight (8) round format the top two teams of each group will advance to
the final round which will be composed of the Round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-
finals and the final.

In the six (6) round format the top two teams of each group, plus the best four
teams ranked third in their groups, will advance to the final round which will be
composed of the Round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final.
In the four (4) round format the top two teams of each group will advance to the
final round which will be composed of the quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final.

From the Round of 16 to the final, teams will advance to the next round through
single elimination.

9.3. – Random draw and Composition of Rounds

According to the number of Countries registered for the Beach volleyball
tournaments by Friday 24th April 2009 (h. 24.00 CET), the Competition
Director will define the organization of the two Tournaments.
The random draw for the composition of rounds will be carried out in accordance
with ICMG rules by 6th May 2009 ( h.24.00 CET).

The Commission for random draw will be composed of the following members:

      Chairman of the ICMG Technical Commission or a proxy
      FIVB Technical Delegate
      President of the Italian Volleyball Federation or a proxy
      Sports Director of the Organizing Committee for the Mediterranean Games
       Pescara 2009 or a proxy.

In order to obtain more balanced rounds, the Commission for the random draw
will take into account the level and value of the participating teams, specifically
in terms of results achieved during the latest Mediterranean Games in Almeria,
in addition to data available to the Technical Commission for the seeding.

The random draw is open to representatives of the participating countries, press
and public.

9.4. –Responsibilities and Rights of the organizers

During the Technical Meeting, the Competition Management reserves the right to
schedule timetables on a daily basis and to assign courts by mutual agreement
with the FIVB delegate.

Furthermore, the Competition Management reserves the right to change the
times of matches by mutual consent with the FIVB technical delegate.

9.5. – Ranking system

Score for the preliminary rounds (group phase) will be assigned in accordance
with the FIVB rules:
    Won match: 2 points
    Lost match: 1 point

Ranking of the first phase will be determined in accordance with the FIVB
technical regulations.

Teams with the highest scores will qualify.

In the event of a tie between two or more teams, rankings will be decided in
accordance with the FIVB technical regulations.
At the end of the first phase, and until the semi-finals, the winner of a match will
advance to the next rounds. Winners of the semi-finals will play the final match
for 1st and 2nd place, while losers will play the match for 3rd and 4th place.
All NOCs of ICMG member Countries whose Federations are FIVB members can
take part in the Beach Volleyball Tournaments of XVI Mediterranean Games
Pescara 2009.

Athletes must be nationals of the country entering them and must comply with
and follow the ICMG and FIVB conditions and rules.

Each Country may register two (2) teams for the men’s Tournament and two (2)
teams for the women’s Tournament. Each team will include two (2) players.


The registration system of the Delegation is linked to that of accreditation.

The OCMGP 2009 registration system is based upon a document downloadable
from the website:
Each delegation will receive a set code and password to access the document,
available in three languages: Italian, French, English.
The document for computer accreditation allows the registration of a list of
sports entries which must also be e-mailed or faxed to the OCMGP 2009, before
the deadline hereafter indicated.

11.1.- Preliminary Registration.

The list of preliminary entries issued by the Olympic Committee of each
participating Country must be submitted to the OCMGP 2009 by Tuesday 24th
March 2009 (h 24.00 CET).

11.2.- Numerical Registration.

The list of numerical entries of participants per Country must be submitted to the
OCMGP 2009 by Friday 24th April 2009 (h 24.00 CET).

11.3.- Final Nominative Registration.

The final nominative list of participating athletes issued by the NOC of each
participating Country must be submitted to the OCMGP 2009 at least fifteen (15)
days prior to the start of the competition, i.e. Thursday 11th June 2009 (h
24.00 CET).
11.4.- Registration Confirmation.

Confirmation registration of participating players must be communicated to the
OCMGP 2009 Sports management prior to the technical meeting.

The Team Leader of each Country will be duly sent the specific forms for
registration confirmation.

The Technical Meeting will be held at the Mediterranean Village on Friday, 26th
June 2009.
The time for the Meeting will be announced at a later date.

The Meeting will be organized following FIVB rules under the supervision of the
FIVB technical delegate.

The following people must take part in this meeting:
    FIVB Technical Delegate
    Team Leader (one for each team)
    both Athletes of each team
    Referees
    Trainers
    OCMGP 2009 Director of Beach Volleyball Tournaments
    Person in charge of medical services
    FIVAP Local Representative.

A member of the ICMG Technical Commission may take part in the meeting.

At the end of the Technical Meeting, a meeting between referees and officials
will be held.

13.1.- Medical Services will be available in the Mediterranean Village
and in the Training and Competition Venues for all accredited athletes.

a.- Mediterranean Village

The Mediterranean Village clinic will provide assistance to residents with the
following medical services:
          - sports medicine
          -   physiotherapy
          -   first aid
          -   24-hour emergency service
          -   ambulance service

A Medical Guide detailing the Medical Services available to the Mediterranean
Family during the Games will also be published.

b.- Training and Competition Venues.

Services of sports medicine and physiotherapy will be provided to players and
their support staff at the training and competition venues.

Furthermore, a service for transportation to designated hospitals will be

At the training and competition venues there will be areas designated to sports
medicine and physiotherapy services, with massage beds.

During training sessions, a medical team will be available in the event of
accidents occurring while training.

13.2.- Anti-doping Tests

Anti-doping tests will be conducted during, or sometimes prior to, the event,
under the responsibility of the ICMG Medical Commission together with the
OCMGP 2009 Anti-doping Commission, and in accordance with ICMG and FIPAV

All athletes selected for anti-doping tests will receive written notification.
The procedure for collecting samples to be analyzed, in accordance with set rules
and time limits, will then start.

Any athlete who refuses to undergo anti-doping tests or who tests positive will
be excluded from competition and will be sanctioned along with his/her team, in
accordance with ICMG and CMSB rules.

14.1 Referees

The refereeing delegation for the Beach Volleyball Tournaments of the XVI
Mediterranean games will be composed as follows:
      two (2) referees appointed by the FIVB
      one (1) international referee for each participating country
      International referees appointed by the FIPAV according to the needs of
       the competition.

Technical officials (scorers and line judges) will be appointed by the FIPAV.

14.2.- Appeals Committee

In accordance with the technical regulations of events of each sport scheduled in
the XVI Mediterranean Games program, international Appeals Committees will be
created. They will be responsible for the scrutiny of official complaints lodged
and also of appeals.

If the Technical Delegate is not the President of the Appeals Committee, the
International Federation will appoint, through the Technical Delegate, the
Appeals Committee President.

In general, special dispensations by the International Federation excepted, the
Appeals Committee shall be composed of:
    one ( 1 ) President
    two (2) members selected among six (6) qualified people who have been
      chosen from the representatives’ list of participating countries.

This list will be communicated by the Technical Delegate during the Technical

In the event of a complaint, the members of the Committee cannot be of the
same nationality as the person(s) lodging the complaint.

Complaints and appeals will follow the FIVB international regulations.

The FIVB referee delegate shall resolve on the court protests and appeals
presented during the matches.

Any complaint shall be reported on the official match report and shall be
submitted in writing in French, English or Arabic no later than 30 minutes after
the end of the match and accompanied, in accordance with FIVB rules, by a
cash deposit of € 200,00.

In the first instance, the Commission of the Beach Volleyball Tournament,
composed of the FIVB Technical Delegate and the Director of OCMGP 2009
Beach Volleyball Tournament, will pronounce on the lodged complaints, while the
Appeals Committee will decide on the possible appeals in the second and the last

If the complaint is accepted, the deposit will be refunded, otherwise it will be
acquired by the OCMGP 2009.

16.1. Athletes’ uniforms

Athletes taking parts in the Beach Volleyball Tournaments of the XVI
Mediterranean Games must wear uniforms complying with FIVB standards.

Each team shall have three (3) sets of uniforms of different colours (light and
dark) available.

Opposing teams have to wear uniforms of contrasting colours. Should the
uniforms be of the same colour, a random draw will determine the team that
changes uniform, except for the host country which will always be given the
opportunity to choose the colour of its uniform.

Players must wear uniforms numbered #1 or #2.

Players’ numbers, written in the Team registration form, shall match the ones
printed on the uniforms. Players must use the same number during the

No advertising logos may appear on the uniforms, on accessories or on clothing
and equipment worn or used by players, except for the manufacturer’s labels,
under the condition that the latter are not displayed for advertising purposes, in
accordance with ICMG and FIVB rules.

These rules also apply to the award ceremonies.

16.2. Referees’ uniforms

Referees must wear the FIVB uniform at all times during the Tournament.

The award ceremonies will be held following the final match of each tournament.

Medals and diplomas

In accordance with ICMG rules, the following prizes will be awarded:

          -   First prize

          - A gold medal and a diploma for each player in the first-ranked team

          -   Second prize

          - A silver medal and a diploma for each player in the second-ranked

          -   Third prize

          - A bronze medal and a diploma for each player in the third-ranked

          -   Fourth to Eighth place

          - Each athlete of the teams placing fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and
          eighth will receive a diploma.

   Time                             Sunday, 28th June 2009
09.00-17.00                 Preliminary round of women’s Tournament

   Time                             Monday, 29th June 2009
  09:00 –                    Preliminary round of men’s Tournament
   17:00                    Preliminary round of women’sTournament
  17:00 -

   Time                                   Tuesday 30th June 2009
  09:00 –                         Preliminary round of men’s Tournament
   17:00                          Women’s tournament: Round of 16 and
  17:00 –      quarterfinals
   Time                         Wednesday, 1st July 2009
  17:00 –              Men’s tournament: Round of 16 and quarterfinals
   Time                         Thursday, 2nd July 2009
09:00 – 17:00                 Women’s tournament: semi-finals and finals
   Time                             Friday, 3rd July 2009
09:00 –                         Men’s tournament: semi-finals and finals


Two offices will provide specific information on the Beach Volleyball Tournament:
the Beach Volleyball Technical Office at the competition venue and the Sports
Information Center in the Mediterranean Village.

These two offices will provide information on competition times, training
sessions, transportation, list of players and results.

The two offices will also provide technical information issued by the FIVB OCMGP


In case of disagreement on the interpretation of these regulations, the French
version shall prevail.

These regulations were approved by the ICMG on _______

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